Red Dawn: China Invades America, Chinese Reactions


The movie Red Dawn (1984) starring the young Patrick Swayze (RIP) and Charlie Sheen was perhaps one of the BEST MOVIE EVER MADE PERIOD more memorable movies of the 80’s. The prospect of a Soviet invasion of  Continental America had been a frightening scenario that played well into the collective psyche during the Cold War.

Fast-forward to 2009, instead of fearing nuclear holocaust or imminent military invasion, we are fearing the fallout of the worse economic recession since the 1920’s, not to mention owing a sizable chunk of our debt to the Chinese. So it is probably fitting that the new remake of Red Dawn (2010) due to be released in 2010 would exploit the public hysteria surrounding the possibilities of a Chinese economic takeover. Ironically in the original Red Dawn, the Chinese and the Americans were allied (probably as a result of the height of the Sino-American rapprochement at the time the movie was made).

Chinese netizens were generally both amused and bemused behind the idea of China invading America, with some expressing satisfaction toward such an endeavor, while others disliking the portrayal of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on the set.


Comments on Sina:


Maybe it is real, and not a movie.


“Defeating you enemy,” “Helping you back on your feet,” “Repairing your economy.” This is just for propaganda purposes, right? Does the real red political power have such remedy?


What is the meaning of this? The plot of this movie is America imagining the Chinese as enemies, but in the end come out as the victor – ending in heroic scenes…faint…this is not right!


I am waiting for this day to arrive…


The great China will one day become a world power…


Comments on Tiexue:

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Does not look like the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] at all.


Attack America, American devils are beginning to hate the rule of capitalism, Uncle Sam is stupid…


30 years ago the French already made a movie called “Les chinois à Paris” [PLA invading Paris], those interested can go watch it.


The Americans have a lot of imagination…why do those propaganda posters have strong Soviet influences??? In China, we won’t be able to make a movie about America invading China right?


When does it come out? There is no hope for theatrical screening [censorship], wait for pirated version.


China is beginning to replace the Soviet Union as the antagonists in American movies, Americans cannot rest unless they have an [imaginary] enemy.


Countries with freedom are great, they can make any movie as long as they have the imagination. Waiting for this to come out.


Making a movie in China about an American invasion is impossible, if people’s thoughts are this free, and this creative, then it will not be harmonious.


In the near future, we will fulfill this American imperialist’s dream.


Now they are turning toward China, this only illustrates that China is more powerful than before. In the past, the impression of Chinese people in American movies and TV were equivalent to poor people.


Haha, this is really strange, I want to see how the Americans portray the PLA, looking forward to seeing this.


Everybody who saw 2012, that PLA officer directing rescue was wearing a military police uniform, a traffic police officer’s ribbon, topped with a crooked cap, and a was fatty; As if local officials became PLA soldiers.


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Holy snikees sofa

  • 250

    It’s a movie.
    Now the Chinese can join the fine company of Russians, British, Muslims and Germans as being the Americans arch-nemesis in popular culture.
    Why so serious?

    • Alex

      It’s a movie.
      Now the Chinese can join the fine company of any nationality or country that Americans know the name of that is not America as being the Americans arch-nemesis in popular culture.
      Why so serious?

      • Joe

        There is already Fu Manchu and the Mandarin for that lol

      • 250

        How many Canadian villains do you know of?
        Hide! The Mounties are coming!!!!

        • Joe #2

          > How many Canadian villains do you know of?

          Snidely Whiplash!

          Canada doesn’t need any other villains.

          • 250

            Yes….but did he cross the border?

          • John

            And don’t forget Celine Dion, she is still wreaking havoc.

        • Ed

          Now that’s some good material for a new movie.

          “Psycho Mounties Revenge”

  • lasttoblame

    Now now, everybody: don’t argue, and don’t make any forced generalizations. I’m sure that for once we can have civilized comments in Chinasmack.

    That said: Wolverines!

  • Kaiser

    This is going to do great things for people-to-people relations, I can see. Rednecks and Red Guards, start your engines.

  • Tins of sardines

    Even though the idea makes me uncomfortable, the propaganda slogans ring true.

    • wicked

      yes, and american propaganda of democracy rings true to me, too, and i don’t feel any uncomfortable, lol..grass is always greener on other people’s plot

    • Yes, I agree.

