Queen Elizabeth II, American Presidents & Friends Over Time

To celebrate chinaSMACK's 5 year anniversary, here's a picture of 5 friends who reunited and took a photo together every 5 years since 1982.

To celebrate chinaSMACK's 5 year anniversary, here's a picture of 5 friends who reunited and took a photo together every 5 years since 1982.

Today is the 6th anniversary of chinaSMACK. These were popular microblog posts on Sina Weibo earlier this week…

From Sina Weibo:

@我的朋友是个呆B: Summer 1982, five teenage high school students were having fun by a lake, then decided they would have a reunion every five years, which they have kept for thirty years now! So envious!


Comments from Sina Weibo:


The one on the far right hasn’t changed his clothes between ’97 and ’12?


→_→ I wonder if the one taking the photo has always been the same person, hahaha.


The one holding the hat seems to have changed the most.


2012, the far left and the last one [right] are finally together~ Did no one notice their couple’s outfit [matching t-shirt]?


Who can tell me what happened to the man second from the left between ’07 and ’12?


When you have abs, you go topless, but when you don’t, you won’t take off your shirt no matter what, hahahahaha.


[吃惊] The dummy on the far right went ten years without buying clothes.


The one on the far right couldn’t afford clothes in the first ten years, then he bought a grey t-shirt, then bought a a pretty good T-shirt and has been wearing that for 20 years, while his friends don’t help him! OMG!


Why do people keep saying the one on the far right keeps wearing [the same t-shirt]… he wants to wear this shirt on this day, what of it?


I think the reason the first on the right doesn’t change his clothes is because he keeps collecting this t-shirt, specifically to wear when it comes to taking the photo. Their friendship is truly awesome. Think, just how many people whether they are schoolmates or coworkers no longer have anything common to talk about once they are separated, their relationship slowly dying and they drift apart. Thirty years, a testimony to their true friendship, something difficult to come by.

From Sina Weibo:

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@英国时报: Once again it is American Independence Day [this was popular on July 4th], and every year at this time, [British] netizens will take out photos of the the long-lived [UK] Queen with previous American Presidents to express their contempt…


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Can it be that in my neither long nor short life that the English Queen I hear about has been the same person all this time??? [失望]


I want the entire world to know that England has been contracted by me. [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


A Queen made of iron, Presidents like running water.


Her heir/successor has fainted in the restroom from crying causing the restroom to have an excessively long line…


Which is why it is said that William has waited until his head is bald and is still a prince. [呵呵]


You annoying old evil spirit.


When I was in kindergarten, she was the queen; when I was in primary school, she was the Queen; when I was in middle school, she was the queen; when I was in university, she was the queen; when I began working, she was still the queen; when I got married, she was still the queen; when I become the president, she will still be the queen; when I leave office, she will still be the queen… Bill Clinton.


The 60-some-year-old Prince has fainted in the restroom from crying.


If the United Kingdom were as close to Japan as it is with the United States, this series of photos would be at least three times as long.


She has survived from when pictures were black and white until they became color.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to chinaSMACK! Thank you to our long-time contributors like Peter and Joe. Thank you to my fellow editor and moderator Kai, as well as daily moderator Mark (mr.wiener). Thank you to all of our loyal fans, readers, and commenters. Thank you for your kind emails, support, and understanding of chinaSMACK! Jiong

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • bujiebuke

    “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die”
    – Queen Elizabeth II

  • Happy anniversary! Maybe Fauna, Kai, and the rest of the chinaSMACK team should also get together and post a picture of themselves every five years. Who knows what chinaSMACK will look like in 2044…

    • Kai

      It won’t look pretty. I already look far worse than 5 years ago. I was a veritable hunk back then. Sigh.

      Behind the scenes featurette: This post is one big meta commentary about cS. I can only reveal this much under threat of death.

      • Germandude

        already look far worse than 5 years ago.

        That’s what’s gonna happen if you spend all your time on beer, drugs and hookers…

        Or in my case: celebrating victories against Brazil…

        • FYIADragoon

          Rubbing salt in the wound. Lost good money on that match. I swear they just didn’t try for the whole tournament.

        • Kai

          No beer, I’m a liquor man.

