‘Reasons My Son Is Crying’ Tumblr Amuses Chinese Netizens



On Sina Weibo:

#Reasons My Son Is Crying#

“Reasons My Son Is Crying” Photo Album Goes Viral

A photo album called “Reasons My Son Is Crying” has won many people’s laughter. This is a foreign father’s personally photographed piece of work. He records the reasons why his son cries out loud every time, and posts them online along with photos. Netizens commented: The kid is super cute, but…isn’t this old dad [an affectionate way of calling one’s father] too bad, too unreliable?

This topic has gotten 441,491 discussions.

From Sina Weibo:

@fall_ark: Hahahaha! A magical new tumblr recommendation! “Reasons My Son Is Crying” Crazy Address: reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com a very (un)reliable old dad, recorded the reasons why his son cried every time, and posted them online along with the photos. Only six days after the blog was launched, there has been over 30 posts! Super happy!laugh

[Note: The attached screenshot collects and translates the first 32 entries on the Reasons My Son is Crying Tumblr, beginning from April 2nd (bottom right) to April 7th (top left). It is quite small so while the Chinese translations are large enough for Chinese netizens to read, the original English captions are not. You may want to visit the original source to read the English to help you understand some of the Chinese netizen comments and reactions.]

Reasons My Son Is Crying

At time of translation, this microblog post had generated 65,151 re-shares, and 17,226 comments.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


laugh I really want to ask his son why he cries so much.


Amazing that his brother never cries!!! laughlaughlaugh


Ha, Grandpa Tian [this netizen’s nickname for her own son] isn’t the biggest crybaby~ Instantly, I feel better now~


We didn’t record our children’s crying, but we’ve recorded all their firsts from 1 to 10 years old, compiling them into a Baby Book, all illustrated and captioned, to be given to them in the future, one for each of them. grinVictory


Be honest, Ou Doudou how often do you cry every day!


This is so joyful, and the kid himself will one day laugh himself to death [to see this]… But, it seems this little brat doesn’t plan to buying any clothes.


Haha, I laughed. Seems my happiness is built upon this kid’s suffering.


Deeply feel that this compulsive crying little tyrant has a super nice daddy.


I once had the same impulse.


Too cute. I too want to take [such photos] for my future son.


@sophiarabbit Immediately thought of your son.


We were all such unreasonable little things once.


Aiyo hilarious~ In the future I’ll also take such photos of my child too, and take them out every now and then to threaten him: “If you don’t behave I will sell these photos to your girlfriend!”


This little kid sure loves Buzz Lightyear~


I like Buzz Lightyear too!!!


When I saw those two chubby little legs in “The slide is not slippery enough”, I decided to reshare this.


Too cute! Little jiong kid~


This old dad is so unreliable [meaning unconventional here] (⊙o⊙)…


I remember when I was little my dad often deliberately made me cry too, then laughed as he had me look at the camera so he could take a photo of me crying, while my mom yelled at him on the side, saying he was bad, telling him to stop teasing me. Now that I think about it, it was so warm and loving. Indeed, the people who love you the most will always be dad and mom. Only they would never hurt you, will always love you, with everything they do only to make you happy and give you a better life. heart


Truly without reason. My mom says I was an obnoxious crybaby ever since I was small, that nobody liked me, because I cried endlessly, crying when I was not allowed to suck my thumb, crying when a balloon popped, flipping over the desk and crying when I didn’t know how to do my homework… Listening to my mom talk about when I was little, I get the feeling she didn’t really like me very much, so much that it’s pretty impressive of her that she managed to raise me up till now without killing me. heart


bad This child’s difficult to raise~


I want to know why his mom wasn’t there for 80 consecutive Tuesdays.


So fun, this old dad is too niu!


After seeing this, I’m suddenly in a great mood @MsAlien .


Foreign kids eat rice too…?


Hahahahahaha so despicable. I want to do the same thing too~~~


Hahaha, such pretty double-eyelids!!


Looks cute but in fact it’s probably extremely frustrating/annoying, just thinking about it makes my scalp numb… sick


“Mommy isn’t here when he woke up. This is the 80th consecutive Tuesday morning she hasn’t been here when he woke up.” In this string of photos full of love, seeing this sentence makes me feel a little sad now.


So cute that it broke my heart!


A world that you won’t understand once you become an adult. ꒰ *๑•ૅʖ̫•́๑꒱

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  • My son to a T.

    • Rick in China

      Almost bar crawl weather :D

      • Near Chengdu, I would say Yes.

  • DaWei

    Sofa, because my son was crying early this morning and made me go to office much earlier than usual.

    • billy

      Your son is crying because his dad is such a fucking cunt.

    • billy

      Everytime someone does ‘sofa’ on a post – I am going to call them a cunt. DaWei – you are a complete and utter cunt – no wonder your won is crying.

      • billy

        Your son even.

      • mr.wiener

        Nice to see you have found a vocation.

        • Red Scarf

          No no no hes crying because he wasn’t first to post sofa.

