Police Mistreat Prostitute During Raid, Netizen Reactions


From NetEase:

Summary: From the night of October 28 to yesterday [October 29] morning, Zhengzhou public security bureau sent out 300 police officers, raiding prostitution and gambling houses. Nine people were arrested while two saunas/bath houses and an arcade were shut down. An undercover police officer with a shaved head first kicked open a door, then sternly interrogated a naked cowering prostitute, one hand seizing tightly the hair of the naked prostitute, with the scene of her face facing upwards causing great controversy.


Whether it is in the video of the scene of the raid or in the photographs released afterwards, an undercover police officer with a shaved head attracted the attention of many netizens. He first kicked open the room’s door, then sternly interrogated a naked cowering prostitute, “How many? How many tonight? Speak!”

When the prostitute lied saying that she had no business tonight, he cleverly took out the transaction record and declared “A total of 26”.

The most controversial image is that of this “bald guy” seizing tightly the naked prostitute’s hair and forcing her face upward.

After this photograph was published, it aroused immense controversy on the internet, with netizen 中华热儿 inquiring: “Look at this baldy’s behavior, is this woman a murderer? Is it necessary to treat a single woman this way? How many women willingly become “sex workers”? Or isn’t it out of necessity? Everyone take a look at this woman’s expression, truly very lost, very helpless. And who knows what her background story is?

Netizen 倚天大剑 asked: “Is there a legal expert who can answer whether publishing this naked photo of the prostitute is legal?”




These photos are from another NetEase article and a Sogou article.

The police officer pulling her hair and forcing her face up is important because during these situations the prostitutes and customers usually try to hide their face, so he is forcing her to be exposed and shamed.

A video news report: (over 1 million views so far)

Comments from NetEase:


Prostitutes are the lowest level of society, earning difficult money, who have they provoked? If [the government/police] want to do something meaningful, how about arresting corrupt officials?! Motherfuckers, running dogs that only bully the weak but fear the strong!!


What is wrong with that shaved head [police officer]? What a real fucking bastard. Were I the prostitute, I would have immediately hit his “grandson” [penis].


Inhuman…law enforcement officers need to be civil when enforcing the law too…


With both arms and both legs, what job can’t they do? So why do they insist on being prostitutes, if not because they don’t want to suffer hardship, because they’re lazy? If they’re afraid to lose face, then don’t be prostitutes! There’s no reason to be sympathetic.


I think that shaved head guy should be hacked to death…
[We/society] should pay more attention to those women who sell sex,
and severely punish the men who patronize whores!!!


Sending out 300 police officers, but only catching 9 criminals! Only ghosts [idiots] would believe that! Many were all warned from within beforehand! [This is just] a show~~


Have prostitutes selling their bodies hurt other people?
Prostitutes’ money is much cleaner than public officials who only take money but do nothing, than chengguan who only know how to bully street peddlers, than corrupt officials who suck the money and blood of the people, than businessmen who build tofu dregs buildings and produce poisonous food and faulty merchandise, than black society. Even though I feel them choosing this kind of lifestyle is questionable.


They were already people who don’t want face [are shameless], so could they still want dignity? Ridiculous.


This society was not ruined by prostitutes, but by those people who can claim expenses [government officials, businessmen, etc.]. If they did not exist, then prostitutes would not a market. If you want to get rid of the root of the problem, then society must first arrest these people. What use is arresting a few prostitutes?


There are a group of people, who fuck people after taking off their uniforms, and control people after putting their uniforms on. This too is a public harm to society.


The police officer is performing his duty, so what is everyone else making a fuss about? Truly without class.
You guys feel sorry for those women that sell sex?
Then you guys might as well go bring them home and take care of them as your mothers,
why whine about it here?
Truly without class!!!


Without customers, how could there be prostitutes? It has always been a supply and demand relationship. Prostitutes are despised by many people, but who knows whether those people have ever secretly gone to prostitutes?
Perhaps being a prostitute for many people is to satisfy their own desires, but there is definitely a portion for home it is a last resort.

See also: “The Zhengzhou Anti-Yellow Sweep” (EastSouthWestNorth)

UPDATE: Fixed mistranslation.

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    That’s a terrible thing to do.
    prostitutes are human after all.

    • Cygnet

      Adult industry must be legalized to prevent this. As long as it is a criminal act, the China’s ladies of the night have no case.

  • 250

    the news program is on at 7am. Isn’t that a bit early for pixelated pubes?

    • Righteous American

      It’s never too early for pixelated pubes.

      • i clicked through the pic thinking it would show it unpixelated, as is the fashion with american blogs, no such luck.

  • Kai

    Cop is a jackass. Completely unnecessary.

  • Marx

    I am waiting for people like “Dick in China” to post here saying “That’s the law, sorry!” as he did in the article about the drug dealer being sentenced.