          I felt bad for Brazil though I didn’t watch the last two games and instead slept through the night. I woke up 25 minutes into last night’s Germany vs. Brazil game, heard 4-0, felt bad for Brazil, and went back to sleep.

          That was a really terrible way for the host nation to be knocked out. Brazillians must be so pissed…

          • Germandude

            I couldn’t believe my eyes while watching it and really thought somebody is playing Fifa on the playstation instead of showing us the game. Until I got calls from Germany confirming that I am not watching a fake. Had to make sure ;-)

          • Kai

            LoL, yeah, I’m kinda rooting for Germany at this point though I think they could’ve let Brazil lose a bit more gracefully. A lot of Brazillians were already not too happy about hosting the World Cup…

          • Germandude

            It’s called home advantage, because you can take the bus back home…

          • Kai

            LOL, that’s so mean.

            You’d be a fun person to watch sports with.

          • Germandude

            Wanna join monday morning?

          • Kai

            Depends on whether or not my sleep schedule has reverted back to World Cup schedule by then but if so, I could be down to meeting up. Where in Shanghai are you? I’m in the Jingan area. If you’re out in Pudong, I’m going to ignore you.

          • Germandude

            I got no visa for Pudong. Check your linkedin since I don’t have my old eMail address anymore…

          • Kai

            Ah, that may explain why you didn’t respond to my email yesterday. Ugh, I never use LinkedIn. I just checked but don’t see anything in my inbox from anyone remotely like you? Just email me with the contact form. It’ll get to me.

          • Germandude


        • Teacher in China

          I’m making my omelette tomorrow with Brazilian eggs ’cause they’re so easy to beat! amirite, guys?! guys…..?

          • Germandude

            How many goals did Germany score last night?
            A brazillion…

        • Zappa Frank

          Do you know the Gary Lineken quote:

          “Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and in the end Germany always wins.”

          • Germandude

            No, never heard of that one. ;-)

          • Zappa Frank

            it comes from the world cup on ’90 in Italy, after the match Germany vs England. Strange that no one remembered it after this vs Brazil match because it fits well..

      • Thanks to developments in biological regeneration, you may end up looking better than when you started. Then again, you may also end up as a talking head in a glass tube, so who knows.

        As for the meta commentary, I’m intrigued but wouldn’t want to cause your early demise. I suppose that since Fauna has been here since the beginning and presumably seen mods and contributors come and go, she is the Queen Elizabeth, but I won’t pressure you to pass judgement on my hypothesis.

        • Kai

          That one is a joke, perhaps more relevant to those of us involved in cS. Most of her meta is actually pretty sentimental and cheesy. Us guys, though, we find humor in the cynical.

      • KamikaziPilot

        Kai, do you and Fauna know each other in real life? Can you tell us that much? How about the other translators (ex. Peter Barefoot)? Do you guys run this website from some sort of office?

        • Kai

          Of course. Peter is in Chengdu though he did visit us in Shanghai on his way back from New Zealand. Joe is also in Shanghai. No office, cS and its sister sites are more of a hobby and passion for those involved than a business. We can’t afford an office. We poor yo.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Better if the pics are shirtless, then we can see the transformations in their bodies too, haha. If we all stay on CS we can all be conversing with each other as old folks. That would be hilarious, but I don’t think that will happen:(

      • Kai


      • I was going to make a similar comment, and jest about mr.wiener’s hairiness, but I didn’t want to seem like a perv regarding Fauna. Kudos for stepping up to the plate!

        I’ve always wondered how the Internet will age. It will be a strange an unprecedented phenomenon. As for chinaSMACK, I can only imagine it may get very interesting (here’s to hoping for no WW3), before perhaps slipping into geriatric mundanity ala japanCRUSH (e.g., no more shockingly tragic stories about unbelievably terrible things happening).

        Who knows, maybe I’ll respond to your comment here in 40 years just to see if you get it, and you do and respond back, and we’ll share a good laugh.

        • Kai

          I think Beth does a good job with what little resources she has, but I do think if Fauna were behind jC, it’d be a bit different. There are inevitable personality differences and what each finds amusing or interesting to share. cS itself has gotten tamer in my opinion. We got too many complaints about violence and nudity. cS is less “raw” as a result.

