Undercover Reporter Investigating Rescue Shelter Beaten

A homeless old man bound lying on a stretcher in the lobby of a rescue shelter in Changsha, begging the reporter for help.
An old homeless man lying on a stretcher, looking at the reporter helplessly.
January 7, 11:50pm, in the lobby of the Changsha City Rescue Shelter, a homeless old man lies on a stretcher, helplessly looking at this reporter.

From QQ:

Reporter Disguised as Deaf-Mute Conducts Undercover Investigation of Rescue Shelter, Is Bound and Beaten by Staff

In 2012 late December, under a bridge in Changsha Yuhua District, a homeless man froze to death. This January 3, under a bridge in Changsha Kaifu District, another homeless man froze to death.

Two deaths in just a few days. Why would they reject the warmth and not go to the local rescue shelter?

This [Sanxiang City Express] reporter set out to join Changsha’s homeless, to truly experience their world.

“Detaining or secretly detaining those [homeless] seeking help is forbidden. Beating, verbally abusing, physical punishing, or abusing those seeking help or instigating others to beat, verbally abuse, physical punishing, or abusing those seeking help is forbidden.”

–In 2003, after the Sun Zhigang Incident [where a city resident named Sun Zhigang was beaten to death in a local rescue shelter], the “Management Measures for Homeless and Beggars with No Means of Supporting themselves” was enacted.

24 years without entering [a rescue shelter]

Why are homeless people unwilling to go to rescue shelters?

January 6, 10pm, it was very crowded on Changsha Jiefang West Road, and Luan Weidong too started to get busy: He wore a large military coat along with a pair of cotton pants and cotton shoes with a large plastic woven bag in his hand carefully sifting through a trashcan.

This life of collecting scraps in Changsha late at night is one Luan Weidong has already lived for nearly 3 years. Previously, he had wandered around the country 21 years, having worked in Xinjiang’s small coal kilns and Henan’s black brickyards… In 2009, he came to Changsha, “Changsha is a little warmer.”

Over these 3 years, volunteers, police, even residents on the side of the road have all tried to persuade him: Go to a rescue shelter. Every time he would smile and politely decline. “Rescue shelters ultimately send people home, but if I could survive at home, why would I come out to be a vagrant?” Luan Weidong says, he has gone a rescue shelter in another city before, but because he felt “like a prisoner” there, he has never gone again.

After spending a week continuously investigating nearly 20 homeless individuals in Changsha, this reporter discovered that even though their clothes were in tatters and could never get enough to eat, almost none of them were willing to go to a rescue shelter, preferring to scavenge and scratch out a meager living under bridges, in underground passageways, by construction sites, train stations and other places.

Just what’s wrong with rescue shelters? [Sanxiang City Express] sent reporter Dai Peng under the guise of a vagrant to find out.

Unable to connect

Unable to get through the rescue shelter’s telephone number 10 times in a row

January 7, at 9pm, this reporter stood with Luan Weidong at the street corner of Jiefang West Road and Taiping Street.

At this time, this reporter was wearing a worn-out cotton-padded clothes provided by Luan Weidong. “Completely cannot tell [that you’re a reporter].” — Luan Weidong said standing to one side.

Very soon, city residents passing by noticed this reporter and dialed the telephone number of the Changsha City Tianxin District Rescue Shelter.

At 9:38pm, when a city resident dialed the number the first time, nobody answered. Four calls were made successively afterward, but the line was busy every time. On the 6th call, the call went through but no one answered, and the next four calls were again all busy signals. After ten phone calls, this reporter was still unable to get help.

At 9:44pm, a city resident called 110 [the police emergency number] for help.

At 9:49pm, a police officer from the Pozi Street Police Station called and asked about the situation.

At 9:55pm, two policemen arrived at the scene and after diligently inquiring about the situation, they along with the city residents helped this reporter get into the police car, to be taken directly to the Changsha City Rescue Shelter located in Yaoling.

Surrounded and beaten by three people

Hands tightly bound, legs held down, knee pressed down on head

At about 10:30pm, after it was confirmed that this reporter hadn’t been drinking, staff members of the Changsha Rescue Shelter agreed to provide the relevant assistance.

