Poor Chinese Schoolgirl Sings Patriotic Song When Hungry

A young Chinese schoolgirl from an impoverished area of Hunan province is interviewed on television saying she sings a patriotic song "Motherland, motherland, we love you" whenever she's hungry because she doesn't have lunch to eat.

A young Chinese schoolgirl from an impoverished area of Hunan province is interviewed on television saying she sings a patriotic song "Motherland, motherland, we love you" whenever she's hungry because she doesn't have lunch to eat.

The following microblog post on China’s popular Sina Weibo microblogging platform has over 5000 comments and 40k reshares, helping it reach the top of the trending charts…

On Sina Weibo:

@乐活长沙: Hunan Huaihua City girl doesn’t have money to eat lunch: When her stomach is hungry, she sings “Motherland, motherland, we love you” – Hunan public television broadcasted a program: In Hunan province of China, Huaihua city, Xinhuang County Tianjia Elementary School. Reporter: Not eating during lunch, are you hungry? Little girl: “Hungry.” Reporter: Then what do you do? Little girl: “Sing.” Reporter: Sing what song? Little girl: “Motherland, motherland, we love you”. [泪][泪]

The above video is of a news segment about Tianjia Elementary School being the 4th school to enjoy free lunches for its schoolchildren as part of the “Hunan Free Lunch Project”.

During their report, a little 3-year-old girl is discovered standing outside the classroom, “her eyes blinking as she watched the children inside the classroom having class.” The reporter asks the girl how old she is and then asks the teacher coming out of the classroom why the little girl has been standing outside. The teacher says her family is poor and has been standing outside the class for a year now. The reporter continues to explain that she can only go to school everyday with her older brother who is in the second grade and watch the other children have class from outside.

A little 3-year-old Chinese girl who stands outside her brother's classroom every day because her family can't afford to send her to school.

The little girl’s paternal grandfather is shown next. He says she really wants to go to school and every time she gets home, she’ll take her brother’s books and practice with them. He says only he, at 76 years old, is left to take care of them. The reporter then reveals that a kind-hearted person unwilling to reveal their name has sponsored the little girl, allowing her to “put on her backpack and go to school beginning tomorrow”. This leads into the main subject of the report which is that in impoverished mountain areas, even those children who can afford to go to school often have difficulties when it comes to lunch.

School Principal Yang says the school has 71 children and over 60 of them are “left-behind children”, children whose parents have left the hometown to go find work elsewhere in the country and whom their grandparents or extended family take care of. Two of the three villages are rather far from the school, about 7-8 kilometers away. Some of the children bring their lunches while others simply don’t eat.

Here, the video reaches the subject of the trending microblog post. The reporter asks a young girl if her family packs a lunch for her and she says “no”. The reporter asks if she’s hungry and she says “yes”. The reporter asks what does she do then? She says she sings “Motherland, motherland, we love you” and is then shown singing part of the song.

The report continues to say that the school has now been selected to be the 4th school in Hunan to have free lunches so lunches are no longer a problem for the kids. A woman representing a Beijing company says this is a continuous public welfare project. Each child gets 3 kuai that ensures they get 2 dishes, soup, a chicken egg, and rice. Children are seen enjoying their lunches. The school principal thanks the project organizers and supporters. One of the project’s organizers explains that a school of an impoverished area need only apply with them and as long as their documentation is in order, they can quickly move forward. He says the next school will be Xiangxi Taizhou.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


I went there last year during an activity for [Chinese Communist] Party members, [and we] donated several tens of thousands in money. The children there truly need help.


How come it feels fake as hell, as if the reporter fabricated it!


Singing about another country?


Great motherland, great Party, do you hear that? Your children are hungry!




Motherland, may the motherland please also love your children.


Worth all of society and the country reflecting on.


They love the motherland, but the motherland they love can’t even give them enough to eat…


Such adorable children! Such pitiful children! Such… motherland! When you grow up, you’ll understand.


Poster, I’ve discovered that this song is really effective, I immediately became full, so full I wanted to vomit.


You love your homeland, but your homeland doesn’t love you!


My god…


Are there any specific details on how to donate money, even though I don’t have much.