      It will be so funny if the toys and other merchandise are MADE IN CHINA! : P

  • lasttoblame

    from wikipedia:

    “The tone is going to be very intense, very much keeping in mind the post-9/11 world that we’re in. As ‘Red Dawn’ scared the heck out of people in 1984, we feel that the world is kind of already filled with a lot of paranoia and unease, so why not scare the hell out of people again?”
    —Carl Ellsworth, screenwriter

    Yes, lies are always the scariest.

    Also, one Asian ethnic group is substituting for another (hottie Will Yun Lee is Korean). I mean, who can tell the difference?

    • bossman

      take the test, I do dare you. If you get more than 6 correctly I buy you a bag of white rabbit candies

      • Kai

        Frak, I only got 9 out of 18. 4 straight correct, then wham, 6 straight wrong. I’ve been deemed “normal”.

        • Mercator

          Young Kai, have you been watching too much BSG again?

        • Teacher in China

          I got 3 right…”not easy to get that many wrong”…I guess I’m deemed “retarded”.

      • What, the melamine+formaldehyde contaminated white rabbit candies? No thanks.

        • B. Prichard

          I would be willing to brave the melamine and formaldehyde if they weren’t so disgusting.

          Down there with Mary Janes as one of the worst candies currently available.

      • 大白兔

        I got 10! And I’m a gwai lou! What does it mean!!!

    • “…the world is kind of already filled with a lot of paranoia and unease, so why not [increase it!]?” Crazy logic : P

      • Ed

        … and when is there a better time to increase it than during the midterm elections?

  • whichone

    This is just strange, I LOL’d at the posters, images of strong arms and hammers have not been in China since the cultural revolution and have a funny retro feeling to them. I think people are smart enough to recognize that it’s just entertainment.

    p.s. inb4 bitchings about Chinese currency :)

    • B. Prichard

      The posters were pretty hilarious and the quote from Ellsworth above explains pretty well why this film was made. However, the assumption that the audience for this film is intelligent enough to recognize this as just entertainment may be a bit optimistic.

      There are a lot of Americans (not all, but enough) who really are afraid of and don’t understand China at all. Their ignorance and fear are ripe for exploitation.

    • Mike Fish

      Yeah it’s almost as subtle and realistic as Command & Conquer.

    • Ed

      As long as there are some hot PLA babes there. It’ll make the the film all the more worthy of seeing!

  • Joe
  • Joe

    China would love this to be true.
    And, if it did, they would all have been conditioned to believe that THAT is what they ALWAYS wanted. Just like now. OF COURSE CAPITALISM is where we were always headed.

  • san soucri

    The PLA – hahahahahahahahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing.

    First – what a stupid premise for a movie.

    Second – The PLA hahahahahahahahahahahaha.


    • aquadraht

      Well the PLA kicked US ass as early as in the 1950s when they were really damn poor devils. The USA, on contrary, don’t manage to successfully conquer anything above the size of Grenada.

      Rather I ask myself why the heck the Chinese should conquer the USA? Forcing the USA to buy Chinese products? Did they possibly already conquer the USA and we all aren’t aware?

      • Tickle

        Right- I hope your not referring to the Korean war in which the Chinese were not technically involved- to which the Chinese lost over 1 million soldiers. This is compared with the 38,000 lost by US alone.

        1 MILLION. You seem to have the Soviet Approach to “Kicking Ass” which means throwing a bunch of human meat shields into a meat grinder- and hope for the best.

        South Korea is the 14th largest economy with 48 million. That didn’t happen by itself.

        • Hongjian

          Dont write shit you do not understand right.

          First, learn about how the Chinese PVA in Korean War fought, which tactics and strategies they used and how much they really lost, then come back and get your ass whooped by me.

          Alternatively, shut the fuck up.

          for phase one, try these links:

          Oh sorry, I was again expecting intelligence here…


          • Hongjian,

            Wikipedia is not a really good source, can you provide some peer-reviewed journal please?
            (Btw, you English is really good for a someone being in germany =], I congratulate you.)

