Pregnant Woman Beaten Up by Supermarket for Stealing Milk

Jiang is holding an x-ray showing the bone fracture on her left arm.

Jiang is holding an x-ray showing the bone fracture on her left arm.

From NetEase:

Pregnant Woman Suspected of Stealing at Supermarket, Beaten Up By Group of Men

November 20, while shopping at a supermarket in Guangzhou’s Baiyunxin city, Ms. Jiang was suspected of having stolen a can of dried powdered milk, and then dragged by several supermarket employees into a small room and beaten, causing a bone fracture in her left arm. Picture [above] is of Ms. Jiang holding up an x-ray of the bone fracture in her left arm.

The bruise left on Jiang’s back after she was beaten.

The bruise left on Ms. Jiang’s back after she was beaten.

Jiang is grabbing a supermarket employee and claiming that he had beaten her.

Jiang is grabbing a supermarket employee and claiming that he had beaten her.

Ms. Jiang at the supermarket where the incident happened, grabbing a supermarket employee claiming that he had beaten her too.

Comments from NetEase:

我们养的猪还少吗 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

No money or position [in society], if you were beaten then you were beaten, what can you do about it?

xdong369 [网易广东省梅州市网友]:

Don’t just go around physically attacking people for whatever reason, that’s just like running dogs.

网易浙江省绍兴市网友 ip:124.160.*.*:

The people created by this garbage system, the lower and more oppressed you are in society, the more viciously you oppress others on on the bottom! Motherfucking, even laying hands on a pregnant woman!

撸撸更健康啊 [网易北京市丰台区网友]:

Even if the pregnant women had stolen something, there’s no need to beat her, you can just go to the local police and sort it out.

网易上海市长宁区网友 ip:116.236.*.*:

Yet again Guangdong, just look at those monkeys’ faces, such garbage.

为正义奋斗 [网易广东省中山市网友]:

Loathsome thief! The sons or daughters raised by people like this will definitely be no better!

沙漠船王 [网易湖北省宜昌市网友]:

Just because they had suspicions, they were willing to be so ruthless, talk about being way too unreasonable.

壮汉一名 [网易江西省南昌市网友]:

A very simple principle — Men hitting women is simply shameful, much less a group [of men] beating a single woman.

dfsdfdsdtg [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Not to mention a pregnant woman…

竹泓 [网易浙江省绍兴市网友]:

Solving problems by beating up people, isn’t this a certain group of people’s method? Isn’t it belittling their own value?

From Sina:

Pregnant Woman Caught Stealing Milk Powder at Supermarket, Claims She Was Beaten for Half an Hour Causing Miscarriage


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Claims she stole milk powder for her 9-month-old child because her family situation is difficult

According to Ms. Jiang, she walked into the supermarket that evening at about 7, and while checking out, she had bought more than 20 yuan of snacks, but had hid a can of powdered milk with a 208 yuan price tag in her bag. According to a preliminary investigation by the police, Jiang triggered the alarm when she walked through the supermarket security door, and was stopped by the supermarket employees when she tried to make a run for it, discovering a can of milk powder in her bag that had not been paid for.

Ms. Jiang says her family’s economic situation is difficult, and that three days before the incident happened, she had come to Guangzhou alone from Hunan, wanting to find a fellow villager for work. When she entered the supermarket, she had a total of 200 yuan left on her.

Ms. Jiang admitted that she made the mistake of stealing. She said the milk powder was for her 9-month-old child at home, “just a theft of the moment”.


Taken to a small room with no surveillance cameras

Surveillance footage shows that at 7:23pm, an employee took Jiang into the storage room. There was no surveillance camera in the storage room. Ms. Jiang says that she was locked up in the room by the loss prevention employee, then 5 men came in afterwards, wearing no uniforms, demanding that her family send 3000 kuai to get her back.

Ms. Jiang gave two phone numbers, which belong to her sister and sister’s husband who work in Guangzhou. She got her sister’s number wrong and the person on the other end of the phone denied knowing her. Her sister’s husband answered the phone, but mistook it as a scam, and hung up the phone as well. This Southern Metropolis reporter dialed these two numbers, and the people who answered the phone both confirmed that on November 20 at about 8pm, they received calls claiming “your sister stole something, bring 3,000 kuai to get her back”, but both ignored the calls.

“He thought I was lying to him, and started beating me.” Ms. Jiang recalled that at least 3 people came into the room successively afterward. Someone took out two very heavy wooden clubs from a room, and hit her with them, and someone pulled her hair, pressed her against a pile of bagged rice, and kicked her back. Throughout this, she had begged the employees for forgiveness, saying she was already 2-months pregnant.

Ms. Jiang claims the beating continued for half an hour, with the beaters then calling the police to have them take her away. She asked the police to take her to the hospital to be examined, but the police did not agree, their reason being that taking a CT would affect the baby’s health.


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Signs surgical agreement, consenting to [not holding hospital responsible for effects on her baby]

Feeling her lower body was bleeding and that the life of the baby might be in jeopardy, Jiang went to Guangzhou Xin City Hospital for a CT scan the next morning, by herself and still concealing pregnant condition. “When the mother is injured like this, you can’t worry about the baby.” Afterwards, the hospital suggested that she have a miscarriage.

The hospital diagnosis showed that [Jiang] has a bone fracture on the middle part of her left radius, and an avulsion fracture on her left ulnar. Last night [November 24], Jiang checked into the hospital and the hospital reminded her that the surgery might cause birth defects. Ms. Jiang, helpless, consented to [not holding the hospital responsible for effects on her baby].


Comments from Sina:


Already has one [child], yet gets pregnant again, definitely violating the one-child policy, and should be punished for both her crimes.


Why steal powdered milk?? Stealing just because her family is poor? Jut because your family is poor, stealing can be forgiven? Already having difficulties raising one child, why is she again 2-months pregnant? This woman thief, think for your baby if not for yourself…


Thieves should be beaten, stop using your babies/children as excuses, it’s her own moral character problem. There are many poor people in China, are each and every one of them stealing?


Supermarket thieves should be heavily punished! Set an example for the others! This is a group of people, this is how they live, and they are simply this shameless — either they’re pregnant or they bring a young child to steal, without fear of being caught, secure in the belief that others can’t do anything to them!! Don’t believe her crocodile tears! So loathsome!


I’ve been stolen from by thieves 10 times already. I’m fed up with these social garbage. I hope those who catch a thief will beat him/her to death, because those who want to reap without sowing deserve to pay a price [for it].


Deserves it! Old thieves give birth to little thieves, a scourge of society!


This kind of person beaten to miscarriage is a good thing, otherwise the child she gives birth to will also be a thief, so we should thank the people who beat her, for helping the country get rid of a bad person.


This report is biased. Media interfering with the administration of justice is a key factor in causing social instability.


A 9-month-old baby at home, again 2-months pregnant, yet claims her family is poor, and stealing because she’s poor. If everyone were like this, how many thieves would there be in China! With this kind of people, even if the beating turns out to be true, she till deserves it, [and in fact] her hands should’ve been cut off, so she can never steal again.


They’re all liars, trying to win other people’s sympathy, and whether or not she was really 2-months pregnant is unknown. Reporters, you must see things clearly! Don’t be fooled.

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