Police Fail to Talk Man Out Of Jumping Off Changsha Bridge

The man is standing on the egde of the bridge.

Many people are gathered around to watch.

From QQ:

Man in Changsha Jumps Off Bridge and Dies, Police and Crowd Unsuccessful in Persuading Him from Suicide

In the afternoon of July 13, at about 4:20pm, a man with a knife in his hand climbed onto the Xiangjiang No.1 Bridge in Changsha wanting to commit suicide, attracting a crowd of city residents, and causing heavy traffic congestion at the scene. After nearly 4 hours of fruitless efforts to persuade him to come down by the police and bystanders, the man ultimately jumped off Xiangjiang No.1 Bridge at about 8pm, dying 10 minutes later despite emergency rescue efforts. According to a bystander, the man felt cheated because he was unable to get a satisfactory amount of compensation over a traffic dispute, and then came up with the idea of suicide.

Pictures are of the afternoon of July 13, the man holding a knife having climbed onto the Xiangjiang No.1 Bridge in Changsha wanting to commit suicide.

The police is trying to talk him out of pumping.

The man is standing on the egde of the bridge.

He is holding a knife on his right hand.

Down from this part of the bridge, there is no water.

A policewoman is trying to talk him out of jumping.

This picture is of the afternoon of July 13, as the police try to talk him out of jumping.

Mr. Chen has jumped off the bridge and killed himself.

The 41-year-old Chen X jumped off the bridge, and was pronounced dead after all rescue efforts failed.

The police, fire department, and 120 have arrived at the scene one after another.

The police, fire department, and 120 [emergency medical services] arrived at the scene one after another.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯镇江市网友 ZANE:

Four hours of persuading him came to nothing. Why was it that after four hours they still hadn’t deployed the cops and an air cushion under the bridge?

腾讯济南市网友 寶赑aiq荭:

Rest in peace, brother!!! If you’re not even afraid of death, why not kill the guy who conned you before you kill yourself? Or get some rat poison and send the whole staff of their company’s to heaven!! See if any other companies dare to con you in the future!!

腾讯海口市网友 四十独白:

The police didn’t do their duty. In the second picture, look at how relaxed those cops are standing there, as if it was none of their business. There’s even one of them who isn’t even wearing his hat, even riding on an electric bicycle, so close to the man so how can it be said there wasn’t a chance [to save the man]?? Besides, with 4 hours, there should’ve been some protective [backup] measures. Seems to me it’s the cops who didn’t do their job!!

腾讯网友 医生:

With this kind of person, even if you talk them down it’s useless. Who knows, they could even end up being a hidden danger to society.

腾讯网友 モナ拒否: (responding to above)

Everybody has impulsive or angry moments, and if our country offers even criminals another chance to reform and redeem themselves, should we really hit a person when they’re down and in a moment of impulse? What if one day when you’re angry, when you’re impulsive, when you’ve made a mistake there are people talking behind your back like this, how would you feel…the fickleness of the world! What more, he’s already dead, and yet people are talking about him like this. If his family were to see this, talk about making things worse. I hope everyone can be more understanding towards this poor man who has become a tragedy for a momentary impulse… after all, he was still a life.

腾讯泉州市网友 路人甲:

No background [connections/power/position] and still expect others to compensate you? If you’re going to die, you should at least pulled a few with you to break your fall [die with you].

腾讯网友 无线风筝卍卍:

Useless cops. Looking at the pictures, there were so many chances. From when he made the call, they could’ve all went over and dragged in him down.

腾讯台州市网友 加菲猫:

There was no water where he fell? Why after 4 hours did they not even have a life-saving air-cushion set up under the bridge!?

腾讯网友 猫.你是熊.熊:

40 years old and all for something that isn’t even that big. There have been people who have been cheated out of hundreds of thousands and millions and still don’t commit suicide.

腾讯贵港市网友 、Agony丶:

To commit suicide for such a minor/trivial thing, bro, it wasn’t worth it!

腾讯网友 来梦晴焰:

If he has a family, then he was being too selfish.

腾讯网友 仙人/mn掌:

I watched the live on-the-scene news broadcast, and that man didn’t jump at all but rather simply fell because he had run out of strength. You can tell he didn’t actually want to commit suicide but merely use this method to force the government to help him solve his problem. Four hours, the government departments had enough time to deploy safety measures, instead of just going through the motions of saying a few things to persuade him to come down just so they can say they did their duty! A grassroot ordinary commoner, your life is cheap like grass!!

腾讯广州市网友 原始动力网络:

So just what do we keep the police around for???

腾讯网友 天涯海客: (responding to above)

To crack down on pornography and obscenity. Haven’t you read the news lately?

腾讯北京市网友 傲骨柔肠: (responding to above)

To catching gamblers, why don’t you watch CCTV?

腾讯重庆市网友 名门家居友: (responding to above)

To enjoying air conditioning, have you not seen their office buildings?

腾讯网友 嫒缃隧(ㄅ傷: (responding to above)

To get into fights, didn’t you read the news about the female Audi driver who called the police go beat up people for her?

腾讯网友 当时我就震惊: (responding to above)

To watch AV at work, haven’t you seen the news report?

腾讯洛阳市网友 玉竹: (responding to above)

To be the bodyguards of government officials!

腾讯三亚市网友 无题: (responding to above)

To wait until the fight/brawl is over before coming out to arrest people!
To look at your driver’s license while waiting for you to buy him cigarettes!
To help the rich forcibly evict and demolish the ordinary common people’s homes!
To to do anything unless there is money or media involved!
Also, to collect protection money from their jurisdictions!
…sigh! Too many to mention…

腾讯网友 命若琴弦: (responding to above)

To do things for foreigners, didn’t you read the news?

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