          • Hongjian


            these data here about the tactics and strategies of the PVA are backed by other sources. On the other hand, the PVA’s Light Infantry tactics are widely taught in any infantry school and military academy, as examples of how a technologically inferior enemy can use the terrain and their own ‘lightness’ to fight a heavily mechanized opponent.
            Before my deployment I served some months in the Führungsakademie (General-staff Academy) of the Bundeswehr. The libraries there where full of books analysing the Chinese PVA in Korean War and their said tactics of stealth and night fighitng.
            And this isnt something to wonder about, since the PVA or the PLA are originally a crack guerrilla force, who fought both the Japanese and the KMT’s NRA, who where both heavy infantry/mechanized armies, with no more than rifles, grenades and clever tactics.
            The US forces in Korean-War practically faced a veteran light-infantry/guerrilla force, who where masters of camoflage, stealth and night fighting.
            But after all, they lacked armoured support, air support, transports, heavy artillery (beside small mortars) and even proper winter clothing and good shoes. So against US Napalm Bombs, Tanks, Planes and shipborne artillery, of course it was inevitable that they suffered horrific cassaulties.
            In the end, they still managed to destroy several american armies’ and forced them into their longest retreat in history.

          • Hongjian,

            Do you know that not every sources are credible. The sources that backed these data are pretty bad (some links aint even working and the rest is Chinese sources). Last time i remember, the Western Allies and China have a totally diff view on this matter. 0_-

            I prob should not challenge a “Staff Officer” that have studied in the prestigious FüAkBw (I was only a corporal in the Canadian Reserves). But last time I remember the Viets under Vo Nyun Giap is much better known than the PLA for their light infantries/ guerrilla tactics in the Western Academics (I think you know what did very same army did to the PLA in the short sino-vietnamnese war).

            And are you really sure that the US faced a relatively veteran light infantry/guerrilla force in Korea? I believed the buck of the PVA are NRA deflects that are highly unmotivated about the war (I would not questioned the PVA brilliant leadership in keeping these mens in line during the war though).

            Plus, I honestly would not call the KMT’s NRA (which included CRA for a time) as a “heavy infantry/mechanized armies”. The bulk of it (excluding the central army) are peasants, bandits or soldiers loyal to local warlords. (even up till 1949)

            Are you still in the Bundeswehr or FüAkBw? You know being a graduate from FüAkBw, if you go back to China and join the PLA, you will prob be appointed to high positions.

          • real american

            and by the way wiki got some of that wrong there, while moral was being “influenced” to the pva truth remained that the un forces had way to much fire power and man power, the pva were powerless and lots of time took heavy casualties.

          • Phoenix Bryant

            “Shut the fuck up”

            Again proof that when they don’t like what they hear censorship needs to be enforced.

        • aquadraht

          It hurts, doesn’t it? In fact, 中国人民志愿军 lost about 150,000 fatalities, among them roughly 110,000 KIA. US air superiority given this does not spell meat wave. In fact, Chinese soldiers were well led and well motivated, and despite their technical inferiority they made US soldiers squirm and run.

          Always when folks like US, Germans or whoever lose wars against “inferior races” they are whining about the “hordes”. That is so ridiculous. Not only inept but bad losers, additionally.

  • Zhangsan

    LOL!!! So retro. It’s been ages since you’d see those things in China proper, much less in the US…

  • san soucri

    Also – The poster about repairing your economy. So true.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Yeah, I’m kind of hoping they’ll help us out with that.

      I’ll pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today!

  • Goodness

    LOL! Run! Run away! Run for your lives! Now just have this movie do a cross over with 2012 and watch China Smack go super nova.

  • aussieghump

    Hummer is now Chinese….isn’t it???

    While I doubt ‘open conflict’ would likely occur, it is possible that ‘economic re-balancing’ through acquisition of ‘American’ assets could easily occur and therefore a change in policy toward other nations either as ‘trading partners’ or ‘trading raiders’ is a possible scenario. Both tactics are being employed now with ‘beneficial trading agreements’ and ‘anti-dumping’ used as tools.

    Looking at the ‘re-balancing’ that is occuring in many American industries (death of the American Ginseng exports to China for example, off-shoring of manufacturing) and the subtle moves by Chinese Industries to sure-up greater shares of world supply of raw materials, value-added ancillary industries and demand for higher-technology information/products, the scenarios in the film, while not necessarily played out physically, may already be underway!

    If not, it makes a good movie!!!

    • George

      Hummer Brand yes. Yeah but only the H2 and H3. The military Humvee is not part of the deal. But, who needs the truth when you are making a movie!?!

