Piranha Attacks in Guangxi, Reward Offered for Their Capture

Piranhas native to South America found in Southern China rivers.

Piranhas native to South America found in Southern China rivers.

From QQ:

Piranhas in Liuzhou, Guanxi Attack Two People, Victim’s Hand a Bloody Pulp

On the afternoon of July 7th, while Mr. Zhang of Liuzhou city was bathing his puppy in the Liujiang river, he was suddenly attacked by three ferocious fish, with one of the three fish biting onto Mr. Zhang’s palm and refusing to let go. Mr. Zhang endured the pain long enough to throw the fish onto the riverbank, only then discovering that a piece of his palm had nearly been bitten off.

Afterwards, Mr. Zhang brought the fish home and searched for information online. Through his online investigations, the fish Mr. Zhang had caught turned out to be exactly the same as piranhas native to South America. A shocked Mr. Zhang immediately called the media, and told them a piranha bit him. At first, reporters were skeptical, but after arriving at the scene of the incident and seeing Mr. Zhang’s bloody pulp of a hand, they could not help but believe it.

Mr. Zhang's hand and attacking piranha

Afterwards, Mr. Zhang’s friend, Wu X, was curious, and started playing with the beached piranha. However, piranhas are no vegetarians, and it suddenly leapt up and bit Mr. Wu’s thumb and immediately fresh blood oozed forth.


Why would piranhas found far away in South America turn up in the Liujiang river? According to what the department of fishing revealed, piranhas were originally brought into China illegally as tropical show fish. They have been discovered in Liuzhou’s Liujiang river before. In recent years, Guangxi has been the source of many reports of piranhas being found in domestic bodies of fresh water. Naturally, this phenomena cannot be separated from the inward flow of piranhas into China as show fish. Many places in southern China have a climate similar to the Amazon, so it suits piranhas, who are not picky about climate, and reproduce rapidly. On the other hand, most rivers in China lack the natural factors and predators to limit the piranha population. As soon as this type of ferocious fish, alien to China, reaches a certain scale/population in one area, they will “massacre” other fish species in the water, creating a crisis for the local ecological balance.

From what is understood, currently more than 120 species of animals have been brought in to China from the outside, and about 50% of them could expand in population and cause ecological disaster. In contrast to the fierce outcry and concern over piranhas in the media and public, the government seems to have only used soft strategies to deal with them. As of now, China has no laws forbidding the sale of piranhas or other types of show fish. Because there is a blind spot in the law, and lack of governance, show fish piranhas have swam their way into domestic rivers.


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Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 月椛 无铭 散:

I have heard this type of fish tastes pretty good. Spread this around until it’s put on the market for sale, and I guarantee within a year there will no longer be a threat.

腾讯娄底市网友 Damien:

I, the emperor, agree to toss corrupt government officials into a pool of piranhas. One piranha for ever 10,000 yuan embezzled. What say you masters and experts, do you agree?

腾讯金华市网友 空心菜:

Invasive species is a very frightening thing, including people, like Africans.


Don’t go swimming in the river anymore, fortunately he was only bitten on the hand.

腾讯网友 辣笔小鑫: (responding to the above)

I’ve heard they specifically bite the JJ.

武汉市 往昔:

Fish naturally don’t hurt humans. If a human threatens them, then it’ll hurt you. With all animals, if you don’t go threatening them, they won’t come hurt you.

南京市 sjs: (responding to the above)

Super SB.

唯一色彩: (responding to the above)

Lou zhu, what did you and your family eat for lunch? The pig, chicken, duck, fish on your plate, did they come hurt you?

腾讯杭州市网友 古道风: (responding to the above)

I recommend lou zhu go to the Amazon River and swim a lap, but LZ, be sure not to hurt them. There are also poisonous snakes and scorpions hanging about you can play with, but you also have to be very careful not to hurt them either. This way, not only will you not be hurt, you can see dangerous animals up close and in person, how great!

