Police Intern Saves Suicidal Man, Legs Crushed by Train

Li Boya in the hospital

Li Boya in the hospital

From QQ:

Police Academy Intern Has Legs Crushed Saving Man Lying on Railroad Tracks: Amputation Surgery Complete

2012 July 9th at 5:40pm, Li Boya, a Railway Police Academy student who graduated in 2011 majoring in Public Security Information Network Security Monitoring and trained with the Beijing Railway Public Security Bureau, was on a train platform maintaining order for passengers boarding the 1547 train at Changli Rail Station. To save a middle-aged man who had jumped onto the tracks, both of Li Boya’s legs were crushed [by a train].

Li Boya is from Pingdingshan city in Henan province and was born December 1992. He had his second surgery on the evening of the 12th, is currently conscious, and in stable condition. One of his legs have been amputated while the other has been reattached. If recovery goes smoothly, he won’t need another surgery.

Li Boya receiving treatment.Li Boya in the hospital.

2012 July 13th, Li Boya receiving rehabilitative treatment in an intensive care unit at Qinhuangdao City’s No.2 Hospital.

Li Boya in the hospital

Li Boya's parents

2012 July 13th, Qinhuangdao City No.2 Hospital, Li Boya’s mother, Yi Li, crying as she explains her son’s condition.

From Youku:

Post 90s Generation Interning Police Academy Student Saves Suicidal Man Lying on Railway Tracks, Both of His Legs Crushed and Amputated

The above video has over 2 million views since it was uploaded 3 days ago. Translation of the text seen in the above video below:

3:40 pm on July 9th, when the 1546 train was entering Hebei’s Changli station, suddenly a middle-aged man jumped down from the platform and tried to lie down on the tracks to commit suicide.

A railroad police officer immediately went forward to save hi and both men were hit by the incoming train. Both of the rescuing railroad police officer’s legs were run over and mangled by the incoming train, while the suicidal man survived but remains unconscious, his reasons for committing suicide unknown.

This self-sacrificing rescuer, a young man named Li Boya, is from Lushan county of Pingdingshan city of Henan province. He was born on December 1992, and was in his first year at the police academy. He was interning at the railroad station in Changli when he made his rescue.

After going through amputation and reattachment surgery, Li Boya’s vitals seem to be returning to normal. When people ask him if he regrets what he did, having lost his two legs, he says, “To rescuing someone is a type of instinct. If it happened again, I would still do what I did.”

The beginning of the video features photos and video immediately after the incident. Near the end of the video, Li Boya’s doctor explains that they hope to salvage one of his legs by reattaching what’s left of one leg to the other, thereby potentially saving him one prosthetic.

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Comments from Youku:


It wasn’t worth it! In the end he paid the price!


Truly a great person.


You tried to commit suicide and survived, yet you took away another person’s happiness [referring to the legs]!


Just what are the people who downvoted this thinking? [There are about 1000 downvotes on this video, compared to 50k upvotes.]


Only 20 years old…What will he do for the rest of his life?


He shouldn’t have saved that guy.


With this kind of thing, we really are unable to say if it was worth it or not. This really is all about instinct.


Hero of the people!!! Henan people’s pride!!!


I really admire him! Who says the post-90s generation are devoid of sense? If it were me, I bet I wouldn’t even have the courage to think of saving someone.


I hope who Li Boya saved was not only this suicidal man, but also others who have suicidal thoughts and have lost the courage to live. Life is precious, and must be treasured. Blessings.

Do you think the impulse to rescue someone is instinctual?

  • Guang Xiang

    sofa, and damn

    • Guang Xiang

      Proud of this intern’s sense of duty, yet it’s a shame he had to pay such a price. There is hope in this new generation afterall

      • linette

        oh god…so sad. Why bad things happen to good people? The police force should look at him as their example. I hope he gets well and get disability benefit from the gov’t. He should retire from police duty now and rest. Maybe he can teach in the future.

      • DRaY

        Are their any positive stories of what happens when you help others in China … FUCK !!!… every story is about people dying for helping others, getting sued, stabbed, beat up, etc for helping others…… After reading these stories I wouldn’t stop to help anyone in this fucking country. GAT DAMN!!!!

        • Guang Xiang

          There are positive stories in China, but stories like this are more sensational, hence, easily noticed and remembered.

