Discarded Food Waste Slop Recycled Into Cheap Cooking Oil


Sewage oil“, also known as “gutter oil” or “drainage oil”, is the leftover and discarded oil collected from the drains and gutters near restaurants that has been “refined” to be reused and resold as cheap cooking oil. “Slop oil” or “swill oil” is the oil that can also be processed from thrown away food garbage that normally would be fed to pigs. Many street vendors throughout China who cook snacks (especially fried foods) may use “sewage oil” or “slop oil” to save money and keep their costs low.

From NetEase:

Why has harmful slop oil once again flooded Wuhan?

(The bold black-hearted boss even guarantees: “Slop oil is safe to eat”). In March of this year, the internet exposed the Wuhan slop oil public health safety incident (refer to relevant report: “My god! Malicious Wuhan oil factories selling slop oil guarantee safe to eat“). The problem attracted heated discussion and criticism from netizens around the country. The problem also very quickly attracted the Wuhan city government’s attention and the relevant department committed additional people and man hours, conducting a city-wide special rectification operation that lasted over a month and investigated a large amount of slop oil (refer to relevant report: “Wuhan emergency seige of slop oil scenes (follow-up report)“). Yet, right when the people feel they can relax, who would have thought that illegal refining of slop oil would stage a comeback, and flood Wuhan.

At the end of September to beginning of October, 《王浩峰聚焦》[“Wang Hao Feng Focus”] once again conducted an undercover investigation, witnessing large numbers of hideouts for the illegal refining of slop oil, with the hideouts on one street in the HongShan district being so numerous as to be innumerable; when it comes to refining slop oil, there are no procedures, and whoever offers the highest price is whoever it will be sold to.

This quickly, the problem has resurged. There are city residents who say this is not strange, is common, and is expected. With the supervision of some supervisory departments these days being “a gust of wind”, a problem is exposed, the leadership [government officials] will make some comments, there will be some on-site investigations, but they will see how the wind blows as they investigate and if no one continues asking and no one is after their positions/jobs, the investigations will stop there. Then, they will continue their own (tenured) lives of officialdom. [They will] let the same old problems wait until the next time they are exposed before saying anything. If they are not exposed, [they] won’t say anything.
















Comments from NetEase:


Fuck TMD, making money with a deadly thing.


These people should all die. The officials should also all die. Who will truly come supervise/manage this important problem of the people?


What place doesn’t have this kind of business, there are few hotels of medium-price and below that completely purchase cooking oil through proper channels!!!


May the relevant [government] departments use all their might to crack down on this black-hearted [unscrupulous] businessmen. When people have not yet died from eating this, don’t just punish them a little, because only treating it seriously when after people have died from eating this will be too late. (Recommendation: Make these black-hearted businessmen drink all of this oil themselves.)


Disgusting!!! MLGB!


Unable to extinguish, send in the chengguan


You are all overreacting…this is simply how it is in Wuhan…
When I have money, I must leave this city.

Only when life is impoverished will people become desperate!!


Ultimately this is — a problem created by the rich-poor gap.
Money has captured the majority of people’s hearts, and a minority have become too deeply poisoned; which is how this kind of reasoning has appeared: That as long a money can be made, no fear of people die; that the bold will get rich while the meek will starve to death reasoning; Then consider further: Big businesses are all doings this, so you cannot really ask why these [people] will do the same;
Quality — seems to have become a fairy tale.


Fucking what kind of people are these people? Arrest these kind of people and execute them. Making money should still involve finding a good line of work! Poor ignorant moral-less peasants. [I] strongly condemn [this/them]!!!


Let me say a something that is not impulsive: Taking these people out and shooting them would not be out of line.


Slop oil should indeed be stopped, no wonder it is easy to have reactions sometimes when eating out, probably most due to slop oil.
However, from a different side, our country should also promote not wasting food, reducing oil, and only ordering as much as appropriate. For example, the “shui zhu yu” [water boiled fish] dish, after the few pieces of fish are eaten is a dish full of oil gone to waste. I refuse to believe that the restaurant would throw away this dish of oil and immediately using it again is entirely possible; With other people eating a big table of food, most will go into the drain. [There are also people who collect oil/slop from drains.]


Written by Fauna

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