          • billy

            If I ever post sofa on a thread like some thick cretinous cunt, then you have my permission to hit me with a golf club.

      • Red Scarf

        And after a while “cunt” becomes the new sofa and then someone will declare for every time you post “cunt” I’m going to call you a faggot.

        • billy

          It’s all right – you can go right ahead – and maybe after a barrage of ‘cunt’ and ‘faggot’ after every sofa someone will start to delete the sofas and the offending messages – still – just to put you straight – my wife can testify I am not a faggot – not that there is anything wrong with being one whereas you red scarf – are a complete and utter fuckwit and gobshite.

          • billy

            amd a cunt! Of course!

          • Red Scarf


            No. 1 entry

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          • billy

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          • Red Scarf

            Oh dear little dearie you having quite a faggot temper tantrum right there. Calm down sweetie have a cup of tea and a sit down, the sofa will not bite you.

          • billy

            Oh no, just putting you right on a point you brought up. I tend to use better points of reference than ‘urbandicitonary’ though. Sucks to be a thick cunt like you.

          • billy

            and of course homophobic tosspot!

          • Red Scarf

            Well dearie if you going to quote oxford dictionary at least get it right.


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            Oh my I guess your a thicker cunt than me you can’t cut and paste.

          • billy

            Dated – what does that mean? It means it is not in use anymore! Stick to urban dictionary you thick twat!

          • Red Scarf

            Oh if if its not in used anymore then whys it in the dictionary, you faggot, cunt of a coward hiding behind a guest ID

          • billy

            As a point of historical reference, so if you are studying English literature and you come across the word in a context that is alien to its use today, you can look it up in the dictionary. Bloody hell – it is like talking to a retard who hasn’t gone past middle school, please tell me you aren’t teaching English?

          • Red Scarf

            Dated simply means its old, but it doesn’t mean its no longer out of use in the English spoken language. Oh please tell you your in a job that doesn’t require thinking.

          • billy

            Dated means the word is not in use in that particular context anymore – when was it the last time the word ‘faggot’ was used to describe an irritating woman? I can probably find you literature from 100 years ago with the word in that context though. Don’t embarrass yourself any longer by carrying on with your present line of argument – oh, on second thoughts – please carry on – it is fun carving you up!

          • Red Scarf

            Well about 10 minutes,

          • billy

            You are an idiot and a homophobe, I am sure they are your achievements in life. Please tell me you are not a teacher with your shocking lack of knowledge? Do you tell your students to reference ‘urbandictionary’? Thick cunt!

          • billy

            Ooooh – what is all this anger? I suppose ‘red scarf’ is your real name – another sign of your stupidity, Keep going lad, you are more entertaining than anything on the telly.

          • Red Scarf

            So are you going to answer my question pointing out to us where I’m homophobic or is it because it simply exists in your delusional mind.

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          • Red Scarf

            and of course fuckwad of a anal ferret.

        • mr.wiener

          I think you hit a nerve. Methinks someone doth protest too much.

          • Red Scarf

            Yes, me too I think hes huffed and blowed to much, but the house is still standing.

          • billy

            Son – you are far too stupid to take me on in a battle of wits. A thick homophobic halfwit.

          • Red Scarf

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          • Red Scarf

            “a gay man. This word is considered offensive when it is used by people who are not gay”

            So, and where do I say anything bad about homesexuals. If you bothered to read my post

            Oh BTW. oxford dict

            “Cunt an offensive word for …:”

            So there iss another one for you: hypocrite

            Here’s my starting post.

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            Now where does it state I’m using it to be offensive to homosexuals or you in that matter.

            So whats your sayingin the end, its ok for you to be offensive, but alias other people can’t be.

          • billy

            The use of the word as a slur is offensive, not that I mind as I would never use a slur about homosexuality as an insult and you are more than welcome to call me one, just thought you need to be educated on the fact that most people would see you as a homophobe for using it. As for me using the word ‘cunt’ for people who post ‘sofa’ well, as soon as this annoying habit on here ends, I will stop. Most people find it childish and annoying. And as for you taking me on – go ahead pal – let’s hope you put up a better showing in the future than you did tonight.

          • Red Scarf

            Against who, the only person I have used at against is a stupid person as yourself, in the end that doesn’t mean I’m homophobic, especially as lately the ubrandictionary usage of the word got more press coverage this week.

            Maybe you like to think that because it gives you an ego trip.

            You can post cunt all you want be but as I said someone will will get fed up with it and may will start using the word faggot or some other slang you not heard off as a offensive gesture to you but it doesn’t mean that person has anything against anyone else.

          • billy

            So what if it is used against one person? I bet you are stupid enough to use that lame arse excuse for using the ‘n’ word, ‘oh, I only used it against some bastard online the one time’ You are a joke with a single digit IQ. The ‘urbandictionary’ is not a reference anyone with a brain would use. Now – are we done? Or do I have to keep spanking that arse? har har har! Thanks for tonight – it has been fun!