        • Patrick

          Not every story is about that, it has to do with the view you’re taking. Ok a guy dies saving three people and they screw him over for it. Does it end the other good things that happen? I’ve helped more than once with no trouble, I have seen Chinese help other Chinese and myself with no trouble. Isolated incidents (even collectively) don’t define people. Don’t be such a pussy.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          I wonder though, these stories make people reluctant to help – and more stories about good people helping with good results will make more people want to help.

  • Harland

    Should have just let him commit suicide. People generally have a good reason for doing so. They have no hope for the future, and see their lives at an end. Now we have one ruined life “saved” (he’ll probably just try again) and another ruined life in a brave but foolhardy attempt. Sadness all around.

    • mr. wiener

      Hmmf. Then it would have been another. “Guy commits suicide, while crowd and policemen watch and pull their pudds”, story.
      I’m certain there are many tales of heroism and cowardice that happen everyday in China and never get reported.
      Not taking any credit away from that young fellow however, a brave man who has paid a horrible price, hope he can is some small measure bounce back from this.

      • Brett Hunan

        I’m certain there are many tales of heroism and cowardice that happen everyday in China and never get reported.


        People love to jest about the Chinese stigma of passivity. When someone comes along to prove them wrong, they change views to “he never should have helped that guy” or “thats what you get for helping”.

        Commentators tend to only see/say what they want to see/say. China has many heroes. For those that have died, don’t slander their memory. For those injured, but living, have the decency to not speculate on how their lives would be better had they not attempted to save the victim.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Pretty sad though, Brett, that so many incidences of a good Samaritan having to pay a steep price for helping someone, and as a result that becoming the default expectation for people.

          People saying that he shouldn’t have saved the dude is evidence that things are truly fucked up here. I don’t even know how to finish putting this thought into words.

          • Patrick

            I think you say “things are truly fucked up” rounds it out appropriately without needing to fully articulate what “things” specifically are. There is a need for a change in attitude towards how things should be done. China struggles with it, people know in general that “things” aren’t right. They just don’t have a solution to the problem. Western countries have their own truly fucked up things but the attitude is – this needs to stop. China hasn’t reached that point yet. They more or less are still sitting at “Man this sucks – I wish someone would do something about it”.

          • linette

            Patrick and Nick in China, I doubt you two would jump into the track with a train approaching to save a suicidal man. I won’t blame you for being a coward if you didn’t.

          • Patrick


            I don’t know if you understand what Nick was saying or my response to Nick really was. The best response I could give you is – you don’t know me. That being said, Nick was saying – people in China that put down hero’s is insane, and I agree with him. In that simple statement could you possibly tell me what is so offensive? Neither of us were putting this man down or talking bad about him in any way.

        • donscarletti

          You pick some really weird things to be offended by.

          It’s not anything to do with active or passive, point is, the guy made the wrong call and paid the price. And China is huge, there are stories about everything that aren’t reported.

          If I was depressed enough to kill myself before being responsible for the injuries to this young man, I would be doubly sure to do it properly later.

          • Brett Hunan

            I wasnt offended by anything…. in fact it seems like you agreed with me more than not.

            …or did you think I was being sarcastic or something?

          • donscarletti

            I agree with you, but only in substance, not in form.

            I think you expressed yourself in an extremely whiney manner, all this stuff about other posters being hypocritical and making callous speculations and slandering memories. This is the Internet and callousness and hypocracy are our stables, if you don’t like it then you can rip that thick blue cable out of the back of your computer.

            I don’t care if you agree with me, or if you want to knight me and give me a plate of freshly baked cookies, if this cannot be carried out in a butch, non-plaintive manner, then don’t bother.

          • Brett Hunan

            Well, I didnt have any whiney feelings when I wrote it. And I dont think my first paragraph was any more than speculation. I think it is hypocritical of you to criticise me about my criticizing others for criticizing this poor guy from the story.

            Also, I know very well the reality of internet forums and the common insensitive nature of forum posters. Thanks for the lesson though.

            To your final paragraph, I dont know why you would even write that, unless you think I usually write meloncholy posts. Or are you just egging me on to get a rouse out of me?

            BTW, I use my phone to post, no cables… sorry :)

          • linette

            donscarletti, what happen? You sound offended or something. I don’t think Brett was being sarcastic and neither was he offended when people make stereotype remarks about Chinese being passive.
            Unfortunately there are many stereotypes that all Chinese are quiet, passive, and shy. They may be true but not all the time. But majority of laowai love to say that about us…which is annoying and sad for me.