          Where are you, Matt? In the States?

          • I also think Beth does a good job, but whether due to subjective content selection or the nature of the Japanese web, many of the stories aren’t really suited for extended foreigner discussion, except for the stories involving Japan’s neighbors, which gets old after a while.

            Yep, I’m in Southern California, in Orange County. I’d like to move to China, but I’ve got a bunch of educational / professional / financial stuff I’ve got to get out of the way first. I feel like I’m missing out on all the action here in the boring ol’ USA, but hopefully by the time I get around to moving there, China’s air will by then be much improved.

          • Kai

            Yeah, I can see that. The expat/foreigner crowd with Japan and the general market of websites about Japan is also a lot more mature whereas I think cS kinda popped up at a good time for growth. That said, there are also socio-political biases at play. Whatever the case, we helped set up the sister sites as long as there were people who wanted to use the cS formula to show another side of another country’s society through internet trends and culture. Beth has been really committed to keeping jC going and Japan is lucky to have a great gal like her trying to help share a glimpse of that aspect of the country.

            Hah, you’re an OC’er. I’m SGV. While I haven’t always agreed with you, I’ve often found myself nodding to your way of analyzing and debating, initially on jC (I asked Beth who this Matt guy is). I’d irrationally like to think it is because we come from similar backgrounds (I dunno, do people from Cali tend to share similar values? Eh, maybe not).

            On being in China, there’s definitely an argument for this place having a sort of energy, of change, of the sense that something is HAPPENING. I think there are still places in the US where a similar vibe can be found, like NYC and Silicon Valley (though each has very different vibes), but every time I’m back in LA, especially suburban LA, I’m reminded of the Chinese phrase “等死”. It’s not like things aren’t changing (I idiotically marvel at the changes I notice each time I visit, like ATM check deposits without the traditional envelope), but there is no sense of–I dunno–energy or perhaps some vague sense of “optimism”? America feels lethargic.

            That said, I love how clean and tidy much of the OC is, with master planned communities, green grass, blue skies. I’ll often spend just a day chilling there, squinting in the sun making my eyes that much slittier(?), and just enjoying the (perhaps artificial) tranquility. The sun always seems brighter in the States, especially LA. It sometimes feels “not real”.

            Not sure if air in China will be improved, but you should be okay if you avoid Beijing. As long as you know what your purpose for coming to China is and you make a real serious go at achieving it, I think you’ll have a great time especially since you seem to generally be good at looking at the big picture, which will come in handy when aspects of life in China are less than endearing.

          • You couldn’t have said it better about the overall atmospheric mood in China vs the US. When I returned to the US from China, I couldn’t help but notice how quiet and empty it seemed. In my neighborhood, I can frequently stand outside in the middle of my completely occupied cul-de-sac and yet not see a single other living person (nor any dead ones). That said, my city has had a fairly substantial 70% population growth since 2000, so I can imagine it’s even worse in most of the rest of the country. Perhaps “stagnant” is a good albeit pessimistic way of putting it.

            You summed up OC, or at least my city of Irvine, pretty well, too. Not gonna lie––I live within a 5 minute’s drive of three different pedestrian-friendly man-made lakes. It may all be artificial, but I appreciate the greenery and blueness nonetheless. That said, with the current drought in California, I wonder how much longer it will last. I can’t help but feel like a desert like Southern California isn’t meant to sustain 22 million people.

            I’d like to work a normal white-collar/office job in China, similar to one I’d work here, but I fear that’s becoming less and less a possibility as China’s knowledge repertoire matures and they require less and less foreign mid-tier talent. Here’s to hoping they have room for one more entry-level accountant on a Z visa.

          • Kai

            Yeah, I may know those man-made lakes you’re referring to. The one I was referring to is North Lake between Yale Loop and Barranca Parkeway. The friend I always visit used to live right by the lake.

            I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to get a job or posting in China as an accountant. I can only imagine maybe you’d get yourself into a major accounting firm and try to get posted here to handle international accounts. You may need to learn local accounting regulations, but you can always sweeten the deal by being bilingual, willing to learn, willing to work for less than a fancy expat hazard pay package, and being someone the home office can feel comfortable communicating with. “Bridges” are still important. What is rapidly becoming unimportant is the Westerner who may have skills and can communicate with the West but can’t really integrate and bridge with the local Chinese. The home office will still value common background and values, but they need people to do the grunt work of being an effective intermediary.

