Police Dog Bites Onto Master’s Bag To Stop Him Leaving

Police Dog Bites Onto Master's Bag To Stop Him Leaving

A police dog who didn’t want his master to retire bit down on his luggage in an attempt to stop him leaving. Police dog Dina of the Chongqing Armed Police bit tight onto dog-handler Zhang Zhijie’s bag for a considerable time during a retirement ceremony which saw over 1000 veterans who had completed their service leave for their hometowns. Many netizens were moved by the incident, with one saying that military dogs count as comrades-in-arms, whilst another suggested that such dogs should retire with their masters in order to prevent them from becoming depressed.

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  • Amused

    Or he smelled all that Colombian marching powder his ex-master had in that bag.

    • What does Colombian marching powder mean?

      • mr.wiener


  • mr.wiener

    Good thing there was a photo to go with that title otherwise the story might be misunderstood.!

  • feed a dog at least it can wave tail for u. some people are much worse than dogs.

    • Vance

      I can agree with that for sure.

      • have you checked the email i wrote to you?
        i need a bit help!

        • Vance

          I sent you a reply today. I did not think the email I sent before got through so I quit checking. I just got your reply a few days ago.

          • u have not checked my email?

          • Vance

            I replied to your email. Let me know.

    • Jahar

      Some cats are worse than dogs too. Or so they say. But I don’t believe them. Cats are pretty awesome.

  • Jahar

    Doesn’t seem well trained…