Police Determine Aunt Dug Out Child’s Eyes, Public Skeptical

Binbin, the 6-year-old Chinese boy who was kidnapped and found with both eyes dug out.

If you have been following the case of the 6-year-old Chinese boy named Guo Bin who disappeared and was found with his eyes missing recently, the culprit has been determined by police and the case has been “solved”. Here is an example of the announcement and Chinese netizens’ reactions…

From NetEase:

Case of Shanxi Boy Whose Eyes Were Dug Out Solved, Suspect Confirmed as His Aunt Who Had Drowned Herself

According to CCTV reports, the vicious Shanxi Fenxi “8.24” child mutilation case has been cracked [solved], with the criminal suspect being boy victim Guo X’s aunt Zhang Huiying. Zhang Huiying had already on August 30th committed suicide by drowning herself in her home. Comprehensive police investigation and forensic DNA testing results identified Zhang Huiying as the criminal suspect in this case.

Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省揭阳市网友 ip:14.125.*.*:

Netizens had speculated this [result], let’s hope it isn’t simply putting the blame on a dead person. If it is the aunt who had kidnapped this boy, then this boy should’ve recognized her, so why didn’t he himself say so? [Previous media reports suggested the culprit was a woman with dyed yellow hair and Binbin, the victim, said she had a non-local accent.]

广东大头哥 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

How come the boy didn’t know it was his aunt? Could he have not recognized her?

三日无偷鸡 [网易广东省网友]:

Did the child’s aunt have a wai di [non-local] accent? And yellow-dyed hair? [These refer to prior details reported during the investigation of the case.]

骑驴找猪猪 [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

Hehe, when they said she had drowned herself and already died, this was all thought of…

冷瓦 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Will the evidence be made public?


Requesting evidence.

犁坏田的牛 [网易北京市宣武区手机网友]: (responding to above)

It’s being fabricated, don’t rush!

凡人5276 [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

And the evidence? [repeated 55x]

冷瓦 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

The dead cannot defend themselves [against accusations]…


If you still can’t find a reason to crack the case, would you people say the child accidentally dug out his own eyes?

网易上海市手机网友 ip:202.121.*.*: (responding to above)

Can’t believe there are people who actually suspect the child’s aunt, a bunch of cunts not even using their brains. First, assuming it is the child’s aunt, why didn’t the child recognize her before his eyes were dug out? It’s not like the child is deaf and mute, he would’ve said it was the aunt who dug it out while in the hospital. Second, since the perpetrator was female, it proves the crime definitely wasn’t committed by something who was hired, because who would hire a female to commit such an assault?! Third, the very evening I learned of this news I was already very certain this was not organ-trafficking. Why? Because organs barbarically dug out in the open environment have absolutely no transplant value. Soon after, the Heavenly Kingdom‘s stupid police eliminated countless difficulties to confirm that that it wasn’t organ trafficking, validating my thoughts. So, to sum up, if it wasn’t organ trafficking, there can only be two results to this case: 1. This was an act of revenge against society. 2. This was a violent crime caused by a dispute or conflict between this woman and this family. However, for a woman to be forced to do this kind of though by her state of mind, there must be a problem with this family. The above is my personal analysis, and the following is subjective speculation: A wai di [non-local] woman having some sort of irreconcilable dispute with a rural family is basically impossible, yet this non-local woman knew this child’s name. Why? I think a male family member of this child’s has a very good relationship with the perpetrator, and moreover this male member’s relationship with the child’s aunt is very close, and after telling the aunt the truth, the aunt’s natural cowardice couldn’t deal with it and thus she committed suicide. So the child’s uncle satisfies the aforementioned gaps [in the case]. The above is personal speculation, for consideration only.

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  • Lord_Helmet

    This whole story has been sketchy from the beginning. Would really like to know if the aunt actually did it and the motive behind it but she is dead, so case closed(according to Chinese authorities). Poor kid is blind for life.

    • lacompacida

      If all the authority wants to do is “case close”, the authority has achieved its objectives.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    … I came here hoping for “comprehensive” evidence being presented in the article, but it seems like the scepticism of the Chinese netizens is well justified.

    The DNA evidence does give it a bit more support, i guess, but the lack of identification by the child makes it suspicious….

