Police on the Hunt for Serial Killer

Police on the Hunt for Serial Killer
Hechuan District police have offered a 50,000 RMB reward for information leading to the arrest of the prime suspect in a serial killing case which occurred in Shidun village. Baffled residents have said that the Zhang family were riding a motorcycle when suspect Tian Xiancheng rammed them to the ground with his car. Tian then disembarked and proceeded to stab Mr. Zhang, his wife and his son to death with a knife, but left Zhang’s seriously injured daughter who is now in the hospital. Tian then fled on the motorbike to the family’s house and killed Zhang’s father. Netizens said there was no use in hiding.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    “Nowhere to hide”????
    There’s no central criminal database or FBI in China. This prick could travel the highways geeking people for the next thirty years if he wanted, and unless he gets unlucky they won’t come close to catching him.

  • Jahar

    He is not a serial killer. You can’t just use whatever words you want when writing an article.

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah seriously, that was my first thought too. He killed people all from one family. Most likely that this is some sort of familial or business dispute.

  • Foreign Devil

    motive? Writers need to look up the definition of “serial killer”.