About 5 minutes later, the police left, and the atmosphere at the scene suddenly changed.

“What’s your name? Where do you live?” This reporter raised his head and saw that the faces of the rescue shelter employees had already become icy cold.

Because [this reporter] was posing as a deaf and mute homeless person, this reporter gave no response. After asking several times without receiving an answer, the employees gradually raised their voices.

Then, one of the employees charged forward, circled around behind the reporter, and restrained this reporter’s hands tightly. Immediately, the two other employees rushed forward and held the reporter down.

Seeing that the beating might escalate, this reporter cried for help: “Rescue shelters can’t beat people, rescue shelters can’t beat people…” One of the employees said, “Not going to beat you, not going to beat you”, while suddenly tripping this reporter onto the floor.

Afterwards, while already face down on the ground, two employees pressed this reporter’s legs down, and instantly, this reporter could no longer budge, and breathing was difficult.

Give up help

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“Now you want to leave? Too late!”

“I don’t want help [aid, assistance from the rescue shelter] anymore, I want leave, I want to leave!” Pressed to the floor, seeing stars, and feeling as if about to faint, this reporter helplessly began begging.

“Now you want to leave? Too late!” The rescue shelter staff member said rudely while pressing his knee to this reporter’s head.

“According to national regulation, the homeless seeking assistance can voluntarily accept the rescue shelter’s help as well as voluntarily decline the rescue shelter’s help. The rescue shelter cannot restrict the freedom of the homeless person receiving help.” After giving this reason, this reporter was still met with refusal [by the employees, to be released].

In the end, this reporter was helplessly forced to tell the staff employees his father’s telephone number far away in Zhejiang province, and only after his father negotiated this reporter’s release with the staff, did the staff workers finally release this reporter.

Then, the Changsha City Recue Shelter staff took out a form and demanded that this reporter write “I voluntarily decline assistance”, sign the form, and place a fingerprint before agreeing to let this reporter go.

At about 11pm that night, this reporter left the Changsha City Rescue Shelter, less than 40 minutes after this reporter first entered the rescue shelter.

Witnessed by reporter

Old man’s hands and legs tied, in the rescue shelter calling for help

At 11:30, when another [Sanxiang City Express] reporter entered the rescue shelter to rescue Dai Peng, he happened to discover at the time a stretcher placed on the ground of the lobby with an elderly homeless man lying on it.

His hands were tied behind his back with a white hemp rope, the rope digging deep into his clothes, and his two legs bound together with adhesive tape. He tried with all his might to sit up but we simply unable to, ultimately only able to raise his torso up a little, facing the reporter crying for help: Release me, release me!

The reporter hurriedly crouched down beside the old man and whispered closely to him asking why he was tied up, but the old man would only beg: “First release me, untie my legs, so I can sit up.”

The reporter saw that his hair was grey, his clothes were worn out and tattered, and there was a bloodstain on his lower lip that had already become a scab. When the reporter asked him if he had been beaten, he nodded, tears brimming in his eyes.

“I’m a reporter, not part of the rescue shelter, I don’t have the power/authority to release you!” Upon hearing this, the old man’s eyes darkened, and he no longer spoke to the reporter.

About an hour later, this old man disappeared.


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Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 寒冰:

Is this how they help [vagrants]? Doesn’t the TV say they are very warm-hearted?

腾讯西安市网友 公司共享QQ:

When the people provide assistance [to the needy] or adopt orphans, we’re denounced as being illegal and not having the qualifications to do so. The country’s rescue shelters are legal and have the means to do so, but why are they unwilling to provide assistance? Because they think they themselves to be superior to other people, they think they are above the people. Strongly suggest that all [government operated] rescue shelters be shut down. Since these rescue shelters are useless, having them waste taxpayers’ money is truly intolerable!

腾讯濮阳市网友 快乐の理由:

This is no longer just being angry, not longer just being speechless! The country spends money setting up rescue organizations, only to end up employing these kind of beasts! Vile people holding sway, wicked people in power! Nowhere to turn to for help, just what kind of humiliation and abuse are those poor people who live at the bottom of society going through! This, it may just be the tip of the iceberg, so where are our relevant government departments? Where are our government leaders? Always saying how the people’s interests is their responsibility, now, how about slaughtering those beasts!