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Every time I hear about this story or sees this little boy’s picture it deeply deeply deeply saddens me. Is there a reputable organization in China collecting donations for this kid? I doubt it, even if there is, only the heaven knows how many pennies of my dollar actually reaches the family.

    • Refractions_of_Error

      “Is there a reputable organization in China collecting donations for this kid?”

      Of course. The Party….

      • lacompacida

        Reputable ?

        • Refractions_of_Error

          Oh yes of course. A reputation built on an extraordinary ability to manage assets.

    • Mighty曹

      Start a charity fund.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        I do not have the credentials to do that.

        • Robert Rou

          A few more bribes at Zhongnanhai will do the trick lol

    • Guang Xiang

      From BBC:

      A Hong Kong eye expert leading a team visiting Guo Bin has offered to treat him for free and, if possible, eventually help him install electronic eyes that will help him see light and shapes through signals sent to his optic nerves, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

  • The Enlightened One

    Yeah I read about this already.

    Seems the aunt threw herself down a well six days after the incident.

    Not to mention her clothes still had the blood on it…

    Just seems weird, the kid said at first it was a different regional accent… THEN says it was local. Then all of the sudden the aunt tosses herself into a well, conveniently wearing the same clothes at the time when she dug out the kid’s eyes.

    Why aren’t the clothes washed? Why would she even wear the same clothes? Why is the kid saying changing his story?

    You guys ever see the “Changling”? Where a bunch of corrupt cops make up a solution to just get the case over with so they can take some credit instead of keeping it open and generating more publicity and embarassing?

    Seems like the case to me.

    • Average Zhou

      It has gotten to the point where I never believe any case is “solved” when the police say it is. It’s the Chinese way to just take the easiest and most convenient way out of every situation, especially when it involves a) avoiding responsibility and b) appearing to have done your job well and therefore getting credit. Slam dunk situation for the police to be able to pin this one on a dead aunt. Two years ago a boy was murdered at my girlfriend’s college. He was stabbed for his computer in a grove of woods. A few days later three migrant hooligans were arrested and charged. Hey, maybe it really was these three guys. But just because the police say it was certainly doesn’t convince me. I highly doubt the abilities of police forensics anywhere except maybe Shanghai and Beijing, especially when it comes to tracking unregistered migrant workers who probably have no local ID cards, no registered local address, and no fingerprints on file. I think it’s just as likely the police picked up three migrants because they were easy targets to turn into scapegoats for a crime they just wanted out of the papers.

    • aasdf

      If the aunt was violent enough to dig his eyes out, I wouldn’t put it past her that she’d threaten to dig his mothers/father’s eyes out too if he told on her. Children will lie if an adult makes a child promise to say something specific.

  • Gregorio Samsaro

    Well it is pretty easy to know how this cases really went in China – you just need to look at what the official line is quick to deny and cover up: they denied it was a person outside the kid’s family, and they denied that the corneas were removed. Both things after discussion started building up about this being a case of cornea theft by someone who paid for them. Once confirmed this to be the case, to avoid panic and having probably discovered that the buyer of the corneas was some old party official, they proceeded to force the media to deny the truth and fabricate an acceptable story: yes it has been the aunt, she called the boy, scooped out his eyes and suicided. It is, again, a problem of uncultured countryside villains with psychological problems. Poor them. The kid obviously didn’t know it was his aunt because he has no eyes. Problem? The truth in China is quite easy to find: reverse engineer the absurd “truth” and you find the one without quotation marks.

    • The Enlightened One

      I agree. That is far more likely the situation or something similar to it. Then they just used the aunt as a scapegoat… both stories are very possible but it comes down to the boy…

      Why all of the sudden did he change his story? Wouldn’t he recognize his aunt? Maybe he didn’t want to rat her out or maybe he was instructed to change his story?

      Even if the truth came out it would probably be strongly supressed as this story went international and caught a lot of attention, which is why it was quickly stamped out. Just based on this reason alone.

      Bottom line (and I am not a psychologist). If the aunt is nuts enough to grab the boy, drug him (why drug him? seems pretty tactful for a rural woman if you ask me), pop out his eyes, then all of the sudden develop a heart and lose all of her tact by wearing the same clothes with blood (just randomly?) and jumping down a well. Just seems off… way off… even for China.

      • winterbitten

        I mean, how can we even trust what’s being told in this story. Since we can’t actually see/hear the kid speaking these words, it could be more fabrication by the media to lead the public astray.