  • Billy

    Ha! The sillies don’t realize that this movie is just a small part in preparing the US (Western) public for a serious confrontation with China.

    A US war with China is inevitable. It’s a simple matter of geopolitics.

  • too yellow

    wrong rifle though, didn’t they play battlefield 2?
    it’s not like these things are hard to get here.

    • ungentrified

      Those Type 97s are impossible to get if you are in the United States- there’s an import ban on Chinese guns that has been in place for more than a decade.

      Someone who saw the dailies from the film equated it with a live action Call of Duty game, so it seems likely the political context is really just window dressing for constant action.

  • Rick in China

    Haha, I find the comment “Does not look like the PLA at all.” very amusing. Of course it doesn’t.

    If they cast actors who looked like the PLA the casting would be limited to malnourished 14 year old peasants. I don’t think there are enough in hollywood to fill those ranks. There would also be a major backlash of hate towards the film for portraying such a kandid truth.

    • Rick in China


    • Gaaad!!!

      Dick-a-Rick, Mick? Cannae spell, Dick?

      • AndyR

        Even though voted down, Rick once again hits the nail on the head…my brother in law is in the PLA special forces. Describes the same thing, made up of poor boys from the countryside, and once they get in they aren’t provided for much better. Apparently most of their meager salaries are used up each month purchasing EXTRA food because what the PLA provides is not enough to keep them going after a day’s training.

        Further, the incentives for being in the army are pretty much nonexistent. If you are a poor kid from the countryside, you have to be enrolled for something like 8-12 years before they even consider arranging employment for you once you leave. I think my brother in law has wasted something like 6 years of his 20s in the PLA and at the end they gave him a measly 20,000 RMB.

        For those that think that such an “invasion” is possible (let alone imaginable) by the PLA, think again. You think you are going to get a bunch of poor kids from the countryside put their lives on the line for an invasion of the US for 20,000RMB? Most likely the minute the boat hit the shore, everyone would go AWOL and try to find better paying jobs that won’t get them killed. The PLA is good for two things…putting on patriotic shows and keeping local order.

        (and for those of your bringing up the Korean War…today’s PLA is not the PLA of the 1950s that was just coming off a brutal civil war and was amply prepared to continue fighting. Vietnam whooped China’s butt for the same reason…after beating the French and the Americans, they were ready to go when China decided to start shit. Lo and behold the PLA was taken care of in short order. Long story short, the Chinese military is years and years and years away from having significant invasion capabilities beyond those they have built up for Taiwan.)

        …but why am I writing all this? oh yeah, because people take movies seriously…

      • Rick in China

        Another absolutely meaningless post. I’ll stop replying after this. It’s clear that paying any attention to an ignoramus like yourself is not productive.

        • Gaaad!!!

          Awwwww! Poor wicky-dick Rick looky fer a Mick ta scratch his tick fer his kicks.

    • Mike Fish

      What’s the deal? He can’t critique the PLA without everyone freaking out? “malnourished 14 year old peasants” might be silly hyperbole, but it’s not that far off. The VAST majoirty of the PLA are poor skinny farm boys. Would anyone suggest they get the same calories and nutrition that their urban counterparts get? Nothing in his comment deserves this over-reaction. The fit sharp looking soldiers in the parades are “model” soldiers, an ideal, not a norm. It’s a fact that almost every war and battle in history has been fought mostly by poor skinny farm boys.

  • doug

    3,910,000 hits on Google for “war with china inevitable”

    There will be a “Red Dawn” in America.

    • Alikese

      If retards on random blogs on the internet think so it has to be true!

      I searched for “Britney Spears for President” and received 7,430,000 hits. Sorry Obama, looks like its Spears/Jonas Brothers in 2012.

      • Mike Fish


        “doug eats dog crap” 176,000 hits
        “doug’s a retard” 433,000 hits
        “war with doug inevitable” 515,000 hits
        “doug sucks” 1,480,000 hits
        “doug married a hermaphrodite” 2,050,000 hits

        This fun!

  • Fike2308

    Looks like an entertaining movie.

  • fireworks

    Hollywood is good at fictitious and outrageous movies. They make lots of money though.

  • FYIADragoon

    Modern Warfare 3 – China

    The Russians need some backup invading America, and China gets involved, and then Britain and the Foreign Legion come, and the whole place goes to hell.