腾讯网友 〓邪恶蝙蝠〓:

See? Help you? Might as well wait for the Buddha of Mercy to help you. What kind of rescue shelters do we have nowadays? They’re just hanging the sign of being rescue shelters but doing the job of butchers. They are all a bunch of butchers, garbage, and beasts doing the job! Oh, oh, oh. I won’t say anymore. Afraid of cross border arrests [authorities from one province crossing into another province’s jurisdiction to make arrests or just intimidation]!!!

腾讯网友 海春:

After reading this news, my heart faintly aches, simply wolves in sheep’s clothing!!! Waiting for the government to give a clear explanation.

腾讯青岛市网友 夏日冷风: (responding to above)

There won’t be any explanation, it’ll turn out to have been done by temporary workers again.

腾讯深圳市网友 boy:

Since the rescue shelter doesn’t do its job, might as well tear it down and build a public restroom instead. Also, the dog-like civil servants who work there should all be fired. Sorry, I used profanity again.

腾讯网友 together:

It’s not hard to imagine why Sun Zhigang incident keeps repeating itself. Now a few years later, it still it chills people. To quote Sun’s epitaph: “Those who are dead shall remain dead, the villains have been punished by the law. Yet those who live in mansions and those who are trying hard to survive should both take it as an example, remember the weight of life, the weight of human rights, the weight of democracy, the weight of law, don’t let good people of the world be turned into prey.”

腾讯网友 影子:

Everyone, watch more CCTV Xinwen Lianbo news, and smash your computers!

腾讯北京市网友 健康是福:

What happened to this society? How did it become like this? Where have people’s sympathy gone? The country spends money setting up rescue shelters, but to employ these cold-blooded animals to manage it is no better than having wolves rescue sheep!

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • mano

    The Chinese are the scum of the world.

    • Genxi


      I just found myself another ignorant person.

    • filabusta

      You are scum for even bothering to say that on this site. Go back to stormfront, asshole.

    • Super Bunny

      most people are !
      most people can not do any contribute just waste food and air…
      it’s the truth.

    • Hey, do you have any soy sauce by chance?

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      You don’t say, Mr. Obvious. :)

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      Live long

  • Kinder, Gentler…ore compassionate. When people paid by the government to help actually spend their energy abusing you, then you’ll have hit a new low it seems…charity is a lost concept. After picking up my umpteenth old person up off the sidewalk after they had apparently fallen, it occurred to me that a civilization is only as civilized as it’s citizens treat one another.

    • Elijah

      If this is causing confucian, allow me to clarify it. (Wordplay is fun!)

      The chinese government is completely incapable of understanding sincere charity. It’s entirely alien concept to the government as a whole. Rather than taking from everyone as much as possible and giving the least back, charity implies giving more than someone normally would or going above and beyond the bare minimum.

      Now, when I say that the government is the polar opposite of charity, I don’t mean government in general, I mean the chinese government specifically. Yes there are other governments as bad or worse, but this article is about the chinese one… Just to preempt the apologists and toadies.

      Is it any wonder that a system born out of some of the most vile thinking and actions in human history would be almost completely incapable of even basic kindness and charity? That a system built on corruption and apathy for everything except personal power and wealth would attract only the most depraved and psychotic people?

      So, your explanation is that charity by the chinese government is impossible because charity requires you to care for others. The chinese government is incapable of that.

      • “That a system built on corruption and apathy for everything except personal power and wealth would attract only the most depraved and psychotic people?”

        To keep the “ball of confucian” rolling, allow me to bring up the Lankao orphan fire in which six kids and somebody else died: the operator of the orphanage is 袁厉害 (what a name), someone who was certainly a former cS story and is a dirt poor person who has taken in hundreds of sick and disabled orphans.

        Nobody (read: higher ups) really cares what she does with her time; but now that a fire has broken out at an illegal orphanage, there is blame to cast — who is at fault? Even if this was an honest accident, shouldn’t charity be something the gov’t be in charge of, and not unqualified people who care?