Loving your country is the most wishful of unrequited love. [嘘]


Couldn’t sleep so looking at this piece of news yet again, wondering if that reporter also cried. I want to say to the child, be good now, don’t sing this song anymore in the future, there will be more and more uncles and aunties who will come care for you all, now cover your years, uncle wants to say something, “People’s Republic of China, you mother’s cunt!”




Fuck, motherland, motherland, how do you expect me to love you? [泪]


Don’t know whether to cry or laugh.


If me resharing this once, can make you shed tears, and if you resharing this once, can let this child get one meal… will you silently roll past this microblog post?


Just resharing this alone won’t allow this little girl to get enough to eat [referring to a lot of comments echoing the above comment].


Able to eat just from resharing!!! Are you dreaming or am I dreaming!


Grass mud horse motherland.


Love what?


Alright then, singing this song can save money on meals -_-


The country is busy holding meetings, let’s talk about this later.


Motherland mother, don’t just love your children who have money, or only help your neighbor’s children, while forgetting your children who can’t even eat.


Only resharing because I think it’s really ironic.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Germandude

    All this while a selected “elite” is browsing through online catalogues of super-expensive imported whine, cars, clothes, handbags and other luxury stuff. Not because it would mean anything to them personally but to show others who they are.

    I guess the definition of a “Harmonious Society” is quite different from a western perspective.

    • mr.wiener

      Some are “less equal” than others.

    • Kukuku

      Speaking of which, I don’t know about you and everyone else working in China, but I sometimes feel … bad?

      I make so much more than my co-teachers and most people in this country, I have my own apartment for free with utilities included while the people I work with have to share and PAY for these things. If anything is wrong, my employer will try to move mountains to fix the problem but the Chinese I work with would never get any assistance whatsoever.

      I’ve been here for a while now and seeing extreme poverty and wealth coexisting so closely has not gotten much easier.

      • I felt kinda bad when I worked there, but I saw how my coworkers “fought” against the problem.
        They just “scammed” the company. If they drive taxi, just tell the taxi-driver to double the price on the receipt. I remember one co-worker bought 3 pens for 2 RMB, then he got a receipt that stated, they cost 100 RMB.

        And I do not want to excuse myself, but a lot of Chinese are… too brand-orientated. I know some people, who do not earn much, but save money just to buy a LV-Bag or an iPhone/iPad.

        About poor people. Sure I feel bad, but I think it is the problem of the Chinese. They should care about these people, not us as foreigners. But the sad thing is, that, besides a lot of expats, the foreigners are the one who act 有素质, while the fellow chinese citizens do not give a fuck about others.

        • Hank Joerger

          i feel sorry about that too

      • Zappa Frank

        well i don’t know in others countries, but also in my country teachers have to pay for their apartment.

        • Kukuku

          I’m also a teacher in Canada and had to pay my apartment there. Main difference being that I did not have foreign coworkers working with me making 4-5 times more than I did and getting a free apartment on top of this.

          • Zappa Frank

            chinese teachers get also contributions for retirement, while you don’t. they have undeterminated time contracts while you have to renew your every year (at least as far as i know)…
            but you’re right, chinese and foreigners teacher are far from be even… and we should also say that usually foreigners teachers have to work less than chinese.. but that’s china, that’s what they want..

          • Rick in China

            That’s not true. Foreigners also have to pay into that now – and every foreigner with a legit job (Z-visa) has an ID to match that fund. If foreigners choose to leave China they can take whatever contribution was made back, also.

          • Zappa Frank

            oh, really…than is even better than in my country, where you pay for contribution but if you’re a foreigner and you leave before you reach the level (that is a huge ammount of years) you lose all..

          • mr.wiener

            Unless your school/workplace has pocketed the retirement benefits themselves. Sad to say many of the schools I worked at back in the day did this with health insurance money and it is still common practice, particularly in kindergartens which is technically illegal work.

          • Jahar

            I wouldn’t say foreigners work less than Chinese, Just shorter schedules. We generally have more work to do. We just do it in less time.