    • Rick in China

      Comparing these two cases is ridiculous. First of all – a drug trafficker and a prostitute are committing two extremely different crimes. You’re obviously an ignorant dick with little insight, so I wont bother wasting my time with explanation.

      In China, prostitution is illegal. Whether it’s RIGHT to be legal/illegal is irrelevant, it is illegal here. (for the record, Singapore style control is a better way to go imo.)

      This police officer is unnecessarily mean to the prostitute, likely because he feels powerful in being able to shame someone else. Whoever planned the raid in general is obviously looking for shameless media exposure in the “look at us clean, cleaning the city up” type ‘news flash’, where skin sells. If the true intent was to clean up the prostitution they should and would target the true culprits of this kind of crime – the pimps. Who owns the organizations facilitating the prostitution? It’s not hard to find out, yet they totally leave these people alone. The women are often the victim in prostitution, in the sense that very few of them actually choose to do what they’re doing – or are put in ridiculously unlucky predicaments where they’ve got no other options….it’s a sad situation. The cop in this case is an obvious dickhead. The women in this case are clearly unfortunate. The organizers of the raids are obviously seeking political currency.

      The fact you, Marx, paste a useless comment like this, simply trolling for someone else to comment rather than post your own opinions, reveals how truly sad and *irrelevant* you are. Grow a pair of balls, son. I’m not going to bother to reply to any further nonsense you post.

  • First Timer

    Crazy I’m the first commenter not sure that it is important but….

  • First Timer

    lol guess I’m not first

  • Bereaver


    You guy’s act like he kicked her in the face!

    He grabbed her head and pulled her face up to shame her, he’s the devil! You pansies need a lesson in tough love, because what I see from here, is the where it starts, not where it ends.

    He could have did much worse.

    Look what the Japanese did to us! And now you’re getting upset over a police man, pulling back a *PROSTITUTE’S* head by her hair.

    I admit, it might have been unnecessary but, don’t act like she never deserves it.

    She knew she was doing something wrong, morally and legally. It was wrong.

    Woman or man, it doesn’t make a difference.

    It sickens me that you all see this, and don’t see what I see.

    We should be focusing on how many whore houses are still in China, and why the police aren’t doing anything about them. Just look for the pink lights, you know what I mean. Hell, how about we just point at our finger at all the massage parlors! I bet if you ask hard enough, over 80% of massage parlors offer special services.

    75% of police are corrupt. Disagree if you dare!

    • Chris

      I disagree, and you’re an ass. :) People do what they have to do. None of these women dreamed about being prostitutes when they were little girls. There has always been prostitutes, always been costumers, and there always will be. Get over it, and get off your high horse. Let’s treat everyone as human beings, huh? Violence is never okay, no matter what.

      • Bereaver

        Chris, you’re a dumbass! Seriously, get over it yourself as well.

        I stated,”I admit, it might have been unnecessary”.

        Which means, if I was the police man, I wouldn’t have did this, but all of you pacifists are pretending like she’s a saint.

        Do you know how many low wage people work harder than prostitutes?

        Prostitution helps spread diseases and dirty rumors.
        And before you go and say, “this girl didn’t have a disease”, you must understand, that there is always a first.

        That’s like some idiot going out and drinking while driving and saying, “I’ve never had a wreck.”, while the prostitute is banging 25 guys a day and saying “I’ve never had an STD.”.

        Chris sir, I do believe she is a human being, but you must also see that the law is the law, even without the violence she was still doing something wrong.

        Chris, I hope you’re child, son or daughter, becomes a part of the growing prosperity of prostitution. Because after all, you think it’s ok right?

        • Bereaver

          Lol you’re – your, yes, I know. My English isn’t that bad. I’m just busy atm.

        • Master C

          PART 1

          Here is a conservative but reasonable view of the issue.

          It is alright but only if it is consensual. Not every lady can get into university or afford it as well. So there are other options as Adult Industry offers. And they should legalize it. Becoming a part of the growing prosperity of prostitution is as natural as becoming a police person or politician. Fate and free will decide.

          It is not any other person’s duty to decide what is or is not criminal. This is what are termed ‘Negative Freedoms’ and do serve some purposes and mainly acting as a healthy barometer of social and economic health and outlet for sexual release for middle and lower classes after all. Unless you’re one of those religious or moral fanatics which is even more unacceptable anyway.

          As for dirty rumours, lets not presume that relationships in mainstream society are so fragile that a one night stand will have any effect at all on a well established man with a happy family.

          If a one night stand does destroy a marriage, then those kinds of marriages are not worth maintaining in either case because women with over inflated opinions of themselves are just a waste of time and a threat to stability of society if they end up competing with men for traditionally male jobs, indirectly creating a larger criminal base.