Various videos about this incident and about piranhas quickly shot to the top of the most viewed lists on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. For example, this first short 50 second video featuring Mr. Zhang recounting what happened accumulated over 1.2m views over a day…

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…while this video was uploaded and viewed over a million times by Chinese netizens curious about just how strong a piranha’s bite can be…

From Sina:

Guangxi Liuzhou Government Encourages Citizens to Fish for Piranhas wih a Reward of 1,000RMB for Each Caught

July 10th, China News (Reporter Meng Mingming)

In an effort to eliminate dangerous piranhas in the local rivers, Guangxi Liuzhou officials are mobilizing city residents to fish along the river, even promising 1000 yuan RMB rewards for each piranha caught.

On July 9th, Liuzhou gathered its fisherman and cast a 10,000 meter fishing net along with bait along several kilometers of the river where the piranhas were first sighted. When the net was pulled in on the 10th, more than 10kgs of various species of fish were caught, with nearly half of them being mandarin fish, and no trace of piranhas.

As Wei Yongwen, head of Liuzhou’s water husbandry department, explained, mandarin fish are a carnivourous species of fish, and have similar habits as piranhas. This means the net and bait method used should be able to catch piranhas.

On Wednesday, the officials of Liuzhou welcomed citizens to partake in the movement to eradicate the piranhas,offering 1000RMB for each caught. On the evening of the 10th, reporters saw many fishing enthusiasts cutting up pork and such to use as bait, lining up along the banks of the river to fish for the piranhas.

Comments from Sina:


This policy is extremely dangerous! Large quantities of piranhas will not be shipped towards Liuzhou! They weren’t thinking when they passed this policy!!!


Does it cost 1,000 yuan to buy a piranha?


The government is stupid. They could’ve just said piranhas can cure cancer and I guarantee you within two months there won’t even be fish fries in that river.


Be careful of our countrymen’s greed resulting in the number of piranhas rising instead of falling.


You can see [the policy] was in consideration of the ordinary common people’s safety. I support it!


Just what the hell is customs doing?

The Liuzhou government has since cancelled the 1000 RMB bounty for piranhas.

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  • mr. wiener

    I hear they are very tasty. If the Chinese find out they’ll be extinct in short order.

    • Northerner

      You’ve overlooked a Godsend.

      Shouldn’t we be putting up signs saying ‘Bathing in these waters improves health, wealth, skin whitening and erectile disfunction’?

      • round

        For best result, please bath in the buff.
        The piranha will cure your erectile dysfuction to non-erectile-to-fuction.

    • terroir

      Pirahna , the Chinese re-make with Chinese characteristics:

      doing away with the premise of Spring Break, frolicing in the sun in a bikini without an umbrella, or having the franchise ever possibly making the move to “3DD”, Chinese patrons only encounter B-movie horror that is still PG-palpable when an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant that is themed like the US Consulate becomes submerged by the flooded river next door (because China=floods), trapping the restaurant goers inside with a barrel-full of the “newest taste sensation to hit Guangxi ever since that 90’s sensation, ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?'”

      Tagline: “Eat or be eaten: Eat Yourself to Freedom”.

    • linette

      I hear they are very tasty………

      You are cracking me up. Do us Chinese really eat EVERYTHING???
      poor Piranhas.. I fear for their safety.

      • eddie9684

        i ll search for the recipe now.

      • fredf

        Many eat rats, so why would eating piranhas be so unusual ?

        “Rat meat is so popular that a single restaurant can easily move 40kg of rat meat per day.”

      • Jeffli

        @ Linette,
        “”””I hear they are very tasty………
        You are cracking me up. Do us Chinese really eat EVERYTHING???
        poor Piranhas.. I fear for their safety.””””

        I think the Canadian view is best fit – poor Chinese everything seems to be eating them – Somalians, Canadians, Piranhas.
        Do Chinese so tasty? taste like chicken wings? Yum!

        • The Enlightened One

          I don’t get it, are you high?

          • mr. wiener

            Ummhmm [nods] Jef-fli, gettit?

          • Bereaver

            Pretty sure he’s talking about the past events of cannibalism.

        • donscarletti
          • mr. wiener

            I wonder if he tasted like poutine?

      • David.is.Dawei

        HaHa Linette,
        Yes – I believe they do. Even the Feet.
        Who would ever think to eat a bird’s feet?
        (unless you’re starving, which is probably why the Chinese don’t let anything go to waste)

        • linette

          chicken feets are not bad. but you must wash it thoroughly. Remove all nails and add salt to the warm water and let it soak. It’s just lean meats without too much fat.

