Rabbit Crushing Video Girl Comes Forth, Apologizes, Explains

A Chinese girl who crushes a rabbit under a plate of glass in a video has been the subject of internet controversy recently in China.

Below are the latest updates to the recent internet controversy surrounding a “crush fetish” video, in which the young beautiful girl pictured above sits on a plate of glass crushing a little rabbit underneath. These updates were published November 25th and today, November 26th and concern the public apology and statements of a young woman surnamed Huang who says she is the girl featured in the video.

For more information about the video and the Chinese internet outrage that followed, please see our previous report: Rabbit Crush Fetish Video, Chinese Netizens Investigate

On November 25th, from QQ, Xinhua, & Ynet/MSN:

“Rabbit-Abusing Girl” reveals self, writes letter of repentance to apologize, says she loves raising little animals as pets

“Rabbit-Abusing Girl” reveals self, writes letter of repentance to apologize

Netizen named “Fan Fan” who claims to be Huang Xiaoxiao admits that the rabbit abuse video was filmed at a residential complex near Chengdu’s Niuwangmiao area

Who is “Rabbit-Abusing Girl?”

Within a QQ group for a certain class of a certain middle school in Leshan, there are many classmates who testify that the girl wearing white in the video is Huang Xiaoxiao. When attending high school, Huang Xiaoxiao’s family’s financial situation was very good, but she kept a low-profile, had a gentle personality, liked English, and liked keeping little animals as pets.

Why “abuse the rabbit”?

When looking for part-time work, her boss had her wear high heels and step on fruits, saying the video was to be published abroad. Afterward, the boss graduation changed the object that was stepped on to fish, worms, lobsters, and other living things, even threatening her that if she did not continue [to do the job, stepping on things], he would publicly release the videos onto the domestic Chinese internet.

What does she think now?

“I am suffering inside, and this is the punishment the animals have given me,” Huang Xiaoxiao says. This incident has exposed a trauma that she had suppressed for years, which is also a good thing, because it has allowed her a certain relief.

Rabbit crushing girl's pet rabbit.

"Huang Xiaoxiao says this is her pet rabbit"

Recently, a video of rabbit abuse has been spreading wildly on the internet: A young girl wearing white place a plate of glass on top of a little white rabbit and sat on it until it was crushed to death. Netizens human flesh searched this girl out to be Huang Xiaoxiao (pseudonym).

Two nights ago, a netizen in the know named “瑞丽 [Rui Li]” contact this newspaper’s reporter, claiming that the girl in the video is indeed Huang Xiaoxiao, is from Leshan and now lives in Chengdu.

Yesterday, this Huaxi City Newspaper reporter got in contact with a netizen “饭饭 [Fan Fan]” who claims to be Huang Xiaoxiao.

“Fan Fan” said, her boss at the time had her begin with stepping on bread, gradually leading to her stepping on insects/bugs, lobsters, and rabbits. All these years, she has been carrying this psychological burden. After the video came to light, she has actually experienced some relief, and is willing to go through Huaxi City Newspaper to apologize to all of the animals she has abused and killed in the past, and apologize to all of the netizens whose feelings have been hurt…

Schoolmate reveals that “Rabbit-Abusing Girl” is the daughter of a wealthy family

Two nights ago, this Huaxi City Newspaper reporter received a phone call from someone in the know claiming that he knows the girl wearing white in from the video. She is definitely the Huang Xiaoxiao that netizens found through human flesh search, that she is from Leshan, and saw her driving a BMW several years ago.

Two days ago, this reporter interview a netizen who knew Huang Xiaoxiao called “归零 [Gui Ling] who also said: “Oh…this is something I can’t really talk about, I too only just know about this matter.”

This Huaxi City Newspaper reporter joined a QQ group for a certain Leshan middle school. Through visits, there were many schoolmates who testified that the girl wearing white in the video was Huang Xiaoxiao. There were also people who said that it looks like her but they couldn’t be certain.