          Men however must respect their in-laws (especially if they substantially outrank them socially) and it is by the wish to “Give Face” to the spouse’s parents that a man may opt not to visit prostitutes. Having a second or more wives is however acceptable IF within his means. As for Mistresses, those in secret are generally unacceptable because they compromise his integrity, but this is debatable except in the case of the mistress clearly being a gold digger instead of her presence in the man’s life wholly being sympathetic to his sexual needs or companionship (due to incompatability with the wife’s personality) and a need to retire with a modicum of dignity in old age. Note clearly – modicum of dignity – NOT fabulous wealth. A Mistress is a position that does not deserve more than a middle class retirement. A man responsible to society will ensure that social structure is maintained at all times, even with his favourite mistress. Otherwise these ladies will keep upping the ante to ridiculous levels.

          • Master C

            PART 2

            A man’s libido and maintainance of desirability by his spouse however will decide that. And therein in these 2 factors lies the devil of the details. If he finds his spouse no longer attractive, it is his right to satisfy himself elsewhere – BUT – sex is not love, and love is not sex, so don’t confuse the two or make a case for those who can’t differentiate that.

            Of course this applies only to men, women of good breeding DO NOT visit prostitutes but concentrate on bearing and raising kids. Men however are governed by different form of energy and set of rules. Don’t blur the lines here, it can’t be done, and if done will only destroy society. Those of the middle and lower classes however tend to be dual income with working wives who are far more ascessible to the general male populace who do not mind ‘used goods – i.e. married women’, and that is the fatal weakness for men of lesser means.

            Also not every man can afford to support an official mistress or is as possessive as to do so. For the latter, sex with a prostitute is just some tension relieving act, and forgotten about by both parties later. Neither party, except the emotionally immature or weak minded cares, or has any emotional attachments. So grow up and remember your traditional roles in Chinese culture. Everything else about equality is nonsense.

            I am sure proper adherence to what I wrote, old fashioned and traditional as it may seem, will not be possible (hence acceptable) to all, but for those who are living by proper standards that have not changed in centuries, they will find no fault and no one can fault them.

          • Bereaver

            Most of what you’ve said could be true, but only for the right person. And I’m saying this because in my case, it wouldn’t work.

            If my wife, my future wife, my next wife, the wife after that, or any other wife that I will have, has any sexual relations with another man, I will drop them. So you’re saying that I’m the type of guy that no girl should be with?

            Because I would never have sexual relations with another girl? I’m not all about the romantic love stories and all, but I still respect and expect to be respected in a relationship.

            Again, I’ll repeat, “I still respect, and expect to be respected in a relationship.”

            In a relationship, you are bound to each other, your rules cross each others rules and in fact, you have no right to go out and please yourself with another girl, unless you find the girl that’s all about business.

            You my friend, have a closed mind. You expect everyone to feel like you, and think that they should think like that you too.

            But I don’t. And I don’t think it’s right for a man to go out and do something sensual with another girl. Touching, feeling, kissing…. and making love. It isn’t right.

            You can play it out anyway you want, but Master C, You’ll never have true love. Only… part of it.

            And by Dirty rumors, I didn’t mean personal relationships anyway, I meant politics.

            Open up your mind, and see there are more to men than playboys, and more to righteous women then child barriers and that they want an honest husband that doesn’t want those things that you find “ok”. I find it quite funny that you want to legalize prostitution so that guys can go out and have sexual relations with another woman while leaving their wife at home taking care of the children!

    • mechanized

      why is prostitution morally wrong? It’s just a job. Sure they are selling their bodies, but that’s up to that person now isn’t it?

      Prostitution is only morally wrong when the prostitute is not a willing participant and was forced into the trade.

      Prostitution should be legalized and regulated instead of being demonized.

      It’s everywhere in the big cities anyways. And also it serves a good purpose of helping maintain a harmonious society. With the gender imbalance and all those extra males without mates at least having prostitution will be something that these guys can look forward to.

      • Bereaver

        I can agree with you about the gender imbalance issue, but this doesn’t make it morally right.

        But of course, maybe I’m not like you. I don’t like to sleep with people I don’t know. I don’t like to take my chances in spreading sexually transmitted diseases or receiving one and deciding not to have any children (which I simply adore).

        So yeah, you’re totally right! It’s not morally wrong at all! In fact! We should encourage our children to grow up and be prostitutes! Since in fact, they can make A LOT of money!!! WOO YEAH!

        Shut up and sit down.

        Besides (this time I’ll say at least) at least 25% of prostitutes are forced to do business.

        And if closing down prostitution can save 25% of people that are forced to do it, I’m all in.

    • Markus

      “75% of police are corrupt. Disagree if you dare!”

      I dare to disagree: at least 95%

      • Bereaver

        Damn, I meant to put at least >.< lol

      • Frank

        Sorry, last count is 99% of police are corrupt.. till now, the other 1% is not born yet..