          • Wow, what a small world. That’s same one I was talking about. I live right off Irvine Center Drive opposite the lake, between Jeffrey and Yale. If your friend were the same age as me, there’s a decent chance we could have attended the same school (if not middle or high school, then perhaps Irvine Valley College right next to it).

            Yep, I plan on getting into the profession domestically first and then transitioning internationally later. I unfortunately have a long way to go on that whole bilingual thing. Every time I’m studying Chinese, I think in the back of my mind that I should be studying for the CPA exam, and every time I’m studying for the CPA exam, I think in the back of my mind that I should be (and would rather be) studying Chinese. But most of the time I’m doing neither. *sigh*

          • Kai

            Nah, he didn’t go to school there, he just lived there for a number of years because it was close to his job. He changed employers last year and moved back into LA county. We went to the same middle and high school so definitely not your school.

            Rare is the person who goes into accounting, but I hear it is still an in-demand job because no one really gravitates towards it. It should be good job stability. Hurry and pass, then I can have you do my taxes each year, :D

          • Not as rare as I’d like. :P

            Too many people are reading those Yahoo front page articles urging undecided average Joe’s to pursue accounting (and the same 5 or 6 other majors/professions), and it’s becoming quite the employer’s market. Then again, I guess I can’t complain since I’m basically one of those newcomers.

            Since I like you, I’ll let you in on a little industry secret: For accountants, “You’re an accountant? Can you do my taxes? LOL” is basically like “ching chong ling long ting tong” to Chinese-Americans…which is to say, it’s a surefire way to make an accountant roll his or her eyes and pray to God to strike you down by lightning. No kidding, we seriously have entire threads dedicated to that stuff––you’d probably be disgusted if you saw it because it’s pretty whiny. I’m not there yet and hopefully will never be; the type of folks who get offended by those sort of things are the ones with no lives outside their professions. I remember back when I was considering medicine I was exposed to the competitive cliquishness of ophthalmologists vs optometrists vs orthodontists vs dentists vs psychiatrists vs psychologists vs pharmacists vs podiatrists vs audiologists…arguing about who’s smarter and which is harder. Man, those people need to get lives. Then again, I suppose it’s their form of the nationalism we see on chinaSMACK and its sister sites. Everyone’s got to be part of an in-group and hate on its competitors. -.-“

          • Kai

            LoL, hence the :D!

        • KamikaziPilot

          40 years! Well maybe not this particular comment since you’d have to search for it 40 years later but I don’t think it would be too hard to just check in with CSmack at least once in a while for the next 40 years if we’re both committed to it. Even after 5 years if we’re still all talking it would be something. After all isn’t 5 years on the internet like 40 years in real life? But really the widespread use of the internet by the masses only started what, since about the mid 1990s. How long have you been on this site? I think for me it’s about 2 years. Let’s try to at least check in with CS at least occasionally over the next 40 years and see what happens. Deal?

          • Well, the first article on chinaSMACK was posted six years ago, so I guess Fauna and company have done a good job maintaining this site for 48 years! I suppose I’ve been lurking here for just over 2.5 years; all I know is that I’d been a regular chinaSMACK follower by the time koreaBANG rolled out, and apparently its first article was posted January 2012, so there ya go. Anyway, you’ve got yourself a deal.

        • mr.wiener

          It keeps me warm in winter. Fortunately the “all over body pelt ” seems to have skipped a generation from my esteemed father “Wolfboy” Wiener.

          • All on the face and none on the back? You’ve won the genetic lottery, good sir. My father looks like the bottom of the shower drain after a grizzly bear’s extended shower, but fortunately I’ve been spared…for now.

          • mr.wiener

            I missed out on the ears too, My dad looks like a taxi going down the street with both side doors open.

      • David

        What do you mean? I am already an old folk. The pictures started when I graduated High School.

        • KamikaziPilot

          Well then I guess you’ll be ancient by then. You do plan on still being alive in 40 years right? Probably shriveled like a prune and losing your mental capacities by then, but you can still talk to us on CS. Look forward to hearing from you in 40 years and seeing how you’ve changed. Just remember to post a pic too.