    • Brett Hunan

      While everything I just wrote to mr. wiener still applies, I just want to say that I agree with you on a part. Risking your life to save someone who is trying to commit suicide may not be worth the trouble. For example, if this guy tries to kill himself again, it was all in vain. I commend this intern, and I also hope that the guy he saved lives a long life, repaying the compassion and caring of a complete stranger to others.

      • linette

        repaying the compassion and caring of a complete stranger to others…….

        This part is true. Now the older man has a reason to live. He needs to live long and repay the young intern for saving his life. Help take care of the young intern. They can become friends for life.

        • Patrick

          *Choking back sarcasm* simply to say it would be nice if the world were simple in that way.

      • Kong

        It’s only vain if you measure an action by its ends. Perhaps the the action is its own end? If you know what I mean. I find it hard to believe that helping people for the end it may achieve is a very sustainable outlook. Especially in China.

        I’d also like to comment on above posts that mention the “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” responses to these incidents. In a country where you have no control over anything (rights, land, family), such an attitude is understandable. I do not think it necessarily makes people more or less willing to help others, but it certainly paints life in a rather bleak and fatalistic way.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    A true hero

    • Ryo

      What’s the point of being a “hero” when your life is going to be turned upside down? That’s just retarded. What he did was retarded. Just like the guy that died trying to save those 3 in the river. you have no business doing what you’re not qualify for.

      In a sense, they MAY have saved one stranger. But they have simply ended many others who were suppose to depend on them for support. Have you thought about their family who would have depend on them when they get old? Now this guy will be a burden to the rest of his family.

      And I said “MAY” because in the future, he can just try suicide again! So all this will have been done in vain.

      Seriously, if someone wants to die, let them. This is Darwinism at it’s best!

      • mr. wiener

        I’ll bear this in mind the next time I see you by the side of the road bleeding profusely.

      • lonetrey

        I agree with you that it is regrettable that this hero ended up doing more harm than good. But he is still a hero for trying.

        Ryo, just wondering, but why are you so hellbent on commenting on everyone’s post to establish the fact that you think the police intern was totally in the wrong?

      • jin

        when you did something to save others even if its dangerous, when you really want to save someone cause you felt its right. then youre a hero. next time i see you dying on the street, and i just walk by (after giving you a kick) i should show up here a a story :) man kick dying wounded man.

  • Xiongmao

    I wonder how things are handled in China in such situations. I think in many countries you’d get a desk job so you’re not out on the street. Anyone? What’s the policy for government agencies in China when you’re seriously debilitated in the line of duty/service?

    • donnachadh

      That depends. Sometimes you don’t even have to be debilitated (just keep your mouth shut about what really happened) and you will get a house, a car, and a substantial sum of money.

  • eattot

    i would not do this….
    sigh! i love myself most and i want my family to see me good too.

    • linette

      eattot…in situation like this, I doubt anyone would jump into the track with an approaching train. The young man probably thought he had enough time to pull the man away but he didn’t. So sad. I hate to say, I wish the young intern didn’t save the older man. :(

      • eattot

        i saw your sexy cleavage ,hahaha!
        i just went to park with a sun-top skirt,and i admit i am wrong, women look at me like i am a slut….

        • linette

          cleavage? Nothing to look at. It’s just a wide strap tank top.
          Women all dress like this here in the summer. It’s like 95 degree outside now. So hot. You mean the women in China don’t dress like this in the summer?


          What is a sun top skirt? Let me see.

          • eattot

            it’s like the first one, season of sun…
            one old woman even smacked when i crossed her…made some sound like zezeze…

          • linette

            That one is very pretty. The aqua blue spaghetti straps dress.
            l love it. I bet it look beautiful on you. I have similar dresses like that from another brand. I like H&M style too but sometimes I don’t like their cutting. I like bebe and victoria secret outfits. Check them out. If you like H&M you will like those two I mentioned. But you need to wait for sale. You can buy really nice outfits for like US$30 or 40 dollars.

            If I wear that flower dress with high heels I would be uncomfortable walking down the street alone. I would want to have a date or walk with my brother. hehehe….

          • eattot

            no, i do not like H&M style or whatever, i prefer local clothes, hm clothes very bad quality and ugly design.
            i am short, i need color.