          People eat everything. Raw oyster, livers, intestine sausages…

      • grovesman

        Everything in the air but the planes; everything in the water but the boats; and everything on the ground but the cars.

    • elizabeth

      Very tasty they must be, considering their diet…not sure about the after taste.

  • Hm… Asian Carp in the U.S., and the response is… {evil smile}

    • mr. wiener


    • filabusta


  • mr. wiener

    I’m a little confused by the article. Are these piranhas an introduced species or have they dubbed a similar looking local species “piranhas”?
    If local, wiping them out my be a bad idea. I still remember Mao’s attempt to kill all the starlings. Insect population rose as a result.

    • Northerner

      I don’t think it matters if they are local or not in this case. In reality the well considered strategy by the G L Government will lead to:

      1. The rivers where fish can actually survive being netted and dynamited to oblivion (above suggests this has started).

      2. Someone realising that a healthy profit can be made importing piranhas in bulk and re-selling back to the government.

      3. Government amending or withdrawing reward policy and possibly new law introduced ‘anyone found in possession of piranhas to be sentenced to ?? years hard labour.

      4. Seriously depleted rivers being rapidly re-stocked with increasingly hungry piranhas.

      It could become biblical.

      • mr. wiener

        Amen to that brother.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Local?…piranhas are native to south america

      • Northerner

        They’re just racking up air-miles. Don’t lose any sleep over it Bruce.

    • kodi

      OMG….. Mao had to be the dumbest person to ever rule a country. Its so funny that he is still respected as some sort of godsend in China, “No Mao, no new China.” Enough said………

  • GodsHammer

    1.”Invasive species is a very frightening thing, including people, like Africans.”… who the hell are the Chinese to talk about ‘invasive species’. They are like 2 legged ants.
    2. Chinese have caused major havoc in north american waterways with the northern snakehead. I hope the piranha breed and breed here.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      Yes, we are trying to keep the asian carp from going into lake michigan which is also connected to the lakes in my city! We even have electrical gates to kill them back.

    • Zappa Frank

      it’s not that chinese people have caused, it’s more likely the international traffic.. We could say the same in europe, we have a lot of invasive species from north america.. but we don’t say “american have caused…”
      Besaide, if we’re talking about fishes more likely have been imported and maybe escaped from some breeding center or maybe have been putted in there by amateur fisherman in order to have more preys

      • Patrick

        I would have to disagree, the snakehead was deliberately introduced and considering that most Americans were ignorant of the fish; it would be likely that it was Chinese people that smuggled them in – like this guy mentioned below.


        • Capt. WED

          invasive species is by definition introduced by human that are considered harmful.

          By this definition it’s American’s fault for introducing Chinese into the Americas. LOL. In the end it’s all your fault.

          • Patrick

            In general I think it could be said most Chinese in America have been productive. There’s always a few bad seeds.

    • ThirdSense

      .”Invasive species is a very frightening thing, including people, like Africans.”… Talk about becoming a world power and a comment this intellectually porous and myopic comes from the mouth of one claiming to be a national of this world power. It’s going to be a long journey if this ‘haven’t seen out of China’s border’ mindset continues. Go to California and see what it’s turned into because of Chinese immigrants.

      Thanks for the history GodsHammer, and in addition to that, Asians, particularly Chinese, have flooded Africa in search of livelihoods. They even compete with those hawking in the streets – it’s that pathetic. I wonder where ‘snakehead’ emanated from.

      Change your views about the world, particularly coloured people. Not sure any African will call you “Yellow”!The time of being reclusive has passed.

      • jin

        see what some american cities turned into because of black immigrants.
        see what america turned into because of european invaders

        • mr. wiener

          Point one: Black immigrants [and decendants of freed slaves]= cheap labor for the industrial revolution and rise of America 1880’s-1970’s
          Point Two: European invaders\immigrants to America= Rise of the worlds current largest super power.
          Not sure where you are going with this one jin. I think it’s impossible to compare the US and China in terms of genetic demographics, one is one of the worlds oldest societies, the other is the newest.

        • donscarletti

          Well, I’ll have this to the Europeans, they sure did put an end to ritual human sacrifice in Central America.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          yeah, i tend to destroy every american city i live in then move on to the next. i’m hoping to destroy china sometime in the next year, being the invasive species that i am.