There were schoolmates who said that in high school, Huang Xiaoxiao’s family’s financial situation was very good, but she kept a low-profile, had a gentle personality, liked English, liked raising small animals as pets, and was an innocent and pure girl. There was also a schoolmate who said that she would sometimes while talking suddenly widen her eyes in a daze, and was a little fei zhu liu [unconventional].

After the rabbit abuse video, Huang Xiaoxiao quit the QQ group [for the school/class]. Given that the relationship between the schoolmates in the group these days are very casual with everyone no longer keeping in contact, it was very difficult to find her.

Yesterday afternoon, a high school male schoolmate of Huang Xiaoxiao said that Huang Xiaoxiao was willing to go through him to relay an apology to the entire country’s people. After communicating several times, Huang Xiaoxiao agreed to an exclusive interview directly with this newspaper’s reporter on QQ but refused to meet face to face with this reporter.

Reporter's QQ chat log with a netizen claiming to be the girl in the rabbit crush fetish video.

"Chat log of the interview between this reporter and Huang Xiaoxiao"

She thought of committing suicide but her pet cat helped her through the difficult time

On QQ, a netizen going by the name of “Fan Fan” claimed she was Huang Xiaoxiao.

She said that several days ago when she was playing piano at home, she received a call from her mother and learned that the video of her once abusing and killing an animal had been made public. At the time, she felt the sky had fallen, that she was going to lose everything she had. She cried, and her mother cried with her.

She cried for an entire day, and that night, she confessed this secret that she had buried in her heart for years to her husband. “I suggested that we divorce, but my husband said he would stand by me and get through this together.” Afterward, her mother also came to be with her.

In the first few days, she thought that everything was over for her, and thought of suicide. Everyday, she sat alone on the edge of her bed crying. Seeing this, her two pet cats climbed into her arms to sleep. Embracing her warm cats, her heart was even more restless, feeling guilty towards the little animals she had once abused and killed.

“Fan Fan” said, she has loved raising little animals as pets since she was small, has previously had dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, turtles, and fish. In fact, one of the cats she has now in her home was a stray cat that she had taken in. She too feels that abusing and killing animals is very perverse, but the deeper she got into it, it became impossible for her to break free from the boss’s control.

Looking for a job online, she was told that she would be using her foot to mix salad

Huang Xiaoxiao said, in her fourth year of school, her classmates and schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs or internships. Her family doesn’t need her to work [they are rich], but seeing as how her schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs, she too submitted her CV onto the internet to save face, hoping to find work through her own efforts, and so her parents would not have to worry.

Afterward, someone calling himself Brother Ran called her, inviting her to go do video sales. The interview was held in a room near Tianfu Square, and the interviewer simply looked at her legs and approved her, adding that the job was part-time and that the nature of the job was very simple, using her feet to mix salad.

One week later, she officially started work—-wearing high heels stepping on fruit. “I felt it was very perverse, but the boss said it was for certain foreign perverts to watch, and it absolutely won’t be disseminated domestically [in China],” Huang Xiaoxiao said. Thinking that this may be a way of treating a disease/disorder, she agreed.

The first time she wore high heels, she even fell many times. While filming the video, the boss found several pretty girls that she did not know to accompany her, and even provided an English script, and pointed a tiny video camera at her. The boss asked her to pretend to be very happy, and if she did not look happy enough, they would have to redo it.

Behind the abuse and killing was the boss’s control

After stepping on fruit, the boss gradually changed the object being stepped on to toys, fish, worms, lobsters and other living things. Worms were the first thing she stepped on that was alive, and she was so disgusted that she vomited. So the boss demonstrated for her and threatened her that if she did not continue, he would make public on the internet the previous videos of her stepping on things.

On one hand she was afraid of her reputation being affected and on another hand she was also afraid of losing this job, so Huang Xiaoxiao endured her disgust and stepped [crushing the worms]. Afterward, every time she wanted to quit, she would be threatened by the boss, and would thus continue doing it. Huang Xiaoxiao said that the boss was very cunning/slippery, often changing the location of the filming. Sometimes it was hourly rental rooms, sometimes it was in the suburbs, sometimes it were rentals, but all of them had something in common: light pastel colored floors, a sofa, and a table.

