Post-90s Kids Do Not Take Military Training Seriously

Chinese student playing with cell phone during military training.

Playing with a cell phone.

From Tianya: “Post-90’s New Student Military Training

September 12th at Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan 4000 new students participated in the induction ceremony involving military training. These post-90’s generation kids displayed their fastidious nature by putting on sun lotion, playing with their cell phone, and wearing painted nails…the myriad of personal displays, makes one not help it but to laugh. Because it’s the first day of training, under the officers lead, many students indicate that they will follow the military code and work hard to complete their training.

Chinese student wearing hair tie and watch during military training.

Wearing pretty hair ties.

Chinese student with painted nails during military training.

Eye-catching display of painted nails.

Chinese student with China flag pin on her hat during military training.

“Love China” button on the cap!

Chinese student improperly wearing hat and writing 'I Love You' on the ground during military training.

Writing “I love U” on the grass

Chinese students during military training. Bags and bottles on ground.

A variety of cute hand bags and bottles.

Chinese student wearing long sleeve shirt during military training.

Wearing white long sleeves in order to protect against the sun.

Comments from Tianya:

Really cute~~~

Why indiscriminately blame it on post-90’s kids, what does this have to do with the 90’s generation. We’re living in different times now.

I don’t know what is the point of military training from middle school to college. Is it just for swindling some more uniform fees?

These girls are too tender, although we will never send them to the battlefield.

This is no big deal…

Us post-80’s gen are still good.

Comments from NetEase:

We all grew up drinking San Lu, forgive them!!!

Shit! These college students are a pile of trash. Creating or modifying military uniforms are illegal, especially when wearing our own soldier’s uniforms! They can wear whatever else that show their ass and I won’t care!

What is the point of military training? I don’t understand what those experts are thinking, military training is pointless, purely a waste of time and life!!!!

The forest is big; all kinds of birds are present (in reference to people)

One generation is worst than the next!!!

Life’s journey is not all smooth sailing, if you work hard while young, it will enrich you in the future.

Who cares, it’s no big deal.

The post 90’s generation grew up during China’s economic boom. To tell you the truth, I worry for them. I don’t know if they will put country above themselves. Our country’s future belongs to them; I don’t know where they will lead it to.

Flashing a ring in one hand.


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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