          (this guy never been to america, has he?)

      • Capt. WED

        LOL go to California to see what it’s turned into? Are you African? You have replaced a typical racist saying “go to California and see what Mexicans have turned it into” by replacing Mexican with Chinese. FYI Chinese immigrants was there help build the levees and build farms which eventually turned into one of the most productive farming region in the US. (http://rwor.org/a/firstvol/890-899/894/chines.htm)

        Don’t like Chinese tourists? If you don’t want their money in your economy don’t let them come.

        Don’t like the Chinese legal and illegal immigrants? Reduce legal quotas to zero. Round illegals up and deport.

        Don’t like Chinese-Americans? Round them up too and deport.

        It’s so fucking simple. 13% of californians are Asian. How many are Chinese. Take them out. Have your paradise on earth.

        • Capt. WED

          No Africans will call you yellow? Mostly likely plenty will. Many places in Africa is backwards. Backwardness has a correlation with ignorance and xenophobia. Whether or not the Chinese themselves are racist or not doesn’t matter for the question of whether or not African can also be racist and xenophobic.

          OMG I’m racist I can’t mention Africa!!! <<<logic of this site.

          I'm schizzo doing the exact same crap most on here are doing<<< logic of this site

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Capt, i have to disagree with you. african people are typically welcoming to everyone but each other.

          • Capt. WED

            yeah. you are right. you didn’t call me skizzo.

        • jin

          that link also showed some big ass racist shit that chinese immgrants had to go through. and when a foreigner get attacked cause of misunderstanding or trying to rape someone, it turned into one big deal, cause its about a westerner.

    • are u kidding? its their biggest fear african invasion

    • Capt. WED

      who the fuck are you to always talk about the Chinese from one-two-three-or-fucking-5-comments you fuck.

      • Capt. WED

        why is it fuckers like WEEP never get on schizzo fuckers like GODSHAMMER. Always talking about how I’m fuckin schizzo.

        This is what I’m talking about. Inherent racism everywhere.

  • Matt

    Finally my adopted home has made it on here! The locals were going a bit ape-shit when this whole deal went down.

  • moop

    foriengers causing trouble again, i’d check it for any gps devices. why can’t piranhas stop cohabitating with our women?

    • terroir

      So true. Even though pirahnas almost exclusively speak Portuguese, they are still routinely offered English teaching jobs when not preying upon “cultural exchanges”.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Turn that frown upside down!

    • mr. wiener

      More like “why so serious?”

  • rollin wit 9’s

    3-D time baby!

  • Little Wolf

    I have a friend that raises bass in California and they are sold to Fish and Game Dept. many generations in advance to stock lakes and rivers because there are so few fish farms that raise bass due to the problem of feeding them. They only eat live food, not fish pellets like other fish and they need to raise so many feeder fish to feed the bass that it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit. While walking by one of his ponds he found a wounded bird and said “watch this” and tossed it in the pond and it was ripped to shreds in seconds. It looked just like a piranha frenzy to me. I never dared to go skinny-dipping after that. There are bass everywhere.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      That was very cruel of him. Bird or not, no creature deserves to die in this manner.

      That aside, point taken about the viciousness of the bass.

      • moop

        birds die in that manner every day in nature. the bird was wounded, would have died anyways. at least the guys fish got something to eat.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          he should have died humanely. just because he’s already hurt and fragile doesn’t mean you throw him to a pack of ravenous sea animals. makes me too sad to think about. Animals have feelings too. :( call me sentimental but wish i could hug such creatures in their time of need.

      • mr. wiener

        Creatures die this way everyday whether they deserve it or not.
        Aside from not going to China, you’ve never worked on a farm or hung out with park rangers have you?

        • moop

          i still remember eating bbq rabbit, but first we had to take them out of the cage, shoot them in the head with a little 22 pistol, throw them in a bucket waiting to be skinned. my grandfather ran out of bullets and just started picking them up by the ears and cracking them on the head with a piece of wood. still remember it vividly to this day. the farm is an intersting place. delicious bbq though

          • Nanny Hiccups

            It sounds too barbaric. I eat fish, and maybe, just maybe beef if i could stomach how the poor cows are tortured. cannot touch or eat pig/pork and chicken.

            fish i believe was put in the sea in abundance for mankind to feast upon. cute creatures like rabbits and ducks don’t deserve to die.