          • I don’t feel a shred of sympathy for my colleagues. I am worth at least 30 of them put together. They don’t do shit except QQ chat, play computer games and watch movies.(Usually all 3 at the same time) Brains, production, work ethic and creativity…I smoke them without even trying. The only things they ever get done are their little side deal/scams. I don’t even bother to give them tasks for what they were hired for, when it’s easier and quicker to just teach myself and do it better.
            When I was teaching English, I did 38 classes per week while the Chinese teachers did 10 and stilled bitched about the laowai getting to leave at 5 though actually I was taking an hour and a half bus ride to get home while they had apartments at the college.
            Your presence brings the students to the school so they can have a job. You have nothing to feel bad or guilty about. Your school’s owner knows your value and he’s still paying you as little as he can get away with.
            Besides, the real job is living in China. The “work” is the easy part.
            The one person that deserves real money at my company(besides me) is the cleaning lady. She works hard every day without acting entitled or acting like she’s doing my boss a favor to work there. I like to rag on my boss but I will say he is way more patient with his staff than I am.

          • Jahar

            But Chinese are all so hard-working!(they keep telling me). Not like lazy Indians and Africans.

          • haha….that’s what I keep hearing too. Even from alot of foreigners. I think they have confused spending a whole lot of hours at their work place as “hard-working”. I’m convinced it is only by the sheer number of workers that anything ever gets done at all.
            My main career before China was construction, mostly water features (lakes, streams waterfalls and rock formations for hotels, zoos, parks and bazillionaires) but for 3 years I worked underground laying pipe. It was rough, tough and dirty work and even the bandana covering my face like an old west bank robber never kept my face from being so filthy I could barely recognize myself in a mirror. Boogers that come out of your nose that can only be called dirt clods. Every day at quitting time we were exhausted, filthy and extremely satisfied that we’d accomplished an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. It is a wonderful feeling and I can’t imagine anybody not wanting to have that feeling.
            I’ve done projects around the world. In Bahamas and Bermuda if you need 5 decent workers I had to hire 15. You couldn’t even get impatient with them, they actually thought they were working hard. They just never seen real efficiency like at a USA McDonald’s where it’s a failure if you they didn’t fill your order in less than a minute. But Bahamians also don’t boast how hard-working they are.
            If you want to see work getting done watch the movie “Baraka” where they go inside the cigarette factory in Indonesia (I think)

          • Germandude

            Little Wolf, any of my “specialists” who comes up with “how hard he’s working until 11 pm”, I either tell them that time management is important and that i never give them so much work that they couldn’t finish it within the aligned office hours (which is true, I am not a sadist). Or, my all-time China favorite:

            “There is hard work and there is smart work”.

            People can pick their poison ;-)

          • Kukuku

            Think smart. Think S-Mart.

          • Germandude


          • Kukuku

            Someone needs to watch Army of Darkness

          • Germandude

            Have seen it long time ago. No movie for me. Too freaky…

          • Kukuku


            Anyways, you and Wolf are right about work here. Actually, I had a pretty nice work schedule that left me with a lot of free time I can use to study things and train. The office girls here are trying to shuffle the whole thing so I spend more time “in the office” doing “office work” because it’s not fair for everyone else I get some time off. Apparently it didn’t matter for the longest time I had up to 10 classes per day on weekends on the other hand.

          • linette lee

            Happy thanksgiving kukuku, germandude, wiener, little wolf, zappa frank, Mr.T, rick in china, jenniter, ;)

          • mr.wiener

            Thanks hun you too. Hope someone gets to stuff your turkey :)

          • Jahar

            Yeah I took a great pic of 9 “construction workers” in wuhan the other day. one was working the rest were doing nothing. As for bermuda, That sort of thing is common in poor countries, especially in the tropics. When I was in mexico, the highway from cancun to my resort had about 10 road crews per hour of driving, and i not once saw anyone do anything but stand there.

          • mr.wiener

            The world is full of willing people. Some of us are willing to work and the rest are willing to watch them.

      • donkeykong

        Chinese teachers receive huge bonuses for the New Year that the foreign teachers do not receive. Often the Chinese teacher’s bonuses are equal to or more than one year of their salary. This is done to avoid paying taxes.

        Also, Chinese teachers receive a “hong bao”, red envelopes full of money, from the students that the foreign teachers never receive.