Huang Xiaoxiao said that she clearly remembers that the rabbit crushing video was made near Niuwangmiao on the First Ring Road, in a small room.

Huang Xiaoxiao revealed that the boss’s business was not limited to stepping on/crushing little animals and that in the north he also had a stepping on/crushing dog business. She also revealed that her income was not as high as “6000 yuan per film” as rumored on the internet. The first time when she stepped on fruit, she earned 100 yuan. For stepping on/crushing the animals, each time her income was 200 to 300 yuan. For crushing the rabbit, she got 400 yuan.

Fearful and terrified, her conscience felt imprisoned

Huang Xiaoxiao said, her final time was stepping on loach [a kind of fish], and after finishing she vomited fiercely. After a long time, the boss no longer contacted her. Her life had also entered the right track and she had gotten married with her loving boyfriend.

Her conscience was still filled with fear, always afraid that her disgraceful experience would be brought to light. These things were all done behind the backs of her relatives and friends, with none of them knowing that she had filmed animal abuse and killing videos.

These past few years, the one thing she couldn’t bear was others calling her a beauty. “Hearing people call me beautiful, I would instantly think of the things I had one done, and feel that I am a monster,” she said. She continued to have nightmares, always of being chased.

One day in 2008, she received a call from the boss, saying that the website had shut down. At that time, she thought that her conscience would finally be set free, no longer imprisoned, and she was happy for a while. She never imagined that the moment that should arrive would still arrive.

“My suffering is the animals’ punishment for me,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. This incident has exposed a trauma that she had suppressed for years, which is also a good thing, because it has allowed her a certain relief.

Huang Xiaoxiao said that she had thought of reporting to the police before, to expose the gang behind the boss, but upon thinking about her having personally killed so may rabbits, that netizens already think she is a snake woman, she stopped. She was afraid that if she reported to the police herself, no one would believe her, and that the behind the scenes gang could not be caught…

[Huang Xiaoxiao’s] Letter of repentance

Old people have said before that people are reincarnated. I used to think they were just stories, but now I hope it is true.

If I am reincarnated, I want to be a tree, to be one with nature, without feelings, and without worries, without thought, and also without hypocrisy. To be simple just like this.

I wonder how I can forgive myself, to allow my heart to feel better, but I can’t do it.

A crack for a mirror is a permanent injury, and once there is a crack, it can never make up for it. Life is a mirror, and my mirror already has a deep crack, one that can never be healed.

I will never be able to forget this trauma. It has already become a stain I can never wipe away. Am I able to get God’s forgiveness? I don’t know. God has given me the punishment I ought to have, and it is the punishment I deserve to have. I have begun to believe in reincarnation, begun to believe in karma.

The mistakes I have committed, one day I will have to pay for them.

I had thought of killing myself, but what has happened cannot be changed, and I can only begin anew. I hope I can use all of my time from this day on to love and cherish all living things, use all of my time to make up for this mistake. I am willing to do everything I can to atone for my sin. Huang Xiaoxiao.

Ms. Huang's letter of proxy to the police.

"The letter of proxy written by Rabbit-Crushing Girl"

On November 26th, from NetEase & Ynet/MSN:

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Rabbit-Abusing Girl” called the police yesterday, hopes to expose the black hands behind the [crush fetish] videos

The police state that, according to the information provided by the complainant, there is at present no laws against abusing rabbits, but the police will consider the situation on the internet and see whether or not there is a profiteering group/organization illegally profiting before making a decision.

After the “Rabbit-Abuse Video” was exposed, netizens have human flesh searched out that the girl in white is Huang Xiaoxiao (pseudonym). Yesterday, Huang Xiaoxiao published an apology/repentance letter through this newspaper, apologizing to the general public (previously reported by our newspaper).