    Make it happen, Activision.

    • too yellow

      that actually remind me of a Japanese DOS game in the 90’s call America’s Nightmare where America got invaded by Japan, UK, France, Germany, China and of all things Iraq. Here is the Chinese version to download:

  • Looks like a SarahPAC / Glenn Beck production underwritten by FOX.

  • I used to think Jews were smart before Hollywood totally ran out of ideas and started making nothing but remakes and kiddie trash. Those yarmulkes must be overheating their brains in the hot California sun.

    • gth793y

      You are probably right.
      But remember, its the market that determines what the industry puts out, but creativity.

    • Mike Fish

      I’ve never gotten the whole “Jews ruined Hollywood” rant. Ben Affleck isn’t Jewish.

  • krdr

    Whole concept is pretty lame. You don’t attack the one who owes you a money, not someone who have A of H bomb. You make this kind of movies to convince people that socialism and not to support universal health care plans (’cause it is socialistic).

  • Is Jackie Chan in it? He would kick butt, weapons free.

    • Goodness

      Jackie Chan is too busy telling everyone why the Chinese need to be controlled to be in this movie. Although I would love to see him as the leader of the PLA and Chris Tucker as the leader of the Wolverines.

      • poor thing

        chip on the shoulder eh? your comments will no doubt filter to out to people who want to hear this kind of stuff. good cynical fodder.

        • Goodness

          Chip on my shoulder? You bet. I’M ABSOLUTELY ENRAGED THAT THEY REMADE ‘RED DAWN’ WITH CHINESE VILLAINS WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS THEY SHOULD HAVE REMADE ‘INVASION U. (machine gun fire) S. (more machine gun fire) A. (take a wild guess)’ with Chinese villains. That movie/work of art/religious epiphany has twice the action and less then a third of the plot of Red Dawn. In other words its perfect for modern cinema. Action + Chinese actors – Plot = every Jackie Chan movie I’ve seen. So that explains that.

          Cynical fodder? On the internet? Pfft, no such thing. :-)

          • Mike Fish

            Well said. That was a rant of Shakespearean quality… short, clear, appropriate and effective use of CAPS and parenthesis.

      • alan

        you do know that that “chinese need to be controlled” comment made by Jackie was taken out of context right? Just a bunch of reporters twisting the words he said. You probably didn’t even read/watch the whole interview.

      • Peter

        THey asked many Chinese American Actors to be in his film (like B D WONG, played FBI psychologist in Law and Order) and guess what, they all turn it down in disgust. So they have to hire Koreans and other Chinese look alike to portray Chinese soldiers.

  • janz

    This movie is too… unrealistic, 2000 chengguan aka city controllers will be enough.

  • Jaime de la Esperanza

    Who was scared by this movie at that time? America was riding pretty high and as I recall we were mostly scared of each other in the U.S.

    Sorry, but China has only been uppercase in the minds of Americans very recently… perhaps Japan was becoming “scary” at that time, due to their high number of imports, but China? A distant 4th behind Russia, Japan, and the American inner city. Maybe tied for 4th with our fighting for freedom for our Central American (Sandanistas/Contras) buddies.

    If you want a more accurate depicition of how Americans saw Chinese at that time, watch movies like Sixteen Candles. If that isn’t the most racist and foul image of Asians in a long time… and yet, still so beloved. Grotesque.

    • hopalong

      In the original movie it wasn’t the Chinese who invaded it was the Russians. The group that you have correctly pointed would be the one most feared by Americans in 1984.

      Also the movie was released in the year 1984 a year which has some strong fears about possible Communist rule of the world woven into it.

      So everyone was on edge already and they made a semi-realistic film about Russia invading and everybody got scared that it might actually happen.

      As you pointed out also China is currently at the forefront of American minds so it therefore makes sense that the 2010 version will have China. If it had been China in the 1984 version nobody would have really cared.

  • zammo hung

    Roadhouse is Swayze’s best movie and probably the best movie of all time! too.

    That said, the PLA couldnt successfully invade the US. Chinese army only good at killing its own citizens.

  • Master C

    Hollywood is such a masochist of a whore. But I think Israel’s hawks would prefer the role China got in Red Dawn. Israel invading USA would be much closer to truth of today’s geo-political situation, ideologically anyway.

