Qingdao Restaurant Cheats Customers Into 1500 RMB Dish

Qingdao Restaurant Cheats Customers Into 1500 RMB Dish
Customers at a restaurant in Qingdao inquired as to whether a dish’s price was listed per portion or per prawn before eating, so the proprietor confirmed that the dish was 38 RMB per portion, not per prawn. But after finishing their meal he went back on his initial statement and claimed that the prawn was 38 RMB per prawn, meaning that one dish was over 1500 RMB. The customers reported this to the police but they were told there was no way to prosecute, currently Qingdao City Commerce and Industry Supervision Office has arranged to investigate the scene. One netizen has responded that maybe now everybody understands why they like to go abroad while traveling, at the very least this kind of thing doesn’t happen in other countries.

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