Pretty 1985 Shanghai Girl Wants Double-Eyelid Man

A member of Shanghai’s Liba BBS forum named “queenie_melody” recently posted: 1985 girl first time looking for man online (picture attached) (if dishonest or just want to play, please do not come in)

Shanghai Liba Forum beauty: queenie_melody

Born 1985 on New Year’s Day~166cm, 44kg, body is considered pretty good~, education: vocational college.
Right now at a video game company in administration , monthly salary about 4-5k RMB.
I like to stay at home, usually I do not go out at night, so guys who like bars or nightlife can forget it. (I have a curfew)

I am a little girl hoping to find a guy who will take care of me.
Age should be born between 1977-1983 except for 1979. I am afraid of those 6 years apart from me.
Height should be within 175-185cm~to tall I cannot handle, wearing high heels everyday is very tiring, and I do not want the very skinny type.
I like guys with double-eyelids haha. I want the type of guy with big eyes~
I like to dye my hair but I do not like my boyfriend to dye his hair~
I want to find a Shanghainese guy who has a big house (without mortgage), I like to have a pet dog~ best if you have a car…I am afraid of walking and I always take a taxi when I go out (I admit I am wasteful T.T Go ahead and scold me).
Hope the guy’s salary is at least 2x mine…

PS: Sometimes I am very childish, guys who cannot deal with this should not apply.
I like doggies, guys who cannot deal with pets should not apply.
Guys with bad or irritable temperaments should not apply.
Most most important is~players not allowed!!!
If there is anything to add, I will edit after I think of them…

Replies on the Liba forum:

166cm 46kg…like an airport?

Many Chinese jokingly refer to girls with flat-chests or small breasts as “airports” because airport runways are flat.

Excuse me, I am not like an airport runway.

44kg? Do you think your breasts are big?

They are well-proportioned.

Are they bigger than man tou? 口水

A cup
Appraisal complete.

Lou zhu” (楼主) refers to the “topic starter” or “original poster” on a BBS forum. It is often shortened into “LZ” by Chinese posters.

LZ, how much for one night…

LZ, can I ask what game company you work for?
I also work at a game company.
How come those working in our company’s administration do not make as much as you?

LZ’s skin is so clear and pure, I am so “in.” I have PMed you.

One day earlier and you would be 1984. You are just pretending to be younger.

I basically meet the requirements, but…
house with no mortgage?
Who is that stupid these days? No matter how rich, you should still have a mortgage…
Free your money to invest, who would use all their money to buy a house…

I meet the age requirement, the height requirement, eye requirement, hair requirement, household registry requirement, my house has no mortgage but I live with my parents, no car, though I also like to take taxis (taking taxis is more cost-efficient), same salary as you. Do not know if LZ will consider???? Hehe
MSN:[email protected]

On LIBA, there are not a lot of real people! Who knows if this is some old wife on the internet who simply has  some pictures?

Anything is possible!!!

Everyone, why bother….
Those that meet LZ’s requirements, ask to meet her. What is real or fake will then be immediately clear.

I am all in, too bad I have already been stolen by another girl.

Very pretty in the picture…only I cannot imagine why someone like this needs to come here to find a man?

You still think these requirements are not high?
Then what about us 2000 RMB/month, no car, no house guys?
Should we all just go kill ourselves?

You could have said you made 20,000…LZ would not have known any better.

If it is 2000, why say 20,000?
What if she wants a 10,000 RMB purse? Then what do I do?
Do I not eat or drink for half a year to buy it for her?

So pretty, I am not worthy of you. Forget it, I will bump your post for you.

Actually requiring that income be 2x 4-5k is very normal.
Without 10,000, how can you raise a family?

LZ, are you looking for me?????
Too bad I am already married. Would you mind being a mistress~~ 偷笑 偷笑

I satisfy everything except my age is a little older and my height a little shorter. Is a monthly salary of 200,000 okay?

Is that any different from keeping her as a mistress?

Weird is weird, on Liba you can find all types of Shanghai girls.
I do not understand why you need to use Liba to find a man given your situation.
When your appearance and body are both so good, and your salary is not bad, are you still not able to find a man???
I am speechless.

I am 1979….LZ is superstitious.

According to the Chinese zodiac, there are 12 animals for every 12 years. For example, 2008 is the year of the Pig. it is not good to marry someone who is born 6 years apart from you because their animal would be your animal’s direct opposite. So, since queenie_melody was born in 1985, she does not want to be with someone who is 6 years older than her.

LZ, I do not know if your picture is real or fake.
While I essentially meet all your requirements…
…the only problem is my age, I was born in 1979.
Houses, I have two.
Chevy Lova, non-Shanghai registration.
Those in my industry do not speak of monthly salary.
Yearly salary is about 150,000.
Not sure if this is suitable for you?