        The Chinese teachers also are able to buy apartments at deeply discounted prices at very low interest rates.

        In most Chinese schools the salary, including benefits, of the Chinese teachers is much more than the foreign teachers.

        Chinese teachers can retire at age 55 with a pension.

        • Hank Joerger

          pension in China is a joke btw

          • Uberche

            And yet, a joke is still better than nothing

      • Jennster

        ‘da gong’ in china has extremely low wage but working for global corps and govt departments have very high wage. that is why you see the extreme disparity. Moreover, Chinese with local hukous have at least 1 free apartment due to the land they owned while it was village back then. locals have 1-3 properties, but migrants from other regions won’t, as well as foreigners. just so you know.

        • hess

          “very high wage”. Most people at govt departments don’t make much at all. They get the majority of their cash from hongbaos

      • Germandude

        Difficult question honestly. On the one hand, I feel bad, yes. Not about my salary, or how much more I earn than my coworkers, but feeling bad to see that while there are people officially and legally earning enough money in this country, the same country also allows its own people being exploited.

        I am working for a very huge German company here. There is not a single Yuan that my employer can hide from the government. All corporate taxes, salary taxes etc. are paid. There are strict controls. Salaries here are very good and far above industry average, so a lot of Chinese workers want to apply here. So this company has created approx. 2000 jobs in Shanghai and Suzhou alone, has no chance to withhold anything that the government is demanding.

        At the same time, I see how some of our local competitors are paying wages below industry average, don’t give a shit about any legal restriction such as probation periods in contracts, healthcare, social benefits etc. pp. We are competing with these companies on a daily basis and I am sure you can imagine what that whole guangxi aspect means to us.

        In the meantime, I am responsible not only for my job, making money, increase business and delegating a group of sales persons, but also to train them. If you are a teacher here, you probably know exactly what those students lack. Confidence, self-motivation, knowledge and inspiration for solving problems rather than pushing them in front all the time. It’s up to them if they learn it and develop themselves for the future. Some do, some don’t.

        I am paying all my taxes here (as mentioned above), I am paying for each taxi ride, each time I take the metro. I am paying my rent privately, my company is paying a global healthcare insurance and I am contributing quite a lot to this country by simply working here and spending my hard earned money into their economy.

        If I am fired, I do lose my job and will soon have to leave the country, not because I want to (well actually I want and will sooner or later), but China will put a stamp on my ass and say “zai jian”. No “xie xie”…

        Now I won’t advertise the social welfare benefits and general situation my wife will receive when we move back to Germany.

        So why should I feel bad?

        • el negro pedro

          I think there is no black and white answer for this. On one hand, like Little Wolf mentioned below, a properly educated westerner can be worth a hundred locals. Most of the time, the locals are incompetent, have no work ethnic, are not professional, you name it.

          At my old position, a young Chinese manager tells this other American guy “Chinese work hard, not like you Americans” to which I could not help but laugh.

          Part of it is the system, but it also this chabuduo attitude, most locals have. “it’s good enough”, “it’s not my responsibility “cannot be original, too risky”.

          So no a lot of times I don’t feel sorry for people. I work hard and get paid accordingly. In fact I’m pretty sure I deserve to get paid more.

          But then you run into someone, who actually is honest, works hard and deserves better but the system fucks them and there is nothing to do about it.

          Is that true, I can take back my social security contributions when I leave??? I don’t appreciate having to pay taxes on services I never use. I have globle healthcare etc. god help me if I ever had to use a local hospital.

          • Hank Joerger

            loool, the local hospital might treat you in a special room just like a V.I.P.! They do have those rooms for mayor or military officials though.

          • Charles

            You hit the nail on the head – 差不多就好了- that is the death of China. That is why this will never grow to be a country that is worthy of respect… at least not any time soon. I love China, but I am convinced that Chinese people despise it.