        • winterbitten

          To elaborate, I mean maybe the kid already told us all we need. However, someone doesn’t want that public to know what has been said, so pulls some strings and now we have this BS story we’re trying to dissect which isn’t relevant to anything that’s actually happening.

          People are going to be skeptical regardless, but this way there’s no way they can find any truths other than being present when the kid speaks. The only absolute truth being that his eyes were indeed dug out.

      • slob

        I would guess the reason the boy changed his story is because the worthless pleb police either couldn’t find the perpetrator and it has shaken up the community and other cities making people paranoid and aware of how dangerous their country can be to their children, or that they know who the perpetrator is and framed the Aunt possibly with some payout to the kid’s family in order to compensate him for this tragedy and get rid of this case. Poor family, rural, no-one cares, why keep wasting police/govt. resources on some peasant family?

        There’s no way in hell the Aunt did it I mean as mentioned before, why would she still be wearing the clothes from the crime scene? You would burn that shit instantly to cover yourself not hold onto it for 6 days then put it back on and jump down a well. If she wanted to show she did it, she would have at least written a letter or something not let people ‘figure it out’ by wearing those clothes.

        Such a shoddy investigation once again swept under the rug. How can people have faith in the system anymore?

  • Gregorio Samsaro

    Indeed, it is a mode of thought that easily brings you to believe the 10% of rumors that are just rumors or conspiracy theories. But you get right the remaining 90%.

  • 二奶头发

    If the Aunt did this, now the police should focus/investigate on why she did it. Bring in experts on mental health etc.

    • PearMuncher

      What would be the point of bringing in experts to determine her motive??

      • 二奶头发

        Well there is something called Criminology.


        • The Enlightened One


          Lots of crimes were thought to have been solved until Criminology and further forensic evidence was mounted.

          @PearMuncher because it makes no sense. She obviously planned the crime because she bought and used drugs on the boy. If she even did it at all…

          Why is she heartless one moment (yet clearly planned out her actions, which gives her time to consider the consquence for them) then the next, full of guilt at least enough to “kill herself”?

          With still no reason at all to have done what she did?

          The mother said in another article there was absolutely no fued with the aunt at all. Heartless people usually become more heartless not more caring.

          • Balefulness

            Are you sure you are not in Shenzhen?

          • The Enlightened One

            Should I be lol?

          • 二奶头发

            For me, after reading the articles on this news story, I was concerned for some copycat crimes happening.

            I also first thought the aunt could have been suffering from a form of OCD with violent compulsion. But after reading about the drugging OCD was out because OCD wouldn’t involve planned actions.

            Maybe she suffered from a Mental illness which involved hearing voices.

          • PearMuncher

            And what will these govt. endorsed ‘criminologists’ do?

    • David S.

      You mean they should get a psychicatric examination of the aunt?

      • 二奶头发

        She killed herself so that makes a psych exam more difficult (rely on medical records, family interviews etc).The Aunt did scoop out a boy’s eyes. That’s quite an unusual crime. If the motive was not organ trafficking then what was it? What was here mental condition when she did the crime? remember she drugged the child first. Was she planning this crime for a while? lots of questions.

        • biggj

          They can’t figure out the simplest of things, so figuring out what a dead woman was thinking is out the question. lol

          • 二奶头发

            I agree. But all you can do is shake your head in disbelief.

            Well…..what society ought to do and what it actually does are two different things.

            In the end we are all victims of the result.

            As for the boy I think he will see again later in his life (with help from a form of future technology).

          • Ingrid Müller

            I hope you keep the case in sight. I think further help is needed for Guo Bin.

  • yyyyyy

    how convenient

  • Robert Rou

    Skepticism? Why would we need skepticism? Nothing is ever staged, people would never lie, and a man would never parrot the talking point of his superiors.

    Somebody having fake quotes from a book they never read. Simply impossible. Sheesh!

  • Ingrid Müller

    I hope people understand the boy needs thousands of dollars – only to pay the doctors. What does he get for this money? A childhood in blindness and after 10 years with luck a raw pixel view in black/white.

    He dont need our sympathy and talks – he needs our money for doctor.

    official account (check it on Internet – it is credible)
    Account Name: Wang Wen Li (The kid’s mother)
    Account Number: 6221 8817 7101 6992 287
    Bank: Post Saving Bank of China Fenxi Branch

    • aliu

      scam alert

    • SZLED

      If you’re going to scam laowais you have to at least get the English / grammar right.

