Prehistoric “Fairy Shrimp” Found in Pool on Suzhou Balcony

Prehistoric “Fairy Shrimp” Found in Pool on Suzhou Balcony

A Suzhou resident recently found a prehistoric shrimp species known as “Fairy Shrimp” in a small pond on the balcony of her 4th storey apartment. As she was tidying up the area around the pond, she noticed several strange creatures in the water. They were swimming belly-up and had multiple pairs of fuzzy arms on each side of their bodies. Experts suspect the shrimp came from eggs in the soil in her pond, which she took from Lvliang Mountain, saying that “Fairy Shrimp” eggs have a protective shell around them, allowing them to remain stagnate for thousands of years until the appropriate conditions for hatching appear.

Source: Tencent

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