          • Rick in China

            I’ll throw a new word into the mix: pussy.
            You guys are arguing about whether CUNT or FAGGOT is more offensive, but you’re such a PUSSY you decide to write “the ‘n’ word” when you mean nigger.

            Saying “the N word” is equally, or more offensive than saying nigger, because in the famous words of Louis CK, even though you mean nigger you’re too much of a pussy to say it so write the n word making everyone else think it.

            So it’s OK to call someone anything freely except you get skiddish with that word? The type of pussy who goes the whole “I’m not racist, I have a black friend” route I’m sure.

          • Or in a certain country “There is no racism here, because there are no black people here” :-)

            But yes, it’s like saying you hate Israel yet you buy bread from your friendly local polish jewish baker.

          • billy

            Do you think I give a fuck? The main point is – the sofa comments on here are 2 years out of date and whoever uses them are complete cunts. And no – I am no, I am not going to write the ‘n’ word out in full – if you are such a non pussy, go and tell the next black person you see and see where it gets you.

          • Rick in China

            By your (il)logic, you’d walk up to X and say Y, but not a black person and say Z.

            Your point is..you’re afraid of black people, but not gay or ‘cunt’ people? I’d say that’s pretty much the definition of a racist.

            Digressing, I agree with the ‘sofa’ bullshit.

          • billy

            No, not at all, I just decided not to partake in slave talk or racism, if I call you the n’ word, it won’t have (assuming that you aren’t black) the same effect as using it on a black person, nor would I use the usual racist insults towards Chinese, or the insults used for people from Indian subcontinent whereas ‘cunt’ is free from discrimination – there are black cunts, white cunts, chinese cunts, american cunts, cunts from my hometown, cunts from your hometown, german cunts, french cunts, estonian cunts – the great thing about ‘cunt’ is it just does not discriminate – except if you are a cunt or not. And anyone who uses ‘sofa’ three years after we all got fed up of the joke – is a complete and utter twat!

          • billy

            As for ‘faggot’ the word has more than one meaning, I live in a part of Wales now where I can go to the supermarket and buy ‘faggots and peas’ right now as we speak, would I use it to describe a gay person? No. The ‘n’ word, has the one meaning.

          • billy

            “And after a while “cunt” becomes the new sofa and then someone will declare for every time you post “cunt” I’m going to call you a faggot.” So – in your words – you equate the word ‘faggot’ with ‘cunt’ and seeing as I am using the word as an insult, you must be too because in your own words – the word ‘faggot’ is equal to ‘cunt’ as an insult. The word, in every dictionary out there – recognises it as an homophobic insult! So, if you are using it to insult people, you must be a homophobe! Capiche? I know you are an idiot but surely that must be quite clear to you.

          • Red Scarf

            No, that’s idiotic logic. What other single words are more offensive than cunt. If you think faggot is a more offensive word than cunt then it serves my point as an example of offensiveness.

          • billy

            It is only idiotic logic to an idiot, to everyone with a brain, it makes total sense, you are the one who equated ‘faggot’ with ‘cunt’ not me – the only time I have ever typed anything about the word ‘faggot’ was to show you how you are being a homophobic cunt! Now the word ‘cunt’ has a slightly different meaning in the UK than it does in the US – I am British – the word is used to describe ‘a stupid and unpleasant person’ (ref: Oxford dictionary). Which sort of describes you and anyone who uses ‘sofa’ on here to a tee.

          • Kate

            Yeah women and gays should really be the ones upset at the misogny and homophobia…..oh but wait its the internet.

          • Anon992

            There’s a little known cultural difference between the way Americans and Brits use the word ‘cunt’.

            Americans use it for women (so it’s considered even more sensitive). Brits use it for men.

            If he’s a Brit I wouldn’t say it’s misogynistic.

          • True, in normal brit parlance it can be best construed as to refer to a horrible person, ie, what an ‘orrible cunt!

          • mr.wiener

            The bard was a big fan of the word, You’ll enjoy this link me old China: http://neianeia.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/shakespeare-was-a-big-fan-of-the-word-cunt/

          • Ta muchly. If it was good enough for the bard from stratford then that is good enough for me. Cheers and beers!

          • Markus

            If hes British when he is being arrogant to its usage in other countries, not everyone on here is from a English speaking country.

            Also, he is being arrogant if he thinks that it will not cause misogynistic offensive given if the person reading it is from a British speaking country.

          • Markus


          • billy

            I don’t give a shit, the ‘sofa’ phenomenon is so irritating, so 2010, so fucking stupid and pointless than anyone who uses it will called a complete and utter cunt – British parlance – from now on. Just so no-one get’s confused.

          • Markus

            I’m not British and I’m sure are others who are not. Why should I(we) adopt your meaning of the term when it can have a more offensive meaning in our culture. I may as well say from now onwards I’m going to use some sexist, racist, whatever ist word. I could make some reference or claim to my social circles and say its ok to do so as its not offensive to do so.

