Primary School Gives New Students Induction Ceremony

Primary School Gives New Students Induction Ceremony
With the start of the new academic term, a primary school in Luoyang went to the length of holding an induction ceremony for its latest pupils. The September 1 event saw 30 young students being lead by the hand by family members along red carpets to nine female teachers dressed as angels, who then took them to the site of the induction. The school said they hoped the event would allow the children to become aware of their life entering a new stage and that attending school is something sacred. One netizen said expensive schools often give pretentious cunts an opportunity to show off.
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  • donscarletti

    “自命不凡的贱人” should be translated to “pretentious bitches”. “Pretentious cunt” would be “装屄” (usually written 装B or 装逼).

    Yes, translating from informal Chinese is fun because they use terms involving that character extremely frequently and basically talk like a nation of sailors. However, if they DIDN’T use the term “屄” (or B/逼), and you still use the word “cunt”, you’re just being gratuitously vulgar.

  • maybe just everybody has a superstar dream or red carpet dream??