Porsche Vs School Bus: Netizen Reactions

Porsche Vs School Bus Netizen Reactions
One piece of American news has instigated heated discussion among netizens. In Flushing New York a black Porsche hit a school bus, pushing it over ten feet. The Porsche was completely totaled but the bus didn’t even have the slightest damage. A female in the passenger seat died, and the critically injured male driver (who had been driving while intoxicated) was given to a nearby hospital for rescue. The top commenter noted that the paint on the school bus wasn’t even messed up.

Source: Netease

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  1. This article was chosen because it, like all articles we post, was trending on the Chinese internet. It’s interesting which bits of American news get filtered down to the Chinese web. Maybe because this specifically happened in Flushing, which is known in New York as being a home to many mainland Chinese immigrants, or maybe Chinese netizens just like the idea of a schoolbus fending off an expensive car. Who knows!

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