        • link

          you mean the 1% are in training and have not practiced their skills of taking bribery? LOL

    • whichone

      I am inclined to agree with Bereaver here, what he did may be uncalled for, but hardly something proportional to the moral outrage seen here. Being a cop probably sucks, the hours are long, and pay is crap, people (for the most part) don’t have any respect for you, criminals trying to kill you and corrupt superior toting inane communist ideals while taking bribes left and right. It is a stressful job that requires cops to be aggressive to be effective. All I want to hear is they are solving cases, arresting criminals, keep the gangs in check without hurting innocent people. If having all that mean some jane gets her hair pulled back for a photo-op, I can live with it.

      Now my real concern is, 300 hundred cops and only 9 arrests? That’s police efficiency with Chinese characteristics. -_-;;

      • DWR

        Great way to solve the unemployment problem, although they probably just added another 30 girls to the job queue.


    • Kai


      I think its mostly a slippery slope issue. Aside from the fact that it isn’t the cop’s job to shame or punish the law-breakers (legally, it should be the courts), we’re wading into the territory of how much force is necessary or proper to simply carry out one’s duties. Having to apply force to subdue someone resisting arrest is different from applying force to a naked girl cowering before you. How do we feel about the chengguan using excessive force against street peddlers? Both this cop and the chengguan are ostensibly doing their jobs, but I think it’s safe to say there are times when certain actions are excessive.


      No matter how much shit a cop has to deal with from criminals or superiors or society, he shouldn’t take it out on those who don’t deserve it. Aggressively combating crime is good, but not when it crosses the line into aggresively throwing your weight around and bullying the weak. I agree we can live with this particular incident, especially if you aren’t particularly sympathetic to prostitutes, but I don’t think many of us would be able to live with it happening to ourselves or even to someone we know.

      Agree on the pathetic arrest number. I also generally don’t consider anti-prostitution efforts by Chinese officials to be genuine. There’s simply too much obvious prostitution for the Chinese government to be serious about trying to stop it. I imagine there are both selfish and even economic reasons for it.

      • whichone

        Kai, actually I was trying to imagine myself as a john, cops bust through the doors, I assume the fetal position, he jerks my head up to ask me a question. Naturally I wouldn’t be happy about it but it’s not as if he went Coon and Powell on me. I just figure this the little gray area between proper police procedure and police brutality.

        I think he deserves some disciplinary measure and a stern talking to, but I just don’t see this as the gateway to a slippery slope that some of the netizens seem to think it is.

        Having said that, I can appreciate Chinese police could be seen as a coercive arm of the state mired in corruption and laobaixing are without recourse to check their powers. I believe some of the anger over this relatively minor incident in the translated comments are a reflection of the seated fears that they too may be some day be victims of similar or worse treatments and anger at their powerlessness to stop it.

    • bossman

      Bereaver you are little fucking moralist, probably u like a little fuck time with pro girl, for sure when you and your losing friends g singing, and you think your little GF is innocent virgin but actuall she fucked the foreign guy on summer holiday in France. Whore house better thn rape. It is girls choice finally to work like this, not fun, but maybe has a sick mother brother sister to care of… how the fuck do you know this you stupid fucknig loser.

      Another embarassing person to be in China. Are you believing in God too, you dumb shit.

      • Bereaver

        Wow, you must be really insecure to use so many “strong” and “powerful” words. Right, bossman? I mean look at you, you can’t even talk straight. Spitting words out like you just want to castrate! I mean sit still and ponder and listen to what I say, I’ll walk all over you today and the next day. Whoever said that girls did this for fun, needs to stand up in dismay because it’s still easier than farming and you get paid better anyway. But what you can’t face, are the true facts at hand. These girls spread diseasish factions wherever you head. You must be sore around your ass it seems, life sure ripped you a new one and it’s so apparent that you still bleed. Don’t let me stop here, don’t make me be keen, on finishing you now, while you have no self esteem. No wait, that’s enough, I’ll just let you go, understand my reason, understand my flow.

        Fun right? No really, honestly. I hope you’re children also grow up to help the growing prosperity of prostitution. And no, I’m not some fucking moralist. I can say whatever the hell I want, and I can spit in your face while I say it to. Good luck to you lol, “bossman”.

      • Master C

        ” I hope you’re children also grow up to help the growing prosperity of prostitution. ”

        Classic! But don’t hope or influence, let them decide, if it happens it happens and society (adult industry rather) will have a place for them. Bereaver, regardless of his status mindset is a romantic with a touch of the priestly caste evident in his ‘moral’ stance. I think he believes in ‘God’ too, but since he is not exactly proselytizing, we’ll just leave it at that.