Huang Xiaoxiao’s apology, however, has incited even greater arguments, with netizens one after another questioning its authenticity, one netizen even meticulously listing 10 suspicious points, claiming that she is pretending to be the victim to gain sympathy.

After careful consideration, Huang Xiaoxiao decided to ask high school schoolmate Mr. Wu to go make a report at the Chengdu Niuwangmiao police station.

Schoolmate bearing letter of proxy [power of attorney] files report with police

Yesterday, a man appeared at the police station named Mr. Wu, Huang Xiaoxiao’s high school schoolmate. Entrusted by Huang Xiaoxiao, he filed a report with the police.

In his hands was a letter of proxy written by Huang Xiaoxiao:

“I am Huang XX known as the ‘Rabbit-Abusing girl” on the internet, and I know fully that what I did at the time was a terrible mistake, but what is more important is the truth behind what happened. The boss who made the video is already unable to be reached. As a result, my reputation and benefit has been seriously harmed. Having majorly traumatized my life, I now hope to help the police to uncover/expose this person. And from there, expose the power/interests behind the scenes. Reporting to the police on my behalf is Wu XX, identity number is 511…73x. Trustee: Huang XX.”

Huang Xiaoxiao says, ever since she appeared in the video, she has never seen the video of herself. Yesterday, she saw the video online for the first time.

“Is that me? I looked simply insane, I looked so sick,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. She realized that there was an even larger profiteering organization behind the scene, and from this she decided to come forward intending to uncover/expose the gang behind the scenes as well as to prevent even more girls from being deceived. During this time, she has been unable to leave the house, not having the courage to face the people. It is because of this that she asked her high school schoolmate Mr. Wu to represent her.

Police begin their investigation

The police at the police station received and met with Mr. Wu. Afterward, the police initiated an investigation into this matter. They first went to the Dongheng International residential community on the First Ring Road to determine if similar incidents have happened this year. Learning that this video was made several years ago, the police expressed that they will investigate further.

The police on duty says that this incident has had a big impact having been disseminated by much of the media, and that the past few days have all had groups of people coming to report it. Since this matter happened within its area of jurisdiction, the police received and met Mr. Wu. As for whether or not there are applicable laws and whether or not those involved will be subject to relevant sanctions/punishments requires further research following the results of the investigation.

The police also said that according to the information provided by the complainant, there is at present no laws against abusing rabbits, but the police will consider the situation on the internet and see whether or not there is a profiteering group/organization illegally profiting before making a decision. (Huaxi City Newspaper)

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    Another cheap ploy to keep the sofa couches distracted while others wallow deep in the trough of easy money up to their snouts in ill obtained advantages

    • xmcx

      I knew it! The fact that this girl is guilty as charged is plain as the snout is in the middle of the face: just look at this foxtail looming out:
      she “liked English”!
      Nuff said, infiltrated agent of the powers that oppose China, trying to bring down the morality of Chinese people.

      • xmcx

        0)It’s strange that she is trying to save face so much.At this point it’s pretty much over: she did it for money, and there’s no law so she’s got nothing to fear. Let’s put aside the extreme thickness of faceskin it takes to try and save face at this juncture, and assume her story, however after-the-fact and bullshitty-sounding, is true. What a splendid revelation of the kinds of trees that grow in China’s 5000yo forest! This is close to Japanese war crime level for the “I was just doing as told, I was led on, I felt deprived of my free will, the consequences of my refusing would have been incalculable, under duress and threat of death, I came to see the enemy as no longer human, and executed my actions mechanically”. China should really do more to remember the atrocious exactions committed against her own people during the War against Japanese invasion: maybe if the children were reminded more about these incidents during history lessons, they would not take life so lightly.
        1)“I suggested that we divorce”
        Either this is after the fact claims of over the top suggestions to appear sensational,
        or the hag was waiting for any old excuse and this “rabbit crushing gate” was just the opening she had been praying to online Buddhas for.

        • Chinese children learn an aweful lot about the Japanese invasion in school, in my understanding.

