Pretty Real Estate Salesgirl Working During Spring Festival

Hot Chinese Real Estate Saleswoman

From Mop:

Fourth Day of the New Year, don’t cry most beautiful real estate saleslady I have ever seen!

This post is for all those who weren’t able to go home for Spring Festival because they had to work.

The girl in this post definitely knows I was taking photos of her, because she saw me! What she didn’t know was that I’d post the photos on the net. I am doing this because a) I think she’s really beautiful, b) I think she’s quite kind. She didn’t get angry so I still have a chance! I hope everyone can have something nice to say because although I didn’t get her phone number, I gave her my business card. So if you give me a hard time she definitely won’t call.

Hot Asian Salesgirl On the Phone

Chinese salesgirl at counter

Hot Asian Salesgirl's Back

Hot Chinese saleswoman talking to potential buyer

Comments from Mop:


When I saw the first photo my first reaction was “Nice tits~”. Then I saw the rest and realised they were just sprouts.


This real estate girl is really brutal when it comes to men. It’s difficult to withstand her beauty.


She’s really beautiful. Well done lou zhu. Only thing is this kind of thing can get in the way of people’s daily lives though.


I think if this post becomes popular and she sees it,
you might have a shot…brothers.
Nice one ~
Take some more! Support support!!!


Not that beautiful actually but lots of character. She knows she’s working hard. I really like her.


LZ if you’re gonna take photos just go for it, or just tell her you’re going to. Usually cute girls don’t say no.


The lou zhu is setting bait for us on behalf of the property developer…


Nowadays this kind of hardworking hot woman is really praiseworthy. But I don’t know if in her job by selling houses she’s actually selling herself?
I strongly suggest a human flesh search engine!


I admit I like her, seeing her crying smashed my heart into tiny pieces~~~~~~


I don’t want to say that this is purely a publicity stunt, because everyone wants to be famous these days. Diligence is its own reward, When I worked for a real estate developer, I found out that they make quite a lot of money. You get what you put in, no one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Hot Asian saleswoman talking to customer

Hot Asian Saleswoman Legs

Hot asian saleswoman in kitchen

hot asian saleswoman showing bedroom

hot chinese saleswoman in mirror reflection

hot asian saleswoman in hallway

hot asian saleswoman working during Chinese holiday

hot asian saleswoman working during Chinese Spring Festival holiday

hot asian saleswoman outside in courtyard on phone

hot asian saleswoman squatting while on her mobile phone

chinese real estate saleslady making private phone call

chinese real estate saleslady squatting talking on cell phone

chinese real estate salesgirl crying

chinese real estate saleslady frightened look

Chinese real estate girl on phone crying

Pretty Chinese real estate salesgirl standing up while on the phone

Beautiful Chinese real estate salesgirl on her mobile phone

Pretty Chinese real estate saleswoman walking back inside

Beautiful Chinese real estate sales agent organizing sales brochures

Asian real estate salesgirl organizing sales brochures

Pretty Chinese real estate salesgirl standing at bar

Netizen photoshop Chinese real estate sales girl saying "so ugly and you want to keep me as your mistress?"
"So ugly and you want hit on me?"

Healthier than photographing real estate salesladies. chinaSMACK personals.


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