Police Disperse Spartan Mob For “Disrupting The Peace”

Police Disperse Spartan Mob For “Disrupting The Peace”

Chaoyang police dispersed a crowd of foreigners dressed as Spartan soldiers after receiving reports of them “disrupting the peace”. The group, wearing short pants, attracted the attention of passersby, who gathered round to watch the spectacle as they carried out a commercial sales promotion for a food product. Police decided to exercise control according to the law after the event affected order in the vicinity, quickly restoring it. One netizen commented, “And then they were wiped out.”
Source: Netease

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  • TJ

    This is…..NOT Sparta!

  • Zappa Frank

    they didn’t resist like spartans..besides weren’t suppose to have a red cap? why black?

    • donscarletti

      They are also supposed to at least have a spear, a round shield with a big lambda on it and a helmet. They also should be able to speak Greek. Looks more like a gay pride parade than an army.

      • Zappa Frank

        and the helmet…let’s not forget the helmet.. sparants were not so scary without helmet.

        • mr.wiener

          Spartan… return with this shield…or on it.

  • DD Bear!


  • 42

    300! Ich Bin Ein Spartan!

  • Foreign Devil

    Wow there must be tons of college grad expats in China these days. . When I lived in China in ’09 you could not round up that many white guys to do the monkey dance. I wonder how much they got paid. .

    • ytuque

      As you can see, they couldn’t find enough Whiteys so they had to substitute Africans and Indians.

  • Danny

    If they got any compensation for walking around like this then they were probably all violating their visas/residence permits.
    Luckily most police aren’t aware of these rules, or any rules.

  • redlobster

    Is that Chef Aaron Sanchez on the right?

  • Chris Bullock

    My RPG character could totally take all of them.

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