        • kodi


      • I understand the feeling of unfairness you are talking about but keep in mind there is a reason that expats earn more money….if expats didn’t i assume most of them wouldn’t necessarily be interested in coming to china in the first place…another reason,if you are working in a western company i don’t think it’s unfair that you earn more because you are allowed to go back to your own country at some point and if you had the same salary than a chinese person, wouldn’t you be fu*ked then? Anyway, it’s just a thought :-)I

      • Guest
      • kodi

        I hate to say it, but, “That is what happens when people follow a moron like Mao into communism when they could have followed Jiang to Taiwan, or escaped to Hongkong. It sucks, but they participated in creating the problems they are now victims of.

        • Charles

          “They” are all long since dead. As for Taiwan… it’s better now, but most likely only because of a need to appease the “West.” Mao was an idiot… in almost every way (aside from writing poetry, perhaps) He had the economics acumen of a 12 year old peasant. However, Jiang was a corrupt bastard just like the rest. Perhaps running to HK would have been a good idea, if you could stand the heat and the awful language. :)

    • I think it is kinda ironic, that all these guys are writing, how sad it is. But when they see such people on the street, they do not even look at them. Just ignoring them, thinking “Oh. If I give them money, maybe they are scamming me. Better not give anything”.
      To me it seems like hypocrisy. On the internet, they all write, how poor they are because of one sad story. On the street, they do not even glance at such people.

      I remember when I was in McDonalds last winter and some beggar just came in because it was freezing cold out there, we just gave him the 6-ChickenMcNugget-Thing. He was so happy and even talked a bit with us and mentioned that mostly only foreigners “donate” something to him while Chinese ignore him.
      Something similar happened with a clearly disabled beggar, whom we gave just 2 Yuan. He bowed his head over and over again and seemed so happy.

      When I weibo-d about these things, some were really ashamed of themselves, but a lot of people just tried to excuse themselves by saying, that they do not give just 1 f****ing Yuan, because it could be a Scam.
      I just never understood that.

      • anon

        They think the beggars in the city are fake but not the kids in the impoverished mountain areas.

        I think we do the same thing. We start ignoring the panhandlers in our cities but feel bad for those starving children in Africa.

        • Jahar

          Fuck panhandlers. If you want my money, do something. Play an er hu, make things, something.

      • Kate

        Yeah because often beggars are fakers….I once gave $20 to a guy who I thought was homeless and crippled, the guy then stood up and walked to a brand new car and got in….when people are conned It makes them more suspicious the next go around and can you blame them for being more suspicious?

        • el negro pedro

          you can do like me, give food not money. and also money to the guys with no legs or deformities. They are usually in a gang and the money doens’t go to them directly, but they are being housed and fed by someone.

      • Sam

        Just to lets you know that china do have a system to deal with homeless people and beggars. If they are from the countryside and they reported they are homeless, they can get a free meal and a free train ticket home. The problem is 90% refused this help because they know they are making good amount of money begging.

        • Germandude

          You don’t believe what you are saying, do you? Even if such a system exists, a (ONE) free meal and a “free” (lol) train ticket home is far worse than staying inside the city for those people. A free ticket home for those beggars probably sends them back into the even worse situation they are coming from.
          And for the city inhabitants/wealthy/politicians, a free ticket home for those beggars is the Chinese solution for “out of sight, out of mind. Nothing to see here, everybody is happy”.

      • el pedro negro

        Dude, I do the same thing. So what if it’s a scam? what’s 5 RMB? If I get sucked whatever. One time these two girls were outside mcdonalds asking for money because they needed a bus ticket back home blah blah blah. Clearly a scam. U know what I said, I’ll buy you food, but not give you money. I bough them some shitty mcdonalds and watch them eat it. Making sure they knew how unimpressed I was with their bullshit. I can call your bluff it only cost me 60RMB.

      • the Truth

        You need to have some background info bro:

        there are orginzed crime groups in china, they steal kids from the countryside (meanwhile also in the big cities, recently there are a lot of news coming up regarding this in Hong Kong), then they criple them, breaking their bones, blinding them and then send them out on the street begging. those are the handicapped guys you see lying around in the pedestrian areas. at the end of the day, those beggers get collected by their boss, all begging revenue is taken from them and they get dumped in shady basements with the other beggars. so this is why nobody here is giving money to them, because you are not helping a poor soul, but you enrich heartless criminals and support the growth of this gross industry.

