Porsche Buyer Demands Refund, Beseiges Dealership with Protest

A black Porsche Cayenne SUV on a flatbed truck with banners hung on it by its owner who claims it has serious quality and safety problems and wants a refund from Porsche.

A crowd of Chinese protesters beseige a Porsche car dealership and showroom in Shenzhen, China following a falling out between an owner and the brand over the return of a lemon Porsche Cayenne.

From NetEase:

Porsche accused of “quality problems”, denounced by hundreds of protestors besieging showroom

Earlier this month, the official Porsche store in Shenzhen was met with protest from over a hundred people. This incident stemmed from a Porsche owner surnamed Mei who after experienced serious quality problems just 2 months after purchasing a high-end Porsche car. According to the car owner, he nearly lost his life twice. Therefore he had to use such vigorous form of protest so that other Porsche owners will pay attention to this issue to safeguard their own safety and to prevent loss of property. At the same time, he wants to strongly protest Porsche’s lack of action regarding the handling of this issue.

Serious quality problems with a 2.7 million RMB car?

According to the car owner, within 2 month of purchasing the Porsche, his car had consistent system failures, brake failures on highways and other serious quality problems, “I almost lost my life,” said the owner of the car. After discovering the problems, the car owner and 4S store agreed to repairs, but the same issues persisted after three repairs, not solve any of the hidden dangers. According to the car owner, Porsche did not provide an explanation regarding the technical issues, and he himself does not understand the technical issues, and both sides began discussing returning the vehicle. To this day, regarding the quality issues of the Porsche, the car owner continues to speak out, while Porsche refused to comment when met by television reporters.

Twists and turns in the process of returning the car, Porsche requiring a confidential agreement, and many suspicious aspects of Porsche’s “Quality-gate”

After discussion, Porsche at first said that he could not return the car but only exchange for another. However, the owner strongly demanded to return the car as he has already lost all faith in Porsche’s quality and safety. After prolonged discussion, Porsche agreed to the unconditional return of the car but with the prerequisite that both sides must sign a confidentiality agreement, requiring the owner to not reveal the problems with the car and the details of the settlement. The owner was filled with suspicion: A world-renown automobile brand actually demanding confidentiality preventing him from disclose Porsche quality problems? But considering that his problem can finally be resolved, the owner did not press the issue further.

A crowd of Chinese protesters beseige a Porsche car dealership and showroom in Shenzhen, China following a falling out between an owner and the brand over the return and refund of a Porsche Cayenne SUV allegedly stricken with quality and safety problems.

Porsche tears up the agreement, both sides turn on each other, inciting them to “defend their rights to the end”!

After both parties agreed to the contents of the settlement, Porsche drafted the agreement, stamped it with their company seal and delivered it into the hands of the car owner for the car owner to sign and complete the agreement. The details of the two parties’ settlement were: Under condition of the car owner maintaining confidentiality, Porsche will unconditionally accept the return of the vehicle. Just as everyone thought everything was settled and within 3 hours of Porsche stamping the agreement and handing it over to the car owner, Porsche suddenly notified him: unconditional refund of the car not possible, superiors do not agree! This completely enraged the car owner surnamed Mei, becoming the trigger for this incident.

Porsche reneges on agreement and refuses to provide an explanation. Car owner and hundreds of people besiege the 4S store, fiercely fighting for their rights.

2012 January 1st, after the dissolution of the agreement between the two parties, the car owner took action, besieging the 4S store, inviting TV media for interviews, explaining what happened, while producing the confidentiality agreement and vehicle return agreement drafted and signed by Porsche and records of the three repairs to prove that Porsche did not keep their word, went back on what was promised, and at the same time publicizing the possible major quality problems in Porsches! The owner also declared he would “defend his rights to the end”! Porsche meanwhile stuck to their position of “the matter is currently under consultation and resolution” to avoid all questions about quality issues, safety issues, integrity issues, agreement issues, confidentiality issues…

Is it loopholes in the laws or is it consumer discrimination?

In recent years, there have been many automobile quality problems, but due to the complexity and sensitivity dealing with legal recognition of quality issues in the auto industry, there had been many incidents such as Toyota’s “brake pedal gate” and other cases, but these incidents were only brought to public attention and proven after they caused significant losses. In other instances, many automakers out of business interest would almost always initially refute or hide [the problems], and only when they can no longer hide the fact will they apologize for the issue. Generally speaking, in developed countries, the emphasis on quality issues and the consumer protection is a world apart from the situation in China. Therefore, the car owner thinks if this type of incident happened in Germany or America, Porsche would never handle the incident in this manner. In China, they can be dishonest, they can go back on their words, they can ignore the safety and property of the Chinese consumers, because they are prejudiced against the Chinese consumers, a sort of blatant brand prejudice! So as a Chinese person, even in the face of a large international brand such as Porsche, he must defend his rights to the end!

How will this consumer rights action end? When will Porsche come clean? Perhaps the greatest question dealing with this incident is what happened to automakers’ conscience and credibility, and whether China’s consumers have received the respect and treatment that they deserve?

A black Porsche Cayenne SUV on a flatbed truck with banners hung on it by its owner who claims it has serious quality and safety problems and wants a refund from Porsche.

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Let Porsche know that Chinese people are not that easily provoked.


I hope the car owner can find a satisfactory answer.


Nowadays there are products with quality problems everywhere… I didn’t expect cars would too.


I nearly bought a Porsche, good thing I saw this post.


Porsche out of China…out of Asia.


If Porsche plans to stay in China, they better resolve the issue sooner than later.


Domestic car [manufacturers], hurry and take over Porsche’s market share.


Porsche, have you considered how wise it is to piss off someone who can afford a 2.7 million RMB car?

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