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On Sina Weibo:

#Reasons My Son Is Crying#

“Reasons My Son Is Crying” Photo Album Goes Viral

A photo album called “Reasons My Son Is Crying” has won many people’s laughter. This is a foreign father’s personally photographed piece of work. He records the reasons why his son cries out loud every time, and posts them online along with photos. Netizens commented: The kid is super cute, but…isn’t this old dad [an affectionate way of calling one’s father] too bad, too unreliable?

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From Sina Weibo:

@fall_ark: Hahahaha! A magical new tumblr recommendation! “Reasons My Son Is Crying” Crazy Address: a very (un)reliable old dad, recorded the reasons why his son cried every time, and posted them online along with the photos. Only six days after the blog was launched, there has been over 30 posts! Super happy!laugh

[Note: The attached screenshot collects and translates the first 32 entries on the Reasons My Son is Crying Tumblr, beginning from April 2nd (bottom right) to April 7th (top left). It is quite small so while the Chinese translations are large enough for Chinese netizens to read, the original English captions are not. You may want to visit the original source to read the English to help you understand some of the Chinese netizen comments and reactions.]

Reasons My Son Is Crying

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Comments on Sina Weibo:


laugh I really want to ask his son why he cries so much.


Amazing that his brother never cries!!! laughlaughlaugh


Ha, Grandpa Tian [this netizen’s nickname for her own son] isn’t the biggest crybaby~ Instantly, I feel better now~


We didn’t record our children’s crying, but we’ve recorded all their firsts from 1 to 10 years old, compiling them into a Baby Book, all illustrated and captioned, to be given to them in the future, one for each of them. grinVictory


Be honest, Ou Doudou how often do you cry every day!


This is so joyful, and the kid himself will one day laugh himself to death [to see this]… But, it seems this little brat doesn’t plan to buying any clothes.


Haha, I laughed. Seems my happiness is built upon this kid’s suffering.


Deeply feel that this compulsive crying little tyrant has a super nice daddy.


I once had the same impulse.


Too cute. I too want to take [such photos] for my future son.


@sophiarabbit Immediately thought of your son.


We were all such unreasonable little things once.


Aiyo hilarious~ In the future I’ll also take such photos of my child too, and take them out every now and then to threaten him: “If you don’t behave I will sell these photos to your girlfriend!”


This little kid sure loves Buzz Lightyear~


I like Buzz Lightyear too!!!


When I saw those two chubby little legs in “The slide is not slippery enough”, I decided to reshare this.


Too cute! Little jiong kid~


This old dad is so unreliable [meaning unconventional here] (⊙o⊙)…


I remember when I was little my dad often deliberately made me cry too, then laughed as he had me look at the camera so he could take a photo of me crying, while my mom yelled at him on the side, saying he was bad, telling him to stop teasing me. Now that I think about it, it was so warm and loving. Indeed, the people who love you the most will always be dad and mom. Only they would never hurt you, will always love you, with everything they do only to make you happy and give you a better life. heart


Truly without reason. My mom says I was an obnoxious crybaby ever since I was small, that nobody liked me, because I cried endlessly, crying when I was not allowed to suck my thumb, crying when a balloon popped, flipping over the desk and crying when I didn’t know how to do my homework… Listening to my mom talk about when I was little, I get the feeling she didn’t really like me very much, so much that it’s pretty impressive of her that she managed to raise me up till now without killing me. heart


bad This child’s difficult to raise~


I want to know why his mom wasn’t there for 80 consecutive Tuesdays.


So fun, this old dad is too niu!


After seeing this, I’m suddenly in a great mood @MsAlien .


Foreign kids eat rice too…?


Hahahahahaha so despicable. I want to do the same thing too~~~


Hahaha, such pretty double-eyelids!!


Looks cute but in fact it’s probably extremely frustrating/annoying, just thinking about it makes my scalp numb… sick


“Mommy isn’t here when he woke up. This is the 80th consecutive Tuesday morning she hasn’t been here when he woke up.” In this string of photos full of love, seeing this sentence makes me feel a little sad now.


So cute that it broke my heart!


A world that you won’t understand once you become an adult. ꒰ *๑•ૅʖ̫•́๑꒱


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