        In any case, persons who are working unwillingly in the Adult industry should be patronized only by people with genuine sympathy for the reasons they are there, which you (Bossman) definitely have in mentioning possible relatives, wherever possible.

        The latter of course make the best Adult industry workers and yet again moral integrity comes into the picture. The honourable among patrons of prostitutes, would only prefer to visit those who CHOOSE prostitution as a serious career choice or at least for the purpose of enjoying and sharing their youthful sexuality.

        If any sex workers are doing this because of reasons less than the above, I advise you to quit and go back to a mainstream job. Your unwilling/compromised presence compromises the morals of the honourable patrons and has negative effects on the aura of your client as well.

        Closing down prostitution to save the supposed 25% of people that are forced to do it is the lazy man’s solution and will impact the male libido in society. A serious interview/audit carried out by government affiliated career counselors should be conducted on all resident sex workers by owners of adult industry venues. In turn the owners should not view additional costs as a burden but a mark of professionalism among Adult Industry venue owners.

        Much work needs to be carried out and acceptance of the male libido learnt to avoid gray areas that end up as abuses in the system. I hope this will help toward proper legalization of adult industry in China and emancipation of the male libido.

    • Alfred

      Only comment here which actually makes sense. All of those who disagree here are fuckin perverts or ugly fuckers who cannot get no girls and need prostitution so you can get some ass.

  • Jay K

    im waiting for pusa playas inquiry into this matter.

    • mechanized

      why you got no thoughts of your own on this matter?

  • bobo

    I have no opinion about the prostitutes, but that news broadcast is using some cool touch screen technology…

    • Shoeshine

      I was just going to comment on its lameness…

  • Crystal

    It’s not the police officers job to punish these women. He should of taken them into custody in a civil manner.

  • Charlie Bean

    Heck, why go after those making a living and having a good time? If they are married it only demonstrates how poor their marriages are. If you are worried about STD’s, then that is your choice for taking the chance.

    Do something useful with the police, like stop corruption within the organization of the government.

  • capt. LING DAN WANG BA

    We’re all prostitutes in our own ways.

    • spanky

      I prostitute my mind for my clients regularly.

      • Moo Goo Kai Pan

        … and patience and sanity and health (both emotional and physical). They feel entitled to all these things since they’re paying us.

  • Moo Goo Kai Pan

    Human flesh search that ugly bald cop.

  • That chrome dome cop probably frequents the same establishment when he punches off duty. For shame! I agree with what some of the chinese netizens have to say. Find the real criminals in this society such as the corrupt officials and seedy businessman to set as an example of enforcing the law, not these poor girls who end up selling their bodies for bread.

  • Icedew

    I have a feeling they just raided a lesser brothel. Its all about business taking out the little guys. Making people go to the bigger brothels that are guaranteed to be raid free.

  • Zuo Ai

    a douche cop with a macho complex!!?? I guess China isn’t so different from the US after all

    • dave

      In the US the woman would be an undercover cop and so would the ‘john’, then the FBI would kick in the door…..

      • Rick in China

        I didn’t realize prostitution was a federal crime.

  • Icedew

    Is there any logic in going for such a job as prostitution just for money?

    Well look at it this way:

    A college kid will spend four years earning no money to get a degree. Then get a job that only pays 2500 a month (seems to be the average local pay right?). Lets say the boss is an ass and never gave him a raise for 4 years. So within these 8 years he roughly earned = 120,000 rmb.

    A hooker can earn maybe 6000 a month (lets say she earns 300 per client and gets 20 per month). Which means she would have accumulated 576,000 rmb within 8 years. If she can save half of what she earns she can buy property back in her home town and be a landlord.

    And so theoretically within 8 years hookers can easily be a woman who owns property. hhhmmmm that sounds familiar right?

    • DWR


      That’s true, but the likelihood of prostitutes saving all of their money and staying clean (from drugs / disease) is not quite as good as your average office worker (who only visits them once a month!).


      • john

        AFAIK drug use isn’t a huge problem/expenditure for prostitutes in China.

        But you’re right, they don’t save the money. Apparently a lot of it goes to their parents/husband/kids in the small villages they hail from.

        In the video, the one girl had 26 customers in one day? These girls must get gonorrhea weekly.

      • Alan

        Not to mention being such a shitty job and all. Seems it’s not shameful in the PRC though. They don’t even name and shame in the newspapers…

    • Bereaver

      Actually IceDew, an average prostitute in large cities (beijing, shanghai) make around 10,000 a month, while as a higher class prostitute will mike 15,000 and up.

      • Master C

        As mentioned before, the fees are ridiculously high. No prostitute should earn more than an hour’s minimum wage at most. We are here to use their services and allow them to make a living not enrich them.

        Social structure must be maintained and customers must ensure that. No sex worker should be allowed to retire at a level higher than the ordinary middle class, so think before you use the services of overcharging adult venues and sex workers.

