Reuben De Jong Fails To Break Guinness World Record In China

Reuben De Jong's successful world record challenge in 2009, where he broke through 15 panes of glass.

Reuben De Jong's successful world record challenge in 2009, where he broke through 15 panes of glass.

From Tianya & Mop:

Foreign strong man slams into Chinese tempered glass. This story tells us one thing, that when foreigners come to China wanting to break records, it won’t be that easy

This guy is so unlucky, he doesn’t know that Chinese people must have face, that when there are foreigners/guests, [Chinese] always bring out the best…

The foreigner in the above video is Reuben De Jong, from New Zealand, and he is trying to break his own record. In 2009, he broke 15 panes of tempered glass. Here, he is trying to break 17 panes. This video has been viewed over 800k times since it was uploaded on Youku by Anhui Television a few days ago (not including other copies and on other Chinese video sharing websites) becoming one of the week’s top viewed and discussed videos.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The male Chinese presenter in the end speculates that Reuben failed maybe because of the day’s temperature and the quality of the glass being too good.

Reuben De Jong readies himself to break his previous Guinness world record for panes of glass broken consecutively in China.Reuben De Jong tries to compose himself during his attempt to break his previous world record for panes of glass broken consecutively in China.

Below is the video of Reuben De Jong setting the current world record of 15 panes of glass broken consecutively (briefly shown in the above Chinese video) in 2009. At that time, he beat the previous world record holder Martin Latka‘s earlier record of 11 panes of glass.

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Tianya:


Hahaha, LMAO, I’m willing to believe this is an advertisement… Such cupware for the foreigner.


I think the previous record was 15 panes.

However, coming to China, [he] only breaks one, and had to hit it so many times too.


This I saw when CCAV broadcast it. My parents cried out…ai ya passing clouds!


To be honest, at the time, I wasn’t kind and laughed rather uncontrollably, especially after he ran into it many times without success, and then finally taking off his helmet saying, “I don’t understand”. LMAO.


Such a tragedy for this foreign brother.


You wanted us to see how niu you are…but don’t you feel stupid now…


I laughed. I bet this brother will harbor a lot of hate and bitterness towards Chinese glass for the rest of his life~


I still remember when that building in Shanghai fell over. The building had fallen over, but the glass didn’t shatter.


Made a fool of by us, haha.

Bring out the good glass and you won’t be able to break it. Haha.

Comments from Mop:


It isn’t that China can’t manufacture good [quality] things, just that the profit [price] isn’t reasonable. These days, there are many first-rate products in the world that are all made in China.


That foreign girl isn’t bad!


Oh great Heavenly Kingdom! I love you… only with regards to glass.


LMFAO…Heavenly Kingdom’s glass!


The Heavenly Kingdom has finally toughened up before Westerners, the glass was very calm!


If those were bulletproof glass, then not only would it be not gei li but it would also cause Chinese to lose face, because that would be cheating.
However, it doesn’t seem like bulletproof [glass].


He will never again come to China to challenge [the record].


China’s tempered glass is world class. Remember the Fuyao Glass boss that donated 100 million yuan after the Wenchuan Earthquake [Sichuan Earthquake]?? Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and Maybach all use Fuyao glass!!


I guess everyone did not watch closely enough. That was held with a Guinness World Records Adjudicator on the scene supervising. All of the glass panes were inspected by Reuben and the Guinness World Records Adjudicator and the procedures are very strict! It must be said that Made in China is very impressive/convincing!

Reuben De Jong responds to a Chinese host after his unsuccessful attempt to break his previous world record for panes of glass broken consecutively.

Sometimes what works in your country… Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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