        As such, the scandal isn’t so much that 袁厉害 is such a saint — but that she is making other people look bad by comparison. And so, charity is viewed with suspicion in China — it’s keeping up with the Benjamins.

  • Jacob

    This happen everywhere in the world not only in China!! Too easy to split on the chinese.. Europe, Africa and even USA are all full of scumbags!! And in all those place, they are the one with power!! Stop looking at the world with only one eye suka!

    • BigCAD

      That it does but the above example is the exception not the norm outside of the Middle Kingdom.

    • Kate

      Yeah except that this is CHINAsmack, not USAsmack or AFRICAsmack or EUROPEsmack. We’re talking about China here, not every other place in the world.

    • Chinkicide

      Obviously not everywhere. This is how you can distinguish between The China and any first world country.

    • YahLey

      I have to agree with Kate. This is a treasure-trove of tabloid materials on CHINA. The curious come to know. Haters come to hate. For them, this place is a treasure-trove of confirmation bias. ‘Merica! mind masturbatory jizz explosion

  • Some guy

    @disqus_ZLYPOJjRr4:disqus Did you read the comments? They were all disgusted by this story too, they aren’t scum.

  • Kate

    How cruel….from what I have read about what goes on in state run orphanages for children and babies it isn’t any better….”The Dying Rooms” documentary is one of the most horrific, sad, and cruelest things I’ve ever seen….it takes psychopaths to be able to be so cruel to the vulnerable and helpless like this….just makes me cry.

    • The Enlightened One

      I don’t get it either. Do these people take these jobs JUST because they hate people and want someone to torture? Would it hurt to do a quick psych evaluation on these people before hiring them?

      I wouldn’t doubt it if these “rescue workers” were just cheng guan pulling double shifts!

  • donkeykong

    Too disgusting. Could not bear to read all of it.

  • djejend

    why am I not surprised?

  • Brett

    Yup, sounds like the Changsha I know. Every government worker/official feels entitled since Mao treated them so well back in the day.

  • filabusta

    Jackie Chan should retract his statement and denounce the corruption of his own government.


  • linette lee

    Those journalists in China are outstanding. They are like detectives and bring corruption and crime into the surface. They are willing to put themselves in danger and risk beating up. The world needs more people like that.

    More gov’t employees abusing power. I hope the new China gov’t will focus on corruption and mismanagement issues.

    • This is exactly why “freedom of the press” was made a basic right in the West 250 years ago.

      • “None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        • BigCAD

          Thanks Victor, forgot the world was run by an unholy alliance of the saucer people, Learned Elders of Zion, lizard men and corporate America.

          However with good men like you, strong of will and stout of heart willing to expose their corruption and lies we will prevail over these sinister forces which operate from the shadows and manipulate our lives.

      • Justin

        Actually, though the first amendment was part of the constitution from the very beginning, freedom of speech and the press as we have come to know it didn’t really come about until the latter half of the 20th century.

        Everyone loves Lincoln right? One of the greatest American presidents. Yet, he shuttered southern newspapers for encouraging revolt. How is it any different than Chinese government censorship, which is aimed at maintaining stability.

        If Americans had absolute “freedom of speech” for 250 years, then how do you explain the Smith Act (currently still on the books I might add), the Alien and Sedition Act, etc.? In the early 20th century, people in America were still being prosecuted and jailed for nothing more than holding an opinion and expressing it. (See U.S. v. Debs. Debs was sent to jail for encouraging people to dodge the draft). It was only after a series of Supreme Court cases that political speech really gained the absolute protection we enjoy today.

        China too has freedom of speech enshrined in its constitution, but the enforcement of the constitution as a whole is very lax. It’s still a relatively young nation, and its institutions are in a developing phase, including the press and the legal system.

        • BigCAD

          “We Chinese have 5000 years of history”, “We Chinese are a developing nation”…both sound familiar? If they really intend to become a world leader then they truly need to stop applying double standards to every situation, and a positive start would be unshackling the media, Taking in to account, that though they are mainland Chinese and not Taiwanese or Hongkies judging by the above comments I think we can about trust them on domestic issues (though they may start hanging those in charge, which can only be seen as a good thing), just don’t give them the keys to the arsenal as they are the poisoned dwarf of the international arena.

