Police Criticized for Laughing at Dead Girl’s Crime Scene

Hunan police officers criticized by the Chinese public for casually chatting and laughing at the scene of a crime where a young girl was discovered naked and dead in a vegetable field.

Hunan police officers criticized by the Chinese public for casually chatting and laughing at the scene of a crime where a young girl was discovered naked and dead in a vegetable field.

From NetEase:

Hunan High School Girl Found Dead Naked in Field, Police Criticized for Chatting and Laughing During Investigation

Young Juan (pseudonym), a female high school student in Linxiang county of Hunan province, failed to return home at night after study session at school ended, and was discovered the next day naked and dead in a vegetable field no more than 80 meters from home.

Police rushed to the scene to launch an investigation, but in the course of doing so, several police officers had both hands in their pockets and laughed as they chatted. The Paper learned from the Linxiang county Public Security Bureau that those officers who went to the scene to conduct the investigation are indeed from their bureau.

Young Juan was 16 years old this year, and a high school student in Linxiang county of Yueyang city. After study session ended on the night of December 10th, she and three classmates headed home together. 400 meters from her home, her companions and her split up due to differing destinations.

The other students arrived home, but up until 11pm, Young Juan’s mother Ms. Wang was still waiting for her daughter. The anxious family recruited neighbors in their search, but the entire night passed without any information. The next morning, someone found Young Juan’s remains in a ditch in a field behind her home.

Police then rushed to the scene, set up police lines, and started their investigation. In a local television channel’s report of the incident, audiences noticed scenes of police at the scene of the case chatting and laughing.

From video footage of the scene, two officers in police attire working the case (one of which is on probation) and one person in civilian clothes are seen standing in the vegetable field, their hands in their pant pockets, one leaning slightly over, all gathered together to chat. Then, the three of them laughed. Not far from them, a police dog was on patrol.

A netizen named “一粒沙xf” said: “When can allow the poor dead underage girl rest in peace? When can we ordinary common people trust that you police will earnestly solve the case?”

The Paper telephoned the Linxiang county Public Security Bureau’s Political and Ideological Department, but the police officer who answered have no response concerning this matter before claiming that no one from the Political and Ideological Department were present.

The Paper learned that, at present, the Linxiang county Public Security Bureau has through preliminary investigations determined that the criminal suspect is a male and has announced a reward for clues leading to the case being solved. The Paper notices that the criminal suspect is between the ages of 16 to 40, approximately 1.72 meters tall, relatively thin, and was wearing a dark hooded jacket (the hood having a fringe of fur around it), a pair of tight-fitting dark pants, and a pair of light-colored casual or sports shoes.

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An officer at the Linxiang county Public Security Bureau says they have already received several tips reported by the public and are currently pursuing them.

Comments from NetEase:

箭头的来往 [网易广西柳州市网友]:

Who made it a rule that people working a case can’t laugh/smile? Relaxing can allow one to think more clearly. To put it another way, everyone is working just to make a living. Just because someone is a police officer doesn’t mean we can deprive him of his freedom, right? A person who doesn’t smile/laugh showing that they have a heavy heart is good, but if they do, there’s no need to criticize him. The media saying this is clearly doing so with the intention of finding fault. So for your own career, you go expose other people’s shortcomings?

科科斯岛daoao [网易广西柳州市网友]:

This kind of thing is difficult to make clear! Sometimes when police are working a case, they will be there for several hours! It’s impossible for them to constantly restrict their expressions and only talk about the work, right! Ultimately they have to have an objective mentality in order to maintain a clear head so they can investigate the truth! Otherwise, what are undertakers and doctors supposed to do if laughing is automatically a disrespect to the deceased or patients!

拦路虎吖吖 [网易广西柳州市网友]:

No matter what job it is, no matter how numbing that job is, we have to respect our profession, and respect the deceased even more so.

姑奶奶风格 [网易广西柳州市网友]:

With this kind of situation, people should still remain solemn/serious!!! After all, it was a person’s life! Just 16 years old! I think anyone who saw it would feel it is a pity!

玫瑰花冠 [网易广西柳州市网友]:

Just be diligent in doing your job. This is their job, and every day i tis like this. Are they supposed to wear a face of weeping every day? Work happily, live happily.

