Pretty Boy Dancing to Korean SiSTAR’s “Push Push” Goes Viral

Txawjvam Hawj aka Calvin Her performs SiSTAR Push Push on video.

Txawjvam Hawj aka Calvin Her performs SiSTAR Push Push on video.

From @最销魂的视频:

A bottom‘s passionate video, you’re niu if you can manage to watch it to the end!

Copies of this video actually appeared on Chinese video sharing websites (like Youku) over 2 months ago in early August but seems to only have gone viral in the past few days.

The song he is dancing to is “Push Push” by Korean girl group SiSTAR (씨스타):

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Be a female in your next life, to have been born a male in this life was unfair to you.




Handsome fellow, why be so confused [and not exploit your handsomeness with women]?


Shamelessly watched it three times. Fuck, why is such a handsome guy so confused!


Yeah, good thing he wasn’t born a woman. Otherwise there would be yet another one prettier than me.


The nail polish on his fingers are the highlight.


Actually, the dancing is very good, there’s nothing wrong with that. Why wouldn’t anyone not be able to watch it all the way through?


I actually managed to watch it to the end. Looks like I really am one of those women who like “boys love” [male homosexuality, usually in Japanese manga and novels]


Rather enjoyable to watch. [He’s] Even more coquettish than girls.

Txawjvam Hawj aka Calvin Her performs SiSTAR Push Push on video.

Comments from Tudou:


Fuck! Is this really a guy?


Watching it I forget if he is a man or a woman, so magical/peculiar~~


Handsome men really are all gay…


Don’t just look at his face and gender, the imitation is indeed good, but his face is really really too eye-catching…


He should be a girl.


I’m just here to ask for the name of the song…

The young man in the video is named “Txawjvam Hawj“. His Facebook profile says he is Hmong ethnicity and his English name is “Calvin Her“. Some more videos of him:

Can’t see the above video?

What do you think?

Txawjvam Hawj aka Calvin Her performs SiSTAR Push Push on video.

Not all handsome guys are gay. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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