          Nice to see you pulled up Lincoln attempting to stem the self destruction of the U.S. some 150 years ago and U.S. Vs Debs during a period of wartime just shy of 100 years ago and compare them to the irrational censorship regime of a communist dictatorship during an unprecendented period of peace and prosperity. Remember Western style Media* is a door to anarchy and chaos.

          *All media outside of China is sinster and manipulative western media with the exception of the Hirrare Herald.

          • Justin

            You seem to be missing the point entirely. I was merely stating that America didn’t have “freedom of speech” as we’ve come to understand it for the past 250 years.

            For starters, when the Bill of Rights was passed, it only applied to actions by the national government. It was another 100 years or so before the Supreme Court really began extending those rights to the state level through the 14th Amendment. I would say we’ve only had true freedom of speech since the 60s, when the Supreme Court upheld people’s right to legally advocate the overthrow of the government in Brandenburg v. Ohio.

            And if you can’t see how China can be an ancient civilization with a rich history and also a developing nation at the same time, then 1.) You don’t know shit about history and/or 2.) you’re an idiot. Either way, it’s little use arguing with you.

            Yeah, those events were in wartime, but they were still cases in which dissenting views were shut down. If you think China is in an unprecedented time of peace and prosperity just because of the nice GDP figures, then why are there 120,000 reported “mass incidents”, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences? And that’s just reported. Prosperity for the nation doesn’t mean prosperity for the people, and the people get pissed without prosperity. The social stability of China is just as precarious as ever. I’m not saying censorship is necessarily justified. I’m just looking at the big picture.

          • BigCAD

            Sorry you must be in a different China (possibly the R.O.C). As the China I know and love doesn’t have a rich or interesting history as they went back to year zero. What we have now is ancient sites akin to anything you would find in Disneyland (same for the entry price), history out a fairytale book and a corpse religion known as communism. Cultural developement is just as stagnent.

            Thanks for the personal attack as well, way to keep things classy.

          • YahLey

            Just because no one else is going to admit it, a lot of beating around the bush and hating going about. I’m going to confirm, Justin’s description of US history is ACCURATE.

          • BigCAD

            Never disputed his facts, rather the use of them in order to knock Yank freespeech and push one of the five great excuses of the Communist party limiting the press, ‘It takes time’.

          • YahLey

            Exactly, you never addressed them/ outright ignored them and then went on a vague hate rant. Sorry to barge in, I thought some arbitration would be beneficial.

            No one knocked Yank free speech. Justin just said the IDEAL which we have always regarded free speech did not manifest itself in the US (particularly) until recently.

            The land of the free is most recently ranked #47 on the press freedom index. This is why I feel the point was worthy of being confirmed by a third party.

            I wish as much as you do that the place I’m going to live actually is as free as we would believe. Growing old sucks

          • Ana

            I seriously, seriously contest the idea that “the social stability of China is as precarious as ever.” China in 2013 is NOT China in 1949 and is NOT China in 1966. Period. What *has* remained the same is that the CCP will do what is necessary to stay in power. If they were really about stability, they would do things like put effort into creating rule of law or decreasing corruption instead of paying epic amounts of lip service to things they cannot fix without risking their hold on power. The suppression of the press is not about stability, it is about control.

            And, while its true that the US’s freedom of the press did not meet what we currently think of it to be until relatively recently, I would bet lots of money that newspapers in 1800 in the US enjoyed more freedom 25 years after the nations founding than Chinese news outlets do, 64 years after their country “stood up.”

        • I’m not super great at American history (or any history), so I’ll take your word for everything you said above.

          However, it is entirely beside the point of what I said. My claim was simply that the original purpose of freedom of speech when it was enacted in the Bill of Rights was to do precisely what was described by the poster to whom I was replying (which you might not have seen because the thread has expanded since then). Above, Linette writes: Those journalists in China are outstanding. They are like detectives and bring corruption and crime into the surface.