        Earn more than a blue collar or gray collar worker for the same amount of time spent? Time for a boycott . . .

  • 123meeeee

    i dont see anything that isnt normal for china.

    people behaving like dicks, not giving a shit about those who are of no use to them.
    showing off on the cost of others. pretending to be morally superiour.

    what is the problem here?
    its china.

  • Charlie

    His phone number was probably listed on AIDS ho’s post.


  • DWR

    Four thoughts:

    Has someone finally found a use for the touch screen in Windows 7?

    Someone must’ve forgotten to pay their protection for the month.

    Looks quite plush. A hell of a lot better than most of the hotels I’ve stayed in during my years in China.

    “He first kicked open the room’s door with both legs”? Who is he, Zangieff from Street Fighter?


    • 250

      LOL. Very digging the Zangeiff comment. There’s nothing like entering a room by falling on your ass. I just hope he threw his arms back at the same time.

  • lostinsz

    This was a training exercise. Next stop Somalia to rescue the 25 seamen held by the Boys in the Hood. Good luck, fellas. You’ll need it.

    The Vatican is free of hookers: lots of pedophiles though.

  • Peye

    Instead of pulling her hair right away he should have given her something so she could cover herself (and than pull her hair.) Whithout some medical supervision this is a very risky business for the girls and the costomers to say the least. And tomorrow life goes on as did before. So sad.

  • WOW!!!!

    Poor girls just trying to make a living. We can’t all be born rich and beautiful and have a chance to go to university, can we? Fucking shit corrupt government and they bother with going after prostitutes…….

  • 250

    I used to live next to (literally not figuratively) a whole street of ‘pink houses’. Police would come twice a year to shut them down, then a few weeks later would open up again once the records showed the police were tackling this crime. Same with the ‘DVD’ sellers.
    It’s just for show.

  • Tommy

    26 in one night? well done you!!!

  • bleah

    is this microsoft surface?

    • whichone

      “it’s not an iphone, it’s a big ass table

  • John

    why can’t ppl just accept that prostitution is a way of life. its a pretty damn good service i must say. its been a service since the age of time.
    everything we do is for money. some sit at their desk, some clean toilets, some have sex..what’s their difference?
    baldy is furious because his wife has been pulling all of his hair lol

    • 250

      No, he’s furious because she IS his wife.

      • TheOtherMichael

        lets just hope that lovely customer did his wife good then aye..aye ^_~

    • Bereaver

      What’s the difference? Cleaning toilets don’t have anything to do with kissing, touching, or feeling other people. Massaging, ok, exchanging of fluids and liquids? Not ok, it spreads sexual diseases.

  • fireworks

    The police handled the public relations on this one very badly. They shouldn’t have leak the photos or vid. In the west, the civil libertarians will be up in arms about it.

    This industry will never cease as long as horny gits want to go poking. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. They need to regulate it, issue licenses and check on health status rather than now operating underground.

    • J

      FUCK NO. Saying this kind of stuff is legal destroys the social and moral fiber of society. Do you want to raise a kid and tell him that it’s ok to pay money for a fuck? You are merely taking the easy way out of a problem.

      Yes, prostitution will never stop, but society CAN NOT say that it’s absolutely and completely moral/legal for someone to pay for a fuck.


    WAIT ********************************

    Prostitution is illegal in China ????? WTF

    Busting a Hooker is like letting a kid shit on the side walk all these years, then suddenly stomping him out 1 day ….

    it all should be stopped but has been going on for ever…and so obvious in both matters

  • jack butcher

    everybody want prostitution to be legal except Bereaver. maybe his wife is hooker so he was so furious.
    in china the police(为人民服务)always cooperate with the pink shop. every time the cop inform the boss of pink shop in advance if they are going to carry out a raid. pink shops will be closed temporarily. soon those pink shops will be open again

  • Though they are prostitutes, we should still treat them as humans.

  • J

    Point 1:

    First off, let me say that baldy’s actions were completely unnecessary and he should be penalized for his actions and the police/him acting/raiding this place makes me wonder if there was an alterior motive for their actions.

    Point 2:

    “Look at this baldy’s behavior, is this woman a murderer? Is it necessary to treat a single woman this way? How many women willingly become “sex workers”? Or isn’t it out of necessity?

    This is stupid. These women can very easily get jobs elsewhere and keep their dignity. Most of these women refuse to settle for the 10 rmb per hour job because of their greed. If they didn’t want to, NO ONE can force them to be a prostitute. They sold their bodies and souls for money and this very act alone has ALREADY costed them their “face/dignity/honor”. Baldy’s actions merely humiliated them more, but the prostitute’s face was lost a long time ago.

  • C.Bratton

    Somebody didn’t pay the right person on time. Cops will be cops.

