Pretty Foreign Girl in Beijing: ‘Please Give Me A Hug’

Found on KDS, Mop, and Tianya:

Pretty foreigner girl in Beijing holds sign: Please give me a hug

Young foreign girl requests hug in Beijing Wangfujin, avoided by most passing by

2008, August 8th, Beijing Wangfujin new Dong’an market entrance, a foreign female tourist held up a sign that read “Please give me a hug,” attracting the attention of passing tourists. Uncertain and unsure, most people avoided her.

There were thousands of responses. Here are some from Tianya Forum:

Red-blooded men of China, charge! Give this little girl a hug!!

Her writing is really ugly, not as pretty as my writing!

Everyone, get out of my way, let me~~~

Brothers, if we do not charge now, when will we charge!!!!!!!!! Bring forth some Chinese male spirit!!!

Had I known earlier, I would have taken a taxi there…

Foreign sex-workers have started to attack. Beijing university schoolgirls, Communist Party, and Chinese citizens, your greatest challenge has arrived.

It is probably a friendly gesture.
We should express our welcome to our foreign friends during the hug.

Where are the Beijing guys? Beijing guys, come out.
The time to be a real man has come.

Strange, some Chinese guys often say foreign girls are good. This is such a good opportunity, how come no guys are going up?

Beijing men are big talkers, the country’s number one perverts. But when it is time for real action, they get scared! Haha! Look, one little, foreign girl challenges the Beijing men and not a single Beijing guy dares to go up!!!

I heard that there is a type of disease transmitted by body fluids. Foreigners will hug you then spit on you and you are fucked.

Motherfucker, how come I never encounter these things? With that well-developed chest, knowing me, I would definitely tightly press myself to her!

If I encountered this, I would definitely go give her a friendly hug. What is there to hide from?
This is a very friendly request, so why not? Is this not the reason we are holding the Olympics?

Let the leader hug first! Let the leader hug first! Let the leader hug first!

Hug! Beijing people are too stingy!

Guys are embarrassed to hug.
But what about Chinese girls?
Go give her a hug!

This is Mexico’s beautiful female presenter.

You motherfucking Fan Pao Pao jokes, is this foreign woman more frightening than a 8.0 earthquake? Even with the wife beside me, I would still dare to go give that woman a hug. She is a guest, should not we be more friendly as hosts?


Right now is a sensitive time, I reckon they do not dare to carelessly go up.

Why not hug? Hugging was popular recently, right? Where have you motherfuckers run off to?
Others ask you for a hug to bring us closer together, a friendly gesture~but all of us look at her like we are looking at a monster~
Two words: Embarrassing China!

I will fuck! I want to charge~~~~~I want to hug!!!!!!
Are Beijing men all impotent??????????

Absolutely do not go up and hug her. The moment a Chinese man goes up to hug her, she will immediately throw aside her poster and her partner will take a picture so they can manufacture a fake news story: “Chinese man inappropriately molests foreign female model on street”…

Such a youthful body, I really want to go give her a hug, for at least ten minutes before I let go…

Everyone out of my way. Let me go first.

“FREE HUG” is very popular outside the country.

A video:

Hong Kong too

ps. Try not to wear perverted glasses when watching this kind of activity.

This is a good opportunity to observe Chinese civilization. A very good instance.

Who knows if she has AIDS or not?

Come, I will hug. I do not care if you have body odor nor am I afraid of your skin being rough. Too bad I am not in Beijing.

Hug her, use big penis to poke her lower abdomen!

Chinese and foreigners,
East and West values are different, thinking is different!
Something that is no big deal in the West…
…becomes dreadful in Chinese eyes.

Some of these replies are really weak! Obviously you guys have not been to Beijing before!
80% of the people sauntering on Beijing’s streets are all “wai di ren!” The whole world knows this!

Hug from the front or hug from the back?
—-I have thought all day but I still have not figured it out!

Best would be to hug from the front and hug from the back several times!!!!

In Hong Kong, I saw a guy holding up a “Free Hugs” poster, and a lot of people went up to give him a hug.

They were Chinese people too. The difference between being open and closed is very big.

I will hug, then weakly ask: Did you get a temporary residence document yet?

Such a pretty girl wants you to hug her and you don’t hug her, Beijing men really have no balls.

It is not that they do not want to hug, it is because they are all running to go buy condoms!

Numb Chinese people…

There is nothing I can say…

Cultural difference~~~~~~~~~~

Too bad I was not present.
But…that is probably a good thing.
What If I got excited and she resisted?
I would have been beaten to death by the Beijing police.

This girl is so pretty.
Too bad I am a 170cm little fatty, with an inferiority complex, afraid to embrace her.

How come this never happens in Guangzhou?!

How come this never happens in Chengdu?!

Shit, why did you not tell me earlier?
No one goes? I will go.
I also want to use authentic London accent to say to her: 玩儿卡姆吐北京 [“wan er ka mu tu bei jing”].

Please give me a hug.
Other side: One hug 10,000 RMB.

More information about the Free Hugs Campaign.

An article about the Free Hugs in China from ChinaDaily.

Some videos :


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