Prostitutes’ Used Condoms Found Daily in Guangdong Green Belt

Discarded used condoms.

Some street women are being taken into the police car.

From IFeng:

Guangdong Streetwalkers Doing Business in Green Belt, Sanitation Workers Claim to Have Cleaned Up Over a Hundred Condoms During the Day

On the evening of June 4, at 8:30 pm, Guangdong Foshan ChanCheng Police assembled over 60 officers and conducted a raid along the approximately 2-kilometer stretch of road along Foshan Avenue (Jihua Road-Tangtou Overpass), arresting 13 streetwalkers [prostitutes/whores who solicit business on the streets]. According to police officer Chen of Tongji Local Police Station, this raid is the first large-scale raid of the year. This picture [above] is of the arrested street women in this raid. Photo: Zhang Mingshu.

Some of the arrested street women at the scene.

Chancheng Police say this green belt has thick bushes, and the lights here are dim. This place was cleared out years ago, and normally there are daily patrols along the road, and plain-clothes officers are dispatched to raid here from time to time, so the phenomenon of streetwalkers has already become scarce. “However, due to the rise in recent temperatures, the streetwalkers have ‘returned’. ” This picture is of the streetwalkers arrested during the crackdown. Photo: Zhang Mingshu.

Some of the arrested street women at the scene.

At night, under these trees, street women “do business” right where they are. During the day, used condoms numbering over a hundred discarded on the lawn wait for sanitation workers to clean them up. According to reports, this kind of situation has existed for many years, the sanitation workers loudly complaining that they “can’t take it anymore”. Whereas the residents around this area are so scared that they have to take a detour avoiding this road whenever they take a walk. This picture is of the streetwalkers arrested in this raid. Photo: Zhang Mingshu.

The green belt where the street women "do business".

To the east of the intersection between Foshan Avenue and Jihua Road of Chancheng District, there is a large green belt, and along its 350-meter-long lawn from Jihua Road to Yingyin Road, over a hundred used condoms are discovered every day.

Discarded used condoms.

This green belt is right next to Foshan Avenue, where the traffic is very heavy. By standing on the sidewalk, one can see every inch of the lawn of the green belt. Near the walls of the Foshan downtown blood bank, the bushes and lawn “hide” many condom packages, wrinkled tissues, and used condoms. This picture is of the randomly discarded used condoms.

Discarded used condoms.

Mr. Deng divulged that unless it’s a rainy day, there can be dozens to hundreds of “johns” every day, and even more on weekends. The streetwalkers’ workplace is right on the lawn. Mr. Lu of the nearby Jinziyuan residential community says: “Many times when passing by, I’ve discovered them in the green belt doing that.” According to reports, the streetwalkers’ hours of operation is from about 7:30pm to 4:00am the next morning. This picture is of the discarded used condoms.

A used condom is discarded on the bushes.

According to nearby residents, most of the “customers” are single men. This reporter discovered during a visit that there are in total 4 construction sites around Lvjing Road, Foshan Car City, and the Jiangwan Overpass surrounding the green belt, while the urban villages [ghettos/shantytowns] such as Tangtou Village, Pan Village, and Jian Village also have many single men without wives nor their own houses or live separate from their wives. This picture is of a discarded used condoms in the green belt.

Comments from IFeng:

凤凰网河南省漯河市网友 冀晋豫:

Forced by life, don’t be too hard on them [the prostitutes]!

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

If you opened a hair saloon, I’d at least be able to collect a protection fee, you operating like this, just who am I going to ask for money?!

凤凰网湖南省郴州市网友 东海观日出:

Nobody knows how horny migrant workers are.

凤凰网福建省三明市网友 何剑鸣:

Not long ago in Hainan, there were a bunch of rich guys screwing around with women, with over 1 thousand condoms everywhere, but just how many were arrested?

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

I personally think they shouldn’t go around arresting streetwalkers. Because of the [sex ratio] imbalance between men and women, there are many normal men can’t find a wife, but still have normal physiological needs, so it depends on how the country will manage/control [prostitution]. Otherwise there will be more and more sexual assaults.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

I hope the government will concentrate it’s attention on food safety. A society that can’t even guarantee the quality of milk powder is a laughing stock in the world.

凤凰网安徽省安庆市网友 yxcxzy:

[The police/authorities] are only capable of doing things like this and arresting people like this, instead arresting the real criminals. Seeing a scene like this makes me sick every time.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

Dare you arrest people at nightclubs and saunas? I’m only asking if you dare or not?

凤凰网广东省网友 手机用户:

You arrest those [prostitutes] on the street, and the school principals can only turn to elementary school students.

凤凰网山东省潍坊市寿光市网友 napoleoncgd:

Guide with reason.
Not harming others, both parties are doing it voluntary/consensually, so why do you bother them for?

Comments from Sina:

手机用户 [广东东莞]:

Making a fuss about nothing. You arrest the streetwalkers so the migrant workers resort to rape? Talk about “well-fed men not knowing the hunger of men who are starving”. So many migrant worker brothers whose wives are not by their side, what do you want them to do? You police sleep with your wives in your arms every night, and the officials are even able to keep mistresses, but migrant workers are supposed to just suffer without? You guys need to consider the migrant worker brothers who are building the cities, or how about you lend your wives and daughters and mistresses to them?

手机用户 [广东湛江]:

[During] an anti-prostitution crackdown, a woman is arrested, and the police asks: Why do you prostitute? Woman says: If I rely on men, men are unreliable. If I rely on the factory, the factory gets sold. So I can only rely on myself. The [working] time is short, the results are quick. I don’t engage in corruption, and though I sell my body, I still have my soul. The carrot is pulled but the hole is still there, so it can’t be said this is prostitution. The police then says: But you know it’s a crime? The woman says: I don’t depend on the government, I don’t depend on the Party, just one bed and I can do my work. No noise, no pollution, using cracks to for development. I don’t give birth to girls, I don’t give birth to boys, and I don’t make trouble for the country, so what is the crime? [The original Chinese rhymes.]

手机用户 [广东广州]:

Prostitution should be legalized. How come you guys don’t go arrest officials who keep mistresses? How come you guys don’t go do anything about officials who rape their subordinates? Aren’t there enough “beasts wearing the skins of men”? Teachers and government officials raping underage girls, how come you guys don’t go arrest them and do something about them? These are the kind of people who should be executed. Visiting a prostitute is a normal physical need.

浪漫的难得糊涂 [广东广州]:

Instead of fixing problems in the social institutions, you always just arrest these vulnerable/disadvantaged groups. If nobody leaves their hometowns to work in the cities, where husbands and wives and fathers and sons [parents and children] are separated, would a situation like this exist? Those government officials can go to nightclubs [more specifically “gentleman’s clubs”, “saunas” or “KTVs” where sexual services are offered], but migrant workers can only go to the roadsides, what else is there to say… We are all people, we all have physiological needs. Don’t underestimate this, when physiological needs are not met, all kinds of big problems can emerge, and rapes and murders will increase.

手机用户 [广东深圳]:

Drag this whistle-blowing reporter out and cane his ass 20 times, and put those police officers in detention for 15 days. What those women were doing was helping migrant workers with their physiological needs, to prevent rape crimes from happening; solving the food and clothing needs of their families; helping currency circulation and economic development. Doing their part for the development of the country, they not only endure wind and rain, they also have to put up with being nervous and scared all the time. They are not like those established transaction places [brothels and whorehouses] that have bought off the local police, where working there is stable, safe, at ease. Just look at India and you’ll know the benefits of prostitution far outweigh its harm.


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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