          • mr. wiener

            I don’t eat meat based on how “cute” it is. A ridiculous idea.

          • whiskersthecat

            One of the biggest problems in protecting endangered species and ecosystems is the propensity of your typical slactivist and trend-animal-saviors to want to protect cute and popular species and ignore the gross, unpopular ones. That’s why you see more “save the animals” ads with cute pandas, kitties, puppies, etc and none featuring rats, snakes, and other things that are just as endangered, abused, eaten, etc.

    • Northerner


      Duck—cam. Might be of no use to you though.

  • Little Wolf

    Well….the bird was dying anyway so it was actually quite merciful.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      merciful is a bit of a stretch. imagine you are in your last moments of life, breath a mere whisper. would it be humane to snatch you out of bed and throw you in a tank full of sharks and pirahnas?

      i love animals, but i hate watching them on shows like animal planet. it’s like, wow that gazelle is really enjoying himself… oh look, there’s a lion. Oh, he’s eating the mama gazelle. oh, there’s her baby… oh the baby is going to the mama while the lion eats her. Oh, the lion is now eating the gazelle. it’s like wtf, nature…

      • mr. wiener

        Those lions need a good telling off, and you’re just the woman to do it.
        While we’re at it we should make them wear clothes. It would cut down on teen pregnancies in the animal kingdom.
        I know you’ve never been to China, but I’m starting to wonder if you’ve ever been to the planet Earth.

        • Tengu

          Maybe you could write a short recap detailing the voyages of the “HMS Beagle”, her most famous passenger and give her a clue…

          We are seeing his theory in action though…good to know he was right.

          “Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw” – Tennyson

  • The Enlightened One

    1000 RMB per?!!

    Time to start a piranha fish farm.

    Even if you can’t sell them to the government, people may have it in their heads that they are a delicacy in China now. Big Money?

    • The Enlightened One

      How can you feed them?

      That’s easy! Just feed them people who make comments like this…

      “Invasive species is a very frightening thing, including people, like Africans.”

      • mr. wiener

        There are some things not even a piranha can swallow.

        • The Enlightened One

          I wonder if they have an appetite for Hongjiang.

          Hey Hongjian, want to go for a swim?

      • Rod

        I heard they like foreign JJ.

        • 404 name not found


  • XiaoHei

    Payback time, fishes!

  • whiskersthecat

    Piranhas almost never attack anything larger than themselves, or their group, unless extremely hungry. Whatever river this guy was in must have been completely devoid of wildlife aside from these fish.

    • I am not so sure If I agree with you. I’ve watched in the National Geographic Channel where a big water buffalo got devoured completely by schools of such species. Piranhas are always hungry and on the move, it is just their nature to eat till they drop dead.

      • whiskersthecat

        Last night I watched Teller, from Penn and Teller, jump into a vat of them and swim around. Like any other fish, they try and avoid the larger creatures. Without a giant school of them (and he’d have noticed if it were a giant school of them) they wouldn’t attack anything large.

    • Tengu

      That’s of a small subset of species that won’t attack anything, this is true, but several species are absolutely ferocious, fucking frightening and will eat anything in their way.

      The Reds found in S.A will eat anything and you can’t stand in a tank of them, Teller manipulated the trick by selectively choosing the genus and species. Never been in the jungle have you, always best to have a bit of nibbly available for the to see if you can cross…ankle deep they’ll still ruin your day, life, ability to walk erect….quickly. If you’re lucky you’re in for a new pair of boots.

      That’s like Teller standing in a tank of nurse sharks, they’ll just float around you, they’re not “Alpha” or top of the food chain.

      Great Whites will just fuck you up on first sight if they want to. Tigers, Bulls and Leopards like to inspect and probe for weakness first. Great Whites mindlessly assume superiority over EVERYTHING.