    • Jennster

      the extreme disparity comes from the ones who do labour/low skilled jobs in china and those that start up businesses. the differenceon average is 3000rmb/month (job) to 30k/month (business). businesses are also extremely easy to start up and make money due to the population.

      • Germandude

        Exactly. It’s extremely easy to start up a business in China. Have you ever seen what happens if a worker here saved enough money after all those years of shitty work? I did see it multiple times. Unlike knowing better, once they were bosses, they would be even tougher to their employees than their former bosses.

        Give a person power and money and you’ll see their real character.

        • I cant understand such people. Maybe the earnd mental problems by bullied around from their former boss? That would lead a doom loop

  • I wish I could understand the news report… I’m wondering if they are soliciting donations. A lot of local news agencies in the U.S. will at least display the number of organizations that take donations to feed kids like this.

  • Sly Cooder


  • SuperHappyCow

    : ( Poor kid.

  • Kai

    As the resident American involved with cS, I’m going to use this moment and this article to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (not that I’m trying to force this hokey American holiday on the rest of the world).

    Granted, we shouldn’t need a day to remind ourselves to be thankful for what we have, but after seeing those sad little eyes of that 3yo above, thinking about how she just stands there all day long outside the classroom alone, I guess I just feel the meaning of this American holiday a little more poignantly.

    • mr.wiener

      Thank you Kai. Hope you had a have a happy thanksgiving too.

    • linette lee

      Happy thanksgiving!!! I ate my turkey, stuffing, mashed potato, cheese macaroni, sushi, dumpling, noodles, and seaweed soup. And I finished it up with flan…..darn that was good. :)

      • MrT

        I give out food to homeless people in the street.

        • linette lee

          really?? That is very kind of you. I can’t believe. But it’s really nice of you. Kudos for you. hug hug… :)

          • MrT

            I’m not a kind person I just don’t like the dead cluttering the streets up for lack of food.

        • Gay Azn Boi


          • MrT

            Baozi is very cheap for sack full, you like a sack full yes?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol yes I do.

      • el negro pedro

        if you spent less time eating, maybe you wouldn’t have to be CS whoring yourself for attention to a bunch of anonymous foreigners. I’ve seen your profile picture, you are truly something special.

        everytime i see a post of yours, my face is preparing itself for my palm.

        • linette lee

          i suggest you to go get anger management therapy. Everything you post is filled with anger. I haven’t said anything nasty to you and you just act all crazy. Go get help.

      • Mr DeMille

        Bourgeois glutton :-)

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Sorry, but the only thing people here look forward to around Thanksgiving are Black Friday deals. I don’t see anybody around me thankful for anything.

      • el negro pedro

        maybe it’s because you’re shallow and stupid and have no e.q.? If you think Thanksgiving is only about black friday, no offese to gays, but you’re a fucking f.a.g.g.o.t. Think on it son. Giving is better than receiving, even for homosexuals.

        • mr.wiener

          Hmm, someone didn’t get enough turkey today. Dial the anger down to 5 mate, you’ll blow a blood vessel.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          You know it’s funny. The people that insult me for having lower IQ or whatever are usually the ones who can’t construct a simple sentence.

          Although, pedro, I do have to agree that giving is definitely better than receiving (unless I’m face down on a bed, then it’s the other way around) :p

  • where is the news?

    China does have the China Youth Development Foundation

    Don’t know why they didn’t get involved in this case. They have that “希望工程“ project

  • YourSupremeCommander

    How sofa king sad! Now you people in the west understand the “slave” conditions at factories across China, aka Foxconn, is already 100 times better than this?

    This is just one girl, now picture this times a few hundred thousand, that’s the reality.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Also, if you are sofa king poor, then DON’T have any children! You bring them to a hell hole to suffer, why?! They are your kids, stupid. It ain’t the USA where the more kids you have the more free gov handouts you get!

  • Super Bunny

    555,so sad!
    even when i was a kid,i never suffered like this…my father gave me 1.5 yuan everyday.1 for breakfast,5 mao for afternoon snack.
    poor kids,why the teacher can not just take that little kid in?where is her heart????

