Porsche Vs School Bus: Netizen Reactions

Porsche Vs School Bus Netizen Reactions
One piece of American news has instigated heated discussion among netizens. In Flushing New York a black Porsche hit a school bus, pushing it over ten feet. The Porsche was completely totaled but the bus didn’t even have the slightest damage. A female in the passenger seat died, and the critically injured male driver (who had been driving while intoxicated) was given to a nearby hospital for rescue. The top commenter noted that the paint on the school bus wasn’t even messed up.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Is this news because the driver was tu hao or just bagging on Porsches?

    • Necrogodomega

      Actually I’ve seen some articles around about how “awesome” and safe American school buses are especially compared to local buses. So I think it’s more about this kind “awe” in the strength of the bus rather than the drive or anyone being Chinese.

      • mr.wiener

        I saw a photo of a bus vs Humvee accident.. laughed my arse off.

        • Vance

          Who won?

          • mr.wiener

            Da bus. Hummer was toast

  • WghUk

    The driver was Chinese? Where’s the connection to China?

  • Michael & Ema

    This article was chosen because it, like all articles we post, was trending on the Chinese internet. It’s interesting which bits of American news get filtered down to the Chinese web. Maybe because this specifically happened in Flushing, which is known in New York as being a home to many mainland Chinese immigrants, or maybe Chinese netizens just like the idea of a schoolbus fending off an expensive car. Who knows!

  • vonskippy

    Poor little gold digger (the passenger).

  • i like bmw most!

    • Vance

      A BMW would still lose in a confrontation with a school bus.

    • Jahar

      I’ve recently read bmw drivers are considered to be the worst in the world. And in China, I’ve heard they are considered to be for uneducated rich people.

      • Zappa Frank

        would perfectly fit, except for the rich part..

      • but i do like bmw. i like car with high bottom as bmw. also i dislike car looks too round, bmw looks hard.

  • Amused

    More of the “American Buses Are Safe” theory? ….Do they have seat belts in the things now?

    • x1sfg

      Many school buses have always had seat belts. Kids never wore them and they’re tucked in-between the seat and the backrest. At least they did in the South.

  • Vance

    Two things: First, never ride with someone who is driving drunk. THat lady RIP. Second, the vehicle with all the children in it SHOULD be able to withstand being run into by a stupid drunk.

    • Alessio Pinna

      The impact needed to destroy a real porsche in such a way is devastating. That the bus seems almost untouched… that’s impressive.

  • Apothis

    It requires a Mack truck, Kenworth hauling logs, cement mixer or another school bus to do significant damage to an American school bus.

  • Chaz

    It’s a Cayman, not a 911. Hence not even a real Porsche…next story, please…

    • hess

      Yawn.. If anyone ever wonder what a real Porsche is, ask Chaz, he’s the expert.

  • biggj

    Anyone here live in or near Guilin?

    • i am in kunming, not far from guilin.

  • Huba_Huba

    A semi truck carrying beer hit the school bus I was riding and there wasn’t much of any damage to the bus if I remember correctly. The only injury on our side was a broken collar bone in the bus driver. I’m not sure how the other driver fared…
    No seat belts, they’d cause more harm than good and the seat cushions are designed to come off on impact and cushion the shock- it was the most comfortable crash I’ve ever been in lol