Police Intern Saves Suicidal Man, Legs Crushed by Train

Li Boya in the hospital

Li Boya in the hospital

From QQ:

Police Academy Intern Has Legs Crushed Saving Man Lying on Railroad Tracks: Amputation Surgery Complete

2012 July 9th at 5:40pm, Li Boya, a Railway Police Academy student who graduated in 2011 majoring in Public Security Information Network Security Monitoring and trained with the Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau, was on a train platform maintaining order for passengers boarding the 1547 train at Changli Rail Station. To save a middle-aged man who had jumped onto the tracks, both of Li Boya’s legs were crushed [by a train].

Li Boya is from Pingdingshan city in Henan province and was born December 1992. He had his second surgery on the evening of the 12th, is currently conscious, and in stable condition. One of his legs have been amputated while the other has been reattached. If recovery goes smoothly, he won’t need another surgery.

Li Boya receiving treatment.Li Boya in the hospital.

2012 July 13th, Li Boya receiving rehabilitative treatment in an intensive care unit at Qinhuangdao City’s No.2 Hospital.

Li Boya in the hospital

Li Boya's parents

2012 July 13th, Qinhuangdao City No.2 Hospital, Li Boya’s mother, Yi Li, crying as she explains her son’s condition.

From Youku:

Post 90s Generation Interning Police Academy Student Saves Suicidal Man Lying on Railway Tracks, Both of His Legs Crushed and Amputated

The above video has over 2 million views since it was uploaded 3 days ago. Translation of the text seen in the above video below:

3:40 pm on July 9th, when the 1546 train was entering Hebei’s Changli station, suddenly a middle-aged man jumped down from the platform and tried to lie down on the tracks to commit suicide.

A railroad police officer immediately went forward to save hi and both men were hit by the incoming train. Both of the rescuing railroad police officer’s legs were run over and mangled by the incoming train, while the suicidal man survived but remains unconscious, his reasons for committing suicide unknown.

This self-sacrificing rescuer, a young man named Li Boya, is from Lushan county of Pingdingshan city of Henan province. He was born on December 1992, and was in his first year at the police academy. He was interning at the railroad station in Changli when he made his rescue.

After going through amputation and reattachment surgery, Li Boya’s vitals seem to be returning to normal. When people ask him if he regrets what he did, having lost his two legs, he says, “To rescuing someone is a type of instinct. If it happened again, I would still do what I did.”

The beginning of the video features photos and video immediately after the incident. Near the end of the video, Li Boya’s doctor explains that they hope to salvage one of his legs by reattaching what’s left of one leg to the other, thereby potentially saving him one prosthetic.

Comments from Youku:


It wasn’t worth it! In the end he paid the price!


Truly a great person.


You tried to commit suicide and survived, yet you took away another person’s happiness [referring to the legs]!


Just what are the people who downvoted this thinking? [There are about 1000 downvotes on this video, compared to 50k upvotes.]


Only 20 years old…What will he do for the rest of his life?


He shouldn’t have saved that guy.


With this kind of thing, we really are unable to say if it was worth it or not. This really is all about instinct.


Hero of the people!!! Henan people’s pride!!!


I really admire him! Who says the post-90s generation are devoid of sense? If it were me, I bet I wouldn’t even have the courage to think of saving someone.


I hope who Li Boya saved was not only this suicidal man, but also others who have suicidal thoughts and have lost the courage to live. Life is precious, and must be treasured. Blessings.

Do you think the impulse to rescue someone is instinctual?


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