      • Little Wolf

        Tengu: While Great Whites are the undisputed top of the food chain, a credible friend of mine who has sailed around the world at least a dozen times and was once contracted to collect all the sea animals for the National Aquarium of Mexico explained to me his fairly logical theory of it’s not so much the type of the shark but the size. In other words, they’ll eat anything that’s smaller than them. Personally, I’ve swam with some pretty toothy fuckers and never even been bit (Makos, Bulls and Hammerheads) While surfing S-Turns on Maui on a full moon-lit night, I was surrounded by a ring of 7-8 sharks with the fins sticking out of the water like a fucking movie. While it’s a bit unnerving at first, I knew they were just reef sharks(man biters….but not maneaters. Unless, according to my buddy, they were much bigger than I was) and stayed out for awhile longer anyway. Especially since there were 5 of us out there and nobody wanted to be the pussy that got out of the water first. Besides, it’s when you see 1 big fin that you need to be concerned

  • radbab

    Piranhas? Crazy traffic? Deadly fake food? Abnormal pollution? It’s all an extension of the one child policy. Nothing to see here. Move along. All is well just as it is intended to be – or does anyone doubt that the great Dictatorship of the People isn’t in absolute control?

  • C

    Actually, this can be solved the same way they’re trying with the lion fish. Restaurants where the lion fish invade begin selling them as a delicacy – turns out they were pretty good eats. Do the same thing with the piranhas in China and they’re be importing them soon. Just add in that they’re anti-aging or increase energy or something and you’ll have a new market!

    • mr. wiener

      Maybe invite the Japanese over to get rid of all the humbolt squid. I hear their numbers are on the rise too.
      Better yet, BAN catching squid except for “scientific” purposes. That’ll bring them over.

      • Harbagery

        Hmmm, 5 Japanese ladies and 20 humbolt squids, this thougt already makes me hard. Where is that eattot, when you need her? Wanna earn 100 RMB, sucki sucki, fucki fucki?

        • mr. wiener

          not quite the scientific purposes I had in mind, but whatever floats your boat.

          • Tengu

            Singular – Squid
            Plural – Squid

  • China rivers are mostly polluted. Perhaps piranhas are the best specifies to overcome all those man made toxic discharge into the water. These blood hungry fresh eating species are very resilient to dirty water. Furthermore, Chinese eat anything and everything under the sun. So the Piranhas will soon extinct from all the Chinese rivers..

  • Little Wolf

    I’m the “Piranha of Love”!

    • mr. wiener

      Better than being “Buy-sexual”.

      • terroir

        But being “Buy-sexual” is like attending a cheap garage sale where everything is on sale for a nickel.

        • mr. wiener

          You actually make it sound more attractive than it is.

          • Tengu

            I knew you’d wander up to the fence and consider jumping over one day…

          • mr. wiener

            Get thee in my behind Satan.

          • Tengu

            Now you’re talkin’…

  • Rod

    I wonder if they always have those evil red eyes or if they got that color after dying.

  • XiaoHei

    In Soviet China fish eat you!


  • moop
    • Rod

      EXTREMELY long-winded, but he knows his stuff, and it’s an interesting read. Just too bad that foreigners don’t care enough to read all the way through, and Chinese would never believe it.

      • The Enlightened One

        Yeah, I read it all and the comments of the article there is another guy who knows his stuff that has apparently studied Chinese history.

  • Nyancat

    We bought a piranha at the local wet market in Zhuhai a few months ago and it was delicious. I was surprised to find it there though.

  • Jahar

    Old news. They already cancelled the program because everyone was fishing with nets, catching everything but piranhas. The nets were cleaning the place out.

  • 404 name not found

    I know most Chinese people aren’t SBs but some of the worlds most stupid people come from China. “Invasive species is a very frightening thing, including people, like Africans.” I’m pretty sure there are about 2-3 times more Caucasians than Africans in China, who’s being “invasive”? (no offense Caucasians) I mean has that piece of ass ever been to Beijing?

    • Nyancat

      maybe they meant invasive in another sense, u know regarding the ‘third leg’ , maybe that’s why that’s what was so ‘frightening’ haha

    • radbab

      to the invasive comment poster: shut up already and buy an apartment in Vancouver! ;)

    • donscarletti

      There are more Caucasians than Africans in Beijing and Shanghai, but the vast majority of foreigners in China are Africans in Guangdong. In Beijing there are also plenty of Indians and Koreans in Beijing and plenty of Japanese in Shanghai too, though neither is particularly cosmopolitan by world standards.

