Police Pull Over Drunk Driver, Driver: “We’re From Beijing”

Police Pull Over Drunk Driver, Driver- “We’re From Beijing”

Police Pull Over Drunk Driver, Driver- “We’re From Beijing”

Jinan transport police came to blows with the passengers of a Mercedes-Benz after its driver was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Upon asking the driver if he had been drinking, he became aggressive, proclaiming himself to be from Beijing. Testing positive, police requested the driver to step out of the car, upon which the passengers followed, charging into officers and seizing their equipment. After being subdued, the two hurled abuse, yelling, “We’re from Beijing, who the heck are the Jinan police?”. Some netizens believe that such elitism is ingrained into the minds of Beijingers.

Source: Sina

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  • Dolph Grunt

    How badly do you have to be driving to be pulled over by China police under suspicion of intoxication?

    • Chaz

      Just have a “jing” plate in Jinan ;-)

  • Amused

    Please go abroad and try antagonizing the police there.
    Please, please, please let it be caught on camera too :)

  • Foreign Devil

    You’d think Beijing people would be the most subservient, unless they are government connected of course.

  • Peter Pottinger

    In the US those idiots would probably have been beaten before being arrested.