    • vincent

      She sold it to buy an ipad

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Wasn’t it a while ago that a Chinese boy sold his kidney to buy an iPhone?

        • vincent

          yep that’s right but I think it was an iPad 2 not an iPhone.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Is the teacher supposed to pay for her tuition then? You think that’s likely?

  • Appalled@everything

    3 yuan, feeds a child lunch, fills their bellies, puts a smile on their faces, 3 yuan, makes the world of difference to these children.

    3 yuan.

    But the Corruption that see’s the WEALTH GO ITO THE HANDS OF A FEW PEOPLE will NEVER stop.

    3 yuan.

    Unless those fat and disgusting Chinese Government Officials…

    3 yuan.

    Stop Raping the Country!

    3 yuan.

    At least these children get fed. I suppose that’s better than nothing.

  • jeffli

    When I was young in pre school there was one kid who used to come to school without lunch (parents were alcoholics) Us kids used to share our lunch with him. In the end there was enough to go around. When our parents found out we shared our lunch with this kid they were very proud of us. THat we learned how to be a little compassion along with all our childish squabbles.
    There is no need for a child to go hungry in China except for greed and neglect of society.

  • hun

    id be pretty pissed at my country to let me go hungry let alone sing a nationalistic song of loving it, especially if it boasts a #1 economy.

    • Zappa Frank

      well, i may be wrong, but if you’re poor and hungry in US or europeans countries..(maybe except northen europeans) what your country (not curches or privates) is going to do about it?

      • DavidisDawei

        A record 47+ million Americans are on Food Stamps now; which is paid for by the government.

        The “downfall” of organized religion in the USA is going to come back and haunt this country for a variety of reasons, but many churches/religious groups organized and filled many of these societal gaps when I was growing up.

        if people see a problem in their community and it bothers them, take the initiative (when possible) to go out and offer assistance.

        • Zappa Frank

          ok ok understood, i was wrong.

      • Kate

        Well I dunno about other countries but in the usa, they have a food stamp program which gives like a family of 3 something like $400-500 monthly for food. Schools in the USA have free lunch program, no child in the usa goes hungry while at school, 100% are fed. Those two programs do ALOT and if those babies were in the american school system they would not be hungry.

  • curl of the burl

    I don’t live in China but I know that it’s easy to give lip service. Only real change comes when you stand up and address the problem.

  • donkeykong

    Mainly on the east coast of China there are about 400 million people that have middle or upper class lives.
    The problem in China is that the media is so heavily censored that the Chinese with money just do not know the truth about how the other one billion poor Chinese must live their lives.
    The majority of the one billion poor Chinese live in the middle and western parts of China, and the media is not allowed to report most of the bad things that happen in those areas.

    • el negro pedro

      people are well aware. they just don’t care. you give the locals too little and too much credit at the same time.

  • Motherland, Motherland, I love you so. But why don’t you love me back and instead spend billions on a space programme (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_space_program)

    • hfkjksn

      fuck u,i wanna say ,does not america have beggars?what a fucking bitch u r!we all love motherland

  • diverdude7

    spoons? wtf ?

  • Kim

    stupid .. you love china, but china doesn’t love u lol

  • Right

    If the people who post stops posting and complainting and spent the extra time earning money and then donating the money.. all will be good.

    • PureEvilBlackMan

      How do you know I am not earning money as I type this?My money never sleeps sonshine!

  • Kate

    Ah i just want to take those little ones and give them everything….poor babies…

    This also is not unheard of in american schools, in every american school I have taught in, there was a program set up for students to be able to take home food on the weekends because their parents were not feeding them at home and if the school didn’t send packages of food, they literally would not eat again until Monday at school. If schools in the usa didn’t have free lunch programs, many kids would not eat. Why can’t this school have a free lunch program for these kids? Surely it couldn’t cost so much to feed these little ones…..

    • linette lee

      Where in USA do they have kids without food to eat? I have never seen it. Not in the major cities. In which state are you talking about.? The white kids or the black kids? Food is so cheap in usa. You can just walk into KFC or mcdonald and there are left over on tray. People will give it to you.
      Those kids you are talking about is not because their parents are poor and no money to feed them. Usually they are just abusive parents who neglect to feed their children. They use their money to buy alcohol and drugs instead of feeding their kids. Those parents should be jailed.

