Pretty Chinese Girls Run Into McDonald’s & Begin Dancing

Chinese girls suddenly dancing at a Shanghai McDonald's to promote a "mobile phone wallet"?
Chinese girls suddenly dancing at a Shanghai McDonald's to promote a "mobile phone wallet"?

Five dancing girls promoting mobile phone wallets. Organized by China Mobile?

The following post is spreading on Kaixin001 (most of it is reposted from KDS)…

From Kaixin001:

The Cloud Nine [shopping mall] at Zhongshan Park this past Saturday was truly packed with people. At noon, my GF and I were eating at the McDonald’s next to the metro, [in Shanghai], and all of sudden there were 5 rather good looking girls suddenly who rushed to the front of the counter playing music and dancing…

Various patrons became “onlookers who do not know the truth”…

As part of the masses “who do not know the truth”, and simultaneously a competent TF, I filmed this video, and welcome everyone to watch.

The reasons/ are still unclear, but appears to be some kind of special promotional event, watch the video below:

Aside from this TF above, we must also thank another certain friend, who captured these wonderful and pretty photographs, and shared them with us, clap~ clap~

Young Chinese girl legs.

Beautiful legs.

5 pretty Chinese girls advertising "mobile phone wallet".

Looks like a promotional stunt, advertising for “mobile phone wallet”.

The young girls line up for photos displaying their advertisement.

Promotional girls in line at a Shanghai McDonald's.

Lining up.

A Chinese promotions girl at the counter of McDonald's.

From this angle, they do look rather pretty.

Five Chinese girls dancing to the Korean hit song "Nobody" at a McDonald's in Shanghai.

Five Chinese girls advertising "mobile phone wallet" dancing inside the Zhongshan Park McDonald's in Shanghai.


The five promotions girls taking a rest.

A small meeting, resting, resting for a moment…

Comments from KDS:


So stupid.


The one on the far left is not professional [not good at her job].




So stupid, nowadays there are a lot of young Shanghai girls’ looks and actions are all becoming YP-like.


This song “Nobody” has already become even more popular/widespread than “月亮之上” [Yue Liang Zhi Shang, a song that is commonly heard playing loudly on the mobile phones of waidiren].


I happened to be there too that day. It looks like it was an event organized by China Mobile. I also used my mobile phone to take some photos, don’t know if I got a picture of the lou zhu.

Girls dancing to the popular Korean Wonder Girls song "Nobody" inside a McDonalds.

What are these dancing girls promoting? Mobile phone wallets?

Five dancing girls promoting mobile phone wallets. Organized by China Mobile?


Honestly, these young girls are pretty good looking…

Especially that one on the right.


To be a member of the onlooking crowd that understands the truth, I followed this to the end of the line.

I discovered later that this group of young girls also went into the metro to advertise, with many people surrounding them looking on, here are pictures:

The promotional girls entering the Shanghai Zhongshan Park metro station.

A lot of people were looking at what they were holding in their hands.

A bystander leans over to see what the girls are holding in their hands.

One by one they entered the subway striking poses.
Don’t know what other trick they have next.

The pretty girls enter the Shanghai subway station.

Looks like they are doing a promotional event?

They are doing a promotional event.

Last photo I took from too far so it became blurry~~~

When using a mobile phone to take photos, what can you do?

What are these young Chinese girls promoting?


1 This is not a flash mob, there isn’t the spirit of appearing from a crowd of people and then returning to a crowd of people;
2 This is a sales promotion/advertising;
3 The spectators at the scene turned a blind eye to this kind of sales promotion, showing that [this kind of promotion] is not well received.
4. At the Zhongshan Park McDonald’s, there is a short MM service staff whose service attitude is extremely poor, don’t know if she is still at this restaurant.


Hey, the models they found aren’t bad.


What kind of promotion is this? Eat McDonald’s and get a free young girl?

Nobody, nobody but you. chinaSMACK personals.


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