Real Estate Prices Frozen In Tianjin Disaster Area

The Binhai New District Planning and Land Resources Administration has held discussions with housing developers in the area, requesting that new-build prices not increase in the wake of the Tianjin explosions, which has resulted in the developers promising to freeze prices to pre-disaster levels. The policy will affect 5073 for-sale apartments in Binhai, Tianjin Eco-city and Beitang District which were damaged in the disaster but were salvageable and have since undergone repairs. Many netizens understood the policy as a promise not to reduce prices.


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  • Bman

    Extra poison; same great price. What a bargain!

  • Foreign Devil

    I’m glad the netizens were able to see through that ruse. Of course the property values will be worth much less now in actuality. . so hopefully the developers never sell them at their fixed prices. Not to mention Chinese economy is in a slump.