          Furthermore, while freedom of speech is part of the Chinese constitution, policy throughout that constitution’s history has clearly been, with every intention, in violation of it. Sure, to maintain stability, but “maintain stability” almost always means “we in the government are scared shitless of being strung up when the truth gets out.” If you look at the first 60 years of China’s constitution and the first 60 years of the United States’, Americans had far more latitude than the former.

          I appreciate your multiple examples, but would you agree there is at least a difference in magnitude?

    • don mario

      yes, the immense pressure from chinese people on the goverment will lead the new goverment to change things for the better…. oh wait, people dont actually give a single shit. so why the hell would they improve?

    • Jake The Peg

      Outstanding… the journalist who posed as being a deaf mute to see what really happens to the homeless, but blows his cover 5 mins into the ordeal when the first guy restrains his hands behind his back out of fear of being beaten?

      It’s great that there are some willing investigative journalists in China, but they should at least be competent of seeing the story through rather than bottling it at the first sign of danger.

      • linette lee

        Well, I don’t know. I guess the journalist can wait a bit more to see how much they beat him. Let them take him to the back room and starve him to get a full story.

        • Barney Rubble

          There should have been people in his news department who knew exactly where he was going and what he was doing, and would be prepared to blow cover on the story after x amount of time, say 24hrs, if he didn’t emerge from the shelter.

          Any journalist doing a story like this needs to be prepared to be slapped around a bit if they want to show what life is really like for those less fortunate.

          Even the title of this article is inaccurate, as the reporter wasn’t actually beaten.

      • Justin

        Easy for you to say from the comfort of your keyboard.

        • Jake The Peg

          I’m not the one trying to be an investigative journalist.

          • linette lee

            spy is a dangerous job. Especially if you don’t have a good backup plan. This reporter wants to investigate but don’t want to get seriously injured. You know they don’t have good medical coverage from the job like other countries if you know what I mean. God forbid if he gets really bad injury and can’t work. >.<

  • Chinasmack is really focusing a lot on “Chinese hurting animals and other people” a lot lately.

    • mr.wiener

      One has to stick with one’s strengths.

      • Dr Sun


    • suckiballsbro

      well, when this is whats happening? should there be a quota about how many bad news are going to be published? have you lived too long nex to some propaganda official? fuckface dude

  • The Enlightened One

    These people aren’t being rescued. They are simply smears on the “face” of China. They are being removed because their presence reminds others of how society is failing us… and IF society is failing us… then who is the blame? Most would say the government is to blame… especially being a “communist” government.

    The government doesn’t want to save them, they just want them to be unseen and unheard.

    • There’s no problem if there is no problem to see.

      Face, it.

      • Brett

        If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it…

        • …peasants will be forced to collect their windfalls from trucks filled with eggs that overturn on the highway.

  • Irvin

    Probably taken to harvest organs or blood.

  • vincent

    Seems every organization meant to help people in China does the exact opposite, what’s even more ridiculous is how the people working with such orginizations turn out to be the scum of the Earth.

    • Gay Azn Boi


      • vincent

        GAB!!! How you doing? :)

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Not bad. Busy with school. You?

          • vincent

            Busy with work as usual, tiring but fulfilling :P

  • the ace of books

    Leaving aside the casual manhandling and brutality (which we all agree is shit) – I must say that I don’t understand why they’re doing that. Are they just Potemkining their homeless shelter and pocketing the funds? I mean, that’s the simplest explanation, but it’s such a low-down thing to do that I have a hard time understanding it. Why in fuck’s name would you maintain facilities to help people and then use those facilities not to? I mean — fuck the what?

    • Kate

      I don’t think you can fuck an interrogative word?

      • the ace of books

        Nah, just a memetic reversal of “what the fuck”, meaning the same thing.

        • I see it as a re-appropriation of “For the Win”

      • the ace of books

        Although I happen to know some who enjoy the sexual favors of interrogative words on a fairly common basis. Hey, there’s a fetish for everything :)

        • Kate

          Rule 34—-if it exist there IS porn for it and if there isn’t then you are obligated to create it.

          • Barney Rubble

            koala porn?

  • thmswhnr

    My theory is that this “shelter” is being run by one of the few remaining Red Guards left over from the good old days.