          • linette

            Color is nice. Especially for the spring and summer outfit. Don’t worry about height. You can wear anything or any colors you want. There is this thing called high heels. Don’t you see those other girls wear like 4 inches heels. hehehe. I am short too. All my girlfriends are taller than me. I am only 5ft 2in and like 112lbs. :(

          • Germandude

            Don’t you ladies think it’s a bit ignorant to talk about the right dresses under such a topic?
            Can’t you communicate via QQ/Skype/Email?

          • lonetrey

            admittedly a bit in bad taste but nothing scandalous, lol.
            Though, private chat probably would be better indeed.

          • mr. wiener

            I was hoping they’d discuss underwear next….

          • linette

            mr. wiener, you are always cute.

          • terroir

            If we’re not going to talk about a suicidal man with legs crushed by a train, allow me to point out that women’s fashion in China is precariously balanced between dressing “cute” (wanted) and dressing “sexy” (unwanted).

            Chinese women dress cute by wearing clothes with children’s motifs and symbols as well as anything with lace and ruffles in order to look as much like a Victorian doll as possible. Looking sexy is achieved by wearing scandalous clothes that “reveal” the body, like fishnet stocking or anything sheer or low-cut.

            Complications arise when women wear clothes they assert to be “cute” but appear sexy to people attracted to women, like micro-daisy duke shorts that literally have no leg portion to the cut or to be so ignorant to wear a dark bra underneath a white shirt, thus making something that isn’t sheer into something that is.

            As well, fashion that isn’t scandalous for foreign women becomes so in the puritanical context of China, forcing women who want to comply to change their outfit by buying clothes that don’t fit their enormous non-Chinese bodies.

            I don’t anyone wants to continue the points I’ve brought up, so if you ladies just keep talking about what you are wearing I should be done soon.

          • moop

            what color dental dams are in fashion this year?

    • Jin

      He is a brave person but he should not have done what he did specially with a train coming.

      You should always try and help a person in need but not at the risk of your own life or being harmed..no one has a right to expect you to put yourself in danger for someone.

      • jin

        STOP USING MY NAME!!!!!!

        • whiskersthecat

          I would be willing to bet that there are many people in the world with “Jin” in their name. It’s only a matter of time before another shows up on this site without the ability to make up any name other than their actual, real-life name.

          • Brett Hunan

            Funny, and I had thought that little jin became reasonable overnight. Rats!

          • jin

            how do you know if this is my real life name?
            do you know me?

          • donscarletti

            Jin is only the Chinese version of his surname (since this is a forum about China), he’s mostly known as Kim Jong-un 金正恩.

          • whiskersthecat

            Yes, I went to school with you. We use to call you Huang “Shit Sandwich” Jin because of that prank we played on you with the “peanut butter” sandwich. Proof enough?

          • mr. wiener

            Then you taught him an important lesson: “Life is like a shit sandwich because……”.

          • jin

            so much hate <3

  • linette

    I am beginning to realize there are a lot of superman inside China. Chinese men do amazing insanely brave things that you don’t see anywhere in the world. Like this young man jump into the train track to save another man and there was a train approaching. Another man jumped into a river to save 3 people. A bunch of security guards bare hand fought off a crazy man with a metal sword. Kung fu brother kicked down a crazy man with sword. Very unlikely you will see people pulling these kind of stunt in real life. It so crazy it’s like watching Hollywood film. China has many supermen!

    • Ryo

      Superman don’t get hurt/die like these people do. These “heroes” should really think twice before doing something stupid. Now, instead of helping someone, they will not be able to provide for their family any more. They will not be able to take care of their parents anymore when they get old. Not sure if this guy has a kid/family, but if he did, they are all fucked! The bread bringer is not dead or crippled, and now they are a burden to them! In China, you have a hard time getting a job with both hands and feet. But missing both legs? You can only be a beggar.

      • mr. wiener

        Gosh, if only more people thought like you in China ………………………. hang on, they already do.

        • Ryo

          Easy to talk smack when it’s not you or your loved one who lost them legs.

          • jin

            when someone does what is right, helping your fellow HUMAN being, when they are willing to risk their own life to save others, that is a hero. when you are dying and someone saves you, will you call them call them stupid?

          • Little Wolf

            You mean…if somebody is going to die anyway and you try to save them? Is that your question? YES!