          • David

            Well, than my comments won’t be much different than they are now right? : ) In 40 years I will be 91 and still plan on being a burden to somebody. I will just have to wave my cane and yell “you kids get off my CS!”

  • [insert terrible joke about abstaining from making a MacBook Princess]

  • Freddi BuBu

    Blonde dudes don’t age well…..

  • moop

    broseph is wearing his croakies in 1997

  • ClausRasmussen

    >> Thank you to all of our loyal fans, readers, and commenters

    Thanks to you too for this excellent site

  • Teacher in China

    Thanks for all the hard work and dedication from all involved on this site! Been coming here since the beginning and it’s always fun.

    How about a throwback thread? Which story do you remember the most? For me, all I need is one phrase: “Grandfather cocksucking gate”.

    • Kai

      WTF? I don’t remember that…and I’m sad that I don’t, cuz IT SOUNDS EPIC.

      • Teacher in China

        YOU coined the phrase!!

        • Kai


          *searches past comments*

          Took me awhile but it was actually “Grandson Fellatio Gate”.


          Maybe Rick should get credit for saying “cocksucking”:


          Damn, dude, 5 years ago. We’re such old-timers.

          • Teacher in China

            Nice one – I looked for 10 mins and couldn’t find it. Figures that you would have been more artistic with your language ;)

          • Insomnicide

            Wow. Chinasmack has come a long way. Shoot, you guys might even go legit and become a formal news site in the next year or two.

          • Kai

            I’m gonna ignore the sarcasm and respond seriously: Unlikely. As I’ve said before, cS is a terrible site for “news”.

          • Insomnicide

            That wasn’t sarcasm. CS has really upped it’s standards. A few years ago, the comments sections resembled the front page of Stormfront.

          • Germandude

            Totally agree. I checked out some topics from 3-4 years ago and the amount of racism was much higher than nowadays. These days there are the occasional idiots which seemed to have been more common in the past.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Agreed ! It has improved A LOT since they switched to Disqus and introduced moderators. I didn’t even bother to read the comments before that

          • Kai

            Ah cool, sometimes the sarcasm is hard to tell with you. I’m gonna go ahead and lay a lot of credit at the feet of @mrwiener:disqus because he puts up with less shit than I do and is a lot more decisive in deleting comments and banning people. So give him some love until he feels awkward.

  • Tey

    Let’s hope the next time Chinasmack celebrates it’s 12th anniversary, the CCCP would have fallen.

    • I think the Soviet Union already has fallen…

      • David

        lol you got there first.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      One extra ‘C’ there, buddy :P

  • DavidisDawei

    No photo of the Queen with Johnson;
    arguably the worst President ever until the last three bozos came along.

  • DavidisDawei

    Could it be another conspiracy – body double used after queen died to keep Charles off the throne?

  • Insomnicide

    At this rate, queen Elizabeth might even outlive prince Charles.

  • a.w.

    I think the reason the first on the right doesn’t change his clothes is because he keeps collecting this t-shirt, specifically to wear when it comes to taking the photo. Their friendship is truly awesome. Think, just how many people whether they are schoolmates or coworkers no longer have anything common to talk about once they are separated, their relationship slowly dying and they drift apart. Thirty years, a testimony to their true friendship, something difficult to come by.

    aw, what an uplifting post c:

    When I was in kindergarten, she was the queen; when I was in primary school, she was the Queen; when I was in middle school, she was the queen; when I was in university, she was the queen; when I began working, she was still the queen; when I got married, she was still the queen; when I become the president, she will still be the queen; when I leave office, she will still be the queen… Bill Clinton.

    ^lol, she is made out of iron, that throne is under her fingers

    & ty chinasmack, keep it up ! :)

  • David

    Thank you for your years of hard work.

  • jd

    queen of england is a useless piece of Sh!t

  • redgirls

    Happy anniversary Chinasmack.
    Thanks for the great articles,the great comments, the mods, developers and fauna, remembering the wonderful Little Wolf, those who lost their loved ones, and those shared their highs and lows through the years, heres to another six years.Best of luck to you all.