Reuben De Jong Fails To Break Guinness World Record In China

Reuben De Jong's successful world record challenge in 2009, where he broke through 15 panes of glass.

Reuben De Jong's successful world record challenge in 2009, where he broke through 15 panes of glass.

From Tianya & Mop:

Foreign strong man slams into Chinese tempered glass. This story tells us one thing, that when foreigners come to China wanting to break records, it won’t be that easy

This guy is so unlucky, he doesn’t know that Chinese people must have face, that when there are foreigners/guests, [Chinese] always bring out the best…

The foreigner in the above video is Reuben De Jong, from New Zealand, and he is trying to break his own record. In 2009, he broke 15 panes of tempered glass. Here, he is trying to break 17 panes. This video has been viewed over 800k times since it was uploaded on Youku by Anhui Television a few days ago (not including other copies and on other Chinese video sharing websites) becoming one of the week’s top viewed and discussed videos.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

The male Chinese presenter in the end speculates that Reuben failed maybe because of the day’s temperature and the quality of the glass being too good.

Reuben De Jong readies himself to break his previous Guinness world record for panes of glass broken consecutively in China.Reuben De Jong tries to compose himself during his attempt to break his previous world record for panes of glass broken consecutively in China.

Below is the video of Reuben De Jong setting the current world record of 15 panes of glass broken consecutively (briefly shown in the above Chinese video) in 2009. At that time, he beat the previous world record holder Martin Latka‘s earlier record of 11 panes of glass.

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Tianya:


Hahaha, LMAO, I’m willing to believe this is an advertisement… Such cupware for the foreigner.


I think the previous record was 15 panes.

However, coming to China, [he] only breaks one, and had to hit it so many times too.


This I saw when CCAV broadcast it. My parents cried out…ai ya passing clouds!


To be honest, at the time, I wasn’t kind and laughed rather uncontrollably, especially after he ran into it many times without success, and then finally taking off his helmet saying, “I don’t understand”. LMAO.


Such a tragedy for this foreign brother.


You wanted us to see how niu you are…but don’t you feel stupid now…


I laughed. I bet this brother will harbor a lot of hate and bitterness towards Chinese glass for the rest of his life~


I still remember when that building in Shanghai fell over. The building had fallen over, but the glass didn’t shatter.


Made a fool of by us, haha.

Bring out the good glass and you won’t be able to break it. Haha.

Comments from Mop:


It isn’t that China can’t manufacture good [quality] things, just that the profit [price] isn’t reasonable. These days, there are many first-rate products in the world that are all made in China.


That foreign girl isn’t bad!


Oh great Heavenly Kingdom! I love you… only with regards to glass.


LMFAO…Heavenly Kingdom’s glass!


The Heavenly Kingdom has finally toughened up before Westerners, the glass was very calm!


If those were bulletproof glass, then not only would it be not gei li but it would also cause Chinese to lose face, because that would be cheating.
However, it doesn’t seem like bulletproof [glass].


He will never again come to China to challenge [the record].


China’s tempered glass is world class. Remember the Fuyao Glass boss that donated 100 million yuan after the Wenchuan Earthquake [Sichuan Earthquake]?? Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and Maybach all use Fuyao glass!!


I guess everyone did not watch closely enough. That was held with a Guinness World Records Adjudicator on the scene supervising. All of the glass panes were inspected by Reuben and the Guinness World Records Adjudicator and the procedures are very strict! It must be said that Made in China is very impressive/convincing!

Reuben De Jong responds to a Chinese host after his unsuccessful attempt to break his previous world record for panes of glass broken consecutively.

Sometimes what works in your country… Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Tommy

    “I don’t understand, in my country…”

    In your country glass breaks easier? You can run faster? Your head is harder? In your country… Hahaha.

    But good effort. I think I would say something along the same lines also.

  • heima

    hummmm this is weird in the first clip theres no problem with his technique he breaks them with no problem for him to only break one maybe a different quality of glass/ thickness not sure what to say.

  • Nova

    SOFA !

    Cant stop laughing at the difference between his record breaking attempt, and this new attempt.

    • Nova

      rawr… i hate you comment verification.

      [Note from Fauna: The comment verification does not affect sofas.]