            If you are fed up with the sofa phenomenon then surely you can think up with a more created way of auguring against it. All that will happen is that it will become a “sofa and cunt” phenomenon. I can bet as soon as/if the mod bans it someone will start a new phenomenon.

          • billy

            That is entirely your choice Markus, when a word has a particular meaning to my culture, I can’t control what and how you think about it except that you have the broadness of mind to accept that what it means to a particular community might not mean the same in another. Again – as I have said – if you want to use sexist, homophobic or racist language – you are being discriminatory, the word ‘cunt’ (British parlance) is the least discriminating insult out there in the fact that there are people of all colours, all sexual orientation, all nationalities who are cunts. You are either a cunt or you are not – no matter what colour your skin is, what shape your eyes are and who you want to go to bed with. As for the sofa phenomenon – I have waited for three years for it to stop and it is not going to do anytime soon – why don’t these fools change the fucking record? Even if it is a new word such as ‘biscuits’ or whatever – somebody do something.

          • Markus

            “That is entirely your choice Markus, when a word has a particular meaning to my culture”
            “the word ‘cunt’ (British parlance) is the least discriminating insult”

            You are free to do that ever, however, in a multicultural social meeting place its rather arrogant to if not being discriminatory of other peoples cultures to simply relate which a word solely to a British parlance.

            You may as well go along these lines, its ok to use the xxx or yyy word,and claim thats its not insulting, because in certain minority cultural parlances, its used in songs, greetings, or even to describe ones self within these communities.

            “As for the sofa phenomenon – I have waited for three years for it to stop and it is not going to do anytime soon – why don’t these fools change the fucking record?”

            So basically that you are saying is that at one time you had some fun with it yourself and then got bored with it. Newer members come along have some fun with it too, and because its old hat its boring to you and you don’t want them to have fun. I can understand where at times when its not right to do a sofa joke, aka like today the bombings but its really not your say to say what is boring or not on here.

            Now, if you know you are not going to change the record when its rather foolish to go about trying to do so in such a way.

          • billy

            Not at all Markus, the word ‘cunt’ isn’t offensive in itself, you have decided that it is offensive – which is fine by me, you have your own moral code but you have no right to tell me what I should include in my vocabulary – you have every right of course to accuse me of being foul mouthed and rude, just like I accused Red Scarf of being a homophobe, and then I have every right to tell you to sod off or defend my actions.

            The word itself is a word to describe female genitalia, as is ‘dick’ or ‘cock’ is to describe male genitalia – so if I called the sofa winners ‘dick’ nobody would care, so why is anyone getting upset at me calling them cunt? The facts are, the word has been deemed offensive by society but if we look at it objectively, it is no worse than calling someone a ‘dick’ in all reality.

            As for certain words that might be deemed offensive, it is up to the individual to make an informed choice on why they use these words and if it can be defended. If someone wants to use the ‘n’ word then it would be a good idea to be able to defend the reason why they use it.

            I have never done ‘sofa’ but of course tolerated it along with most people on here but it has gone past the point of being funny. It is just irritating – I am sure some moron did it on the Boston Marathon thread today but the mods had the good sense to not put them up.

            Markus, everytime someone does ‘sofa’ I am going to call them a cunt – today on the porn thread, someone got there before me – so if I stop, others will do it in my absence – which is great as I am sure most people are fed up with it too. If no-one does sofa – then of course you won’t hear a peep out of me, can’t say fairer than that.

          • Anon992

            Think you’ve misunderstood the tone of my comment. Was just using it as an opportunity to share my cultural observation rather than jump into the fray.

            On the subject of whether or not it is misogynistic I would say that since there is a ubiquity of offensive words relating to the male appendage that no one even batters an eyelid to, perhaps the misogyny is in the eye of the beholder.

          • Kate

            Huh thanks for sharing, didnt know that actually!

    • donscarletti

      The great thing about Diqus is that the default mode will display the morons who post “sofa” right at the bottom of the list.

    • mr.wiener

      The kid is crying because you called “sofa”……You monster!

  • Rick in China

    Shit. Trying to have a baby now. Looking at that, looks WAY more EXHAUSTING than I imagined. Maybe he just ended up with a really whiny kid.

    • Jer Demmins

      Nope, pretty much all children are exhausting. Sorry. I would recommend getting a cat instead.

      • Bugs Bunny

        cat will love you forever?
        will call you and visit you and buy you gifts and take you out eat when your old?

        • hun

          you’re awesome

        • Now my dear girl, a cat can be a nice pet, do you have a husband as of now?

        • manujoro

          This coming from you? Interesting… Didn’t you say you “dislike kids”?

        • Stormy

          Hah – you can’t even guarantee your kids today will do that for you when your old. Go take a tour of an old folks home sometime. I get more unconditional love from my animals than my friends do from their spoiled brats. My aunt was the only visitor some residents had when she visited a home to see a family friend – whose own kids were too ‘busy’ to remember they had someone there.

          Just because some people have kids that take care of them when their old, doesn’t make it a universal habit across the board. I’d rather be an aunt than a mother and take care of myself.