      • biggj

        Me tinks it reel.

        • Jimney Cricket

          yeah…just to reel you in and make a real idiot of you

          • biggj

            me 2 smart 4 dat.

    • 剑胆琴心

      i do not think he can get his eyes back let alone see again.

    • mr.wiener

      To Frau Muller.
      Speaking for myself and not as a moderator most people would be skeptical of someone trying to solicit online donations. Unless the staff at Chinasmack have checked out your sources and the recipients of the money you want to raise it is doubtful that many people will want to contribute. I’m not doubting your good intentions and Chinasmack and its readership have raised money for good causes before. But with the amount of publicity that this story has raised and the offers of help being given it is a good idea to wait until a clearer and more organised picture has emerged of who can help, who is helping and what help can be given.
      Please maintain you compassion for this child as I feel you are a good person and forgive the [unfortunately justified] skepticism of many people.

      • biggj

        Also when there is an international story like this one there is always some doctor somewhere in the world willing to do everything needed for free. And some charity set up already that will do all this. I’m sure it’s already taken care of.

        Another thing…I know this sounds cold as shit…. and is just a different view on what could be happening…but every time I hear something like this happens in china the first thing I think of is a scam. I have seen too many kids in china with burn marks and broken bones and some mutilation that was done by someone on purpose so they can get money. Who is to say this is any different? The parents could be in on it. Maybe the aunt found out and they killed her and blamed the crime on her. Lots of money is to be made from something like this. Millions of Yuan really.Now this is just a thought….I’m sure this story is legit…but people think all little kids on the street begging with some kind of mutilation is legit too. People will do fucked up things for money. I’m sure that is not the case here….but it’s a thought…I just can’t help to think the worse when I see things like this in china.

        • Jimney Cricket

          Too true. My first thoughts are that the father may have debts and the children were his punishment. Put it online or in the paper to raise some cash

        • Ingrid Müller

          after reading your comment i also will not exclude that Family has gauged the eyes.
          But the clinic will open an account. I trust this comming account. I do not think an eye doctor makes money with gauging out eyes of childs

      • Ingrid Müller

        you are right. but like i posted above i talked to clinic of dr dennis lam. they will install an account for donators. i trust dr lam 100 %. he offered to do operations for boy for free. This man gets my money.

        • Refractions_of_Error

          So if he offered to do the operations for ‘free’, why the need for donations?

          • tr0l0l0l0l

            to pay for the materials?

          • Refractions_of_Error

            So it is not free.

    • The Enlightened One

      While I agree with you, I simply don’t trust you.

      I find that a lot of Chinese say things like “He dont need our sympathy and talks” – do you have a link to this account on a reputable source?

      • Ingrid Müller

        link is China daily mail. i think it is serious. a where should the Money came from parents already have. all from the agricultural workers on site?
        I hope you keep the case in sight. I think further help is needed for Guo Bin.

    • fruju

      Not a scam. This has been reported in China Daily News, and my Chinese wife has confirmed it via her family via direct Chinese sources.


      Only issue is it doesn’t seem easy to send money via Western Union unless you have the contact info (telephone number) of the person on the receiving end. Could probably reference the hospital number though.

      • Refractions_of_Error

        ‘Not a scam. This has been reported in ‘China’ Daily News, and my ‘Chinese’ wife has confirmed it via her family via direct ‘Chinese’ sources.’

        My friend, do I really have to point out the obvious to you?

        • Ingrid Müller

          what do you mean with obvious? that account i posted was posted by the clinic where boy was first. Another Girl in that forum found out the same account. i got emails from people that gave money to that account. Before you say scam alert you should at least go 1 minute to google. But that is too much of your precious time, i guess.

    • slob

      Though your intentions may be good, don’t be so naive. After the sichuan earthquake happened, countless ‘relief funds’ opened up and horrible people were making fake donation charities and keeping all the money. They were EVERYWHERE and now people are extremely skeptical about this sort of thing. I think if you really REALLY want to help these people, find out their address, take a train there on your few days off, and give the money/clothes/food to them directly.

    • Refractions_of_Error

      Your account has been breached. Please provide your PIN in order to allow me to send a new PIN to you. You may reach me on my mobile phone number which will be provided to you upon receiving your urgent reply. Thank you.