  • Daniel Tynan

    Looks like these “shelters” are used to lure in the homeless then torture or beat out of them contact information for their families. . which are then contacted and probably threatened to come remove their relative from the city or else face penalty.

  • al in china

    No Surprise folks. It’s China. It’s never going to change unless the Chinese people change. Sad really!

    • Chinkicide

      They won’t change. Ever. I guess you know.

      • YahLey

        Clown show going on tour! I hope you never change, friend. You are the manifestation of our most base thoughts, a telling example. Thanks for the personification

      • icarusty

        First things first, we need to get rid of insidious evil folk like use and al in China.

  • WoRPt

    I don’t understand the beginning of this investigation. I don’t know if it’s the reporting or the translation or what. He posed as a homeless man on the road and people voluntarily called the homeless shelter, and eventually the police. Do they do that in China? They certainly don’t do that in any country I’ve seen.

  • linette lee

    What will happen to this rescue shelter? Will the central china gov’t do anything about it? Are they investigating this shelter and all the shelters across China to see what’s going on. How are they going to handle the funds? I know one thing for sure. They need to get rid of the staff in this shelter.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    what happened to “bring me your tired, poor; your wretched.” Now it reads No Vacancies… Everywhere!

  • icarusty

    so the police did a sterling job, it was just the staff at the shelter. Simple, sack and prosecute. To oppose the usual self hating Chinese ranters, it is not an exclusive Chinese problem. Last year many whites were arrested in Britain for abusing (spitting, beating, name calling and physically manhandling) the old and disabled in a care home.

  • Misiooo

    This is just seemingly truth. Let me cite this: “in reality, even though he (homeless) would never realize it or admit to it, he is working for the government, simply by sitting there and begging. The job he is performing is that of instrument of terror. Simply by sitting there, looking as he is and begging for money, he is terrorizing all of the hundreds/thousands of employed laborers who view him or interact with him as they either walk or drive past that busy, business district intersection/sidewalk, into believing that they should feel lucky, grateful, and happy to have the slave labor jobs that they do, and vowing to themselves that they will continue to work hard, continue to agree to serve as slave laborers throughout their entire productive years of life.”

  • Average Zhou

    This is the problem with your authoritarian society my Chinese friends. Low man on the totem pole – as usual. Nothing new here, perfectly akin to Chinese people throwing snowballs at zoo animals which would NEVER happen in any bonified developed country. Chinese people cant be trusted to have zoos I guess, they dont know how to handle themselves. Chinese people cant be trusted to run homeless shelters I guess. . Can you be trusted to have aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons? My God, every educated person in the world outside of China knows what a nightmare this is, as any weaker being or nation will be at the mercy of irresponsible, childish, irrational bullies. Who’s fault? Again I say its your ridiculously insecure, brutish government that has made the majority of you feel powerless and inadequate – and hence we have these ugly incidents where anger, resentment and frustration is taken out upon anyone or anything weaker than you. Channel the rage down through the ranks. Dont push back at those who deserve it! Beating homeless people and throwing snowballs at lions is much easier and safer! Your whole Goddamned country should be ASHAMED!!!!

    • Average Zhou

      im sorry i was quite upset after reading this, had a few beers. to be fair, i suppose isolated incidents can happen where people in other countries would throw snowballs at zoo animals, in theory. However i just dont see it geting as carried away, with so many taking part in so widespread a fashion – i was at the zoo in Guangzhou when some idiots started yelling (also at the lions funny enough) and then a few other followed, next thing you know a mob of morons is screaming and roaring at the lions trying to agitate and startle them. i have been to zoos in several countries and never seen this type of behavior except by isolated groups of school children, who are then quickly corrected/reprimanded for it.

