‘Principal, Get a Room with Me, Spare the Schoolchildren!’

Chinese woman's rights activist Ye Haiyan protests in Hainan against a school principal who took 6 elementary schoolgirls to a hotel, telling him if he wants to get a room, he can come find her instead and spare the children.

Chinese woman's rights activist Ye Haiyan protests in Hainan against a school principal who took 6 elementary schoolgirls to a hotel, telling him if he wants to get a room, he can come find her instead and spare the children.

From QQ:

“School Principal, Get a Room With Me” Photo Goes Viral on the Internet

May 27, women’s rights activist Ye Haiyan protested with a sign in her hands in front of Hainan Wanning City No.2 Elementary School, where the school’s principal, Chen Moupeng, has been sued for taking 6 elementary school girls to a hotel. Ye Haiyan’s protest has set up a wave of imitators, with quite a few netizens one after another taking photos with signs in their hands and posting them online, asking school principals to come “get a room” with them, and spare the elementary schoolchildren.

Ye Haiyan and his partners are protesting against the perverted school principal.

Ye Haiyan and his partners are protesting against the perverted school principal.

Ye Haiyan, online name “流氓燕” [liumang yan, literally “Hooligan Yan”], sociologist, founder of “’, focuses on sex workers and AIDS, promoting the legalization of sex work in China. Pictures are of Ye Haiyan and her teammates protesting with signs in their hands.

Netizens' online protesting photos.

Netizens' online protesting photos.

Netizens' online protesting photos.

Netizens' online protesting photos.

Netizens raised signs written with “School principal, if you want to get a room, come find me, spare spare the primary school students!”, took photos, and posted them online.

Some of the signs say: “Spare those adorable children. If you have the guts, come rape me.”

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 字间生活:

Talking about getting a room with you, are you not ashamed/embarrassed?! What those school principals are looking for are virgins. Do you qualify? You have a face that even a pig would not want.

腾讯上海市网友 没什么不可以: (responding to above)

Why so resentful? This is merely a kind of expression. Who do you think qualifies to be raped by those animal school principals? Your mother or your sister?

腾讯南京市网友 菜菜小仙:

School principal, get a room with me, spare the elementary school students! Contact number: 110 [the police emergency number].

腾讯网友 人生只如初见:

This kind of protest may not be the best, but at least it’s doable at this moment. I hope with this the conscience of those wicked people who currently have their hands reaching towards young girls can be awakened, and also hope that children can grow up in a “clean” environment! After all, children are innocent!

腾讯网友 念思:

What these people are doing is very good, but I think it needs support in our country’s laws. For example, things like the seduction and rape of underage girls are becoming more and more serious. If something like this happens, it doesn’t matter if the [the perpetrator is] an adult, senior, or minor, they should all uniformly be executed, without mercy.

腾讯网友 紫色:

The teaching profession is great/selfless? Which son of a bitch said that? It’s still just doing something for pay. What more, nowadays if you don’t give [teachers] gifts or money during holidays or whatever, they’ll look down on your children. Is this “great”? Great your mother’s ass.

腾讯网友 湖湖: (responding to above)

Sanctifying one profession is a discrimination to all other professions! Teachers and doctors are also just relying on skills to make a living, but why are they raised up to the status of “engineers of the soul” and the “angels in white”?! If we go by this logic, farmers/peasants should be the most holy profession, because if no one grew crops, we’d all have starved to death! So, all this time, teachers and doctors have been adorned with some holy halo, but secretly are beasts in human disguise who have been doing who knows how many terrible things leading children astray, harming the young, treating lives with complete disregard.

腾讯佛山市网友 &逝去的岁月&:

Talk about losing face for the people of Hainan, and supposedly “serving as a model for others”? I very severely despise you. How could someone with the character, behavior, and mentality you have become a school principal? You’re not fit to be a school principal. The Education Bureau should have you fired you, never to work in the field of education again, forever banned. Even as a Hainan person currently in another province, I feel ashamed!!!

腾讯呼和浩特市网友 348496293:

Nowadays even beasts can be school principals, but then again the only people who would promote beasts to be school principals are beasts themselves.

腾讯网友 飞天龙:

For thousands of years, the image of teachers as respectable and as models for others, as well as school being a sacred place where people are educated, has been sullied by various lower-than-animals school principals and teachers, and this is a national shame! How to raise the various aspects of our people’s characters while improving our nation’s power, so that our nation and its people are respected and admired is deserves deep consideration!

腾讯网友 立仲:

Everybody, calm down, incidents of sexual assaults by teachers isn’t something that will disappear with some publicity stunts. This problem exists every year, only we were not as concerned/preoccupied with it as we are now. Please spend more energy thinking about how to solve the problem and put a stop to this kind of thing happening! Is it because of the unbalanced gender ratio?! Some people say, this is only the beginning.

From NetEase:

Over Span of 20 Days, At Least 8 Incidents of Young Girls Being Sexually Assaulted on School Campuses Happened in China

From the “elementary school principal takes schoolgirls to hotel” incident that happened in Hainan Wanning on May 8th to May 27th, within this span of 20 days, at least 8 incidents involving young girls being sexually assaulted at school were exposed, and these are merely the cases that have been reported to the public. Just how many other children have been hurt in reality is unknown. Just why people who are supposed to be models for others have repeatedly extended their “evil clutches” toward vulnerable children is something that is currently thrashing the conscience of this country.


Comments from NetEase:

屠龙术 [网易吉林省延边州延吉市网友]:

If it were only isolated incidents, they could be considered sick individual, but when it happens frequently in many places, then we must say that it is society that is sick. When some places even have underground businesses of “underage prostitution”, we can’t criticize people for only seeing society’s dark side, because where is the bright side?

网易陕西省西安市手机网友 ip:113.140.*.*:

Here’s the truth:
The school principal was delivering goods to Haikou government leaders!
With this, all the doubts and suspicions are resolved.
1. No matter how big an appetite this school principal has, he wouldn’t want 4 or 6 girls for one night.
2. The school principal’s commission is so generous, he can afford to spend thousands of yuan [paying the girls to have sex].
3. It’s 100km between Wanning and Haikou, if he wanted to rape those girls all by himself, why would he go through all this trouble?
4. Here’s the key: There’s a saying in Hainan that only by “taking a virgin” can one be promoted from an office level to a departmental level. Wanning, as a county-level city, there are maybe one or two department level leaders, so the market is in the provincial capital, where the involved department level leaders are more than a few. So when this incident happened, the local government spared no effort in putting out the fire, and the police spared no effort in giving false testimony.
5. Judging by all details, this crime is definitely not the first time.

来看八卦的 [网易辽宁省网友]:

It’s all government leaders who are into young girls, leading social trends in a bad direction, where now even teachers are learning from them sexually assaulting young girls, grass mud horse. These sons of bitches!!!

指那拆那 [网易广东省河源市网友]:

Schools have become a paradise for beasts, a failure of the education system.

网易云南省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Was it Tianyi who started it all?

[Note: Refers to Li Tianyi, the son of a famous military singer, who soon after getting out of jail proceeded to participate in the gang rape of a minor. Comments about him or jokes alluding to him have been particularly popular in recent months amongst Chinese netizen commenters on NetEase, sometimes burying the comments that are actually relevant to the article being commented on.]

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