Premature Baby Boy Mistaken As Dead Baby Girl Discarded in Toilet

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses mistake premature baby boy as dead baby girl, discarding it in the toilet.

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses mistake premature baby boy as dead baby girl, discarding it in the toilet.

From NetEase:

Hospital discards premature boy baby as dead girl baby in toilet

Summary: October 26th, Liu Dongmei gave birth to a premature baby at a hospital in Foshan of Guangdong province, whom nurses told the family was a girl and had died, and had placed the infant into a plastic bag thrown into the toilet/bathroom. Relatives that arrived afterward noticed that the infant was still moving, and that it was a baby boy. Afterward, the hospital’s relevant officials admitted that the doctor involved did not use any instruments to determine [gender and vitals], and had only made a judgement in accordance with his experience. At present, after a week of treatment, the baby boy’s condition is good.

From Sina:

Nurses mistake premature baby boy’s gender and discards it in the restroom as a dead baby

October 26th morning, Foshan city Nanhai district Red Cross Society Hospital, Liu Dongmei gave birth to a baby under the help of two nurses. The nurses told the family that it was a baby girl, was already dead when born, and had placed the infant into a plastic bag discarded in the bathroom. Relatives who quickly arrived over half an hour later requested to see [the baby], only to discover that the “dead baby” was actually still moving, and was a baby boy. That day, after the family discovered that the baby was still alive, they filmed a video showing the nurse running into the bathroom to clean the baby’s forehead and carry it out for treatment. Mixed in the video are the infant’s family’s angry rebukes and denunciations, but the nurses made didn’t make a sound.

Comments from NetEase:


Would dead [babies] be thrown in a bathroom to be dealt with? Clearly this is wrong. I think [they] wanted to secretly keep it to be sold to human traffickers! Otherwise why would they conceal the baby’s gender!!?

明天到操场操到天明 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The doctor is utterly shameless, completely heartless, without a sense of responsibility. Try them for murder! To be used as a warning for others!

一叶知秋临 [网易广东省网友]:

Fuck~ Even if it sadly died prematurely~ you still can’t treat it as trash~~

燕子32436263 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

How [a dead baby] is to be handled is still the parents’ matter, what standing did the doctor and nurses have to discard it as garbage, what right did they have?!!!


Just like that, Foshan becomes famous. First it was the 18 indifferent passersby, now its Red Cross nurses! What a civilized city! —– Isn’t this a joke?


Chinese people are truly hopeless now… Sigh, if I have the ability, I’d definitely emigrate…

cscss [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:

There sure are a lot of strange things today, totally unheard of, fucking incredible.

民了个主 [网易北京市网友]:

Foshan city Nanhai district Red Cross hospital… Just looking at this name I know they’re capable of doing this kind of thing! [refers to recent negative news involving both Foshan such as the Case of Yue Yue and the Red Cross Society such as the Guo Meimei Controversy.]

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses mistake premature baby boy as dead baby girl, discarding it in the toilet.

From ifeng:

Nanhai Red Cross Society Hospital: The decision to save the baby’s life must depend on whether or not there is value in saving it

Yesterday morning, many doctors from Nanhai Red Cross Society Hospital Gynaecology and Obstetrics’s Department remained silent on this matter, and Liu Dongmei’s primary doctor Wu even more so refused interviews.

Yesterday afternoon, the Medical Affairs Bureau Director and Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department Director Huang Lichuan told this reporter that the hospital is currently in discussions with the family, that there hasn’t been a final result, and that the hospital is still investigating the details. She hopes that through legal forensic determination and third-party investigation to determine whether or not the hospital has any responsibility or how much responsibility the hospital must bear.

Director Huang says that according to the records of the doctor in charge, the baby did not have a heartbeat after it was born, was not breathing, nor did it cry. “This was the doctor using his experience in making a subjective judgement that the baby was on dead/dying.” She admits that the doctor did not use medical instruments in the determination. “This child was only 32 weeks, of insufficient weight, didn’t cry or move when it came out, and the body was already blue, so judging by experience this child was dead.”

If the infant did not have a heartbeat, why didn’t they immediately try to rescue/resuscitate? Director Huan believes that this depends on whether or not the child is worth saving: “At the time, the parents also didn’t proactively request that it be saved.”

Comments from ifeng:

凤凰网巴西网友 chiehrueyan:

Motherfuckers, doctors doing inhuman things, saying inhuman things!
What do you mean the family didn’t proactively request emergency treatment?!
What kind of hospital is this? What kind of doctors?! What kind of Red Cross Society?!
Fuck you!!!! Scum raised by dog cunts!


Why did the say the boy was a girl? Why didn’t they use instruments to determine if the baby was dead or alive? Why did they put the baby in the bathroom? The hospital must have [sinister] designs/plans.

凤凰网天津市河西区网友 司伊安:

Baby traffickers all operate this way.
Trafficking in placentas for the production of health products is the day-to-day business of hospitals and baby traffickers.

凤凰网河北省秦皇岛市网友 河北抚宁:

I speculate that the nurses wanted to sell the infant, the reasons being: They obviously knew it was boy baby but said it was a girl baby; knew it was alive but said it was dead; They took too long to get medicine, so there is suspicion of secret discussion; and there are baby trafficking businesses in that local area. Recommendation?: That the public security bureau enter the investigation and perhaps they can solve a case. This is my personal views, please consider.

凤凰网广东省深圳市福田区网友 xlucky2010:

Once again its the Red Cross~~ I’m thoroughly speechless now. This is a miracle, whether you believe or not, I believe.
Doctors are supposed to be angels that save and help people, but now they’ve become murdering devils. For Doctors that treat life with such contempt like this, the lives of the rabble are worthless!


There is cause to suspect [the hospital staff] using their power to sell babies, first being how can a [pregnancy] delivery nurse not know how to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl? If she doesn’t know if it is a boy or a girl, why then tell the birth mother that it was a girl, and then say the baby died? Yet in the end, the baby is both a boy and had not died. Strongly support the baby’s parents demanding a thorough investigation of this matter.

凤凰网安徽省阜阳市网友 fysdxlym:

Shocking! This kind of doctor should have his qualifications taken away. This kind of of hospital should be overhauled/reorganized.


As a mother, I’m extremely upset with by this. Fortunately, it is only because the child is okay that I was able to calm down a bit. A bunch of beasts wearing white coats have tarnished the good name of angels in white [nurses].

凤凰网江苏省苏州市网友 姑苏二月鸟:

There must be a conspiracy, some secret that cannot be revealed.


Doctors these days are very niu, and the nurses are even more niu. If it weren’t for the family wanting to see, over ten thousand kuai would’ve been made [by the hospital for selling the baby].

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 lilonghua11:

Clear-eyed people can all see, this nurses were planning to take the child and sell it.

What do you think? Careless mistake or sinister plot?

Foshan Guangdong Red Cross Hospital nurses discard a living baby boy in the toilet, mistaking it as a dead baby girl.


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