Premature Baby Boy Mistaken As Dead Baby Girl Discarded in Toilet

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses mistake premature baby boy as dead baby girl, discarding it in the toilet.

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses mistake premature baby boy as dead baby girl, discarding it in the toilet.

From NetEase:

Hospital discards premature boy baby as dead girl baby in toilet

Summary: October 26th, Liu Dongmei gave birth to a premature baby at a hospital in Foshan of Guangdong province, whom nurses told the family was a girl and had died, and had placed the infant into a plastic bag thrown into the toilet/bathroom. Relatives that arrived afterward noticed that the infant was still moving, and that it was a baby boy. Afterward, the hospital’s relevant officials admitted that the doctor involved did not use any instruments to determine [gender and vitals], and had only made a judgement in accordance with his experience. At present, after a week of treatment, the baby boy’s condition is good.

From Sina:

Nurses mistake premature baby boy’s gender and discards it in the restroom as a dead baby

October 26th morning, Foshan city Nanhai district Red Cross Society Hospital, Liu Dongmei gave birth to a baby under the help of two nurses. The nurses told the family that it was a baby girl, was already dead when born, and had placed the infant into a plastic bag discarded in the bathroom. Relatives who quickly arrived over half an hour later requested to see [the baby], only to discover that the “dead baby” was actually still moving, and was a baby boy. That day, after the family discovered that the baby was still alive, they filmed a video showing the nurse running into the bathroom to clean the baby’s forehead and carry it out for treatment. Mixed in the video are the infant’s family’s angry rebukes and denunciations, but the nurses made didn’t make a sound.

Comments from NetEase:


Would dead [babies] be thrown in a bathroom to be dealt with? Clearly this is wrong. I think [they] wanted to secretly keep it to be sold to human traffickers! Otherwise why would they conceal the baby’s gender!!?

明天到操场操到天明 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The doctor is utterly shameless, completely heartless, without a sense of responsibility. Try them for murder! To be used as a warning for others!

一叶知秋临 [网易广东省网友]:

Fuck~ Even if it sadly died prematurely~ you still can’t treat it as trash~~

燕子32436263 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

How [a dead baby] is to be handled is still the parents’ matter, what standing did the doctor and nurses have to discard it as garbage, what right did they have?!!!


Just like that, Foshan becomes famous. First it was the 18 indifferent passersby, now its Red Cross nurses! What a civilized city! —– Isn’t this a joke?


Chinese people are truly hopeless now… Sigh, if I have the ability, I’d definitely emigrate…

cscss [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

There sure are a lot of strange things today, totally unheard of, fucking incredible.

民了个主 [网易北京市网友]:

Foshan city Nanhai district Red Cross hospital… Just looking at this name I know they’re capable of doing this kind of thing! [refers to recent negative news involving both Foshan such as the Case of Yue Yue and the Red Cross Society such as the Guo Meimei Controversy.]

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses mistake premature baby boy as dead baby girl, discarding it in the toilet.

From ifeng:

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Nanhai Red Cross Society Hospital: The decision to save the baby’s life must depend on whether or not there is value in saving it

Yesterday morning, many doctors from Nanhai Red Cross Society Hospital Gynaecology and Obstetrics’s Department remained silent on this matter, and Liu Dongmei’s primary doctor Wu even more so refused interviews.

Yesterday afternoon, the Medical Affairs Bureau Director and Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department Director Huang Lichuan told this reporter that the hospital is currently in discussions with the family, that there hasn’t been a final result, and that the hospital is still investigating the details. She hopes that through legal forensic determination and third-party investigation to determine whether or not the hospital has any responsibility or how much responsibility the hospital must bear.

Director Huang says that according to the records of the doctor in charge, the baby did not have a heartbeat after it was born, was not breathing, nor did it cry. “This was the doctor using his experience in making a subjective judgement that the baby was on dead/dying.” She admits that the doctor did not use medical instruments in the determination. “This child was only 32 weeks, of insufficient weight, didn’t cry or move when it came out, and the body was already blue, so judging by experience this child was dead.”

If the infant did not have a heartbeat, why didn’t they immediately try to rescue/resuscitate? Director Huan believes that this depends on whether or not the child is worth saving: “At the time, the parents also didn’t proactively request that it be saved.”