            There are firemen that put themselves in harms way every single day as just another day at the office. But they also will have to refrain from saving a life sometimes if the only result is going to be more dead bodies. Are you going to call them cowards?
            My sister’s husband patrols Lake Tahoe on the Placer County Sherrif’s boat. He once once pulled a lady out of a plane that crashed into the lake when her husband, the pilot, had a heart attack and died at the wheel. The wife was trapped in an air bubble 90 feet underwater and it was filling up fast and he got her out in a rescue that was so dramatic it was re-enacted for one of those top10 most daring rescues shows. The guy has 2 giant Hoppity-Hop sized testicles. That same guy could only watch as a high-school kid was burning to death after crashing his car knowing that to even try was going to just add another dead body.
            I doubt if you’ll ever have to make life or death judgement calls like that ever in your life but you better learn that sometimes it takes bravery to live with yourself after having to make a decision like that.

          • jin

            little wolf, thats a little bit different than this, when the car is burning, you dont get close to it.. it can explode any second.

      • Little Wolf

        In his defense….I doubt if he knew he would lose his legs in the deal. He probably figured he could pull it off.
        Anyway, I like to think of myself as a guy that looks out for others. But a guy jumping in front of a train is trying to kill himself quite thoroughly as opposed to an attention-seeking scorned girlfriend sitting on a ledge waiting to get rescued and should have just been left to continue his business.

        • Ryo

          It’s a sad story and yes, he “should” be praised for his efforts. But really, if I don’t know how to swim, I’m not gonna jump into a raging river trying to save 3 people panicking people if I not good at swimming. I’d call the police and scream for help. I may even find a rope and pull them up from shore.

          I’m not gonna try to save a suicidal maniac who WANTS to die and hell, he could of just brought you with him! If one is contemplating suicide, he/she can’t really care less about what happens to you. You run over there and he may not wanna let you go!

          With people to take care of, getting yourself permanently injured or killed just isn’t very smart. You really are doing more harm then good.

          • Brett Hunan

            Even if you are a strong swimmer, you probably shouldn’t even jump into a calm rivershallow pool to save someone. The chances of drowning are too high, and then 4 people die instead of 3. In that case, the man traded his life for the family of 3’s lives.

            You don’t have to save anyone if you don’t want to. No one will force you to. But don’t criticize the people who do try to help.

      • linette

        Like Ryo or Brett said, being a good swimmer or not, it is just dangerous to jump in dangerous water to save 3 lives. You might want to think twice especially when you have responsibility like providing financially for your children or old parents. I wouldn’t blame people for standing there and just trying to find some rope or branches to throw to the drowning victims. Or making phone calls to get help. You shouldn’t risk dying trying to save other. It is just too dangerous. But the thing is, if you speak to these heros, a lot of them will tell you they are just responding to the situation with reflex in that split second. It’s like an instinct.

        One time I saw an old small woman crossing a big Avenue during night time. She was walking so slow the light turned red(stop crossing) before she finish crossing. She was wearing black and the street wasn’t that well lighted. That Avenue had many accidents before people got ran over. I bet the drivers couldn’t see her. I saw a truck coming from far and my instinct I ran over and grabbed her hurrying her across the road. I got her to the sidewalk. The truck guy didn’t even slow down. We could have been road killed.

        Many times people will just react on instinct thinking they can pull it off.

    • red scarf

      People do amazing things all over the world, you also forget that China has one of the highest populations in the world and that by using the law of averages it should accord for 20% of the worlds “hero” stories. People do these things out of gut reaction, love or duty or thinking they are doing the right moral thing.

      But to show this is not a thing local to china here are some other stories.






      People also do dumb/unhelpful things over the world, once when I was in sanlitun street area I came across an unconsciousness Chinese guy, it found out that he had been beaten up and just been left there. No one wanted to help him, it took me and another British guy to get an ambulance to him, foreigners where just saying oh hes drunks leave him and the Chinese where more interested in taking photos or filming him being carted off. And I can bet this shit also happens all over the world.

      • pada

        I really do agree “People do amazing things all over the world…. out of gut reaction, love or duty or thinking they are doing the right moral thing” as you linked.

        You see these Chinese, as linked below, are doing exactly the same thing as some heroic Americans in 911, to some fckin’ terrorists who even dared to challenge the great freeland. These Americans are sure my heros, though some of their folks, sometimes, will differ and call fckin’ terrorists as freedom fighters whenever they dont fight against America, thinking “an enemy’s enemy is a friend”.