    China in reality would rather close it’s doors on the world, for the Chinese are by nature a reticent and modest people as per their Confucian ethic and Taoist faith.

    But since the British Empire (with proxy nations Canada, Australia and New Zealand who consider the Sax-Coburg-Gotha their sovereign making no word on the refusal to sign the UN Declaration of Indigenous People’s Rights 2007), China can’t afford to do that anymore, otherwise the next Opium War will come in the form of GMO imports.

    Hollywood’s movies are like that drug dealer peddling his adulterated drugs knocking at doors on sub-urbs hoping someone with money will buy. Red Dawn is an insult to film makers worldwide.

    Meanwhile, as the ‘Culture of Entertainers and Warmongers’ masturbates the American people (and it hopes the rest of the world also) to death, Obama will indeed create Socialism with American characteristics.

    • Alikese

      “the Chinese are by nature a reticent and modest people as per their Confucian ethic and Taoist faith.”

      You’ve… never been to China have you? Jesus Christ, man, get that stick out of your ass and stop taking yourself so seriously. Are you a first year Political Science student?

      Or, put another way: you talk like a fag and your shit’s all retarded.

      • Mike Fish

        Master C is a rhetoric, dogma spewing moron. Yet, he must be a genius, in some strange way, to fit the sentence “with proxy nations Canada, Australia and New Zealand who consider the Sax-Coburg-Gotha their sovereign making no word on the refusal to sign the UN Declaration of Indigenous People’s Rights 2007” into every conversation he has. That’s almost commendable… for a moron.

    • Teacher in China

      Wow, could you be any prouder of yourself or what?
      First, it’s just a movie.
      Second, in a free nation with free speech, you have to accept the fact that people are going to make stuff that you don’t like. Not everything that comes out of Hollywood should automatically be said to represent America. It represents the few people who had the money to get that film off the ground, and that’s it.
      Third, call Yang Rui on Dialogue, I’m sure they’d love to have you on sometime.

    • Mike Fish

      Nobody will EVER take you seriously if you continue to regurgitate that tripe. But you like to play the part of the annoying robotic college student who latched onto “The Colonial-warmongering-Anglo-white-devil-to-blame-for-all-world-problems” theory of history, don’t you?

      • Master C

        I’m not here to be taken seriously, but to make sure a certain awareness of reality is there while others obfuscate away the intelligence and judgment of the readers with one controversial article after another.


        And hello to you too. How rude you are. “the Chinese are by nature a reticent and modest people as per their Confucian ethic and Taoist faith.” Thats the treatment for those who intend to play nice. Have YOU been to China???

        • Mike Fish

          YOU have obviously never been to China. You just regurgitate the over-used symplified college China 101 platitudes. You are far more ignorant and racist than the even the Anglo-whiteys you attack, plus, you are a hypocrite. Reticent and modest? Utter condesending tripe! A country doesn’t control the largest chunck of east Asia, have the world’s biggest population, and the world’s second biggest economy by being reticent or modest, unless by reticent you mean bold and by modest you mean not-modest-at-all. YOU are profound-ly ignorant.

          • Master C

            The earlier post should say :

            . . . with one controversial article AND comment after another . . .

            China indeed became what it is by being reticent or modest, there is no other way to progress in East Asia, Central Asia, or perhaps the Middle East as well. Bold and not-modest is the mentality of the colonist and the war monger / entertainer.

            Better invest in, value and appreciate what is being freely offered here. Make amends to those previously harmed if that is even possible. Profoundly ignorant is what some people imagine they will be up against when they should be looking in the mirror . . .

  • Master C

    . . . and invades Middle East to death . . .

  • I will watch this movie only if our nerdy exchange students who spend weekend nights in the library turn out to be an ass kicking fifth column.

    And if chopsticks become compulsory as a sign of loyalty.

    This could be a damn funny movie. This is a comedy, right? I mean, it is a remake of Red-fucking-Dawn..

  • Zuo Ai

    this will be the best movie ever…I will be yelling “jia you” in the theaters (for the commies neige)

  • Tom

    What’s with the PLA stars all over the place? It’s like some graphic designer decided that every star in China must have a 8-1 in it. I’m surprised they didn’t change all the stars in the Chinese flag to PLA stars.