Comments from ifeng:

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凤凰网巴西网友 chiehrueyan:

Motherfuckers, doctors doing inhuman things, saying inhuman things!
What do you mean the family didn’t proactively request emergency treatment?!
What kind of hospital is this? What kind of doctors?! What kind of Red Cross Society?!
Fuck you!!!! Scum raised by dog cunts!


Why did the say the boy was a girl? Why didn’t they use instruments to determine if the baby was dead or alive? Why did they put the baby in the bathroom? The hospital must have [sinister] designs/plans.

凤凰网天津市河西区网友 司伊安:

Baby traffickers all operate this way.
Trafficking in placentas for the production of health products is the day-to-day business of hospitals and baby traffickers.

凤凰网河北省秦皇岛市网友 河北抚宁:

I speculate that the nurses wanted to sell the infant, the reasons being: They obviously knew it was boy baby but said it was a girl baby; knew it was alive but said it was dead; They took too long to get medicine, so there is suspicion of secret discussion; and there are baby trafficking businesses in that local area. Recommendation?: That the public security bureau enter the investigation and perhaps they can solve a case. This is my personal views, please consider.

凤凰网广东省深圳市福田区网友 xlucky2010:

Once again its the Red Cross~~ I’m thoroughly speechless now. This is a miracle, whether you believe or not, I believe.
Doctors are supposed to be angels that save and help people, but now they’ve become murdering devils. For Doctors that treat life with such contempt like this, the lives of the rabble are worthless!


There is cause to suspect [the hospital staff] using their power to sell babies, first being how can a [pregnancy] delivery nurse not know how to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl? If she doesn’t know if it is a boy or a girl, why then tell the birth mother that it was a girl, and then say the baby died? Yet in the end, the baby is both a boy and had not died. Strongly support the baby’s parents demanding a thorough investigation of this matter.

凤凰网安徽省阜阳市网友 fysdxlym:

Shocking! This kind of doctor should have his qualifications taken away. This kind of of hospital should be overhauled/reorganized.


As a mother, I’m extremely upset with by this. Fortunately, it is only because the child is okay that I was able to calm down a bit. A bunch of beasts wearing white coats have tarnished the good name of angels in white [nurses].

凤凰网江苏省苏州市网友 姑苏二月鸟:

There must be a conspiracy, some secret that cannot be revealed.


Doctors these days are very niu, and the nurses are even more niu. If it weren’t for the family wanting to see, over ten thousand kuai would’ve been made [by the hospital for selling the baby].

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 lilonghua11:

Clear-eyed people can all see, this nurses were planning to take the child and sell it.

What do you think? Careless mistake or sinister plot?

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Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses discard a living baby boy in the toilet, mistaking it as a dead baby girl.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Snarl

    …as I read from my baby killing sofa.

    • Just John

      Well, people said they were looking for a solution to the 7 billion people problem…

      • Irvin

        But I don’t agree with this method for a solution.

        • Brett Hunan

          I seriously hope that no one does.

  • Jesus

    China and Chinese pple are gonecase civilisation. The only way is for them to reach out to democracy and receive proper education. Damn those communisim teaching. It is noble but will never works!

    • Bruce Tutty

      economic systems all have their place, but dictatorships destroy all the positive feedback needed to balance each system

  • Song of the Article

    Heart Beat

    I lived in Foshan
    hated it!

    • Alan

      I lived in Foshan
      hated it!

      I second that statement! It is a big pit of a place…

      I like your style of tunes though man, bloodhound gang, now this!

    • rollin wit 9’s

      I know this is your territory K-man so Ill keep it short.

      Game of the article


  • DRaY


    • Andy

      Agreed !!
      If it wasn’t for all the disgusted comments from Chinese in the article then I would assume that Chinese people had no hope of moral redemption.

      We all know Chinese ‘Doctors’ could never get a job even cleaning dustbins in the US or Europe, they are just Sales-Reps for the drug companies.

      • [email protected]

        Nicely put, Andy.

        And It sounds also like an attempted child-trafficking story. At least based on what the local netizens commented.

      • Boris

        Could you make your generalisations a bit more sweeping, please?
        Open your curtains and let the sunshine in!

        • [email protected]

          If I lived in a city which had sunshine I would, Boris

      • Tengu

        Moment, moment.

