PLA Daily: ‘Pacific Rim’ Disparages China, Netizen Reactions

Raleigh and Mako, in Pacific Rim.

Raleigh and Mako, in Pacific Rim.

From Sohu:

PLA Daily: Pacific Rim Disparages China, Reminds People of US-Japan Alliance

Pacific Rim Chinese China Poster featuring Crimson Typhoon jaeger.

Recently, America’s science-fiction blockbuster Pacific Rim has been popular in [China’s] theaters. It’s still the old plot of American warriors saving the world in the face of disaster, still produced by way of computer generated effects plus 3D animation, and still with exciting exaggerated spectacles that are startling but without danger. There aren’t many new selling points with this movie, but the United States’ Asia-Pacific strategy reflected in the movie is worth thinking about.

At a critical moment during a Kaiju attack, the American Jaeger pilot saves the Japanese girl Mako. Trained by the Americans, Mako then also becomes a Jaeger pilot. After defeating the Kaiju, she hugs her wounded American partner and emotionally says, “I don’t want to let you go”, which reminds us of the real world US-Japan alliance. To defeat the Kaiju, America once again plays the role of the savior and world police, seizing the opportunity to deploy multiple Jaegers around the Pacific Rim, persuading other nations to invest huge amounts of money to build 300-meter-high defensive walls. After the failure of the Jaeger program and losing the labor and financial support of its European allies, they then team up with some Pacific island countries.

The key battle in which they thoroughly defeat the Kaiju is “cleverly” chosen to be the South China Sea adjoining Hong Kong. So American Jaegers protected Hong Kong, stabilized the Asia-Pacific, and saved humanity. Americans are busy researching the Kaiju and saving humanity, but in Hong Kong, China, food, medicine, and handcrafts made of Kaiju meat, skin, internal organs, and bones are instead hot commodities, where even the plump parasites on the Kaiju bodies have become delicious tastes on the tongue [delicacies], continuing the practice of belittling and mocking China.

United States jaeger, Gipsy Danger, in Pacific Rim.

China's jaeger, Crimson Typhoon, in Pacific Rim.Japan's jaeger, Coyote Tango, in Pacific Rim.

Hollywood has always been America’s best propaganda machine, who have absorbed its understanding of America’s strategies into its bones. Hollywood spares no effort in picking materials for its blockbusters and propagating American values and global strategy. For example, Ice Age seized upon the current issue of global climate change that various nations have argued without resolution; Die Another Day vilified and insulted North Korea by depicting it as an “Axis of Evil” country; while Lord of War had the contest between the United States and Russia to be the “world’s largest arms trafficker” as its background. American blockbusters not only suck away billions of yuan from China every year, what’s more terrible is that they secretly plant Western values in China’s youth, just as former United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said, ”What’s more important is that we have China’s youth learn how to think with American values, and to use American systems and rules to do things.” So it appears that Pacific Rim, in its subject-matter, plot, scenes, main characters, etc., continues the same old Hollywood formula, coinciding with America’s current Asia-Pacific strategy, and thus it is self-evident what the Kaiju actually are [represent].

Currently, with the increasing interaction, mix, and conflict between all kinds of ideology and culture in the world, with the profound and complex international battle of ideology and culture, some people in the West see the development and strengthening of our country as a challenge to their values and systems [of government], and have intensified ideological infiltration against our country, sparing no cost in conducting “invisible propaganda”. So our many officers and men must remove the scales from their eyes [see clearly, be vigilant], build up an ideological “firewall”, and learn how to see American blockbusters from multiple perspectives. What is especially important is to plan ahead and prepare for danger, to expand and intensify military battle-readiness, raise our ability to fight wars and win wars, firmly safeguarding our nation’s interests of sovereignty, safety, and development.

Members of American marines and Japanese Ground Self Defense Force in Japan-US joint military exercises.

File photo: American Marines and Japanese Ground Self Defense Force members participating in a joint Japan-US military exercise.

Japanese hovercraft assault landing at the beach in the island seizing exercise.

File photo: A Japanese hovercraft’s aggressive amphibious assault during an island seizing exercise.

Joint American and Japanese amphibious assault forces and vehicles in military exercise.

File photo: Japanese and American joint amphibious assault forces in island seizing exercise.

American and Japanese amphibious forces beach landing exercise on American beach.

File photo: American and Japanese combat forces conducting an amphibious landing assault exercise on an American beach.

American tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey joining in the military exercise.

File photo: American tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey joining in the military exercise.

Comments from Sohu:

已注销 [搜狐湖北省省直辖行政单位网友]:

And deliberately make yourselves out to be the highest truth in the universe! [see another comment below]

已注销 [搜狐湖北省省直辖行政单位网友]:

Our military newspaper bigwigs don’t research how to defeat enemies but instead comment to and fro about a children’s film, and even excite themselves into righteous indignation. I want to say, what are you thinking about everyday? Do you know how old you are?