    • Harbagery

      He probably meant invasive English teachers. I hope my NPC-contact can mention my idea to forbid every non-high-qualified work in china like teaching in the congress in spring 2013 in front of the government.

  • red scarf

    In a stereotyping nationalist Chinese voice “You f*ck with piranha, piranha will f*ck with you!”

  • “Afterwards, Mr. Zhang’s friend, Wu X, was curious, and started playing with the beached piranha. However, piranhas are no vegetarians, and it suddenly leapt up and bit Mr. Wu’s thumb and immediately fresh blood oozed forth.”

    “Oh, it’s a piranha huh… Wow! Can I play with it?” Hahaha! Mr’ Zhang’s friend is an idiots idiot!

    • jeffli

      Aw thats funny that. If there were an amazon river in China I would not like to say that Chinas population would has grown so immensely.
      Mr. Zhang’s friend is a contender for the Darwin award isn’t he?
      some silly bugger poking his finger at the very same fish that just bit his friend.

      Even a seal on shark island has more sense!
      I think Mr. Zhangs friends dialogue at the time of being bitten:
      “heeeeeee heeeeeeegheeeeeeee ,poke. poke gheeeeeee 草!他妈的!这是什么的厉害的鱼?曹旦!啊唷!璧鱼从阿妈总江啊!真他妈的利害的鱼, “ and Mr. Zhang would have said “ghhhhheeeeeeeeee, gheeeeeeee 鬼鱼呢!”

      translate to shakepearean English:-

      “Oh buggered! ”
      “What? What for deviltry is this I see before me that bites the finger of my hand!”
      “Is this my Mother-in-law or a monsterdevil fish?”
      Mr. Zhang :- ” Ha Ha ….foiled!”

      • Linette

        他媽的! 這是什麼魚? 非常厲害! 一定是從奧巴馬那邊過來的!

      • whiskersthecat

        A seal on shark island would be at an advantage, as sharks do not perform very well on dry land.

        • Tengu

          However, they do do very well off the Farallon Islands during Sea Lion breeding season…they calculate the Great White population by counting the large red stains in the water from strategically placed towers.

          • Brett Hunan

            I always learn something new from you. Thanks buddy.

  • FYIADragoon

    Piranha tasted good the last time I had it in

    • jeffli

      In where?
      Oh no don’t tell us this is not an XXX site! go away!

  • The hunt is over. 0 caught, but they managed to kill an untold amount of other fish! Good job China!!! lol

    “Professional fishermen and residents took part in the search but no piranhas were caught in four days and now officials have cancelled the rewards, and asked for nets not to be used because they say too many fish were being killed in the frenzy”

    • The Enlightened One

      Chinese officials are so dumb. Rather than send out a team and do some research, they do this… there should be an IQ restriction for politicians… seriously.

      For all they know, that guy could of got the piranha from his tank at home and came up with a story for attention or to try or to try and sue someone.

      • linette

        Chinese officials don’t need to have high IQ or education to hold their positions. They just need to have family connection to get those positions. This is why China govt is so mess up.

    • Anon

      Wow I never would’ve expected that!

    • Foreign Devil

      Reminds me of when Mao ordered the cadres to give peasents financial reward for each load of sparrows they could kill because the sparrows would eat some of their corn and grains. Ended up decimating sparrow population and getting their crops decimated by locusts which thrived due to lack of any sparrows to eat them. Many starved. Oh China. . . “Plus ca change, plus ca reste la meme”.

      • Niels

        Yep. 1957. (2*10^9) sparrows were killed. After no birds were left the crop was complete eaten by insects. Millions were starving or dying.

        • simon

          2 billion?! holy crap Mao was an absolute idiot.

  • markus

    the government doesnt want people to catch the fish

    read bbc news about this


  • Pete of Perth

    Piranha’s could be a problem where I live – luckily the sharks eat em first.

  • VoiceofReason



    • Chef Rocco


      In case you are not aware: Google translator make your Chinese comment so fxcked up that I am wondering if your brain is larger than your dick?

      • Tengu

        Any recipes for Pirhana? Might be a great addition to the “Poisson” section of your cookbook…

        • mr. wiener

          Tengu! Long time no see man! How’ve you been doing?