  • markus peg

    Cant the child say who did it to him? I’m sure if it was his Aunt he would have known who she was and could have told the police that…

  • donnachadh

    I strongly suspect that this aunt is the same person who (by herself) committed gang rape on a hostess she met at Global Bar, Beijing, earlier in the year.

    • Jimney Cricket

      …and the BRT bombing in Xiamen… and the Lu Shan earthquake

  • 剑胆琴心

    i do not read things as this, or watch films of this type…
    just wish this boy can feel less pain,so sad and terrible…
    insist death penal is necessary and good in china…

    • Balefulness

      why is it necessary my dear?

    • fakeusername

      What good is the death penalty if perpetrators are never found or wind up dead? Feeling bad and non-sequitur doesn’t help, but this seems to be the default response in China.

  • jd

    in most situations of crimes involving children, the perpatrators are usally family members, but then this is a very strange case, chinese police are famously inept, i call bullshit.

  • chandlerpatrick

    Ok, there are a lot of holes in the story. I’m sure more will come out as the case moves along, we must wait a bit longer. Also, people, please remember that this is a 6 year old kid we’re talking about. He was just drugged, had his eyes dug out, and dumped in a forest… I understand if he can’t remember clearly all of the details… could you? If you could, would you be able to recount them clearly (after all that has happened)? Let’s give this kid a break, and I doubt the police are trying to cover this up.

  • Nicola Collina

    if i remember the kid was drugged to let him sleep. so for sure he cannot remeber the last moment and who was with him and who, teorically, put him sleeping..i will not be surprise aobut this official version…….

  • Ingrid Müller

    somebody told me that there where always charity cheaters.
    I talked to clinic of Dr Dennis Lam.
    1. He will organize the BRAINPORT for the boy
    2. he will install an account where People can donate for medical costs.
    I will donate there. Whom will you trust if not a doctor that assures that he will do operations for free. Many of operations are necessary and bionic eyes is expensive.

    • Refractions_of_Error

      As I replied earlier, if this dubious doctor is saying it is for free, why has he set up an account for donations? It isn’t free then. Is it?

    • mr.wiener

      Not normally something I ask, but is there any chance you could give us some information about yourself [or even post it to the moderators] so we can establish that you are who you say you are?
      Sorry to ask, these are uncertain times we live in.

      • Ingrid Müller


        is there anybody? I hope you keep the case in sight. I think further help is needed for Guo Bin.

  • Ingrid Müller

    it would be a high risk Play. what is when the donations are not enough? that he had to do operation on his own bill.

  • Ingrid Müller

    hallo mister wiener,
    i am 44 with son who is 7. so i have a special nearness to case. if victim where a girl maybe it would not go as deep.

    other Point: i was Born Catholic, but never paid church tax. So i “saved” 5000 Euro in the last 14 years. i am in front of an exam as teacher, after that i will earn 2800 Euro net month.
    i think blindness is the hardest fate. blinds have big risk for depression and so forth. for me boy is the case where i will compensate my fail regarding church tax.

    I am on Facebook (copy following and put in URL) https://www.facebook.com/ingrid.muller.9210
    I can answer every further question. i will no longer collect money for brainport because assistant of dr lam told me that the try to get it already. i could tell still more.

    • mr.wiener

      Thank you for the link. It is now up to the netizins of Chinasmack to decide what they wish to do. Personally I want to see how this plays out before I pledge money to this charity or that. I have had to delete some of your comments as this site does not allow “Flooding”:
      Flooding: Repeatedly posting the same or similar comment.
      Please bear this in mind when posting in the future.

  • Ingrid Müller

    hallo Mr. Wiener,
    i agree with you. I will wait to see where to put money. At the Moment there is not enough Information. I will keep the case in sight. I promised myself to contribute.

  • Thomas Pregler

    Its a sick world, For every child predator out there, thier is a women that loves him and dont want to lose him so she helps him. The police say she killed her self really, In the song by warrent, ” who put the boady in the wishing well ” As far as that poor little angle goes, his 6, he was druged, viously assulted sexualy, and then get his eyes doug out. What the hell would no or say, Back off the child this isnt his fault. He did’nt ask for this. Say a prayer for him, dont question him. And remember HIS 6.

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