Police Officer Jumps In Front of Beijing Subway in Suicide

Baoding police officer jumps in front of a Beijing Subway Line 1 train to commit suicide.

Baoding police officer jumps in front of a Beijing Subway Line 1 train to commit suicide.

From Sina Weibo:

@要上我请随便: #Subway Line 1 Passenger Falls on Tracks# Today at 7:05am, a man committed suicide at the Beijing Line 1 Subway Wukesong stop. This is the surveillance footage. @北京地铁’s [@BeijingSubway] statement [see below]

[Note: The above original video embedded in the microblog post was literally taken down during this translation. Below are various Chinese TV news reports that include the same video. One news report on QQ was also just taken down.]

From Sina Weibo:

Statement Concerning This Early Morning’s Incident at the Wukesong Statione

This morning at 7:05 on February 12th, at the Beijing Line 1 Subway Wukesong stop (Pingguoyuan to Sihuidong direction), a male passenger in his 50s jumped off the station platform. The 2045 train came to an emergency stop after 2 cars entered the station. At 7:08am, workers cut electricity to the contact rail in their response as well as contacted public security authorities and the 999 emergency medical response center. At the same time, the Line 1 Subway began turning trains back at the Gongzhufen station. After 999 first responders arrived at the scene, they confirmed that the passenger was dead. Because the space beneath the train is small and narrow, the passenger was unable to be extracted. At 7:20, power was restored to the contact rail, allowing the train to be moved a bit to help with the extraction, but the passenger’s body still was unable to be extracted, so workers temporarily moved the body to between the tracks. At 7:41am, train 2045 completely entered the station and then out to provide space for extracting the passenger’s body. At 7:50am, power was again cut to the contact rail for the extraction. At 7:53am, the passenger’s body was brought up to the platform. At 7:55am, power was restored to the contact rail, and normal operations for Line 1 was progressively restored. To minimize the impact to passengers’ journeys at other areas of Line 1, the line continued operations from Sihuidong to Gongzhufen.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Yeah…I saw the video this deceased person had uploaded while he was alive. He was an upright kind-hearted person who had suffered false charges for reporting a corrupt official for taking bribes. He said in the video that if the relevant departments did not intervene to investigate, he would use his death to prove himself. He chose to commit suicide in order to get attention, so people would know. So those who are saying “to die quietly [without affecting others]”, “polluting the air”, “consider those around you”, if you do not understand a person’s past and experience, please do not make rash comments.


Sina Weibo is blocking the denouncing microblog post and video… fuck, this is what China is like!!!!!!! Ma Yongle!!! I hope everyone can help upvote this name up, even if what we can do is very limited. [泪] God will restore justice to you. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]


Those who keep criticizing him for inconveniencing others, please open your eyes and read the most popular comments, okay?! [Know] why he jumped! Simply rushing to criticize! And we want a fair society, it wasn’t he who dirtied the environment, it was the social environment who dirtied us! When others are clean and honest, you all cheer, but when someone really does step forward [as a whistleblower] they get no support. Lu Xun used an entire lifetime and still couldn’t cure you ignorant people.


You were whose father, whose husband, whose child. [蜡烛]


Watching the video, my heart is quite pained, and seeing how vicious the comments are is also quite heartbreaking. The suicide victim left a suicide video. He was a decorated police officer, ruthlessly persecuted of for discovering and reporting corruption, and him choosing this method to attract public attention was also out of desperation. Watching that sort of helplessness in his suicide video is truly depressing! Those who are asking/criticizing why he had to die in a way to affect the public, it is precisely because he wanted to attract the public’s attention to redress grievances! This is a sort of desperation due to having no other choice!


This person used his death to prove his innocence, used his death to report/denounce a guilty public security bureau chief with his real name [as opposed to anonymously]. Despite being a police officer, he was falsely accused, which to him, there is nothing worse or more painful. However, his microblog account has been quickly deleted, and those who know the truth are becoming less and less. I hope the injustice done to him can be undone, the bad guys punished, and his innocence as a member of the people’s police restored. That would be the biggest consolation to him. Rest in peace. [蜡烛]


Those who can take this step, have all suffered pain that the average person cannot endure.


