Queen Elizabeth II, American Presidents & Friends Over Time

To celebrate chinaSMACK's 5 year anniversary, here's a picture of 5 friends who reunited and took a photo together every 5 years since 1982.

To celebrate chinaSMACK's 5 year anniversary, here's a picture of 5 friends who reunited and took a photo together every 5 years since 1982.

Today is the 6th anniversary of chinaSMACK. These were popular microblog posts on Sina Weibo earlier this week…

From Sina Weibo:

@我的朋友是个呆B: Summer 1982, five teenage high school students were having fun by a lake, then decided they would have a reunion every five years, which they have kept for thirty years now! So envious!


Comments from Sina Weibo:


The one on the far right hasn’t changed his clothes between ’97 and ’12?


→_→ I wonder if the one taking the photo has always been the same person, hahaha.


The one holding the hat seems to have changed the most.


2012, the far left and the last one [right] are finally together~ Did no one notice their couple’s outfit [matching t-shirt]?


Who can tell me what happened to the man second from the left between ’07 and ’12?


When you have abs, you go topless, but when you don’t, you won’t take off your shirt no matter what, hahahahaha.


[吃惊] The dummy on the far right went ten years without buying clothes.


The one on the far right couldn’t afford clothes in the first ten years, then he bought a grey t-shirt, then bought a a pretty good T-shirt and has been wearing that for 20 years, while his friends don’t help him! OMG!


Why do people keep saying the one on the far right keeps wearing [the same t-shirt]… he wants to wear this shirt on this day, what of it?


I think the reason the first on the right doesn’t change his clothes is because he keeps collecting this t-shirt, specifically to wear when it comes to taking the photo. Their friendship is truly awesome. Think, just how many people whether they are schoolmates or coworkers no longer have anything common to talk about once they are separated, their relationship slowly dying and they drift apart. Thirty years, a testimony to their true friendship, something difficult to come by.

From Sina Weibo:

@英国时报: Once again it is American Independence Day [this was popular on July 4th], and every year at this time, [British] netizens will take out photos of the the long-lived [UK] Queen with previous American Presidents to express their contempt…


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Can it be that in my neither long nor short life that the English Queen I hear about has been the same person all this time??? [失望]


I want the entire world to know that England has been contracted by me. [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


A Queen made of iron, Presidents like running water.


Her heir/successor has fainted in the restroom from crying causing the restroom to have an excessively long line…


Which is why it is said that William has waited until his head is bald and is still a prince. [呵呵]


You annoying old evil spirit.


When I was in kindergarten, she was the queen; when I was in primary school, she was the Queen; when I was in middle school, she was the queen; when I was in university, she was the queen; when I began working, she was still the queen; when I got married, she was still the queen; when I become the president, she will still be the queen; when I leave office, she will still be the queen… Bill Clinton.


The 60-some-year-old Prince has fainted in the restroom from crying.


If the United Kingdom were as close to Japan as it is with the United States, this series of photos would be at least three times as long.


She has survived from when pictures were black and white until they became color.

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