Police Officer Detained For Saying “Fuck Me”

Police Officer Detained For Saying “Fuck Me”

Police Officer Detained For Saying “Fuck Me”

A Luoyang traffic cop was hit and detained by Lianhu Beiyuanmen police for 20 hours without food after he said “fuck me”. Off-duty officer Li Huifeng was strolling around Xi’an with a Ms. Chen when her phone was stolen. After reporting the incident, a policeman arrived and they went to the police station. However, witnessing the passive attitude of officers towards other theft victims, Li gave up and on leaving said, “Fuck me”. Arresting officer Jinxiang Bai was later dismissed after Li attracted media attention by exposing the incident online, to which one netizen said is something common folk can’t always do.

Source: Netease

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  • Necrogodomega

    Totally honest police work right there. Arrest the victim. Good job.

  • Teacher in China

    Wow, gone for a month, and there were a grand total of zero new full length articles. Surprise.

    What’s new around here? I miss anything good?

    • Zappa Frank

      i guess chinasmack has been abandoned, Kai doesn’t even show up anymore.

      • Teacher in China

        Yeah I guess the new format isn’t appealing to basically anyone, but at least there are still good commenters here, so some of the posts can still be entertaining just by reading the comment section.

  • 42

    this is nothing shocking, an off duty officer is a civilian and offending a servant of law is a felony, even in the west.

    • mr.wiener

      Maybe they thought he was giving them an order….so they f*cked him over.