      • Kate

        You’re right and I agree. Unfortunately CPS fails a lot and it is very hard to sever parents rights without definitive proof the children are being harmed.

      • ScottLoar

        Linette Lee is correct. The USA in federal and state programs spends US$1,000,000,000,000 (yes, one trillion US$) for the 46 million US citizens living in poverty, or

        “Divide $1 trillion by 46 million and you get around $21,700 for each
        American in poverty, or nearly $87,000 for a family of four. That’s
        almost four times the $23,050 per year federal poverty line
        for that family. It’s intriguing to think about converting all of this
        to a cash payment that would instantly lift everyone in poverty up to
        the middle class.”

        Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/11/opinion/americas-ineffective-antipoverty-effort.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20121011&_r=1&

  • lacompacida

    CCP is so creative in innovating methods to lift people out of hunger and poverty.

    • Jennster

      have you heard of the cao cao story and saying? something about telling his armies there is a plum forest ahead so their morale is boosted psychologically. there is a 4 word saying.

      • lacompacida


  • Gay Azn Boi

    Nobody seems to have mentioned that the underlying problem is OVERPOPULATION. The vast majority of societal problems can be linked to overpopulation (not to mention environmental issues).

    I believe this isn’t so much a “Chinese” problem, as some seem to believe. If America, for example, had a population of 1.4 billion, it would have just as many problems as China regardless of its economic status/GDP.

    We often get the impression that lives (particularly children’s lives) are valued less in China than in Western countries. That’s 100% correct, and the reason is because there are simply TOO MANY people. For example, in China, if a person were to fall down and get hurt, he’d less likely to get help from passersby as opposed to in a Western country (generally speaking). I know that’s not politically correct but that’s how I feel. To me, it’s simple economics: the MORE you have of something, the LESS valuable it is. Same thing with people. Here’s the classic diamond vs water example. Why are diamonds more expensive than water? Because water is everywhere, but diamonds are rare.

  • wtf they are so poor its so sad, but u have to regard that there are even more worse people in the world in comparison this is a mosquito. Isnt this kind of selfish to help her instead of helping children near the death by starving?

  • Spam Musubi

    ladies and gentleman, the failures of communism.

  • PureEvilBlackMan

    Despite its impressive stats, China is quite backward in some respects. They don’t seem to have a sustainable answer for dealing with the vulnerable in society. Is there an equivalent of a social welfare system or social safety net to tackle this kind of problem? Here in Zambia the government distributes food and money to impoverished households to try to help in these kinds of instances.

  • Rick

    Most times when I am on the subway in Shanghai, if an elderly person or a pregnant person gets on the train, no one lifts a finger (or an ass) to get out of their seat and give it to them. I’ve actually started a photo album about it.

    Good luck getting food kid…

  • skeggles

    the problem is that the western people in the videos are – well – come across to me as losers in their own country. And lets get serious guys – language teachers being critical ? that is amazing as on the expat scale you don’t even rate. you boast about the money you earn in comparison – well let me tell you there are very many wealthy mainlanders – beyond your wildest dreams and the real issue is the growing disparity between the haves and have nots. And its is a very serious issue of disproportionate allocation of the collective income. if you are not in the gang – you will be poor…. that’s the real message.
    Germandudes last post hit the nail on the head. its a problem and they know it – trouble is they unleashed the monster and cant control it.

  • nulloman

    There is hunger and child poverty in the US, where 16 million are going hungry. I don’t think it’s as severe as this, but it’s not far removed.


    Love China.

  • Lila

    I want to cry seeing hungry children!

  • Ironic that old Chairman Mao was a Hunanese; heck, he never learned the national language (i.e. Beijing dialect) but instead always gave his speeches in his native tongue! But enough about that maniac.
    I really like Hunan culture. Love the food, love the people. I lived in Guangzhou, and it has a huge number of workers from Hunan, Hubei, Henan, and Hebei. I got to do a few interviews with a Hunan news channel and was invited to go spend time in the capital, but I declined, as I had work responsibilities. Lovely little girl!