Pretend Awake Brother: Cute Schoolboy Dozing Off In Class

Pretend Awake Brother.

Pretend Awake Brother.

From Baidu Baike:

A little boy dozing in class, presumably afraid of the teacher finding out, does his best to hide [his dozing], keeping his eyes open and shaking his head, his adorable self being caught on camera. Having been watched hundreds of thousands of times on China’s Youku video website, this little boy has been named “Pretend Awake Brother” by netizens.

A copy on YouTube:

If you cannot see the above video in China, you may need a proxy or VPN service.

Comments from Mop


Poor kid.


So cute! I just want to hug and kiss him…


So hilarious!!


Hilarious, I’ve had this experience in the past too.


Elementary students these days are very different from the past, all transported to and from school in school buses that are comparable to armored trucks, personally handed off from the head teacher to the parents. For safety, even bringing mobile phones to school are no longer strange.


Primary school students have better mobile phones than us!


More valiant than I was back then.


Who filmed this?
Are eyes rolled-back eyes cute?


It was filmed by the teacher [!]… the little guy is very Q [cute]~!


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