      • Mulligan

        did it cost you the sofa?

    • ##BlothaLonely##


      NOOOOOOOO… flooooooooooorrrrrrrrr

  • Mulligan

    What a dick. He probably should have checked the quality of the glass before ramming his head through it. Stupid, stupid man.

  • PRC

    made in china

    think again

  • pervertt

    Poor Reubens. He must have a sore head. Here is a video of him doing an unofficial practice run, without the body armour:

  • diverdude

    what a weird-ass record anyway…

    ok, let’s set a new record of how many times I can tie/un-tie my shoe in 1 minute ! I’ll be great !

  • Chris N.

    Theres nothing Chinese people love more than watching a foreigner epic fail

    [Note from Fauna: I think a lot of foreigners visit our website because they love to watch Chinese people fail, right? Is there any difference? I think it shows a dark part of human nature that many Chinese and foreigners share.]

    • karen

      well said, fauna.

    • eddie9684

      lol fauna… human nature, theres us.. foreigners that come here to see all the worst shit happenin in china… and ya chinese ppl who love to see foreigners fail..

    • Alex

      Yeah, people from Laowai guo love to see Chinese fail.


    • Chris N.

      Fauna, you seem to like to pick on me.

      I don’t really enjoy watching Chinese people “fail” any more than watching any other foreigner mess up something badly. I don’t come to this site because I like to see Chinese people fail but rather I enjoy reading the quirky news about China.

      If this dark part of human nature is secretly enjoying watching other countries fail at things because of some kind of superiority complex than you need to step outside and talk to some Chinese people and realize that they are no different from you or me.

      And to be honest I didn’t think what I said was going to be taken so seriously.

      [Note from Fauna: I think you need to re-read my comment. I don’t understand your response.]

      • I agree, I dont’ come here to watch Chinese fail, I come here for the same reason I read Fark, because strange news is funny. i’m sure some foreigners come here for that reason but they are just as assholish and idiotic as CHinese who just want to see foreigners fail.

        • holy sheet

          If one would read the comments posted by the readers, you’ll see that many, if not the majority, have a field day picking on the Chinese people or China as a nation.

          So yes, I support the dark side of human nature theory. Watching other people slip on a banana peel is funnier than watching yourself bust your head open.

          • Yeah, lots of assholes here on both sides, I’m not denying that haha

            However saying it’s ok for Chinese to be assholes because some foreigners are too is a bit foolish, instead of encouraging divisions and ridiculing each other, why not encourage both sides to stop being Nationalistic/racist/biggoted?

            And I dont’ like watching Chinese fail, or foreigners fail, I like watching anyone who isn’t me fail. Still assholish I guess but at least not encouraging Nationalistic idiocy…

      • Chris

        I don’t think Fauna was directing her response to you, bud.

        You made a generalized comment regarding Chinese people, then object to being generalized yourself. Can’t argue both way.

        Quote – “If this dark part of human nature is secretly enjoying watching other countries fail at things because of some kind of superiority complex than you need to step outside and talk to some Chinese people and realize that they are no different from you or me.”

        This part of your response makes no sense. You can’t say that Chinese people love watching foreigner fail, then say you don’t, and then say that we are all the same.

      • anon

        You’re exhibiting a classic case of “guilty conscience”, Chris N.

        She never said anything specifically about you and you respond with a persecution complex, something unintelligible, and then a catch-all “I was’t being serious” appeal.

    • cdn icehole

      Agreed. There are many examples that support the dark side of humanity. For example, car accidents. Have you noticed how everyone slows down just to take a peek even though the cars involved are parked on the shoulder. Another example, would be reality TV shows.

      • Dark Canuck

        Hell I love to watch anyone fail, Chinese, white, black, able bodied crippled, and I’m not the only one. There are so many fail websites out there, its human nature.

    • Billy

      You pick the stories and the photos Fauna.

      [Note from Fauna: Because I understand the dark part of your human nature.]

      • Billy

        No you don’t, you don’t know a thing about me, what an arrogant thing to say. Or do you think all ‘laowai’ act and think the same?

        [Note from Fauna: I know everything about you that you show to me and everyone on this website. This does not mean I think all “laowai” act and think the same. Why do you ask that? It has no relation to what I said.]