何立言 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

In the face of a young life tragically taken away and not feel sorry, be solemn, feel sad…just want kind of garbage are these people? Laughing sometimes comes with a price, for example that “Watch Brother” Yang Dacai.

网易云南省昆明市网友 ip:116.249.*.*

Are you people still human? Or just two beasts? Don’t blame the ordinary common people for disliking you people.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 ip:114.113.*.*

A young girl naked and dead in a vegetable field,
police officers chat on the side.
If the dead was your daughter,
would you still be laughing?

[Note: The original Chinese is a rhyming poem.]

ljq645948134 [网易北京市网友]:

I already expressed my indignation with them yesterday, them and their hands in their pockets, happily giggling away, looking sloppy and carefree like that, only to have my comment deleted.

崬苝荖莰 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Very saddening, why are there this many fiends in society today??? Just what kind of parents raised these fiends? China’s parents need to reflect on themselves!!!

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  • Marcus Black

    Sometimes you laugh during the most inappropriate situations. For example, all that is required is for someone to cough during the few minutes silence for dead WW1/2 soldiers for some people to start laughing uncontrollably. They’re just human. I think they should be given a stern talking to on proper conduct especially when they are under the camera phone eyes of the public. Am sure you’ve been in similar situations where you laughed during an inappropriate situation. Being sad and crying is not going to put that girl’s clothes back on and bring her back to life.

  • biggj

    People laugh when they need to project dignity and control during times of stress and anxiety. In these situations we usually laugh in a subconscious attempt to reduce stress and calm down, however, it often works otherwise. Nervous laughter is often considered fake laughter and even heightens the awkwardness of the situation.

    I do this from time to time. My aunt was killed in a car accident this summer. At the funeral home having conversations with people I ended up saying some funny things I guess to ease the situation, not just to ease my own sadness but for everyone else too.It’s a defense mechanism in some people. Nervous Laugh.

    Or they could be giant cunts with no soul……but I think that’s not the case. Inappropriate as it may be for this guys to do that…I think there was no malice involved.

  • KamikaziPilot

    I wouldn’t be too hard on these officers. Although it might not look good to the public, they can’t be expected to always have a sad face. A picture only captures a single moment in time. It’s hard to judge just by this one picture. Another thing is that the further you’re personally removed from the situation (ex. don’t know the victim personally), the more likely you’ll not be sad and therefore maybe laugh at the scene. I laughed at my grandpa’s funeral about 10 years ago, not because I was disrespectful, but because that buddhist guy who was officiating the ceremony was banging that iron bowl thing so many times and so loudly, it was hilarious. It took a lot of effort not to burst out laughing uncontrollably. The guy behind me even mentioned it to me after, I think he thought it was funny too. That said, if I had been closer to my grandpa, and therefore sadder, my sadness probably meant I wouldn’t have found anything funny. But he lived a long and good life, it was just time for him to go.

  • Donald Med

    Maybe the naked dead girl had wonky boobs. It was too hilarious to keep a straight face. At least they weren’t pointing at her and pantomiming lopsided tatas.

    • mr.wiener

      Do people actually say “tatas” in real life?

      • Alex Dương

        It might be regional, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

        • mr.wiener

          I used to think it was a type of russian car.

  • Some guy

    I have a friend who is a cop, or was at least, he quit the job.
    He told me that when you see ugly shit all day every day you start to just tune it out, make jokes about it as a way to cope. Gallows humour.

    • ClausRasmussen

      These cops are not bad people, they have to distance themselves from the horror and tragedy they have to deal with, but it is a little unprofessional to have fun at a crime scene (especially when caught on camera)

  • At least they weren’t smoking and putting the ashes out in her eye

  • Guest

    I’ve actually put some thought into helping CS through Patreon, but I’m curious as to which advertisers are censoring you? What types of articles have you been blocked from posting or had to take down?

    ““Objectionable” includes both graphic and textual content involving sex/nudity, violence, as well as profanity and hate speech, in our translated Chinese content and also in content posted by website commenters.”

    I’m guessing your high-class advertiser who has this lovely ad currently up on the site; “How to talk DIRTY to a man. Use these three words to make any man sexually addicted to…” wasn’t the one involved? Was it the VPN company? Google’s ad services??