  • J

    “Have prostitutes selling their bodies hurt other people?
    Prostitutes’ money is much cleaner than public officials who only take money but do nothing, than chengguan who only know how to bully street peddlers, than corrupt officials who suck the money and blood of the people, than businessmen who build tofu dregs buildings and produce poisonous food and faulty merchandise, than black society. Even though I feel them choosing this kind of lifestyle is questionable.”

    Prostitutes don’t hurt people? It’s called STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). READ A BOOK.

    • link

      I agree with you totally.
      STDs can be prevented and many can be cured but corruption in China will never be.

      Worst is you cannot escape corruption (if you live in China that is). The corrupted official, not the prostitutes, are the scum of society.

  • whichone


    I don’t mean to nitpick but I believe there is mistranslation about the cop “using two legs to kick down the door”, there is some ambiguity in the language on the netease link, but I think they meant “knock downed the door after two (or a couple) kicks”

    kind of like “两三下踹开房门”…

    oh who am I kidding, I love nitpicking~

    • Wang Er

      I agree. Original Chinese is 两脚踹开房门 (knock the door open with few kicks).

      The word 两(two) doesn’t necessary means exactly two.


    • Moo Goo Kai Pan

      I liked the “using two legs to kick down the door” phrase. Great image. Totally believed that the bald freak was so pumped up about this that he jumped up, kicked the door with both feet, landed on his ass, then went into the room and slapped people around, all without missing a beat.

  • Jay

    there are enough corrupt officials and police in China to occupy law enforcements time for a hundred years. Why not focus on that?

    • Frank

      that you need another Mao。。。

  • TheOtherMichael

    if i’d knew where he was stationed at…i’d send him some of my pubes, gluestick & a note saying..”stick it!’ lol

  • Righteous American

    I don’t see anything wrong with what this police officer has done. He did his job by nonviolently interrogating and arresting a criminal who was quite probably exposing people to disease. If she is ashamed to show her face well then she should rethink her position as a whore. If she was somehow forced into being a prostitute then that is terrible, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was breaking the law and that the police officer was doing his job. She was, as the article states, lying to him. Police must use tactics like this in order to intimidate and manipulate the information that they require from a criminal in order to successfully enforce the law. If she felt shame for sleeping with 26 people for money that night, it’s because she should feel shame for it.
    This cop in question here should not be criticized because he did his job well and probably saved one of your fathers from contracting gonorrhea.

    • link

      Just wonder have you live in China? What would you do if you could not get a job and need to survive in a big city?

      Reminder, in China you dont welfare payment or food vourcher like people in the US. If you dont have foods, dont have money like these unfortunate ladies, you STUFF. So please put yourself in the shoes of the people and rethink what you had said. Perhaps you are a little ignorance of the world around you.

      • Righteous American

        Yes, I’ve lived in China for the past three years. Lots of people have difficulty finding work in big cities but do not resort to criminal activities. Are you saying because life is hard that people should just commit crimes whenever things don’t go their way?
        What about the people who’ve used diligence and perseverance to overcome there hardships and thrive in the city because of it? Should they and their families/community be subject to the influence of these criminals after all the hard work they put into succeeding?
        Anyway my main point was not to disparage the whore, but to defend the perfectly legitimate actions applied by the police in this instance.

        • link

          Prostitution is, in itself, not a crime. The fact that it is not legalised does not mean prostitution is a crime. Morality and righteousness are after all human creation.
          Crimes are those who picked and bullying the poor and those who takes advantages on the vulnerable.

          May be you tried to live on the streets of China for few week with no money. It is easy for you and I live in comfort and make judgement on what others (these unfortunate girls who are in a way forced by society to be prostitutes) should or should not do

          • billy joel

            Morality and Ethnics have NOTHING to do with laws.
            If you are trying to imply all laws are based off morality and ethics you are WRONG.
            the fact that it is illegal by statute means it is a CRIME when committed.

        • Mike Fish

          Are you saying that just because someone commits a crime, any crime, they should be man-handled? Since you’ve lived in China for 3 years please enlighten us to the Chinese criminal code. Are there felonies and misdemeanors like in the US? If so, what is prostitution? In China, isn’t it “the law”, that all foreigners should carry their passport around at all times, do you really do that? So, if you are caught without it, you law breaker, should you be man-handled and have your image plastered around to humiliate you? Breaking the law is breaking the law, right?

          BTW, do you really live in China? Prostitution would seem to almost be alegal or quasi-legal. In most places prostitutes are registered, as are all the different forms of brothels. They get health checks and are visited by the tax office and all that stuff. Numerous subtle, and not-so-subtle, whorehouses operate, in the open, in every major city and town, usually a few blocks from a bus station. It just seems absurdly insincere to act like anyone in China, let alone the cops, actually think prostitution is a serious crime. These prostitutes and johns didn’t get arrested for doing the nasty. They got nailed because that were dumb or unlucky enough to be doing it on the day the cops actually go out to make a show of enforcing the laws they usually ignore.