If what is said in the popular comments about him reporting a corrupt official and being persecuted for it is true, please give the deceased justice. He gave up his life to demand justice, which makes him a brave person and not a coward, and should get everyone’s respect. [蜡烛]


Society has gotten so dark that even a police officer is jumping on the tracks to commit suicide, using their death to catalyze one’s own real-name report [of government malfeasance].


This is a Baoding police officer using his real name to report/denounce Public Security Bureau Chief Ma Yongle for taking bribes, begging for attention!


In the comments was a person who said he deserved it, that no one would mourn his death, that he polluted the air [atmosphere]. Fucking, it is fucking people like you who really should go die, how can you be so lacking in basic respect?!!!!!


Seeing most of the popular comments [earlier] telling the deceased to be conscientious and not inconvenience others, I’m floored. If someone wasn’t completely desperate, would they take this path of no return? How can you be sure you understand his life and criticize his values? In the face of death, one should keep their silence and reflect, instead of criticizing from some moral high ground. Perhaps the real difference is that I believe a person’s life belongs to themselves, while you people believe a person’s life belongs to the collective society.


Deng Chao makes a post and easily gets over 80,000 comments, but something this serious and solemn gets no one’s attention. What’s wrong with our countrymen?


This person used his real name to report/denounce Public Security Bureau chief Ma Yongle, and was persecuted for it. May those monitoring public sentiment online please quickly report this to their superiors. @中央新闻 [CCTV News]


A Baoding Police Officer Reports/Denounces Public Security Sub-Bureau Chief. Phoenix Online hasn’t blocked/taken down the video [see below]. Upvote this up, so everyone sees it!!


LVID_20150206_163446 This Beijing subway suicide victim’s final video appealing for justice, a police officer from our Baoding, who was persecuted for reporting [a superior for corruption]. For the relevant documents and materials, see @立春后的新希望


Real-name reporting, suicide by jumping on the track, just how big the injustice must be. [蜡烛]


The deceased is a Hebei police officer, who reported/denounced Hebei province Baoding city Public Security Bureau Chief Ma Yongle, using his death to prove himself. Watching the video he recorded is very painful. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛] Remember this name!! Ma Yongle!!! Bastard


You’re already in Beijing, if you have the courage to kill yourself, wouldn’t it be better to go take the corrupt official with you, and become a national hero!?


While it is said that suicide should not be promoted, using insults, cold-blooded apathy, and ridicule against the suicide victim to flaunt and demonstrate one’s “love for life” and “proactive self-improvement” is seriously disgusting.

In case the above video on Phoenix Online is taken down, here is a copy on YouTube:

In the video, he identifies himself, giving a brief history of when he joined the military and then the police force, the crimes he has investigated, criminals he has arrested, the injuries he has suffered, and the commendations and honors he has received.

He then explains that he has been falsely accused and persecuted by a local Police Security Sub-Bureau chief Ma Yongle for various crimes including taking bribes and abuse of power, leaving him no choice but to publicly report Ma Yongle under his real name [instead of anonymously].

He expresses his faith that the Communist Party will do right by him, that the Party and the people’s “eyes are clear”, and will not allow him to hide amongst the police ranks as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

He then “stresses” that if the “relevant departments” do not investigate Ma Yongle, he will use his own death to prove that Ma Yongle is guilty, not innocent, and so hopes the Disciplinary Inspection Committee will open an investigation.

Finally, he leaves a message to his mother and wife. He apologizes to his mother that he can not be a filial son and hopes she will take care of herself. He pauses on the brink of tears, and reassures her that her “good son is still a good son”. He apologizes to his wife, for all these years of working and not having “taken better care of her” (meaning not spending more time with her or providing her with a better life), and exhorts her to take good care of their small child. He vows to repay her two-fold if there is the opportunity in the future, visibly emotional.

Unable to go on, he ends the video.

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