Buying and owning a car can be very expensive in China, especially if you want to register it in the bigger cities. For example, getting a registration and the Shanghai license plate that allows you to legally own a car and drive in Shanghai can cost around 40,000 RMB (~6,000 USD). Outside of major cities, it may only cost a few thousand RMB (a few hundred US dollars).

Shanghai Liba pretty girl queenie_melody shows peace sign

If everyone thinks this is a fake picture…
If I think we are compatible, I am willing to video chat.

In fact, individually each requirement is not high.
But it becomes a bit difficult when you put it all together.
Simple probability.

Problem is, this is all about living standards.
A lot of people say I am materialistic, but I am confused.
Then what about all those girls who ask for LV all day?

Asking for LV every day and actually getting LV are two different things….
Those girl’s English, education, basic quality and individual character, elegant and cultured, are all very important.
LZ, these kinds of demands are understandable and what society commonly desires. Of course, what you demand is not necessarily what you you will get.

Stop arguing. Remember, Green Olympics!~

I recommend my best guy friend:

Born 1983, 172cm, Libra, docile disposition, takes pleasure in caring for others, good reputation at work 99%. Family has more than two houses, plus without mortgages, is a professional in the automobile industry, yearly income is 100,000 and up, has one Volkswagen Polo, which he says will soon be traded for a Volkswagen Passat, plus his company gives him a gasoline allowance which means gasoline is not even considered part of his expenses. He does not like to speak Mandarin, therefore it would be best if the girl is Shanghainese, or is fluent in speaking Shanghainese.
This person’s future yearly income will have no problems reaching 1 million.

If interested, pm MSN.

Is a Chevy Lova suitable…?

As I have said before, men need money and women need beauty~~~as long as you have money, these kind of girls will come to you in droves. 挖鼻孔
I read everything, it was so tiring. LZ’s quality is pretty high, so having higher requirements is normal!
For those of us who only make 4-5k a month, do we have any hope???

Works for a Fortune 500 company, lives in Xuhui district, and would like invite you to view the ocean together. The Viewing Ocean Hotline QQ782902402

Although not tall enough, I am very sincere.
MSN:[email protected]

Salary already meets the requirement, but the more you earn the more you spend. Gas 1000, parking 800, buying clothes, shopping, playing ball and basically there is not much left…hehe~~~

Have one car, been driving it for 3 years. Because I bought it early, I do not have a Shanghai license plate.
At home, I have two “Teddy” dogs, one male, one female…
Also in Huangpu district, right now I live alone.
Appearance should be acceptable. When I was young, I was even in some advertisements. Now that I am old, at most I might help others by posing for magazine advertisements. Only regret is that I do not have double-eyelids, and that my eyes are not very big. But people always believe it is okay as long as a man has energy in their eyes. I think I am not bad (everyone can go ahead and throw tomatoes…)

Hehe~~~if you think we can be friends, add me on MSN…inside my photo album are many of my pictures (I extremely like taking pictures of myself) hehe~~I feel that these blind date kind of things are a little too goal-oriented. There is no harm in simply making a new friend if we get along well. [email protected]

Is a 1983 guy okay? My income is 5x your income.
But I am relatively well-developed.

My portrait here is my childhood picture.

I meet all the requirements, even surpasses them, but towards you I have no interest.

Every time I go on Liba, I wonder when housing prices will go down. I make 250,000 RMB a year and I still cannot afford to buy a house.
It really is unfair, Shanghainese can inherit property, sell then relocate, then just make 5k a month and can live a nice life. So envious.

What is so unfair?
Shanghai people inheriting property is wrong? Would it only be fair if it was you had the inheritance rights?
It is not good enough that you will inherit so much land when you go home?
What you said sounds really awful, insulting Shanghainese? What are you doing wasting your time on a Shanghainese BBS for? Trying to find a Shanghainese wife? Trying to get a better hu kou for your family’s future generations?

All Chinese have a “hu kou” (户口) which means “registered residence.” It is an official record that says where you and your family is from and it can affect many things in the person’s life. Having a “hu kou” from some places, like Beijing or Shanghai, are often more advantageous and beneficial than from another place. For example, many non-Beijing people want Beijing “hu kous” because it might help their children get into better schools.

This post is such nonsense, LZ’s requirements are not high, and in fact has attracted this many men.
There are even people posting their cars. But, if you are going to post, at least post good cars. Chevy Lova and my 1.8T are not even on the same level.

Why make fun of my Lova?
What is so great about your 1.8T?
We do not even know what kind of 1.8T you have.
For all we know, you’ll bring out a Chery.

A report, after a short period of exchange with the LZ, I feel LZ is not suitable for us. LZ cares more about her outward appearance, does not really have any interests or hobbies, whether it was traveling or physical activities, I could not find any shared hobbies, so it ended.

Very reasonable requirements.
You can be sold for a good price.