    • Kate

      They are exhausting. I never get to sleep in, my toddler was up at 5 am ready to dance on the bed this morning. You will pick up messes 100x a day and while you are cleaning, rugrat is in the process of creating them, so its a never ending circle. Your kid will hit you, pull your hair, throw up/pee/poo/slobber/fart/scream/pinch/bite etc on you, spontaneous loud sex with your partner? LOL. Think about how you can go to the grocery store or anywhere within minutes of deciding, now add 40 minutes to every simple decision to go out because by the time you catch your rugrat, restrain it, then miraculously get a shirt, pants, sovks, jacket, hat, and shoes amid a tyraid of screaming, kicking, squirming, crying, wrestling move practice then thats how long it takes (and it starts over if rugrat esvapes and rips clothes off in defiance). And things like eating food? Yeah enjoy wearing your food, its your new accessory. Theres also the fact babies and toddlers are excellent at self destructing at any given unwatched moment, so youll never be worry free ever again.

      But when they smile at you, kiss and hug and cuddle with you and laugh and say i love you then its totally worth it (*^▽^*)

      • Rick in China

        That pretty much sums up what I’m expecting. One of my bro’s has a few kids, so it’s not entirely a foreign experience. It’s also something that can’t wait forever, nobody wants to be an old man/woman hobbling to their child’s graduation…

        • Kate

          Theyre worth it really (*^▽^*)

      • linette lee

        “rugrat, restrain it, then miraculously get a shirt, pants, sovks, jacket, hat, and shoes amid a tyraid of screaming, kicking, squirming, crying,”

        You are one of those parent that let kids scream and running around like nut in the supermarket? Screaming and kicking on the back of my chair on flight?
        When it comes to kids, I support “Communist style”. Tell your kids what to do and not what they want to do. Non of those “sweatheart, would you want to…….no? How about…..” Like you are asking your kids for permission or approval that is just nut. Use bribery when appropriate. If they don’t follow after many warnings give them the communist treatment. Spank them a bit just to scare them. Kids need to have fear toward adults in order for them to obey.

        Communist style produce the most obedient kids. lol………

        • Rick in China

          1st mistake:

          Never tell a mother how to raise her kid(s). She’ll rip your head off (justly).

          2nd mistake:

          She never said anything about supermarkets, airplanes, or discipline. You’re just straight up out of line on this one.

          • linette lee

            oK… This one I am just trolling. I don’t like hitting kids. I think they are very cute.

            A mixture of democracy and communist style works on kids. lol….

            Go watch peter russell….”white folks please hit your kids and don’t let them feel left out.”

          • Rick in China

            Fair enough – and I’ve seen all Russell Peters stuff…

    • moody

      Kate is right on the money

      One advice if I may , it is better to have them while you are young.
      The wife and I are so exhausted that all past back pain, joint pains and other old wounds catched up on us.
      His colicky nights will bring you frustration..
      His tears break your heart time and time again.

      But a smile from him and you are ready to carry the world on your shoulders -no matter how much your back hurt-

      One thing though, life as you know it, will be gone FOREVER.
      But you don’t really mind and forget all about it once He looks into your eyes.

    • Anon992

      I am currently getting a bit of pressure to have kids, so am researching it a little since I have almost no feeling whatsoever. A problem with my research however, is that if anyone did regret having kids it is something they would probably not admit to anyone, possible even themselves.

      Since this is the internet and everyone is mostly anonymous here, is anyone willing to admit their regret at having children or is it all just ‘worth it once you look into their eyes’?.. come on.. really…

      • Rick in China

        People regret having kids…some people just aren’t good parents, or aren’t capable of making the personal sacrifices required to be a parent – it doesn’t make them bad people, though, just shouldn’t be a parent.

        If you’re not willing to give up most of your freedoms, handle the financial burden, deal with a potential issues (like medical problems) that your child may be born with, and love them unconditionally even if it’s a fucking headache.. maybe kids aint for you imo :D For me, I don’t see any other real purpose on earth other than procreation, so see it as more of an end goal and reason for most other aspects of life as opposed to a small part in some other larger picture.

      • childless

        My brother regrets having them, he loves his kids but he lost everything in his previous life, no more freedom, no more free time, no more hobbies, lots of stress, lots of problems, crying, dirt, no money and on and on. I wont be having kids.

  • garbo

    The little tyrant comment is silly. He isn’t a little tyrant because his dad is clever and doesn’t give him everything he wants. Unlike the spoiled emperors here he hit their grandparents if they don’t get what they want.

    • Red Scarf

      Yes, that’s what I’m thinking hes shaming him into correctly his behavior or hes collecting stuff to embarrass him on his wedding day.

      • markus peg

        Id say, two birds with one stone. (both)

  • The blasphemy of having the mundane become extraordinary by being a nerd about it is only outclassed by modern technology that tries to emulate earlier “outdated” technology.

    Man, if only we could access the internet using pen and paper.

