Police Determine Aunt Dug Out Child’s Eyes, Public Skeptical

Binbin, the 6-year-old Chinese boy who was kidnapped and found with both eyes dug out.

Binbin, the 6-year-old Chinese boy who was kidnapped and found with both eyes dug out.

If you have been following the case of the 6-year-old Chinese boy named Guo Bin who disappeared and was found with his eyes missing recently, the culprit has been determined by police and the case has been “solved”. Here is an example of the announcement and Chinese netizens’ reactions…

From NetEase:

Case of Shanxi Boy Whose Eyes Were Dug Out Solved, Suspect Confirmed as His Aunt Who Had Drowned Herself

According to CCTV reports, the vicious Shanxi Fenxi “8.24” child mutilation case has been cracked [solved], with the criminal suspect being boy victim Guo X’s aunt Zhang Huiying. Zhang Huiying had already on August 30th committed suicide by drowning herself in her home. Comprehensive police investigation and forensic DNA testing results identified Zhang Huiying as the criminal suspect in this case.

Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省揭阳市网友 ip:14.125.*.*:

Netizens had speculated this [result], let’s hope it isn’t simply putting the blame on a dead person. If it is the aunt who had kidnapped this boy, then this boy should’ve recognized her, so why didn’t he himself say so? [Previous media reports suggested the culprit was a woman with dyed yellow hair and Binbin, the victim, said she had a non-local accent.]

广东大头哥 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

How come the boy didn’t know it was his aunt? Could he have not recognized her?

三日无偷鸡 [网易广东省网友]:

Did the child’s aunt have a wai di [non-local] accent? And yellow-dyed hair? [These refer to prior details reported during the investigation of the case.]

骑驴找猪猪 [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

Hehe, when they said she had drowned herself and already died, this was all thought of…

冷瓦 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Will the evidence be made public?


Requesting evidence.

犁坏田的牛 [网易北京市宣武区手机网友]: (responding to above)

It’s being fabricated, don’t rush!

凡人5276 [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

And the evidence? [repeated 55x]

冷瓦 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

The dead cannot defend themselves [against accusations]…


If you still can’t find a reason to crack the case, would you people say the child accidentally dug out his own eyes?

网易上海市手机网友 ip:202.121.*.*: (responding to above)

Can’t believe there are people who actually suspect the child’s aunt, a bunch of cunts not even using their brains. First, assuming it is the child’s aunt, why didn’t the child recognize her before his eyes were dug out? It’s not like the child is deaf and mute, he would’ve said it was the aunt who dug it out while in the hospital. Second, since the perpetrator was female, it proves the crime definitely wasn’t committed by something who was hired, because who would hire a female to commit such an assault?! Third, the very evening I learned of this news I was already very certain this was not organ-trafficking. Why? Because organs barbarically dug out in the open environment have absolutely no transplant value. Soon after, the Heavenly Kingdom‘s stupid police eliminated countless difficulties to confirm that that it wasn’t organ trafficking, validating my thoughts. So, to sum up, if it wasn’t organ trafficking, there can only be two results to this case: 1. This was an act of revenge against society. 2. This was a violent crime caused by a dispute or conflict between this woman and this family. However, for a woman to be forced to do this kind of though by her state of mind, there must be a problem with this family. The above is my personal analysis, and the following is subjective speculation: A wai di [non-local] woman having some sort of irreconcilable dispute with a rural family is basically impossible, yet this non-local woman knew this child’s name. Why? I think a male family member of this child’s has a very good relationship with the perpetrator, and moreover this male member’s relationship with the child’s aunt is very close, and after telling the aunt the truth, the aunt’s natural cowardice couldn’t deal with it and thus she committed suicide. So the child’s uncle satisfies the aforementioned gaps [in the case]. The above is personal speculation, for consideration only.


Written by Fauna

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