        • Billy

          You know nothing about me, you couldn’t state three things about me which are true. To say all humankind are the same is nonsensical as human kind ranges from Adolf Hitler to Mother Teresa and everything in between, not everyone has the same dark thoughts, prejudices or deviations.

          You meant ‘laowai’ because your target audience on here are westerners who speak English thus the point of this website. You are certainly not catering for a Chinese audience who can just go straight to the source.

          If you were a westerner, you would be one of those annoying philosophy graduates who pontificates a lot but knows little. Epic fail!

          [Note from Fauna:

          1. You have stereotyped Chinese men.

          2. You have a girlfriend, a wife, both, or you’re lying and no matter what, I know that about you. Including that you believe your son will grow up to be “a big six-footer and handsome like his dad” so maybe he can be as confident as you on the internet.

          3. You are hypocritical like many people.

          Do you want to know more things that I know about you? Including the different names you have commented with?

          So I think I understand at least some of the dark part of your human nature and I still believe that Chinese and foreigners often share the same dark human nature. I never said that “everyone” has the same dark nature but that many people have the same dark nature because it is true. There are many Chinese who enjoy seeing other people fail. There are many foreigners who enjoy seeing other people fail too. It is also true that many foreigners who visit our website enjoy seeing Chinese people fail. I do not think anything I have said is unreasonable.

          Where did I mean “laowai”? What did I say that you think should mean “laowai”?

          With my links above, I think I have shown that you also “pontificate” a lot but know little.]

          • Billy

            “1. You have stereotyped Chinese men.”

            So what?

            [Note from Fauna: You asked for things I know about you. That is one. It is interesting that you would ask me if I”think all ‘laowai’ act and think the same?”]

            “2. You have a girlfriend, a wife, both, or you’re lying and no matter what, I know that about you. Including that you believe your son will grow up to be “a big six-footer and handsome like his dad” so maybe he can be as confident as you on the internet.”

            See, you are getting what I write on the internet mixed up with reality, if what I say is true then what you know about me is correct, I might be lying however and what you know of me has no basis in reality.

            [Note from Fauna: If you say it is not true, then I know you are a liar. That is another thing I know about you.]

            “3. You are hypocritical like many people.”

            The one hypocrite here is you, there are many reasons why people come on here, I don’t come on here to feed my darkened thoughts like you claim. I just like reading about the stupid shit that happens in China sometimes and I happen to live here. If I didn’t live in China I wouldn’t come on here. You however have 100% say on what stories get published and when you publish a story of a golden retriever that is being skinned on a lamppost then that exposes you and thought process more than anybody else on here – you understand that don’t you.

            [Note from Fauna: You make the same mistake as Chris N. You think I was talking about you. Why? I did not say your name or all foreigners who visit our website, right? It is you who think it is about you. Why? According to your past comments, I think it is reasonable to say that you do feed your darkened thoughts here. If you like to read about things that happen here and think those things are “stupid shit”, I think that is very similar to coming here to watch Chinese people fail, right? I did not accuse you but you have incriminated yourself. I have never said that I do not have 100% say on what stories are published here. Of course what stories we publish will reflect our thoughts, such as what Chinese BBS we spend more time on, what we think is interesting, etc. However, what I choose to publish is not related to whether or not Chinese and foreigners often share the same dark natures (and good natures).]

            “Do you want to know more things that I know about you? Including the different names you have commented with?”

            Listen Sweetheart, you nothing about me, nothing worth knowing anyway. You might know where I live and where I work but I could tell you that anyway. I don’t give a shit.

            [Note from Fauna: You challenge me to tell you three things I know about you that are true. I have answered your challenge.]

            If when you mean ‘your’ you mean me – you know nothing about me. It wouldn’t be that hard to find a lot of information about me via google but then you wouldn’t still know what makes me tick, what makes me get up in the morning or anything. All you have on me lady is an IP address and selected crap I have posted on various threads on here, which amounts to nothing.