    (sorry, aren’t going to roll it back to the hammer and chisel).

  • Bugs Bunny

    i wish my baby is cute and smart as me too…hahaha!

  • radbab

    haha. That’s funny. But I hope for every crying picture his dad also took a laughing one.

  • kpit

    At least he is not the bastard child of an EFL-teacher and a chinese club whore.

    • pacassaf

      vry good lol

  • Yali

    “such pretty double-eyelids”

    • Kate

      Yeah thats filed under stuff only asians say. Koreans comment all the time on my childs double eyelids, and in true Korean form, have had some even mention about how much money Ive saved because I dont have to buy doible eyelid surgery for her .
      @( -_-)==@)`.’)

      • Bugs Bunny

        hahaha,seems most korean have small eyes.but i notice people in shanghai the rate is a bit higher than my home province.
        in china,more like half-half…especially those minorities in my home province,most have big eyes.

        i think long single eyelid eyes also very pretty,but most eyes in asian are not long enough to be pretty.
        i wish my eyes bigger too,haha!

        • linette lee

          They have surgery in korea to cut the side of the eyes open to make it longer and bigger, then they do double eyelids. It’s very common among koreans.

          Sichuan girls are very pretty. Central China has the most natural beauty. So pretty. Big almond shape eyes with eyelids, small oval face, small asian nose, clear milky complexion. Not too tall nor too short with nice shape. Perfect. No need make up or plastic surgery.

          • Rick in China

            More drivel about an area you don’t know anything about. How many years you spent in Sichuan?

            I’ve lived in Chengdu for almost a decade, and while the type of girls you describe exist, in general, that is absolutely not the case. It’s like you’re describing a whopping 1% of the females walking around. I see a higher number of attractive women in HK than Chengdu, although not all Chinese.

          • Everyone always says Chongqing gals are the most beautiful, or their own part of China ad infinitum…I’d agree about chengdu gals tho rick

          • Rick in China

            I think Chongqing girls attitudes in my experience are pretty aggressive/direct, which can be attractive.. and since it’s a really hilly city they seem to get better butt exercise, which is always a good thing. I think the reality is there are hot girls in every part of China, nay, the world, and it’s a silly argument to be like “no no, they’re better HERE!” right? I mean, it’s sorta something nobody can ever prove and everyone will have vastly different personal experiences :D

          • Bugs Bunny

            your right!
            they look good when they do not talk, sichuan girls are too aggressive, my classmates studied there do not like them that much.they have very bad attitude.
            and because many of them go to big city make easy money, so they also have bad name for this reason. in shanghai, people dislike anhui people most, also a lot of anhui girls do this.but, i only met one ugly girl from anhui,others all very good looking, no matter boys or girls.
            i can not say much about people in my province,too many minorities,but i was considered ugly by my mother’s standred.she always said i am ugly.

          • Panda Banana

            “,but i was considered ugly by my mother’s standred.she always said i am ugly.”


            well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree i guess:-))…i remember when you, many moons ago, wrote that if your baby would turn out ugly/not beautiful enough you wouldn’t know if you could care him/her!?

            so lets hope for the best!

          • Rick in China

            “if your baby would turn out ugly/not beautiful enough you wouldn’t know if you could care him/her”

            WOW. That’s a fucking HORRIBLE thing to say. Definitely not someone who should be procreating. I wonder if her baby carries on that same thought – grows up beautiful, then says “Mom, I don’t give a shit about you or your shitty life, you’re far too ugly. Bye forever.” <<< ???

            I guess she's even uglier on the inside than she apparently is on the outside.

          • mr.wiener

            More brutally honest than many are used to , or comfortable with, but that’s our Eattot/Bugs bunny,

          • Rick in China

            I’m used to brutal honesty. I *am* brutally honest. There’s a difference between being brutally honest and just being a generally bad person.

          • Panda Banana

            yes, it sounds brutal, even for someone like me, but just in the very first moment cause it caught me by surprise. Then in the very next moment i say to myself, thats just how some people are. Most shit i forget here, but that one i carried with me all the time. The interesting thing is that i am convinced that her mom was honest and so is she…..usually its nice and a good sign when the next generation develop further from the previous, but thats evolution it works pretty slow…unfortunately for some, too slow…

          • because many of them go to big city make easy money

            So are you shanghai ren then, or wai di ren? Aren’t you from Yunnan (also south west china btw…sarcasm filter may need adjusting)

          • Kate

            I think Cambodian women are like insanely gorgeous and maybe the prettiest asian women in asia. They are like seriously beautiful, small round faces, beautiful eyes, the most feminine looking asians Ive seen. I think theyre way more attractive then the average korean for sure.

          • linette lee

            No, plastic surgery women are the most gorgeous. NO FLAWS. No flaws mean perfect. Everything perfect like cheekbones and jawbones shaved, straight nose, big double eyelids eyes and skin bleached. Boobs implants on a 110lb body. Perfect and pretty. Yes it’s not real but they are perfect and beautiful. Not many natural beauty can compete with plastic. Plastic are the most pretty. You and I know it.

