Pregnant Wife Cons Young Girl for Husband’s Sexual Needs

Hu Yixuan, the 17-year-old girl from Heilongjiang province who was deceived into helping a pregnant woman home only to be sexually assauled by her husband and ultimately murdered.

Hu Yixuan, the 17-year-old girl from Heilongjiang province who was deceived into helping a pregnant woman home only to be sexually assauled by her husband and ultimately murdered.

The following Sina Weibo microblog posts are the top 5 most popular regarding the murder of a young woman at the hands of a married couple in Heilongjiang province. Combined, they have over 250k reshares/forwards and 90k comments…

From Sina Weibo:

@沈阳晚报: Jiamusi City, Girl Victim’s Last Weixin [WeChat Message]: Helping a Pregnant Auntie Home, Arrived at Her Home. Because of being unable to have sex due to being pregnant, a Jiamusi city Huanan county woman thought of finding a girl to please her husband. On the street, she encountered Little Xuan and pretended to be unwell, asking her to help her home. Waiting at home, the husband sexually assaulted her but while she was resisting, the couple suffocated her to death with blankets. This warmhearted weixin became Little Xuan’s final words…

Hu Yixuan's final Weixin/WeChat messages, a photo of Hu Yixuan, a photo of the pregnant wife who tricked her into following her home to satisfy the sexual needs of her husband.

From Sina Weibo:

@微博新鲜事: #Grieving for Angelic Girl# Heilongjiang pregnant woman Tan X, in order to satisfy husband Bai X’s sexual needs, pretended that her belly hurt to deceive 17-year-old girl Hu Yixuan into helping her to her home; At home, she deceived her into drinking yogurt mixed with hynotic drugs. After the victim lost consciousness, Bai X discovered that she was on her period, and after carrying out indecent acts with her, murdered her, and buried her body. The girl’s final WeChat message was: “Helping a pregnant auntie home, arrived at her home”. [蜡烛] To be so evil! Severely punish the murderer!

Photo of Hu Yixuan, the 17-year-old victim, photos of the couple who murdered her, and memorials in her honor.

From Sina Weibo:

白小起: There is an episode in Criminal Minds where a father takes his child to a shopping mall, has the child pretend to be lost, go up to kind-hearted women crying, say he and his dad arranged to meet in a stairwell, and ask the woman to take him there. Consequently, innumerable women were murdered. Therefore, if there’s a problem, go to the police. Never for any reason follow any one anywhere, because you don’t know what’s waiting for you there. #Good Works Should Be Premised Upon Guaranteeing One’s Safety#

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: Surveillance footage of the scene [of the crime] released! Pregnant Woman Pretends To Be Sick Deceiving Girl to Provide for Husband’s Sexual Assault, Murders Girl After Molestation. While on her way to a friend’s home, a 17-year-old encountered a pregnant woman asking her to help her to her home. The girl’s kindheartedness instead resulted in the end of a blossoming life. [泪] After helping the pregnant woman upstairs [to her home], the husband waiting at home drugged her unconscious and sexually assaulted her, as well as used blankets to suffocate her to death. In the video, one can see footage of the girl helping the pregnant woman home and the couple transporting the body after the murder.

The above video itself has been viewed over 4.8m times since it was uploaded late last night. Notable in the report is that the husband’s “attitude towards confessing to the crime is extremely poor”. The news anchor spends some time at the end expressing her own outrage.

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: Pregnant Woman Pretends To Be Sick to Help Husband Find Victim for Sexual Assault, Girl Who Helped Her Home is Murdered. On the 24th, while on her way to a friend’s home, 17-year-old girl Hu Yixuan, who lives in Huannan county of Heilongjiang province, encountered a pregnant woman pretending that her belly was hurting, asking her to help her back to her home upstairs. After helping her upstairs, the husband waiting at home wanted to sexually assault the girl. The girl was suffocated to death with a blanket by the couple while fighting back. On the 28th, the murderers were brought to justice.

Comments from Sina:


Morally bankrupt! How could there be a woman like this?


A pair of sickos, their child will be a sicko too, might as well just kill it immediately, destroy root and branch, with no descendents to remain.


I think the most vile effect of this incident is in how they exploited someone’s kindheartedness to do bad things. The most immediate result will be the damaging the idea that good deeds are rewarded while bad deeds are punished, causing people to no longer be willing and no longer dare to do good deeds. Deceiving people by exploiting their greed could even be forgiven because as long as one isn’t greedy, one won’t be deceived, but to take advantage of other people’s kindaheartedness to do evil, the negative impact on society will be too ruinous. The level of damage to society exceeds the crime itself. Although we have the right to know what happened, I don’t want this kind of news to be widely spread, because the farther it is spread, the more severe the damage will be to people’s relationships to each other in society.


The man can be immediately shot, the woman can be shot after giving birth, and the child can be given to kin.


Induce labor, then the man and woman can be executed together!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Human nature has been thoroughly trampled upon by people like this!


What does one get for one’s kindheartedness…?


Fuck, with this kind of social norms, you dare to ask people to do good deeds?! [怒]


Why not just spend some money and hire one [prostitute] to come to one’s home…? Fuck.


CNM, who the fuck will still dare to help others now? The way I see it, in this day and age, simply not having the desire to harm others already TM makes one a saint.


This couple must have bubbles [nothing] in their heads! Talk about vile. What kind of wife delivers women to their husband? Poor girl. Talk about not accumulating good karma for one’s unborn child!


In this day and age, only by being cold and indifferent can one protect oneself…


Men who can’t endure [not having sex] should be killed.


Can’t believe something as preposterous as this exists!


Kindhearted people are unable to believe just how bad/evil these kind of people can be.

The Sina Weibo hashtag topic page for this news story currently features a poll asking users: Will you still maintain your kindheartedness [willingness to help others]?. The two options are “I will, holding fast to my conscience is precisely to prevent evil from running amok” and “I won’t, I will only protect myself and my family“. At time of translation, there were nearly 30,000 votes, with nearly 3 out of 4 voters voting for the latter option.


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