Poor Couple’s Second Pregnancy Ends Up As Triplets

The first time a Zhen’an man’s wife gave birth it was to a boy, the second time it was to three boys. Nowadays, these triplets should be entering elementary school, but due to a lack of funds they must stay at home and play. When the triplets were first born, many people came to their house to try and adopt one of their children, but were refused by the paternal grandfather. Because they lived in extreme poverty, the man couldn’t afford to send the three kids to school, and hoped that a kind person would come to help. A netizen said: “the more poor the more kids people have, the more kids they have the poorer they become! You already couldn’t cover your family’s expenses, and still want to give birth a second time, isn’t giving birth to these kids asking them to suffer? Now you go about asking help from the media, is this a responsible head of household?”

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  • shoule help a bit. also let them suffer at least 70%.
    i think it’s the perfect revolution.

  • takasar1

    personally, i’d rather grow up poor but with siblings than rich but alone.

    • being poor is a sin. from childhood to after university, i never really care for money. even though i was so helpless in shanghai had to save 5 yuan meal for lunch and dinner. my dignity never ruined. coz i know my brian is full of knowledge. but after i met several men, laugh at me for being poor, especially that american dog named ed. i changed. thank to these snobby dogs, now i make good enough money everyday.
      ed, i fk ur mom.

    • KamikaziPilot

      That’s assuming you and your siblings have a relationship that makes it worth not having material things. For a lot of people that isn’t the case. Also even if you don’t have siblings you can still make friends so you won’t be lonely. So for those reason I’d rather grow up rich but without siblings.

    • David

      Having lots of siblings makes you closer as a family, even when you fight like cats and dogs. I grew up poor with 3 brothers and 4 sisters and while it was hard when we were young (being poor is always hard) as adults it is great to have so many siblings.

      • jaded

        In your experience perhaps, but experiences differ.

        • David

          Absolutely true. However, I do know many people with large families from my generation, and I would say this would be their consensus.

          • jaded

            Fair enough:)

    • Mihel

      You’d really need to have a shitty personality or zero charisma that you’d need to have siblings lest you not be alone.

      • takasar1

        and you’d need to be a soul-less f*ck with no people skills that you’d need to be alone…