        • mr. wiener

          Pada are you turning over a new leaf? Either you posts are making a semblance of sense or I’m getting as crazy as you.

          • pada

            Wiener, did I do anything wrong in singing hymm for my American heroes and spitting on fckin’ terrorists?
            And “your getting crazy”, in highest form, is invite all my long-awaited “fart to your direction”, while you stand no chance, though you are proudly from Sydney, whose Orchestra mimed entire 2000 Olympic opening performance by allowing its rival Melbourne Orchestra to pre-record the music, that dwarfs the Beijing lip-synching scandal. ;)))

  • whiskersthecat

    I guess this intern took his…training…too far?

  • slob

    True hero.

    I hope he receives a huge compensation payout from the government and gets a nice pension for the rest of his life.

    • cc

      He’ll probably get disciplined and taken down on the salary structure for acting outside of his job description.

      • slob

        He’ll get fired for not doing his job, fined for the cleaning service from the train station, sued by the suicidal man for not letting him die and interfering with his life,and his family will have to pay all hospital bills as the other family will say it’s none of their business.

        • jin

          this is not america, where you get sued by spilling hot coffee on yourself. he wont get sued and he wont get fired.

          • slob

            It’s called exaggeration and meant as a joke. Take it easy Wu Mao.

  • lonetrey

    Don’t say it wasn’t worth it. Don’t look down on this guy’s determination and dedication to doing what’s right.

    • radbab


      Takes a lot of courage to do something like that.

    • Ryo

      what’s right? You sure what he did was right? What about his family he was suppose to raise and provide for? How will he do that now?

      In China, people have boys for the main purpose that they can take care of them when they get old. How will he do that now? Instead of helping, he will be a burden for everyone else around him.

      • lonetrey

        Then if you’re prefer to think of it in terms of potential, then how about this?

        A man’s permanent death vs. a lifetime’s burden on a family?

        When it comes down to it, I feel like the right thing to do is to do what you can in order to prevent a life from being taken. This does not mean I’m demanding you lay down your life to protect others, nor do I expect you to sacrifice your legs either. I’m sure that this hero charged in there without expecting to lose his legs. It was just misfortune that he did end up getting one amputated.

        Note that I’m not saying that the right thing for him to do was to sacrifice his body and make his family bear a burden, I’m saying that he should try if he thinks he has a chance of making it out alive without harm. He simply failed to make it out in one whole piece in this case.

        In the end, I think it’s about _trying_ to save a life, if your life is not definitively going to be taken in doing so. But this case is in the grey zone, because there was risk. It might not have been right for him to save the man; But it definitely wasn’t wrong, whatever people think.

      • jin

        he did what he feels is right, he wanted to save someones life and he risked his own for it, he did NOT regret his action. and if he didnt save this mans life….. it will become another hate article against china lol. man jumps on railroad and chinese guard/police just stood there doing nothing.

  • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

    This is fake and gay.

    You really think a train running over this dudes legs is going to crush them?

    Fuck that… Unless this guy has some go-go-gadget titanium super legs, a moving train would take them clean off.

    It reads like propaganda bullshit. Prove me wrong.

    • The Enlightened One

      You have a point.

      I would imagine, due to the weight the legs would be sliced clean off. But then again, I have never tried this myself lol.

      It is possible the Chinese government is trying to push a Good Samaritan law since they know the rest of the world can never accept them at the new budding super power if they don’t present some sort of caring soft side. At present, they seem to have none other then crying a lot in TV shows.

      • Ryo

        I donno… I would think this has an opposite effect: trying to save people, get legs cut off. Hmm…

        And for the crying on Chinese TV, I stopped watching because of those. It’s just retarded. Even funny game shows, some dumb bitch has to talk about her disabled mom or some sister having cancer or some other stupid shit. The worse was that 24 girl dating show. Those bitches can cry on demand. It’s amazing!

      • Jin

        No way..have you not seen the Photoshop floating goverment officials?
        if these are all set up propaganda stories by Chinese government then clearly they have hired a new marketing/PR and creative team.

        • jin

          who are you? STOP USING MY NAME

          • Brett Hunan

            Simple fix “little j” jin…. open a gravatar account and put a picture up.

          • Jin

            Well to be honest I wanted to use Gin as in Gin and tonic but hit the J key by mistake..so too bad small case jin

          • mr. wiener

            Wow, small case “jin” you look just like I always pictured you :)

    • whiskersthecat

      Perhaps his legs were hit by something other than the wheels. If so, though, they should change up the wording. If a train’s wheels didn’t slice the legs off cleanly, it certainly would have shredded them right off.

