PSA On Beijing Subway Enrages Netizens

PSA On Beijing Subway Enrages Netizens

BJTale (A Public Welfare Organization) has released news on Weibo that has lead to much internet discussion. The picture has a woman breastfeeding in the subway, and said “take notice of your actions in public, don’t bare your sexual organs, this woman is treating the Beijing subway like her village’s bus”. Several hours after this was posted to Weibo it drew in over 10,000 shares and comments. BJTale has already deleted the post and issued a public statement of apology. Netizens are furious, one said that he originally didn’t have an opinion on this kind of thing, but the sentence “this is the Beijing subway, not your village bus” made him feel like Beijingers are arrogant and narrow-minded.

Source: qq

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  • mr.wiener

    If a boob is a “sexual organ”… YOU AREN’T DOING IT RIGHT!!

    • Mihel

      They really need that aviation institute teaching them sex ed.

  • Apothis

    It’s not like the Chinese ladies are sporting DD’s. You can’t hardly see A cups….

  • vonskippy

    I find it ironic that a secular country is so prudish. For the citizens that are all shocked by the sight of a boob, how do they think their population of 1.7 billion people came about?

    • Mihel

      I find it ironic that a secular country is so prudish.

      Blame it on the Brits.

      • vonskippy

        How so? Brits have no problem displaying boobs – ever heard of “Page 3” girls?

        • mr.wiener

          Poe’s law.

  • Vance

    That was my first thought: Hmmph, its ok to do that on your village’s public transportation system (which is just a run down smelly old bus), but don’t do that on OUR sacred public transportation system (which is this really cool train).

  • even in village, women do not do that outside either.
    anyway, i dislike to see any woman do that in public either. too disgusting!

    • Foreign Devil

      Not everyone can afford foreign brand baby formula you know.

      • and they even can not cover a bit in corner or milk in bottle at home???

    • I love Sexy Chinese girls

      What’s wrong doing a natural way of feeding an infant in public?

      • just feel uncomfortable.
        if i were forced to do it, i’d rather choose to die.
        or maybe i take bath in public hot spring from childhood, i feel most bodies are so ugly. merely see pretty one.

        • voodookitten

          “i feel most bodies are so ugly. merely see pretty one.”

          Judgmental and vain

  • i do not know why you are so angry? as if i am holding your baby and gonna starve it to death….

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