Polish President’s Plane Crash, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A man walks by the Tupolev Tu-145 plane wreckage.

The polish government Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft that crashed near Smolensk airport in Western Russia.

Two days ago, a Russian Tupolev Tu-145 plane carrying Poland’s president Lech Kaczinsky, his wife, and many Polish government and military officials crashed near Smolensk, Russia and killed everyone on board.

The crashed Polish government airplane in Russia.

A man walks by the Tupolev Tu-145 plane wreckage.

Polish President Lech Kacynski standing in front of the Polish government plane.

Polish president Lech Kaczynski and his wife, along with other government figures and military officials that died in the 2010 April 10 plane crash near Smolensk, Russia.

Here are some translated Chinese netizen comments from a NetEase news article titled, “Poland President and 88 other important political figures suddenly die in plane crash”.


I stopped believing in God, Buddha, the Old Man in the Sky long ago, because if these bastards existed, this thing would not have happened in Poland.




The president of a country persisting in using an outdated old airplane, only because there was no money to replace it with a new airplane…truly a honest public servant. No wonder there is an outpouring of grief in Poland.
In comparison, certain members of our leadership…should really be ashamed.


Boycotted the Olympics, built a Tibetan Independence plaza [square?] in Warsaw, and supported Japanese occupation of Shandong at Versailles.


Poland is too poor to replace its airplane. We still have it better here, where this thing could never happen.


Look at how other people’s public servants are, the presidential plane being used for 26 years and still not willing to replace it. In China, this would be a legend!


A president who doesn’t have the money to update to a new airplane, honestly, as a mainland Chinese person is something I can’t dare to believe. Our government officials are all the richest, the things they use are all the best. Even the roads our government officials walk on are often dug up and replaced with new ones. Whoever is poor is poor, but it will never be a government official, which is why everyone wants to be a government official. A thing like the first in command dying only because the airplane was old would never happen here. Usually, it is because of too much fat, or even claimed by others that they died from being too “tired” from work. No one believes it.


Poland, a disaster and tragedy-ridden country!
But historically, it has often played an ignominious role!
A typical villainous country, often treacherous, which is the reason this country is disaster and tragedy-ridden!


The treatment foreign presidents receive is not as good as China’s bureau chiefs\mayors. China’s bureau chiefs\mayors all want new cars when they take office, while the Polish president continues to use an old plane from 20 years ago!


If you want me to believe in fairness and justice, I trust it will only be in front of Death.


Were this to happen in the Heavenly Kingdom, over eighty corrupt people dying would be so great!


The Russians did it beautifully, taking out the Polish Presidential Plane, and then pretending to be mourn.


This is the result of meeting the Dalai Lama and being Anti-China!


After reading everyone’s comment, I feel us Chinese people are truly cold, with a type of “it doesn’t involve me” attitude! Shouldn’t you guys go understand the victims before expressing various comments! This is a kind of respect! Don’t wait until meeting trouble yourself before asking why other people won’t come to help you.


Poland supporting Tibetan independence is not a recent thing, many of the hooligans that boycotted the Olympics in 2008 were Polish people, so they can all die and it would be none of China’s ordinary common people’s business!

A large crowd of Poles at a memorial in front of the Poland presidential palace with many flowers on the ground.

As you can see above, while there were many Chinese netizens who felt the Polish airplane crash was a big tragedy, some netizens were not so sympathetic because of political and historical reasons (similar to some Chinese reactions after September 11). There are always this kind of people in the world.

A candlelight vigil memorial in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw, Poland.


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