Pretty Passenger Gets to Sit in Cockpit on Overbooked Flight


From NetEase:

Young Woman Gets to Sit in Cockpit for Overbooked Flight Home

On March 3rd, a group of photos exploded on Weibo where, on a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong, due to an overbooked flight, and with the captain’s permission, a young woman sat in the cockpit of a passenger plane to return home and used her mobile phone to record the take off and landing of the plane.

Afterward, the woman involved replied on Weibo: To popularize aviation knowledge: 1, When a flight is overbooked and with the permission of the captain, relatives of employees and healthy, qualified individuals can definitely sit in the rear cockpit seats. 2, Every airline has different requirements concerning electronic devices, whether they must be completely shut off or switched to flight-mode, and different companies are different, so if you also have a relative who is an employee of this airline, and they are willing to apply for for an employee ticket for you, and the flight happens to be overbooked, you too can do the same thing! Photo is of the cockpit taken by the young woman.






Comments from NetEase:

皇家杀猪匠 [网易莱索托手机网友]:

So [the pilot saying the plane is] encountering turbulence was all taking advantage of my ignorance.

网易日本手机网友 ip:43.250.*.*

If it were a man, the possibility of this kind of thing would be 0.

网易青海省手机网友 ip:223.221.*.*

Wherever a beautiful woman goes, it is always a green light!

电脑熄火了 [网易河南省洛阳市手机网友]:

A beautiful female passenger. If it were Sister Feng, I bet she wouldn’t even be able to get on the plane.

网易河北省邯郸市手机网友 ip:106.117.*.*

Bullshit, how could they [the airline/ticket booking] not know just how many seats there are? Filled but still selling tickets? Who are they trying to deceive?!

不飞则已v5 [网易山西省太原市手机网友]:

Indian Railways railway is one of India’s few state-owned enterprises, and nationalized enterprises have their profits restricted. Most of India’s trains are free, where you can board whenever you please, and disembark whenever you please. Even though it relies on the Indian government’s subsidies every year, Indian Railways has always refused to sell train tickets for profit. Indian Railway’s president Lakeshi Mohan has said that the railway that taxpayers built should serve the Indian people for free.

非洲和尚0 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

This should be against regulations. What if the beautiful woman is a terrorist? After all, it isn’t required that terrorists keep long beards.

3790835280 [网易美国手机网友]:

This is definitely not allowed, a serious violation of the rules, and I strongly demand that the pilot be fired!

林金祖 [网易意大利手机网友]:

Beautiful woman, obviously.

wierz [网易香港手机网友]:

Last time when a Malaysian Airlines or AirAsia pilot let a woman freely enter the cockpit, wasn’t he sacked?

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