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    she’s lying that’s for sure… get her!!!!

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    Such a pathetic lie. This reminds me of the movie ‘Hostel’.

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    …is it a way to say that she’s a cheap ass slut or something?

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    who would believe her stupid excuse!

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    you’re kidding, this is her “explanation”??

    right, because being from a wealthy family means you have to crush live animals for 400 yuan. this is such BS.

    • anon

      I think some of you guys are misinterpreting the significance of the “she’s from a wealthy family” angle. They emphasize it because it is meant to show that she DIDN’T take the job for money. The previous suggestion was that the girls who do these videos do it because they can make a lot of money (6000 RMB to film one video, which is a lot for most of China). By saying she comes from a wealthy family, drives a BMW, and doesn’t actually need a job is to make it clear she was doing this for the money.

      Instead, we’re told she did this because she didn’t want to be the “rich girl who can afford to be lazy” in the eyes of her classmates. She didn’t want to look like the princess who has it all. This is why they emphasized her keeping a “low profile”, so she doesn’t seem like the stuck up bitch amongst a bunch of people who are far less fortunate than her. When the time came for everyone to find jobs, she felt she should go find a job too, instead of doing nothing and letting her family take care of her. So she did.

      But she met the wrong people who conned her. They started her off on doing something that was kinda weird and then slowly progressed it. By the time she felt “okay, this is going too far”, they already had something on her they could threaten or blackmail her with. Even though it was just stepping on fruit or worms, she still didn’t want those videos coming out and it embarrassing her in her own community. It would embarrass her and her family. That fear of bringing shame to herself and her family pushed her to comply with “the boss” further until tone day the boss himself stopped calling her for her to do videos. She never broke away. He just stopped contacting her eventually.

      She got the job first to not seem like a rich girl who doesn’t need to work. She did the job because it seemed weird but not too weird, with the assurance that it wouldn’t affect her domestically in China. When the work got out of control, she was blackmailed into continuing. She continued because she didn’t want to bring shame to herself and family. That’s her explanation. She’s saying she felt horrible and continues to feel horrible but there were reasons why she did it.

      • Riobin

        Anon: stop making excuses for a perverted cold hearted bitch. Did those pictures look like she was acting,There was joy in her face as she tortured and killed these little innocent animals. You are too soft hearted

        • anon

          Riobin, calm down a second and ask yourself how am I making excuses for her? I’m explaining what the article said about her explanation. You don’t have to believe her just like I never said I believe her either, but it is important to at least understand what was said before jumping to conclusions.

      • Gobblegog

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  • dim mak

    “My boss made me do it”
    Not very convincing

    • Strangerland

      Right, I don’t believe that excuse too.
      Because she is from a wealthy family- there’s no way her boss can beat her family’s influence in the ‘fear-my-authority!’ department. Unless her boss is top member of the party.
      She is a wealthy girl- WEALTH=POWER in China. If she didn’t want to crush those animals and want to quit her job, all she has to do is open her mouth and crying to her daddy’s arms and he would get her out from that so-called nightmare.
      Especially, since she already crying from the stepping on worms incident.
      I find her excuse laughable. Maybe that’s how her family set the excuse, together with their attorneys and PRs. After all it would smear their face if the world knows what kind of psycho their darling-daughter is.
      In my opinion, she has mental sickness. Too bad mental sickness is considered a shame in China, so it’s likely that she’d be locked inside her room now by her family and husband.
      What a sad affair.

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  • MMary

    She was a school CHILD at the time of her dastardly deeds.
    Young ladies are extremely easy to manipulate, especially in China where they are expected to obey without question.
    I remember hurting a small animal in my youth, and 30 years later, it still haunts me.
    As an unempowered child, I suggest she cannot be culpable for her actions.
    Arrest her? For what? As abhorrent as her acts were – they were not actually against the law, because there isn’t one.
    She has to live with the guilt of her actions for the rest of her life. Surely that is enough punishment?
    If I had been imprisoned for hurting the small animal when I was a child, I know it would not be for as long as I have lived with my guilt.
    If her apology is sincere, she has my full sympathy. I hope she turns this experience into something positive and becomes an activist for abused animals.
    We have all done things we regret – no-one is immune from that.
    Huang Xiaoxiao, if your guilt is as real as you purport, I, for one, forgive you. Do not let this regrettable incident ruin your entire life.

