Real Life Street Fighter Car Bonus Stage

Everyone remembers Street Fighter.

From Mop:

Comments from Mop:


Watching this my balls hurt…


Pretty niu bi, what car is this, it looks like it was made out of iron sheets.


Japanese car…


This is a combination of Indians and white people.

White people’s fist technique [punching?] and Indian’s flame-spitting.


Japanese cars are really brittle.

If it were a German car, I bet that guy would be hurting.


Being silly is one thing, but don’t make pig-killing noises, okay?


First thought after watching: Pretty stupid.


Yelling that loudly, must be because his hands really hurt!!


I must say something: Crazy!!!


Japanese video games have harmed a perfectly good youth…

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  • Lex Luthor

    Ouch …. First?

  • Ben

    To echo what one of the mop comments says above. My first thought after watching it: Pretty stupid.

  • Rick in China

    This is pretty stupid..not sure the point of the post to be honest. The ‘reactions’ were pretty lame, also.

  • frank.

    I think this video is very funny.

  • The John




  • Shoeshine

    the only bad ass part of that clip was the fact that they used RATM

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    So Gay, it makes gay people say “holy shit, that is fcuking gay”

  • Kay T

    take a slegdehammer, more fun…

  • Peteryang

    I hope to see someone does this to a BMW or Benz, now THAT would be some badass stuff!

    • Rick in China

      Yah, definitely would almost be as badass as destroying giant containers of fresh food in the countryside for youku fame, or burning up a bunch of good will clothes in impoverished neighbourhoods…or wait, smashing a bunch of HIV medication and sending photos to various African nations, that would be _bad ASS_. WOOT.

      • Kai

        LoL! Actually, that LOL is for both comments. They’re both funny in their own way for their own respective reasons.

        As for this video, I think it’s pretty silly and only amusing insofar as I can’t figure out how seriously this guy is taking himself.

  • chengdude

    This video eerily sums up my Ownership Experience with a couple of cars.

  • Money

    Super hilarious! Somehow i think that guy is hurt more than the car.

  • zeol

    bullshit…. just waste of time….chinese people are mad to watch these kind of video……

  • Alikese

    “White people’s fist technique [punching?] …”

    We always used to talk about “Chinese punches” which would be a kind of limp-wristed, slap-like punch aimed at the shoulder area that didn’t do any damage. At our gym we used to always see huge intimidating guys walk up to the punching bag and throw a few slappy punches around as we tried to stifle our laughter. Seeing 6′ 220 lb guys throw punches like an 8 year old girl was always a source of amusement.

  • bs dog

    excellent – academy awards material

  • Dongtastic

    “Japanese cars are really brittle.

    If it were a German car, I bet that guy would be hurting.”…

    I’d rather be involved in an accident in that car than a Brilliance or WuLing or QQ auto.

    • yellow master race

      when you got the german car in a Kungfu crash last time?

      nothing is more than before my dear comrades…

  • Omer

    Why you people are taking it so seriously . Its very funny. I am having a fit of laughter

  • yellow master race

    the peniss of yellow master race is harder! soare the balls of yellow master race stronger!

  • As someone who grew up with SF, this is a fine video :p

  • MC

    this guys got tooo much time on his hands, get a job man!!!! lol

  • 社會是和諧的

    That guy is a straight bitch. Punches like a little girl.

  • ImmortalTechnique

    needs some tatsumaki-senpukyaku – HCB + FK !

  • Jomm

    haha i thought it was pretty cool that he did this, he probably has a more entertaining life than all u guys saying this video is gay :|

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