Police Mistreat Prostitute During Raid, Netizen Reactions


From NetEase:

Summary: From the night of October 28 to yesterday [October 29] morning, Zhengzhou public security bureau sent out 300 police officers, raiding prostitution and gambling houses. Nine people were arrested while two saunas/bath houses and an arcade were shut down. An undercover police officer with a shaved head first kicked open a door, then sternly interrogated a naked cowering prostitute, one hand seizing tightly the hair of the naked prostitute, with the scene of her face facing upwards causing great controversy.


Whether it is in the video of the scene of the raid or in the photographs released afterwards, an undercover police officer with a shaved head attracted the attention of many netizens. He first kicked open the room’s door, then sternly interrogated a naked cowering prostitute, “How many? How many tonight? Speak!”

When the prostitute lied saying that she had no business tonight, he cleverly took out the transaction record and declared “A total of 26”.

The most controversial image is that of this “bald guy” seizing tightly the naked prostitute’s hair and forcing her face upward.

After this photograph was published, it aroused immense controversy on the internet, with netizen 中华热儿 inquiring: “Look at this baldy’s behavior, is this woman a murderer? Is it necessary to treat a single woman this way? How many women willingly become “sex workers”? Or isn’t it out of necessity? Everyone take a look at this woman’s expression, truly very lost, very helpless. And who knows what her background story is?

Netizen 倚天大剑 asked: “Is there a legal expert who can answer whether publishing this naked photo of the prostitute is legal?”




These photos are from another NetEase article and a Sogou article.

The police officer pulling her hair and forcing her face up is important because during these situations the prostitutes and customers usually try to hide their face, so he is forcing her to be exposed and shamed.

A video news report: (over 1 million views so far)

Comments from NetEase:


Prostitutes are the lowest level of society, earning difficult money, who have they provoked? If [the government/police] want to do something meaningful, how about arresting corrupt officials?! Motherfuckers, running dogs that only bully the weak but fear the strong!!


What is wrong with that shaved head [police officer]? What a real fucking bastard. Were I the prostitute, I would have immediately hit his “grandson” [penis].


Inhuman…law enforcement officers need to be civil when enforcing the law too…


With both arms and both legs, what job can’t they do? So why do they insist on being prostitutes, if not because they don’t want to suffer hardship, because they’re lazy? If they’re afraid to lose face, then don’t be prostitutes! There’s no reason to be sympathetic.


I think that shaved head guy should be hacked to death…
[We/society] should pay more attention to those women who sell sex,
and severely punish the men who patronize whores!!!


Sending out 300 police officers, but only catching 9 criminals! Only ghosts [idiots] would believe that! Many were all warned from within beforehand! [This is just] a show~~


Have prostitutes selling their bodies hurt other people?
Prostitutes’ money is much cleaner than public officials who only take money but do nothing, than chengguan who only know how to bully street peddlers, than corrupt officials who suck the money and blood of the people, than businessmen who build tofu dregs buildings and produce poisonous food and faulty merchandise, than black society. Even though I feel them choosing this kind of lifestyle is questionable.


They were already people who don’t want face [are shameless], so could they still want dignity? Ridiculous.


This society was not ruined by prostitutes, but by those people who can claim expenses [government officials, businessmen, etc.]. If they did not exist, then prostitutes would not a market. If you want to get rid of the root of the problem, then society must first arrest these people. What use is arresting a few prostitutes?


There are a group of people, who fuck people after taking off their uniforms, and control people after putting their uniforms on. This too is a public harm to society.


The police officer is performing his duty, so what is everyone else making a fuss about? Truly without class.
You guys feel sorry for those women that sell sex?
Then you guys might as well go bring them home and take care of them as your mothers,
why whine about it here?
Truly without class!!!


Without customers, how could there be prostitutes? It has always been a supply and demand relationship. Prostitutes are despised by many people, but who knows whether those people have ever secretly gone to prostitutes?
Perhaps being a prostitute for many people is to satisfy their own desires, but there is definitely a portion for home it is a last resort.

See also: “The Zhengzhou Anti-Yellow Sweep” (EastSouthWestNorth)

UPDATE: Fixed mistranslation.


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