        I live in Boston with very high-quality Medical Hospitals, Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals.

        Lot of Chinese, Indian and other Asian doctors in very highly specialized disciplines.

        I had medical treatment in Canada twice, Chinese doctors. One was a Plastic Surgeon who stitched my face, only work on me with virtually no scarring

        Also a massive pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation industry in Boston…guess who?

        • MeiDaxia

          i think you just made his point abundantly clear. Those doctors you mentioned AREN’T the ones in China… He’s speaking about the Chinese doctors at Chinese hospitals in China…

          • Tengu

            Hmmmmm… may have a point.

            The ones i met have been educated in on the Mainland in Chinese Medical Schools, then passed the boards in the USA…in English, not hard to do.

            So are you saying there’s a “brain drain” where the good doctors leave for other countries and the “less gifted” remain?

            I may have proven his point!

    • mr. weiner

      Aparently you put a lot of thought into this, Remind me not to annoy you.

      • Tengu

        I found myself saying “AND, AND, AND, AND…” at the end of reading that.

  • hooots

    “Chinese people are truly hopeless now… Sigh, if I have the ability, I’d definitely emigrate…”

    “Chinese Rich are Keen to Emigrate”

    “If China Is an Economic Miracle, Why Are Their Millionaires Leaving?”

    “Many Rich Chinese Consider Leaving”

    • Bruce Tutty

      Why do they think the rest of the world wants them, if this is what they do to their home?

  • Andao

    Yeah, if the baby dies during childbirth, we put it in the bathroom.


  • typingfromwork

    “At the time, the parents also didn’t proactively request that it be saved.”

    That doesn’t mean you don’t try and save it you dumb fucks! People in such situations generally don’t know what to do and will rely on experts to advice them. In this case the “expert” was obviously more keen to get on his tea break than save a life.

    • Brett Hunan

      There is a great TED talk given about the use (or misuse) of experts in the world today.

      Frankly put, don’t rely on them like their word is set in stone.

      • Tengu

        This was a great link, although I started to sweat and want to put on a white shirt and tie when the first thing to appear was the logo of my alma mater.

        My heart rate is down now.

  • jon

    So lucky. He would have been sold. They say it’s a girl so the family doesn’t want to save it. A boy is worth more sold. This is clear human trafficking by the hospital.

    • Foreign Devil

      It’s funny that none of the Chinese commentators question this. . they all silently agree that a boy is worth more. If it where a girl the whole thing would not be such a big deal.

    • bomber

      It might actually be worse than that. When I showed the article to my wife, she the first thing that came from her mouth was 他们想把它吃掉了。(Not the Hospital staff, but it would be sold to someone for that purpose.)

      I know that sounds crazy, but some of these bizarre beliefs still persist in certain circles. The reason she thought this was because they stuffed it into a plastic bag. A baby they intend to steal / sell for adoptive purposes would have been handled with more care.

  • Amazed

    Not surprised, as we all know. China is not free. This is small shit compared to other atrocities that go unreported because of how people are raised to be scared of everything. The American and Canadian governments love this. They want us to be as scared as the Chinese. Thank god our education encourages us to question authority and that we have the right to bear arms! Please encourage your kids to think freely and justly people of Canada and America. Our kids are our hope for the future. If our governments had their way we would all be this scared and have to live like animals. I feel sorry for these people.

    • Irvin

      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, governments are just gangs that got bigger. Every aspect of a gang is also in a government and vice versa.

      Even the general goal and operations are the same. Fight and protect their territory, try to avoid (mob) wars if possible, Some gangs even call their gang members “soldiers”.

      UN is just a meeting between mob bosses that owns a country and Tax from the government is not so different from “protection fees” retailer pay gangs.

    • Boris

      Have I just entered the Twilight Zone? In the words of the bard, ‘I sit betwixt two stools’.

  • redmini

    how could the doctor not be able to tell the difference between a girl and a boy??? and how could he not tell the difference between dead and alive?!!

    unbelievable. friggin’ unbelievable.

  • dilladonuts

    The same shit happens in America, dumb ghetto bitches throw their babies in the dumpster. Stupid people everywhere.

    • GodsHammer

      Think about that for a second. Some under-educated, poor, lowly unfit for motherhood female has a baby and discards…vs…qualified doctors and nurses (MEDICARE PROFESSIONALS) misreading the babies LIFESIGNS and GENDER? Gimme a break… no way you are that __________ that you think there is any parallel here.

