Poor Hardworking Farmer Has 2400 RMB And Cellphone Stolen


One farmer about 50 years old has driven 6 or 7 hours to Zhengzhou to sell his vegetables. These past few days he’s been selling vegetables on his own and sleeping on the side of the road at night, every day only eating two steamed buns. He finally sold all 1800 kilograms of onions, but when he woke up he could only kneel and cry bitterly, because all of the 2400 RMB he’d earned In four days and four nights as well as his cell phone were all stolen. Netizens one after another have expressed sympathy, and say that that these criminals that steal from the poor should be more heavily punished.

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  • Bman

    I agree. Cuz that means on a scale, stealing from the rich would be considered a good deed.
    Fair wage for fair work for everyone. Feel free to quote me for free my brothas and sistas…

    • Vance

      Those that steal from the rich, be it a thief or a government, NEVER give it to the poor.