    Why are people more concerned with destroying this young girl and not the instigators?

    • Joe

      Her apology isn’t sincere, she’s lying all the way through it.. her story has so many holes in it, it’s so obvious she’s trying to dig her way out of it.

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    The boss that disappears suddenly is also very suspicious. Seems like shes trying to find an excuse to justify everything after she was being recognized.

  • xmcx

    Rational explanation #22:
    The black hearted boss is actually a restaurant owner. And crushed bunny was the special dish. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit, given the razor sharp shards of bone you find in the meat at some restaurants.

  • Fman

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    we all are involved in such destructiv processes….
    too much stress…
    too much pressured…by job, by family….
    so we need special “kicks”….
    ok maybe better not with rabbits…but…
    the nice legs of these girls, the highheels, the pantyhose…
    all attributes….who are great to be loved….
    If i could…i would married this girl, give her a quiet family home, enough money…for a happy family-live…with own child an a good future….
    lets forget what she has done… i will be the first who will take her to me…to europe…to a better envirenment…for have a family with her….
    think about that

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  • devo

    Women are continually shit upon here. Her story sounds pretty typical of how men treat women and then how Chinese society responds to it. She stepped on a bunny. At least she didn’t rape or sodomize any 12 year old children. The bunny incident is nothing compared to what happens on the street on a day to day basis.

  • Of Canada

    A few thoughts:
    1. China is WAY overdue to get some animal cruelty laws passed and enforced. These kinds of incidents make China look very bad. . and that alone should be enough for China to pass laws.

    2. from the photos you can see the girl is enjoying it way too much. Her excuses are laughable. She was into this 100%.

    3. In my mind the only way she could redeem herself to herself and others is to dedicate her life to fighting animal cruelty in China, and fighting for animal rights. She can start by going to any amusement park or zoo in China and fight to get those animals out of those deplorable conditions and abuse.

    4. All the animals in China need to get the same respect they give their precious Panda Bears.

  • Jordan

    I’ll be sorry too if I know the whole country hates me and people are looking for me, I’ll blame it on anything but myself.

  • Nong

    There is a perceivable difference between a fake smile and a real smile. In the video, due to the area around her eyes being wrinkled indicates that she enjoyed crushing the bunny to death.

    Any psychologist, even actors like Tim Roth would know this to be evident. Your innocent pleading bullshit is all lies, you bitch!

    Also don’t use the ‘foreigners like the crushing animals fetish, we did it for them’ excuse, because I’ve heard of some fu**ed up shit, bu this is the first time I ever heard of this!

  • dude

    i don’t believe any of this shit. (1) she’s still crazy. u could NEVER get me to do the things she has done. (2) WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER GIRLS IN THE VIDEO? WHAT ABOUT THE CAMERAMAN! THEY ARE GUILTY TOO!!!

    • Jeff in China

      Jesus who fucking cares? It’s a rabbit! I had rabbit stew a week ago.

      Do you guys sheds this many tears when you eat pork too? Pigs have intelligence that rival dogs you now?

      You guys are fucking idiots. What she did was wrong, but lets not get emotional and destroy her life over it.

      • ALF

        So you choose to believe animals don’t feel pain or experience fear? Why, so you too can exploit them in order to feel powerful? The meat rotting in your colon will kill you soon, in your next life you will come back as a defenseless animal and be crushed by one of those inhumane moron you supported in this life.

        • Gobblegog

          Yeah, ALF. That’s really going to happen. Get back in the Tanners’ garage.

  • jason

    IT’s possible that she went out of control because she thought that she is pretty and went wearing white rabbit-like shirt and killing rabbits and knowing that everyone would like her and lover her beauty even if she crually kills rabbit. Her excuse is a big lie!!!!!