已注销 [搜狐湖北省省直辖行政单位网友]:

Even if this were so, what could you do about it? Can you change the army/military? What can you do except for singing praises of the motherland? Propaganda department, are you capable of making blockbusters with socialism with Chinese characteristics? No, you can’t, so why the hell are you still talking nonsense? Every year the military recruitment advertisements and themes are always so simple and dull, without imagination or creativity, hiring dog-shit directors [for the ads]. Stop complaining about lack of funds. Arrest a few corrupt official and you’ll have [the funds you claim to lack]. In fact, you might as well just have me direct them [the recruitment ads].

热情腐朽54820826 [搜狐浙江省杭州市网友]:

I don’t think the PLA Daily overly interpreted it! When I was watching the movie myself, I had these feelings too. Both the Chinese and Russian Jaegers didn’t get to do anything before they were quickly taken out, and in the end it was still America and Japan working together that saved the world.
But it’s a film made by America, so making themselves look good is understandable. Not making us out to be the villain is good enough as it is. If we’re unhappy about it, we should put our minds towards making a movie that surpasses it, so that the people of the world will watch Chinese movies and accept Chinese ideas. This is the right way!

国之无能_民何有尊 [搜狐北京市网友]:

They dare to make a movie about the surrender of the White House! Dare you?
They dare to make the American President a prisoner/hostage in the movies. Dare you?
They dare to show their military power directly in the movies. Dare you?
They dare to depict fighting the countries hostile to them in the real world in the movies. Dare you?
They dare to say it directly in movies, “American politicians are a bunch of garbage!” Dare you?
Why is it that when there’s a problem, it’s always someone else’s fault? And deliberately make yourselves out to be the highest truth in the universe!
Could you really achieve being so?

浴霸2012 [搜狐四川省成都市网友]:

There are so many lunatics in the army, being able to elevate others making a movie to the level of principles and policy [make a simple movie out to represent so many things]. If you have the ability, go make your own movie. Motherfuckers.

经年未变5253419 [搜狐网友]:

Truly impressed, being able to see the things you want to see and being able to elevate even a story about robots fighting monsters to the level of principles and policy. Do you not have anything better to do?

爱上旅行143 [搜狐江苏省苏州市网友]:

The US-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific. In the face of unreasonable instigation, Japan has the right to normalize its country [generally, remilitarization]!

2URCrazy [搜狐上海市网友]: (responding to above)

The fact is just the opposite of what you said. Ever since the United States announced it’s strategic focus on the Asia-Pacific, East Asia and Southeast Asia has not been very peaceful. Historically-speaking, Japan has no shortage of crimes. Now the far-right are in power in Japan and there is a trend towards militarization. I really don’t see what the basis is for saying the US-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.

爱上旅行143 [搜狐江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

Without Japan’s 30 years of interest-free loans, would China have its [current level of] development? Wasn’t Shanghai’s highest building, the Shanghai World Financial Center, [built with] investment from the Japanese? What is this notion of Japanese militarization? Having a national defense force is every country’s basic right, recognized by the United Nations.

Linda [搜狐上海市网友]: (responding to above)

My thoughts are about the same as yours. It has already been over 60 years since World war II, why can’t Japan become a  normal country? Just because one government became a defeated country, does that mean the country can never have its own military ever again? In Chinese history, China had invaded other countries too, but how come we never see any introspection/soul-searching in its textbooks, but instead it is made out to be something very glorious? It’s a bandit’s logic. Those who want to yell at me can go ahead! I’ll just treat it all as farts!

米珠薪桂5273658 [搜狐北京市网友]: (responding to above)

Reply to Linda: Who has China invaded in history? Can you give us a list? Isn’t it none other than comrade Genghis Khan? Have Han Chinese invaded anyone? I have never heard of it. Even in this day and age there are still so many Japan-loving traitors.

尘埃未定57007279 [搜狐浙江省台州市网友]: (responding to above)

We were exploring our frontier.

骑青牛的人 [搜狐江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

If the 3rd and 4th floor [the 3rd and the 4th comments in a thread of comments] are Chinese, what we can imagine is how frightening the disaster will be that comes with giving up the ideological battle and persisting in bringing in western culture catering to western tastes. At the same time, it proves just how big of a failure Chinese education is today!

问心无愧5116889b [搜狐山西省大同市网友]: (responding to above)

I just love using thinking with American values, to piss off you Ministry of Truth running dogs!

半个灵魂56538705 [搜狐山东省网友]: (responding to above)

You should change your name from “with a clear conscience” to “with a guilty conscience”.

演绎轮回5237517 [搜狐福建省网友]: (responding to above)

Without the United States and Japan, there would not be today’s China; this is obvious to all. It is precisely because you Chinese people were so arrogant and didn’t take other countries seriously that you were beset by so many countries.

URCrazy [搜狐上海市网友]: (responding to above)

How do I say this? Using American values to consider problems is not necessarily wrong. This is an issue of standpoint, and I can understand it (maybe they are Americans). But one mustn’t throw away one’s basic capacity for logical thought, can’t ignore historical facts, can’t be ignorant of current international politics, economy, and military affairs. This is an issue of one’s IQ, an issue of of one’s level of knowledge. Your problem right now is the latter.

China's jaeger, Crimson Typhoon.


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