    (Recently, there was a Boston Globe article about green tech companies in China. The accompanying illustration had, and I’m not kidding, a Nationalist 12-pointed star on it.)

  • Hongjian


    As a former soldier and a military enthusiast in general, I just fucking rage at the absolutely shitty portrayal of the PLA forces. ‘Holywood realism’ again, or what?!

    First thing, they arent PLA soldiers, but most likely PLAAF Paratroopers, seeing their blue collar insignia, and some scenes where they land via parachute. The PLAAF 15th Airborne Corps is an elite force in the Chinese armed forces and SURE WONT issue their soldiers the old-ass M88 steel helmets from the 80’s, but the more recent and modern QGF03 aramid-fiber ballistic helmet. That shitty airsoft tactical load-bearing vest is also wrong. The 15th Airborne issues the Type-07 Modular load bearing system with camel-pack drinking system worn over the Type-07 ballistic body armour. Also the Camonflage isnt really right. It’s the standard Type-07 multipurpose digital camo here, used by the regular PLA, and not the more blueish and greyish Type-07 Urban digital-camo used by the PLAAF paratropers.
    Obviously the weapons are wrong as shit. China doesent use the AK-74. I know, it’s hard to get the Type 95 or Type 97 from Canada, but the 15th Airborne Corps doesent use them either. They are currently issued the QBZ-03 5.8x42mm Assault Rifle, which is of a conventional layout (like the AK). So I think they should be able to convert some AK’s or AR-15’s into some QBZ-03 lookalike. But this is a question of budget
    again… I miss the times Holywood actually spend money on creativity on the equipment and weapons like in the ‘Alien’ trilogy and in ‘Starship Troopers’.

    And the Hummers. What the Hell? China actually uses a Hummer lookalike – the Dongfeng ‘Brave Warrior’ Jeep. I would have expected that they would at least change the camo on these hummers and add a different front-spoiler to make it a bit more ‘chinese-looking’. But no. Cheap bastards again.

    So with this I think that this movie will suck royally.
    A shitty low budget production, full of retarded americunt freedom-fundamentalism and generic patriotic
    shit. Portraying the PLA infantrymen as a baby-eating and child-raping monster, who is both brainless and unprofessional. Acting like a Imperial Stormtrooper from Star Wars and cant hit shit even at point-blank range.
    Then some obese, stupid and ugly american kids with overcharged pathos will kill all dem evul commie-chinks with their civilian Mini-14’s and .22 caliber toy-guns, while chewing bubblegum and struggling with his own emo-attacks.
    America wins again, and China will be nuked. FREEDOM FUCK YEAH!!

    Feels so good, I want to vomit.

    • Developing China

      Best rant ever.

  • Mercator

    The Soviet style propaganda looks kinda cool. Sadly we all know that in reality the propaganda would be generated by the staff of CCTV9, mainly resulting in boredom and sleep in the conquered Americans.

    They could have some fun casting a Dashan/Daniu look-a-like as the occupation spokesman.

    Finally who do you think would lead the quisling government?

    • Mike Fish

      That’s awesome. Occupied America led by a Canadian puppet of China who can do cross-talk and speak Mandarin with a beautiful hyper-standard accent!!!! Seriously, that’s a movie by itself!

  • too yellow

    if you look carefully at the 6th picture Worker’s Re-Education center is translated wrong as 劳工在教育中心 rather than 劳工再教育中心… Although it’s as funny as some of the stuff on Chinese language voting pamphlets. Hopefully the future of Englese will be as amusing as Chinglish has been.

  • Teacher in China

    That last poster has some awesome slogans on it!
    “Obscene choice: Weapons of Mass Distraction”
    “Your Freedom Has Been a Lie Liberation is Here”
    “Deceitful Leader, Greedy Corporations, This is not a Democracy”
    A lot of that stuff rings true, and a lot of Americans that are critical of their own culture and politics will tell you the same thing! There could be some sneakily subversive writing in this movie – let’s hope for the best!

    • Hongjian

      Its just a cheap measure of pretentious shit, written by obese kids who are trying to make this garbage look DEEP and MEANINGFUL.

      This popular media-element of fake-intelligensia pretentiousness is so widespread, like the obligatory mentioning of the holocaust, jews and everlasting guilt in every fucking single movie and book to please the friends of DEEEEEEEP entertaiment here in Germany.