      • TAKE5

        Hammer i must admit you are 100% on the money with your comments on this.

        Also when we here about a baby being discarded in usa it’s mostly a lower to middle class family. It’s teenagers that got in trouble. It is not the “ghetto poor” and even if it was give me a break you can’t even compare it to whats going on in china.

        When you give birth in china the family is worried that someone will steal the baby…ridiculous but it’s a reality for them. These chinese women are victims.

        • Tengu

          I’m with you two, if you’re ghetto/white trash poor, getting knocked up at 14 may carry less of a social stigma.

          Generalization coming – it may be more socially acceptable since it’s a cyclical lifestyle going back a few generations.

          It’s that “lower to middle class family” area where it’s a social stigma.

          Also happens at very upscale places in the USA, one time it was a high-end high school prom. Girl had it in the bathroom, left it in the trash.

          I would blame it on a lack of sex education, kids in the US are less apt to use condoms than their counterparts in the Netherlands for example.

          Being sexually active, is not pushed under the carpet in the Netherlands, whereas in there US there is still a very puritanical attitude about sex and sex-education causing a dearth of dialogue between kids and parents.

          No communication is dangerous…

    • dilladonuts

      maybe i didn’t word myself correctly, my point is that there are dumb stupid bitches everywhere.

      The nurse is supposed to be a professional, but she’s more like a stupid bitch. You didn’t know stupid people run this world? lol

  • roger dodger

    It is already hard to comprehend how a hosp.tal, can mistake a live baby for dead come on seriously, Maybe the doctor has some sort of supernatural powers in which he could just tell if some one is alive.
    But to then throw the baby in the toilet…seriously? is this is the so called new modern China, you don’t dispose of a baby in a toilet.

    • jeffli

      Sack this doctor! put him in Mudanjiang or Qinghai making copy DVDs for the rest of his life!
      He’s not a Obstetricians Arsehole!
      You compare China’s doctors with other countries doctors, In China there is so much corruption and evil in the medical system you could turn blue listening to true stories!
      but everybody needs an “injection” at the hospital! Hell If I was running a drug company wanting to run non-ethical trials ,..,,.,. bingo lets do it in China. Hippocratic oath? meh. thats greek shit! Money Money Money …..ok we get the message but you don’t have to kill to get it!
      What is China becoming? (or it has always been like this and we’re just too polite?)
      Chinese kill their Children!
      aborted babies dumped and floating down the river in Shandong
      little children being repeatedly slain, run over, bashed to death and no-one gets punished.
      This place is a mental zombie asylum!

    • acheron

      Not surprised.
      I read so many threads talking abt how crazy some Chinese people are. Feel shame on these people, life doesnt worth a penny to them.

  • Rick in China

    What surprises me most is the family, noticing the baby was alive, decided to flip on a video recording……..I think it’s very insightful to the mentality, I presume it was something like “film it, we can *prove* malpractice, and get compensation”…

    Next, “mistook it as a baby girl” – wow…. a doctor who determined death wasn’t able to identify the baby’s *gender*. Clearly he did a very thoughtful and careful examination! “Woop, looks a little blue, toss it in a plastic bag and throw it in a toilet.” Wow.

    One can only hope the child lives, is put up for adoption, and gets the opportunity to emigrate while his parents sit here in poverty.

    • Stimpy

      Um, why the harshness on the parents?!

      • Boris

        Rick’s haemorrhoids have flared up again this past week.

        • Tengu

          I’m kind of intrigued and horrified by the “baby trafficking” theories.

          Mine are killing me too!

          • mr. weiner

            It’s the only valid theory you could really put forward , except for sheer bloody minded stupidity I can’t think of any other reason. I’m still scratching my head and thinking “Only in Foshan”.
            Oh by the way, one of my comments concerning “north African soldier rapists in Italy” is being moderated. Does this mean I posted something really offensive?

          • Tengu

            Logistically snatching a newborn would have to involve complicity on so many levels, it’s a bit disturbing.

          • Tengu

            Not sure I’ve ever seen you post anything offensive, then again, I’m a fan and the bar is set pretty low since what I consider gentle banter leaves a lot of people on the floor, in a fetal position (relevant to article), foaming at the mouth.