          • Kate

            Are you being sarcastic? I dont read sarcasm on the internet very well.
            ( ノ` 皿´)ノ

          • I’d agree on the aggresive/direct or as I would term it “forthright” part of their personality, which I suppose to some men can be considered attractive…and yes, a nice butt on a girl is always a good thing.

            Yes, the girls here are the prettiest, the people there are the meanest, those people from X are thieves argument, becomes tiring. It is something nobody can prove, but you can’t convince many of the unwashed hordes of that one:)

            Hope your enjoying CD.

          • Panda Banana

            i think that generalizing is not necessarily a wrong thing, and in certain cases it matches pretty well.

            Take Gypsies by example, the chances that the stereotypes about them doesn’t match are pretty slim.

            Take asians in foreign countries, all i know are really hard working.

            Take jews by example, who are more likely to turn out successful then people from other races……Even i would argue that IF (as an experiment) you would pick ANY particular race and give them enough time (lets say a few thousand years) to struggle for survival and under constant threat for being persecuted. Don’t allow them to work in any other field then money lending and trade. Give them parents who put culture and education and music on top of their priority list, and after a few hundred or thousand years, you would have the same results.

            I hope none of these black muslims will show up now to let me know that black people suffered too, blablabla….and that would be what i am talking about. Yes they suffered , but along the way they sold their own, sold their culture and don’t give a shit about education since its so much easier to go the “blame others for our incompetence way” lets bitch and complain and get shit for free, demanding all sorts of rights, rather then work for shit….but some of them are improving, mostly the ones who don’t want to have anything to do with hood rats…

          • A fair post and you raise good points.

            Take asians in foreign countries, all i know are really hard working.

            Dead on, never known of or seen a single chinese person signing on the “dole” or welfare in the UK, EVER!

            Take jews by example, who are more likely to turn out successful then
            people from other races……Even i would argue that IF (as an
            experiment) you would pick ANY particular race and give them enough time
            (lets say a few thousand years) to struggle for survival and under
            constant threat for being persecuted. Don’t allow them to work in any
            other field then money lending and trade. Give them parents who put
            culture and education and music on top of their priority list, and after
            a few hundred or thousand years, you would have the same results.

            I have jewish ancestry from my father as I do english and italian from my mother ( a hell of a combination I know), so I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to money matters, and also being able to whip up some decent tasting pasta. Fish and chips and warm beer (bitter) lies in the middle somewhere:-)

            Of course, wenzhou ren are considered to be the jews of China, but I find the girls mostly have a marry a random white guy fetish.

            Thanks for the reply

          • Ami

            You seem really defensive about your “certain case” generalizing. First you try to pass it off as something light then you quickly devolved into typical racist banter.
            Listen, I’ve seen plenty of low-tier asian families and amazing african immigrants (who tend to be among the most educated in the usa). But its not because of their races that they failed or thrived but because of their prior socio-economic levels and education.

          • linette lee

            sichuan girls have reputation of being pretty among the chinese. They have nice complexion no need make up and that’s what’ they say. You know so much about China right? I know China from dealing with the China chinese listening to them talking to them in Chinese. I know many HK people travel back and forth between hk and china and they tell me stories. Maybe they all lied to me.

          • Rick in China

            “listening to them talking to them in Chinese” – wtf do you think I’ve been doing in China, Linette, I very likely speak better mandarin than you do. I’d bet on it. My wife/her family doesn’t speak English, actually, although she’s trying to learn it now for our trips to Canada. You “know stories”, well – lots of foreigners on this site don’t just “hear stories” – they LIVE here and interact within the society on a daily basis… so for you to presume you know more about the mainland than people who _actually_ live or have lived here is just offensive. You need to seriously stop talking about shit you ‘heard’ and stick to what you know, which seemingly isn’t much.

          • linette lee

            I am sure you have good knowledge dealing with the mainland Chinese because you live there. I don’t doubt that. But you understand them more than me?How many years have you been living in china? You grew up in China since the day you were born? Chinese is your first language? You understand their culture and their family tradition better than me?

            OK. It would be equivalent for me to say I know Canada/USA better than you. And I know the English language better than you because I live there. That I understand the western culture and their family tradition better than you.

            What do you think?

            我的中國人朋友很多都來自中國. 我知道他們的家庭背景. 我了解他們的思想因為我也是在中國傳統的家庭中長大.

          • Rick in China

            Almost 10 years Linette. I do think I understand the mainland, in at least MOST regards, better than you – who have never lived here…travelled here? maybe? Come on. Oh, my wife is a local – also. I guess your “friends” taught you more than I could possibly comprehend though, because I’m white – right?

            Again you jump to ridiculous conclusions. You know western culture much better than me – yep – wait… I have over 20 years back home behind me. What’s your experience? HK 99% of your life and a couple years working in a cubicle in Cali?