          • Tengu

            Remember the old Chinese curse:
            “May you live in “interesting” times!”

            It’s been “interesting”, what the hell, they sew an ear back on, move your nose back in place (again), a stitch here a stitch there, now back in fighting fit.

            I’m thinking of taking a nail gun and a pair of wire cutters to the pricks who blew the kid up with the compressor…it’s good to have dreams.

          • mr. wiener

            I’ve always asked Chinese people about that curse, They look at me like I’m daft.Either it’s very old or regional, no one knows it.

  • Jin

    2 people get bitten and the government is offering 1000rmb per fish captured? whilst there are hundred of millions starving to death everyday?

    All this will do is encourage people to breed and release piranhas into the rivers to claim their bounty.

    There are so many other dangerous things in China..just drive/walk/bike on any street and you know how dangerous it is..why don’t they start giving out 1000rmb fines to motorist for breaking the law?

    • markus

      i agree, so many people drie when then light is red.. sometimes even when the police are watching, they need to start making them pay a huge fine so that they dont do it again…

      people on the E-bikes think the rules dont apply to them and they drive anywhere anytime, red light or not…

    • Guang Xiang

      I agree it’s the wrong approach, but I believe in the end the government will figure it out. If we can shoot clouds out of the skies to prevent rain during the Olympics, I’m sure the gov could spend the capital to purge all piranha if it becomes too uncontrollable.

      and YES, please start fining motorists who break the law!

    • Jin

      Its really frustrating when there’s a traffic control guard and police standing right there but will NOT do anything when taxis, cars and WORST offender BUSES just try to ram you down as you crossing!

      When will the government realized by dishing out fines they will make billions in revenue that can go into hospitals and public education.

      • hess

        “that can go into hospitals and public education.”
        haha yep

        • mr. wiener

          How else will Gou Mei Mei be able to buy a new BMW?

          • Jin

            Gou Mei Mei works for the red cross not government.

          • mr. wiener

            Fair enough.
            What I meant was that trickle down effect of the extra revenue will probably be skimmed by some sticky fingered party hack to pay for his new mistress.
            Sad, but unfortunately highly likely.

      • jin

        who the hell is this fake? stop usng my name…. WTF?

    • jin

      who the fuck is using my name, get lost……

  • GreenGestalt

    I would have thought your “Snake Head” fish would have eaten them all up…

    Of course that depends on if they were somebody’s pets they released or left in a pool in their backyard then there was a monsoon rain and they swam away… If you have a breeding population there is a problem…one well worth a reward for… They live in a high predator environment and though not quite as adaptable as the snake head are used to drought and moving in shallow water. More or less they reproduce rapidly then when the rains come they move, then when the pools dry up they eat the other fish, then each other till hopefully rains come again. Crane birds love them when the water is shallow but they eat them when it’s not.

    BTW- that reward if I got the XE right is US$158 or such… I’d thought $10… But at the $160 it might well get people importing them if an ongoing thing.

  • nn

    The local government may want to do something for good, but doing it stupidly. I guess if I am the citizen, I would like to see the piranhas being killed. But it is assumed basing on a workable way. The local government should ask for advice from institutes or experts.

  • Mark ,

    Regarding paranas in Liuzhou Guanxi river. Aside from people putting them in the river from their own private colections. Parana, where first introduced to North Vietnam, in the 1960’s to stop people from crossing the rivers with wepons from china. The Americans, didn’t just put one or two in the rivers, they put thousend in the rivers.
    I think by now they would have spread to china.

  • Bunny99

    To avoid cheating the reward could be amended to 10,000 RMB to anyone whose JJ is bitten off by a piranha – proof required would be the fish with JJ stuck in its mouth (either pickled or frozen)

    Will also help solve the population problem and a new dish for Japanese restaurants :)

    Throw a few in the luxury spas where the leaders go in the afternoons – that would help too!

    • kodi

      Are you kidding? Even piranha will balk at such a morsel. They’d be better off chasing minnows.

  • kodi

    Its a wonder they even have any wild species of anything in the water around here! I go camping in the woods and only see wild rats and occasional chipmunk or mongoose. Go fishing and only catch Asian carp. I think all the wild things are under the protection of the government “ZOO Prison”