          • Chef Rocco

            Good hunch, Tengu. The police just busted a huge human trafficking ring in the eastern China, see today’s news:


            Whoever did it must have been motivated by 50000 yuan. If I were police, I would invite the hospital staff to drink tea with me one by one…

          • Tengu

            @Chef Rocco.
            Nothing surprises me any more.

            17 Newborns need food, water, heat, care…there’s a lot of people involved. Hope they find the others, but I assume they’re long gone by now that’s 120,000-200,000RMB in value.

            Think of how many just slip away, get snatched from the street and how many parents just accept the “We’re sorry to tell you this…”

            There’s been an uptick in human trafficking in Thailand due to the flooding.

    • acheron

      I read postings on forums say the nurse wanna sell the baby boy, thats why she said the baby’s a girl…

  • B-real

    doctors in China are farmers with sharp instruments. Thanks to MAO real education doesn’t exist for the these village dwelling idiots.

  • AD23

    This gives new meaning to the saying “throw the baby out with the bathwater”

  • SuperHappyCow

    I need to buy a sofa, fauna, but they’re super pricey out here in LA.

    Can you email me these articles before hand kthx

  • dim mak

    Even if she/he was dead, dead babby doesn’t go in toilet :\

  • Mark

    This website makes me cry for China and her daughters and sons:
    I came to China being told, Chinese people were the kindest in the world, the motherland of all heart and soul of her sons and daughters.
    This website has changed my views and my thoughts.
    Are your comments typical of the average Chinese person?

    Baby ran over, comments come back of demanding justice but not action.
    Chinese daughter raped, comments of no action will be done due to the persons rank in life
    a few bad foreigners making girl comments, comments of what western people think is pretty are ugly to chinese. More comments to western bad guys, than to a baby being ran over??????
    Whats happened to the sons and daughters of China????
    The people and the comments on this site are a disgrace to the average son or daughter of China. You all blame western influence but take no fault in your own actions.
    Its time to reflect on your own thoughts and comments. Take blame and fault for your own actions, or lack of actions. Mend your hearts.
    Every country can fall down, its up to its people to choose weather to get back up on the horse again and ride on.
    This website, is it the true view of great China and is sons and daughters???? I pray that it is NOT

    • Foreign Devil

      If you make your impression of people from forums you will quickly come to despise all nations equally.

  • B

    China..does it again.

    • coala banana

      yes, china does it again, and so does the rest of the world, again and again.

      This kind of incident and how bad it was executed by the people involved might apply more to china then any other country, BUT what about the babies in western countries which are thrown into garbage containers from time to time (happens even in europe where everyones life and dignity is protected by the law, you can’t or feel you can’t take care of a baby, well the government will and will pay for it), some still prefer to throw them away.

      What about child rape and even “sex” with babies, parents video taping it and spreading it over the internet ? THAT seems to be an exclusive western symptom !!!

      How about the countless cases of street children in south america abducted and taken the organs out to sell them to rich americans ? Thats a huge and very profitable industry out there ?

      how about the castes system in india, where when a child is born in the wrong cast it is doomed to become a prostitute and nothing else.

      Evil things happen everywhere, and i don’t know whats worse, this individual cases in china which are executed in such a dumb fashion and can be (if there is a will) uncovered quite easily , OR all the well organized million and billion dollar criminal industry cases in other countries.

      This is a human problem, of individuals which put their greed for money over the well being of another human being, and not a problem of one particular country and ethnic group. The only sad thing i see, is that china and its government DO HAVE the power to prevent such things happen and push such cases down to a minimum, but will, as usual, not do anything. It will always be “not my concern, didn’t happen to me”. A red pack and obligatory apology will settle this case too.

      What never fails to amaze me in this country is the style of excuses people can come up with when they are caught.

    • guizi

      Yes, China did something weird. Not Fiji did something.

      China has a population of 1.4 billion, and is still a poor country. So there happens lots of crimes and weird things. Fiji, with a population of less than one million, cannot see such a many crimes, so weird news does not come from Fiji often. This is entirely because of the population size.

      I am sure there are weird incidents in Fiji too. But because of its tiny size, we dont hear them often.
      But from China, because of its super size, we hear weird thing very often. Very simple.