    It just seems unlikely to me that you’re being censored by these people. I’ve seen graphical/textual violence, profanity, sexuality, etc. here before….

    “As our readership grew, we relied on advertising to pay our expenses and expand our content, but now we are forced to choose between advertising money and honest coverage of what ordinary mainstream Chinese netizens are seeing and saying. ”

    This seems kind of doubtful to me. I don’t want to sound like a jerk or anything, it’s just that I’m having trouble believing there’s a lot of censorship from your advertisers going on that’s kept you from producing what you want to on here. Chinasmack is one of the few websites I’d consider supporting through a service like Patreon but the reasoning for it seems more like an excuse then a real problem.

    • biggj

      I hear ya, the advertisers would have to be worse than the Chinese government censors.I find it hard to believe too. Unless their sponsors are the north Korean government.All Cs can report on is already censored right to shit by the government. So what else can you censor? I would like to see some examples of what they want changed and who wants these things changed.

      • Kai

        The Chinese government censors different things than what advertisers are concerned with. There are also different “cultural” standards with regards to what sort of content is considered “objectionable”. For example, the Chinese internet and mainstream Chinese media tend to have higher tolerances for graphic violence compared to other countries.

        Next, no one gets banned for racist comments and hate speeches. They are only banned for violating our comment policy which explicitly protects racist speech as long as it isn’t done intentionally (aka dishonestly) to troll people. The comments section would look VERY different if racist comments and hate speech were deleted and banned.

        • biggj

          Are you having the same problem with Koreabang or the other sites you guys have? Like having advertiser try to tell you what to do?

          • Kai

            Of our sites, only kB has had similar issues. One thing you realize is that small sites often fly under the radar and large sites have so much influence that advertisers compromise their sensitivities to keep getting exposure on that site. That’s why we could have the same content as a major news site with the same content but the advertiser will only complain about us and only require us to edit or remove our content but not them. You’d think there are consistent standards but it just isn’t true and we have little choice but to bend with the wind whenever it blows.

    • ClausRasmussen

      I support CS because I think they do an excellent job, but I also have some of the same questions as you. I have no trouble with advertising except if it influence the content, which I find hard to believe

      Another thing is that if CS wanted to make more money from advertising, maybe they should try to attract companies with business in China, language schools would be prime candidates

      • David

        Well I see one for a VPN and one ad for a book about picking up Chinese women (written by some loser I would bet)..

        • ClausRasmussen

          I see one from a Scandinavian investment fund :-) Maybe they’re localized?

        • Zappa Frank

          same here, and two vacant places for advertisements.

      • biggj

        We can fill up the other 2 adds for $88 a month.


        • ClausRasmussen

          Maybe what’s really needed is someone to sell adds for them

      • biggj
        • Kai

          We’d love to be making $449 a day. We don’t. Anyone who has monetized a website should already be familiar with what bullshit these estimates are. If we made $164k a year, we wouldn’t be begging for $250.

      • Kai

        I hope your questions are being answered.

        We’d love to attract companies with business in China, but we don’t have the resources to hire a sales staff.

    • Dolph Grunt

      Wow, yeah. I’d be interested in knowing more about this myself. And let me also say that you didn’t come across as a jerk at all. Very tastefully written with some very valid questions.

    • Kai

      Thanks for your interest and consideration.

      Because we’re still reliant on these advertisers, I think you can understand we can’t openly name names, and not until we have no existing relationship with them.

      We have quite a few articles that we’ve taken down. Here are a few. We don’t have an exact figure for the ones we’ve had to edit/censor, nor do we have an exact figure for how many stories we wanted to translate but ended up passing because we worried it would be considered objectionable.

      You’ve definitely seen graphical/textual violence, profanity, sexuality on cS because we’ve definitely covered and translated such things. The issue is that we’ve had to subsequently take much of it down or censor it and are now constantly passing on certain stories because we’re unsure if it’ll get us in trouble with certain advertisers. Fauna’s a bit more daring and pushes the envelope at times, but it’s become something that is always at the forefront of our editorial process.