      Which is absolutely not DEEP at all.

      It’s more like the dumb attempt of an poor director to insert ‘elaborate’ story sequences and philosophical dialogues in a hardcore porn video.

      • Mike Fish

        A ranting German obsessed with war… it’s been done before… way to be a cliche.

      • Teacher in China

        “Obscene Choice: Weapon of Mass Distraction”
        This is actually quite a well-known theory (wish I could remember the author, don’t have time to research) which states that in the future there will be so much media that gaining any actual information will be impossible; media will become simply a distraction with no real content in it at all. There’s also the theory that the human race is becoming a thing that must be constantly entertained – and that the entertainment is becoming increasingly puerile and devoid of intelligence.

        I could go on, but I actually have work to do. Either way, I still think it has the potential to be interesting and I don’t think you should so easily dismiss those slogans as being pseudo-intellectual.

    • MF

      Yeah, are those donuts on the “weapons of mass distraction” poster? I’d like to buy one of those. I bet this’ll be an (unintentional) laugh riot, just like the original.

  • Chen

    As Joker would had said to the Chinese – Why so serious?

  • Josiah

    The PLA invade America with Shanzhai hummers?


    I guess General motors are selling the rights for Hummer to china (although its for the civilian Hummer, not the military HMMWV).

  • Righteous American

    You know youve really come up in the world when we recognise you as our enemy.

  • Josiah

    To be fair this movie is a million times more likely then say, shite like 2012.

  • Ming

    What you see in the movie, is not a Chinese invasion, but loneliness.

    • Jay K

      why was this removed, it was i thought hilarious and pretty funny and how ming changed it around with this wording.

    • Apparently alot of ppl dislike it. I personally find it amusing as well.

      • Ming

        LOL, what the hell. People are pissed off at the “loneliness” reference???

        When did people hate loneliness reference as much as Pusan Player?

  • anne

    Nothing like putting the red necks and American hicks worst fears into a movie. They’ll probably take it seriously too. China will invade America, and Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

  • I read a piece a while back on the early script, I thought then that they would never make it – the plot was just way too contrived (Russians and Chinese invading the world`s only superpower) and way too likely to attract accusations of racism (the only sympathetic Asian character was the hero`s cheerleader love-interest). Either the script has had a major re-edit, or they think there`s a big enough audience amongst all the Fox New watchers out there to make this a suck-sess.

    The original Red Dawn was mindless garbage which was enjoyable so long as you could temporarily switch off half your upper brain functions – as a 13 year old I thought it was great. This fil, just like 90% of all the other remakes out there, is almost certainly going to suck hard.

  • Bo

    Ironic, in the original movie, the only people on America’s side were 600 million screaming Chinaman lol

    • Goodness

      I thought there were a billion screaming Chinamen?

  • T

    Please tell me Canada is in the list too

  • Gregory

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  • Mongoloid

    Hongjian why are you arguing with random internet n00bs about developments within the Chinese military, they’d never be able to understand what you are talking about, it makes you sound like a lunatic.

    • Mongoloid

      A lunatic like fucking Bruce Willis in twelve monkeys

    • Hongjian

      Yeah, you’re right.

      Arguing over the internet is just like participating in the para-olympics: Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

      But ignoring that, whats the point of the internet anyway, if not arguing with people over shit?

      Playing ‘concernet citizen’? Shout comments and opinions noone gives a shit about?

      I think yes. The whole point of internet and ‘serious business’ is retarded. So I would advocate that all websites are to be turned into a 4chan-like shitholes full of trolls and faggots, wacking themselves off at negroes eating watermelons and KFC and japanese girls setting kittens on fire with zippo fuel.

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  • The “Red Guard meets rednecks” prediction pretty well sums it up. It’s the clash of stereotypes aimed at the lowest common denominator. Which means it will either be a billion-dollar success or go straight to DVD in less than a week.

    I would not read too much significance in China being the villains. The Arab jihadists are getting a little frayed around the edges from overuse, nobody’s afraid of Russia, Texas wouldn’t let them use Mexico, and they couldn’t think of a way to get Somali pirates into the Midwest. The last good extra-terrestrial invasion movie was made in South Africa; can’t copy them. So that left only Canada or China and red stars are scarier than red maple leafs.

    And why would you expect an industry that gets American uniforms wrong to know what PLA troopers look like?