          • Teacher in China

            “whorehouses operate, in the open, in every major city and town, usually a few blocks from a bus station.”

            I work in a K-12 school, the biggest in our district. There’s a whorehouse across the street.

          • Righteous American

            “Are you saying that just because someone commits a crime, any crime, they should be man-handled?”
            I havent said anything remotely like that.

            “It just seems absurdly insincere to act like anyone in China, let alone the cops, actually think prostitution is a serious crime.”

            Despite your perspective, prostitution is against the law here, and this officer was merely doing his job, which is enforcing that law. He should be praised not condemned.
            This country wouldn’t be half the mess that it currently is if there were more enforcement of rules and regulations like this.

    • Mike Fish

      You should add a “self-” in front of your name and change “American” to “asshole”. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • link

    I am sure, given the choice, none of the sex workers would choose to do what do. The fact is they did not have choices and their government would not give the damn about their welfare! One has to survive somehow.

    Who says prostitute is low? At least they work for their money.
    Low is those corrupted officials – the scumm of society whose duties are supposely to protect the poors but often take bribes from the riches and bully citizens.

    If you send out 300 police out and only got 9 prostitutes the really there has to be something went wrong! Surely some bastards (within the police force) has taken bribes and inform the brothel owners to evade. They (the corrupted) should be those you should target first, not the prostitutes

    • akbar lo

      LoL, given the choice, “none would choose to do what do”? What are you smoking? TONS of chicks, sell sex for fast money cause they’re lazy mother fuckers. While it is true that there are those forced into it through gangs or w/e, there is a significant portion entering the industry becaue they lack the brain capacity to do anything more and want fast money.

      Compensated dating in HK, Japan, and Korea are HUGE, and none of them are forced. Those hoes just want fast money… and I don’t see how that would be different to the other hoes around the world.

  • Zebadee

    … And the cops never found one single local official?!?
    Presumably, word got out about the coming raids first. Either that or the cops are being ‘selective’ in their choice of brothels to raid.
    Maybe they just raided the low-class (less-expensive) establishments only, leaving the officials safe at the ‘for local officials-only’ establishments.

  • Cops in every country are scum, all they’ve ever dreamed of is wearing a uniform, pushing people around making everyone pretend to respect them and accusing me of being too drunk. In China it’s even worse because the government is made up of overgrown cops who think just the same way.

    • J

      Yes, people hate cops all the time, except when the cops come and rescue their asses from a certain situation.

  • Zebadee

    Forgot to say … If this city is anything like the city I live in, then more than half of these establishments are owned by a business consortium of senior cops/local government officials.

  • Somethin Somethin

    Right? Wrong? In the middle? Same story different day. I kind of liked the sympathy the netizens were showing for the poor girls in most of the comments. It’s so common living in today’s world and seeing people just walk on by fights, overbearing Chengguan/cops, people pissing all over this country/city (literally and metaphorically) without saying a word. A nice change for once even if a lot of it’s rage redirected from a personal slight they themselves have suffered in the past.

  • Bummer, but…yawn…

  • spanky

    Did the johns get arrested too? In the top photo only the girls are be led out.

  • ccp


  • David australia

    ## Please read ## To all the Nasty and mean commentors i have read here, I would like to bring your attention to the so called “Low Lives” as you refer the these woman, and remind you or ask you this question. how many of these prostitutes, are forced into this by thier husbands or illegal prostitute trade and slavery? More likely because thier partners are lazy or the have been threatend to do this from some other “Low Lives”. So lets not forget about these poor ladies and woman in this terrible situation. Have some insight and understanding before pointing the finger. My heart goes out to all the scared and fearful humble and beautiful woman who are forced into this trade and then punished and spoken of as “Low Lives”. May your peace and Rescue come soon. xxoo David from Australa.

    • J

      If your mate is useless, leave. Taking the easy way out is not an excuse. Easy doesn’t enter into adult life.

  • fabi

    what i’m missing here is the

    ‘you also wanna mistreat some prostitutes? come and find out more at chinasmack personals’


  • Funny, fabi.

    I dunno why they don’t just legalize it everywhere, save a lot of grief and give the government great tax income.

  • Icedew

    Selling is Legal. Sex is Legal. So why isn’t selling sex legal?

    • whichone

      Going to a movie is legal, shouting “fire!” is legal, shouting “fire!” in the crowded movie theater is illegal.

    • Markus

      Driving is legal. Drinking is legal. Drink driving is illegal. So what?

    • 250

      shit is legal. talking is legal. Talking shit is…annoying

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