      Please consider that it is a big risk for us to come to our readers hat-in-hand asking for your support, especially with a transparent crowdfunding system like Patreon where everyone can see just how much or how little support we’re getting. It’s much easier to let our readers think we’re some successful website that is making fistfuls of advertising dollars.

      But we aren’t.

      You say our reasoning for wanting to transition to being crowdfunded instead of relying on advertisers is an “excuse”. An excuse for what, though?

      Do you think we’d launch a risky transparent crowdfunding campaign where people can see just how much or little our readers actually value our work just for fun? Is it an excuse to fleece our readers and pad our coffers, when we have a clear schedule for advertising to be reduced and hopefully eliminated once an amount of funding from readers is reached?

      The only upside for us is to no longer have to worry about advertisers’ sensitivities. to only rely on those who already get what we do, who already enjoy the content we translate for them and the potential insights amusing or fascinating they can derive from them.

      And our downsides? How about the very public embarrassment of abject failure? That our legion of readers frankly don’t think our work is worth anything at all to them?

      We didn’t have to do this. We could’ve continued to relish being one of the most popular and trafficked websites about modern China. But we wanted to be that WHILE delivering on the premise it started out as, a translated but uncensored glimpse into the Chinese internet.

      Please feel free to tell me what you worry all of this is an “excuse” for. We’re happy to answer questions we can.

  • Ken Morgan

    British police don’t carry guns, we even have joke police called community support officers which have no powers of arrest and can’t even issue parking tickets.

    • guest

      That’s not actually true.

      They have a wide range of powers, including the power of arrest and limited holding of a person, most of which falls under citziens arrest powers. Also they do have powers to ticket people. Neither people believe they don’t is another question.


  • Ruaraidh

    I think the slain care little whether they sleep or rise again.

  • Some guy

    I’m sure that’s what it was. Yeah the cops could have been more sensitive but it’s probably not that easy to put on the public face all the time, especially with cameras being everywhere.

  • Dolph Grunt

    Not that it’s really relevant to the overall discussion, but I thought I’d point out that they’ve been issuing it out more and more firearms to the police over the last year. If these guys don’t have guns, it looks like they soon will have.

    Look up a news article from May of this year (2014). It’s under the headline, “Gun goes off in Chinese kindergarten during police safety talk, injuring 5”

  • B*tches, Leave

    Guys, it looks like it’s easy and consequence free to rape kids around here, especially if that person has some sort of authority. I believe it’s just a matter of time until these rapist figure “hey, how about I raise up my game and start raping those foreign girls”. Or a matter of time when a foreigner rapes someone at the last day of his stay in China and then leaves the country. I have met people who have absolutely no respect for the law enforcers here. Beware!

  • monster

    they can laugh when no girl’s family were there.
    when i walk alone at night, i do not let any stranger get close to me.
    99% crime is made by men.

    • mr.wiener

      …unless of course you are doing time in a female prison.

  • mr.wiener

    So which of the teenage mutant ninja turtles are you?

  • Zappa Frank

    also in Italy I remember pictures of policemen laughing next to the dead body of a 18 boy. the difference was that they killed him.

    • bujiebuke

      what?! Any fallout from that or was it just another day in Venice?

      where’s the link?

      • Zappa Frank

        is not something new, is 2005 dated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federico_Aldrovandi
        I remember that pictures of smiling policemen came out at the moment. I would like to say it was just an episode, but apparently Italian police is full of fascists that just wait the right moment to beat people.

        • bujiebuke

          Even though it’s outdated, the police response to their negligence is eerily similar to what is happening in the U.S.

  • Irvin

    I think it’s quite normal given the apathy in our society, we already ignore people in need, what’s so strange about joking about the dead?

    Just because it’s a dead person, doesn’t necessary means we have to feel something or if we do felt something doesn’t mean it have to be sorrow.

  • Karze

    I am sure these idiot will not laugh when their children or parent die.

  • Gary

    “the criminal suspect is between the ages of 16 to 40, approximately 1.72 meters tall, relatively thin”
    Wow, they’ve got it pretty well narrowed down. Should catch the perp any time now.

    • biggj

      yeah only 1 billion suspects lol He also had black hair and narrow eyes im guessing too.

  • ht7h

    what a bunch of insensitive morons