            Regardless of ANY of the above – your points in this whole thread SHOW, beyond a doubt, you don’t know shit about what you’re talking about. Regardless of how many years where or what experiences who has, the bottom line is: the test results are conclusive, and you fail.

          • linette lee

            You still at it. Dame you and panda freaking irritate me. I don’t need to have a “who know china best’ contest with you. You are silly to suggest you have more knowledge with China and the china culture just because you live there. Please. 你很傻, 大多數不會說英語的中國人不會跟你表達他們的思想. 你了解真實的他們嗎?

          • True, and hopefully each foreigners viewpoints, regardless of mandarin ability, is equally as valid, be they expat or FT or traveller. Just my two pence, but I’d agree that HK’ers speaking cantonese probably place less value in mandarin.

          • Panda Banana

            ridiculous, imagine that you were in charge to set standards!

            thieves and gov officials could be identified and prosecuted based on the amount of watches they have and brand car they drive.

            certain brands of handbags and sunglasses would identified a mistress/whore of those thieves and gov officials.

            beauty wold be identified by living in a certain province having the right shaped eyes, a particular face shape, shaped nose, shaped…..fuck i will stop right now, cause everything seems to depend on shapes!

            glad you are NOT in charge, cause people would end up in jail, would criminalized and women would be branded as whores and everyone would head to ChengDu to buy his self one of these girls there.

            So you are making up your mind about china by hearing rumors and rumors alone, mainly from HK people who travel back and forth? And you take everything they say for granted and then you spread these rumors on the internet as facts!? Way to go girl….:-), guess that keeps your mind busy for some time!

          • linette lee

            you still talking?!! you mtherfxcker. Don’t let me catch you on TVB news laowai buying sex from 15 yr old in China.

          • manujoro

            “Sichuan girls are very pretty. Central China has the most natural beauty. So pretty. Big almond shape eyes with eyelids, small oval face, small asian nose, clear milky complexion. Not too tall nor too short with nice shape. Perfect. No need make up or plastic surgery.”

            This is just one of the typical stereotypes you hear everywhere in China.

      • in China, about a good portion of the population is born with natural double eyelids. Korean women are not known to be born with natural double eyelids and the whole plastic surgery thing is really exclusive to Koreans. So i don’t think people should apply that idea to all Asians across the board. (not saying you are but a lot of other Western people do). China is less homogeneous than Korea. People form many different regions of China look very different from each other.

        • Bugs Bunny

          korean more like mongolian,they have the same blood.

          big face, small eyes…
          i think people in china the most good looking provinces are dong bei, sichuan , anhui…shandong also good.people in shanghai do not look good at all.

          • manujoro


            you more like neanderthal,

            big head, small brain…

          • Panda Banana

            not sure what you mean by small brain, but when you talk about the actual physical size, then you are wrong. A neanderthals brain was even larger then the one of a modern human. At birth they had the same size but during adulthood, a Neanderthals brain exceeded the size of a humans of the same age.

        • manujoro

          “the whole plastic surgery thing is really exclusive to Koreans”

          Don’t know where your information comes from, but in China the double eyelids surgery is very common too. Even some small spa’s try to perform some sort of inervention which normally results in a scar on the eyelids. It looks super creepy.

        • Kate

          Plus I dont think most Chinese have the extra thousands sitting around to spend onbplastic surgery, and many koreans dont ether. Most young korean women get eyelid surgery but its less then $1000 and thats it. Many get nose jobs but fewer then eye jobs. To me, the surgeries really dont make a big difference until they start getting alot done and even then i stikl dont think it looks good, so many in person in real life look just weird and alien like and off, their faces dont look normal and its a bit freaky. I saw a news anchor yesterday and she was scary weird looking. She had total work done, jaw surgery, eyes, nose, was wearing circle lenses or contacts to make her eyes bigger (women who get eyelid surgery have to wear contacts to make their pupils bigger because small eyes actually have smaller pupils and the surgery doesnt fix that and without the contacts the full effect doesnt happen) and anyway only her mouth was able to move. No other part of her face moved, freaky as hell.

          American women end up looking like freaks after too much surgery and so do Korean women, in real life its not as good looking as the after photos and celebs would have ypu think

      • Pickle

        That’s a neat emoticon. Is that supposed to be someone punching another person?

      • Alphy

        haha I did see a lot of people that seem to have gotten that surgery in Korea. BTW the trip was awesome thanks for the tips Kate.

  • I’m going through something similar. My daughter’s preventing me from sleeping at night, but this boy is something else…

    I just wrote about it today: http://mykafkaesquelife.blogspot.com/2013/04/baby-craziness-2013.html

  • MrT

    Might have something wrong with him, should take him to a doctor

  • PixelPulse

    This is one of the reasons I dont want kids.

  • Kate

    “Crying because I wouldnt let him drown in this pond” lmao ( ̄∇ ̄)づ

  • bprichard

    I like the commenter who is so proud of herself for making a freaking photo album. That kind of shit is for parents. If my mom attempted to give me such a thing, I would kindly but firmly suggest that she keep it.