    She was mentally ill………………………………..
    Please learn to control yourself
    Don’t be impulsive.

  • 苏联人

    Woah, 400 kuai! I’d gladly do it myself, but I doubt anyone’d hire me since I’m neither hot nor a chick… hell, I’d do it for free if they let me keep the remains so that I could make some delicious rabbit stew.

    Reminds me of the good old days in the late Soviet Union, when my family kept rabbits in our garage. On holidays my dad would take a rabbit and give it an “air injection”, and then my mom would cook it, mmm delicious!

    • ALF

      Inhumanes like you are not worth the animals sacrificed to keep you alive. You make the world an uglier place for the rest of us to live in by your very existence. Die moron.

  • Red Girl

    This happened in Europe a few years back. Some guy paid girls to stamp kittens to death in high heels and film it
    The same People also may be behind this.

    • Red Girl

      Just saying.
      Random…Not so random..

  • Cut her hair and publish her bold head.

  • AeRin

    I say bullshit.
    I hope that there’s a seat in hell reserved for you, you rotten lying bitch.

  • tony p

    I believe the girl’s explanation. If I were her, I would henceforth devote a certain amount of time and effort on a regular, ongoing basis, to animal welfare causes.

    What is most revealing about this incident is the fact that China has no laws against animal cruelty.

    Now, why am I not surprised by that?

  • Jessica

    Stop taking the communist glee drug. And quit cozying up to terrorist kittens.

  • DVK

    I don’t believe this girl. Seems like she’s just releasing this sob story so that people would feel bad for her and let her off the hook. Even if she was telling the truth, it still doesn’t change the fact that she CRUSHED a poor bunny to death for the sake of entertainment. I want to see justice dealt to this sick evil witch and everyone else behind it.

  • Jaze

    No doubt she’ll be crucified, as she should. But what about her boss and the people that are actually responsible for peddling this filth? No doubt she’ll be punished, but her bosses will probably get nothing. There’s always going to be more girls willing to do this for money.

  • stephanie

    the stupid video is still up and not banned on Facebook…I think this article only promotes the event, and does nothing to actually remove the offending video..or act even.

  • adora

    she is definitely lying ! she come from the rich family ! why must she so desperate to have money ? she must be lying so she can escape !

  • Oh, so he blackmailed her by saying that if she doesn’t crush rabbits he would release her videos of stepping on fruits?
    Hmm… makes sense.

    • John

      And also..
      “We’re hiring you because you have nice legs. We’ll be filming you mixing lettuce with your feet for foreign perverts to watch.”

      “I’ll start on Monday!”

      This also doesn’t make sense

  • johnon

    This bixch just want to be famous.And now she gets what she wants and apologizes.She’s obsolutely laughing deep in her heart.You can see how fake she is through the chat log.

  • If she’d come from poverty, I could almost believe she’s repented. But being rich and having everything she needed including a caring husband…….She is a fake and needs to be disgraced forever. How unfortunate that China has not come to the plate to pass laws to protect animals and punish these cold, heartless trash. Shame on China’s lawmakers!

  • brown

    Oh really??… she regrets doing it but was having the fun of her life in the video!!!…fuck this shit..and the boss says what?? video for foreigners??…show that to foreigners and we’ll give you the most wicked slap no one has ever given you….fool!!

  • Smokeyroo

    Sooo… she comes from a rich family (who would have guangxi), drives a BMW, but took a shitty job from somebody she met through the internet crushing vegetables with high heels? The later forced to kill animals? I bet her and her mum sat at the table for a full hour to think that one up. There’s a lot of holes in this story and this bitch and anybody involved still need to suffer for it.

    To the 26% of the people on this site that have so far voted “Yes I believe”… my uncle died, and I need money to hire a lawyer so I can get the will. If you can send me money for the lawyer, I will give you a billion dollars. Just send it to a Nigerian bank account… it’s cool, I promise. ;)

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