      • YahLey

        Did you just surprise yourself? Surprise! You’re another closet racist who hasn’t fully embraced it yet. To do so you would have to accept the fact you are not that idealistic moral human being you fantasize about being. I love confirmation bias as anyone. Human after all. Hey, at least you’re better than those dirty Chinese. They will never ever change

        • Average Zhou

          YahLey – the only problem is, racism implies that I hate the race. It impies that I hate ASIAN people. White people from England, America, France, etc are of the same race, black people of these countries are of the same race – race has nothing to do with geopolitical boundaries. And i DO NOT hate Asians at all. As a matter of fact if the Japanese or Thais were in Chinese shoes right now, conquering the world economically, I would not flinch in the slightest. I would applaud them. I have lived in several Asian countries over 8 years and the only one you would call me a racist in is China. Why is that? Its the system, the government, the way of thinking and doing things there that is despicable. And I would hardly say Im in the closet about it. More like standing in the middle of the street screaming about it. I hate the Chinese for many of the same reasons that I hate America (where Im from) – greed, selfishness, corruption, and general moral bankruptcy – but in China these human problems seem so much more amplified.

          • icarusty

            The Chinese are a different race from Thais and Japanese, indeed your implicaiton that all asians are a single race shows that you are racist.

            Fact is whenever something in China happens, the abuse is always centred on the race (calls for genocide, nasty cruel race etc…) this has never been applied to others when they commit mass cruetly e.g. Indian rapes – culture and the men involved were blamed. With chinese, somehow the entire race is at fault – and worse still, they should be wiped out as a result (additionally, such comments would never be allowed to be printed in newspapers if directed against blacks, muslims etc)

            Would be nice for a white to explain why

          • Elijah

            1. People from Asia = Asian… Difficult to understand? How about people from Africa = African? Is china in Asia? Hmmmm, yup, last time I checked. Are chinese racially seperate from Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian or Tibetan? Not really. You could argue that they are North East Asian compared to South East Asian (Pinay, Thai, Malay, etc.) or Indian which are also in Asia, however they are all Asian technically speaking.

            2. Saying the word ‘fact’ doesn’t make it a fact. As was clearly explained, it has nothing to do with race. That is simply your go to answer for any criticism. Even the word “geo-political” is used. I would go a step further and say it’s also partially cultural.

            3. Welcome to the Internet where calls for genocide are a second to second thing.

            4. I’ve yet to see the ad in the Globe and Mail or Ottawa Citizen calling for all Asian heads on a stake or for them to be expelled from Canada. How often does that happen in china? Again, it’s a second to second thing… It’s also in newspapers and famous people saying it on their blogs and on TV, so that comparison fails.

            5. “nice for a white to explain” Totally not racist there… Can some chinese explain why beaten animals taste better than humanely slaughtered animals? Or why it’s ok to exploit people with mental disabilities to make bricks while chained up and beaten? Or how someone makes a decision that ends up hospitalizing and even killing people due to poisoning in products? Do you see how ridiculous that is when turned around on you? Don’t try to say that it was meant ironically, because it wasn’t. You were just letting your inner racist out.

            I wish people would actually make statements that are arguable, rather than just ridiculous to begin with. I don’t care if they’re politically incorrect as long as they have some actual meat on them instead of just bone and gristle.

          • YahLey

            I have no way of knowing how you feel except what you type out for me to see. Ultimately to me you are a wall of text.

            Let’s look at the logical evolution of your original post:
            Some Chinese throw snowballs -> Chinese can’t run zoos -> Chinese can’t handle selves one guesses -> God forbid they have nukes and military power!! THEY CANT EVEN HANDLE A FUCKING ZOO -> FOR SHAME ON THEM ALL

            I could only see you in one of two ways: a) an idiot b) a racist idiot
            I apologize if I’m mistaken and you do deep in your heart have the capacity to feel love for individual Asians, but again all I see is what you put in front of me.

            You forget (never knew) China has a history of isolationism. You are on a fool’s errand making macro political and cultural analysis with this. It is self-empowering hate speech

            Edit: Then you try to soften whatever you said with a reply to yourself going “Wow I wen’t overboard but here’s a singular piece of anecdotal evidence to top the cherry on my crude cake of bullshit.”

  • kiwi

    At least his face wasn’t eaten by a drug fiend

  • [email protected]

    Disgusting beyond belief. Yet, all too easy to believe. How fucking shameful! and how horrible for these poor unfortunate folk. God I feel sick now.

  • lana banana

    it’s like american horror story!

  • Overseas ‘laowai’

    The more I read about life in China, the more I realize the brutality of every day life there. Horrible!