      Also China is still a developing country, it became relatively rich just recently. In developed countries, people basically have enough belongings already. But in China, this is not the case.

      So, yes, China did it again. But dont bash China so easily. If we look up statistics closely, your country might have worse crime rate per 10000 people. Who knows?

      And China is still a poor country, so crimes will happen more than rich countries. If you live in a rich country, and your country’s crime rate is the same as China, its a shame for your country. I think the crime rate in rich countries should be much smaller than that of poor countries, perhaps less than half or one third.


    Life is cheap to the Chinaman unless it can make you rich……

    • Irvin

      Having the largest population in the world contradicts your statement. “Chinaman” does cherish their offspring.

      However life is cheap in china because it’s so abundant, not because it will make one rich or not. I only hope these simple logic can register in that head of yours.

      • Tengu

        Well, we saw “negroes” recently, now “Chinaman”.

        What century is this?

  • Dan Danger

    “…that the doctor involved did not use any instruments to determine [gender and vitals], and had only made a judgement in accordance with his experience.”

    Nice to know that a trained doctor here can’t tell what a dick looks like.

  • Meow-Mix

    “. . . to determine whether or not the hospital has any responsibility or how much responsibility the hospital must bear.”

    Is that a JOKE?? The hospital has ALL the responsibility of throwing that poor thing into a toilet, covered in a plastic bag! Don’t hire unqualified physicians. I’m so disgusted…

  • acheron

    Foshan again???
    I heard that the hospital already fired the section chief and deputy director…the baby boy was transfered to another hospital.

  • Alex

    What? ummm… is this standard protocol in China? Stillborn babies are ‘discarded’? I am so confused. In normal countries, such as here in Canada, families give their dead children (be in a 1 minute old new born….or older) a proper burial. I am really scratching my head over this news. It must be fake. It just has to be. I understand the child is OK afterwards, but let’s assume for argument’s sake that the “doctor” was correct that the child was dead – standard procedures actually say “place child in plastic bag and discard it inside the bathroom”. What a disgrace. And this is the country that actually thinks that the “Chinese Century” is a reality?

  • Chadwick

    In the toilet…seriously!? Is there no compassion for the remains of a human being?

  • Unfortunately, this is more likely to be a mistake…
    One of many mistakes so characteristic to the Middle Kingdom :(

  • akuma

    Another f’d up incident in Foshan, seriously, where’s the dignity in those people? Leave the body in the toilet? I’m so disgusted by this!

  • Cleo

    Just think of all the public pity-me reports of Masako’s miscarriages that were really abortions because the Japanese are ultrasound illiterate.

  • 平凡人

    The basic fundamental problem voice down to “moral values”; be it trying to sell or a mistake. This is a big issue here as people become more practical and materialistic; who gives the shit about moral values.

  • Jay

    wow! I don’t know what to say!!!

  • The children have been lucky not to end up as a soup dish .Chinese people do fight like dogs for a fetus.they consider it to be good for their skin .and before you argue about what I am saying consider that i can prove it .there are plenty of videos online about such atrocities .

  • anon101

    As I was there at my own daughters birth (all 18 lovely hours of it) along with 1 week before and 1 week after (in my wifes home village) all I can say is where the hell was the father? why didnt the mother notice the baby was alive (unless under C section then I can understand, but if it was a C section, where was father? clearly not watching out for his family)

    Also, if the baby was put in a bag and thrown into the room, it will probably have brain damage now (hard floors) and was probably close to suffocation..

  • Julianne2577

    This is almost like The Grudge movie….

  • Suspicious

    The nurse seems to be picking the infant up from the floor of the bathroom so I don’t think it was in the toilet or waste can. After the relatives noticed it was still moving, the staff had to come up with a story. My opinion? Like someone already mentioned, they may have been planning to sell the baby boy. They tell the mother she had a baby “girl”…. people don’t want girls so they figure she won’t be mourned or missed too much. It’s a valuable baby boy though worth lots of money and they’ll just switch it for a dead baby when they can.

  • Jen0408

    This behavior is appalling! Thank goodness the family stepped in and checked the baby themselves. I dare not say what I would have done if I were this precious boy’s mother. My son is my whole life. The thought of someone taking a mother’s son from her and lying about it being a dead baby girl is outrageous!