LZ, your requirements are too low. Pretty appearance + slender body + excellent Photoshop skills, these requirements do you no justice! I think the guy at least must have a villa in She Shan Residential Neighborhood, a car that costs at least 1 million RMB (Chevy Lovas are completely disqualified~), and even better, he must also also be willing to invest in opening a pet store to provide you with everything from Chihuahuas to Old English Sheep Dogs. Then, he should also look like Takeshi Kaneshiro / Wang Lee Hom! How could you settle for less~!

LZ, with this kind of appearance, you can be a girlfriend. But few men would feel secure with you as their wife.

My msn: [email protected]

Can I apply? Born January 1980, live on Changshou Road, one Toyota Crown 3.0, acceptable yearly income, two houses, about 110 square meters on average, both on Changshou Road. We can chat.

A few days later, this post spread to another big Shanghai BBS forum, KDS, where there are often popular posts about pretty girls seeking men to marry. Here are some of the replies to the post, Another beauty seeks marriage! Latest news, Fat Kang makes a move (reply #98) :

LIBA really is overflowing with beauties. I cannot pull myself away fro that place…I will cross-post this on KDS for KDS bandits to enjoy also, but since some KDS bandits do not like to post, I will not post the link on the first page, so people will not just look at the link and not post a reply.

又一个美女征婚哦!最新消息,康胖有动作(98楼)by 沙发

I only have the following requirements:

  1. Still has hymen.
  2. Hu kou is not registered in Yangpu, Putuo, or Hongkou
  3. Parents have respectable professions, and their monthly income combined is not lower than 10k RMB.

If you can satisfy this, PM.

Next time remember that simply having a hymen is not enough, she needs to have her original hymen.

Doctors can now use surgery to restore a girl’s hymen and her “virginity.”

She has have never had a boyfriend before?

And she says she does not go to bars. With that kind of face, yeah right…

Without makeup, she would be very ordinary.

No rush. This kind of woman depreciates each year. If you can wait, then let her wait~ those who use make up get old pretty fast.

Vocational school, administration, 4-5k, 1985?

It is okay to have fun with this kind of person but do not even think about making her your wife.

Impressive Photoshop skills…

166cm 44kg is too skinny.

Since she quoted a price, you can still make a counter-offer…

I think her jaw looks too fake~also she is definitely wearing black contacts.

Some girls wear black contact lenses because they make your pupils look bigger and more attractive.

The left side of her face is so clear. Very good Photoshop work.

One look and you can tell she is not from a respectable family.

If I do not see the real person, I do not pay the money.

Single eyelids? She wants a guy to have double eyelids?

You can make 4k doing administration right after graduating?

Never heard of “When there is stuff to do, have the secretary do it. When there is nothing to do, do the secretary”?

So dark [used] down there, and she still demands all this…?

When looking for a wife to marry, one does not look for Liba girls.

If I was making 10,000 RMB a month, I would buy a virgin and, in fact, someone younger.

How many times did she use Liquify [a tool in Photoshop] on her eyes?

Stupid cunt.

Reading the first line, I thought too skinny, vocational college, appearance does not agree with my discerning taste, etc… I have a place near the metro lines in the inner ring of Shanghai and am getting ready to buy a car, but I do not think I will consider this kind of girl with these requirements. I will be honest with the girl: Be more balanced in your heart, little sister.

Try taking off your black contacts, your makeup, and not using Photoshop to post your picture.

Haha, just here to join in on the fun. Looks like beautiful girls still cause a stir here?

1985, vocational school, administration, 4-5k? Did I read this right or do I mix with the wrong social circles?

Haha, it seems like she is pretty popular on Liba, a lot of guys are fighting for her. If you are going to go, go quickly. In general, I think girls listing requirements have their reasons. Only after meeting them do you know if they are good or bad. If you give up then you lose an opportunity! Bandits charge!

Even this is considered a Liba beauty?
She is a mess.

Haha, Fat Kang has already made his move. If you do not make your move now, when will you ever make your move?
又一个美女征婚哦!最新消息,康胖有动作(98楼)by 沙发

Pretty good looking.

Overnight 1000 RMB.

I satisfy the requirements. They are not high. Send a pre-Photoshopped picture.

Features are acceptable, and face is very good.

I have a mortgage-less house, though a little small. I like small dogs, but do not like dog poop. I have a car but my wage is low. I exceed your age range by one year, height is within your range, but my eyes are only single eyelids.

Women demanding these many requirements definitely do not understand that the “things” men can get from her are now available everywhere. What was once rare is now commonplace.

Without makeup, she would scare people away.

Our bandits should descend from the mountain, go to Liba, and do what they are meant to do.

The moment you take an acceptable looking picture, you dare to ask for 10,000 RMB? How come you do not go ask your boss to make an offer?
Do you know that your position may only earn this much for the rest of your life? Do you know what a “youthful meal” [job only young, pretty girls can hold] is?

A “youthful meal” is a job that only young, pretty girls who have not gotten old yet can hold. Example: secretary job.

Buy her a vibrator for her to play with!!!

Breasts, where are the breasts!
Without breasts I might as well touch myself.


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