      • slob

        A train going any speed would shred those legs straight off, but look in the video when they carry him off one of his legs is gone but looks like one just got crushed.

        I’m guessing he got wedged between the platform and the train after pushing the other guy up to safety he didn’t get up fast enough and the train caught his legs.

    • jin

      wow are you dumb?
      how do you know all this shit is fake?
      have you tried? putting your leg in front of a moving train? how do you know how it will end? it wont take it clean off, cause your boned will still get crushed, the train wheel is not a knife. its blunt. (they did attach one of the leg, but the other one is probably too damaged to attach(even if they attach it, i dont think it will work.)
      so when somene does a good deed in china, its propaganda? when someone lose their life/ get their arm/leg chopped/ripped off cause they try to safe someone, its fake? just GTFO

      • red scarf

        Hmm, I have no idea what would happen if wheels of in an excess several tons pressure over it. Given that the wheels of a train have a edge on the inside, i.e to stop it falling off the tracks, its clear to see why they came to the conclusion.

        However, if, both, of you did a little research you couldhad found more about the story on the internet, if you did it right then it would had led you to this story published by Chinese media.


        “About 5:40 pm on July 9, seconds before a train arrived, Li saw a man jump onto the tracks and ran to pull him up. Despite making an emergency stop, the train ran over Li, severing his right foot and his left leg below the knee.”

        Which in fact shows the point slob and whiskersthecat are making, i.e I believe, its bias reporting. Just as much as many Chinese claim that Western sources are, not giving the full facts, telling half the story or making up complete lies.

        However, reading some of the story makes me wonder if they are doing the correct thing, medically, for this future.

        “Li’s lower left leg was amputated and his right foot damaged. Doctors are hopeful the right leg can be saved and have transplanted his left foot to the right leg so he will only need one artificial leg in the future. Good blood flow has been restored after the transplant.”

  • Train tracks are almost 1.5m apart, and most intended suicide cases flinch at the last moment, come off the rails, and remain unharmed on the railway sleepers.

    I think this is an important fact, and any potential suicide victim should be shouted at to “move in” and get off the steel rails. Most will come to their senses on being firmly and quickly told to “think again”.

    • Germandude

      Damn, always the wrong guys getting punished for the right actions. Hopefully Li Boya gets all the support he needs.

  • jin

    I do hope that people notice that this Jin is not me….
    see the capital J? thats not me……. whos the faker………

    • Jin

      shut up jin your not the only one in china with the name jin…retard

      • jin


        Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 7:13 pm

        Well to be honest I wanted to use Gin as in Gin and tonic but hit the J key by mistake..so too bad small case jin

        STFU you retarded troll.

        • mr. wiener

          Tee hee! I can picture your gravatar having a little shit fit, aawww, so cute!

        • terroir

          I can’t take it anymore! All this fighting, back and forth, country versus country, person versus person… and now someone fighting themselves!

          J/jin: please accept yourself as you truly are. Then maybe we can stop this internal monologue in which you keep questioning yourself.

          It’s like as though the next Woody Allen movie is 90 minutes of online flaming.

  • jin

    does gravatar work? test test test

  • nn

    He is a good boy and deserves a good life. Prey for him.

  • tony

    if his legs were crushed then why is his face all battered?

    • middle aged man was probably a failed tieneman square protester back in 89

  • korea21

    i would of let it run him over

  • C

    All I know is, if the guy who he saved attempted suicide again, then it was not worth the price of his legs

  • naked apples

    wow… I would not throw my body into the jaws of a train for some stranger bent on ending it all. I guess that is heroic and maybe I’m not, but what a waste. Now this hero is legless for the rest of his life. I sure hope that dude was worth saving, like he ends up improving prosthetic limb technology or train track safety ha

  • BuddyLee

    If the person who was committing suicide was SNSD Taeyeon. I would not have regret losing both my legs, or even better my life to hold her for 5 secs.

  • Jackie

    He should be awarded for his valor… He’s only my age, it’s sad to see the extent of his sacrifice, but it is also comforting to know that there is still hope and heroes in humanity.

  • HaakonKL

    So this is the mettle of China’s temporary workers..

  • ana

    what a great young man, may God bless him.