            [Note from Fauna: I do not follow your sentence. Are you are referring to when I said “Because I understand the dark part of your human nature”? You do not think I understand the dark part of your human nature? I think I do. I understand why you would say the many things you have said. I think I understand. So, I think my response is very reasonable. I am stating what I think I understand. I don’t need to know everything about you and I never said I did. I only said I understand the dark part of your human nature just like I can understand the dark part of many people’s human nature. It is because I am human too. I know how you choose to express yourself on our website. That is enough for me to know what I say I know.]

            If you mean ‘your’ as in the people who come on this site, you know nothing about them either!

            [Note from Fauna: I know that many of the people who come to my website are similar to many of the Chinese netizens I translate.]

            Course you mean laowai – ‘laowai’ if I am right – is anyone who isn’t Chinese, we would have to add that they may have to know English to get the best out of this site but that is all. You are not catering for non laowais are you?

            [Note from Fauna: I still do not understand what you are referring to. What did I say that you think should be “laowai”? Where did I talk about who I am “catering” to?]

            A philosophy undergrad allright – that about sums you up!

          • Billy

            “You asked for things I know about you. That is one. It is interesting that you would ask me if I”think all ‘laowai’ act and think the same?”

            That isn’t three things you know about me! They would be three random thoughts I have typed on here that may or may not be my true feelings, that could change from one day or one week to the next. Today I might like beef curry but next month I might hate it. You might have some insight on some of the thoughts I had given a paticular time and place but that isn’t the same as knowing anything about me.

            [Note from Fauna: If you know things about me from what we publish here, then I know things about you from what you publish here.]

            “Note from Fauna: If you say it is not true, then I know you are a liar. That is another thing I know about you.”

            Everybody lies sometime Fauna, you should know this being Chinese and the concept of ‘saving face’ – stop being so naive.
            Do I lie all the time? Nooooooooooo.

            [Note from Fauna: It is still something I know about you. That you can lie, have lied, and think it is not something about you. Why is it naive to say you are a liar because you claim to have been lying? I am stating something that you admit to, right? I never said I do not believe that everyone lies. You asked me for something I know about you. I know that you lie and are a liar. This does not mean other people are not liars also, but it does mean you cannot deny being a liar. Right?]

            “You think I was talking about you. Why? ”

            Because you said it was about me. Tsk!

            [Note from Fauna: You said I “pick the stories and photos” in response to my response to Chris N. and I replied “because I understand the dark part of your human nature.” How do you interpret this exchange?]

            “If you like to read about things that happen here and think those things are “stupid shit”, I think that is very similar to coming here to watch Chinese people fail, right?”

            No, not really, that is one big assumption you have made there. I don’t have the mentality that for my life to be great someone has to fail, it is more of an East Asian mentality which is best quoted with the Korean proverb ‘if my neighbour inherits land, I get a headache’

            [Note from Fauna: I never said you have the mentality that for your life to be great someone has to fail, but your past comments strongly suggest that you feel enjoyment when saying bad things about Chinese people who do things you think are “stupid shit”. You yourself said you like to read about the “stupid shit”. I do not agree with you that enjoying watching other people fail is “more of an East Asian mentality”. I think it is something that is shared by many people everywhere. That is why I said it is a dark part of human nature.]

            “Note from Fauna: You challenge me to tell you three things I know about you that are true. I have answered your challenge”

            Nope Fauna, all have some insight of my thought process at any particular given time, I might have been telling the truth or I might not have. My views might have changed or they might not. You couldn’t say anything about me that has any substance, so you fail – again!

            [Note from Fauna: According to your logic here, how can you make so many comments like you know me, who I cater to, who I mean, why I pick the stories and photos I pick? According to your logic, you know nothing too or maybe “some insight of my thought process at any particular given time”.]

            “Because I understand the dark part of your human nature”? You do not think I understand the dark part of your human nature? I think I do…”

            You don’t woman, you are talking twaddle, not one person is the same, what makes Einstein tick is a lot different to what makes Osama bin Laden tick. What makes Bill Gates get up in the morning to go and do something productive is a lot different from Col Gaadaffi.

            [Note from Fauna: I did not say people are exactly the same. I said that many people share the same or similar things.]

            “Note from Fauna: I still do not understand what you are referring to. What did I say that you think should be “laowai”? Where did I talk about who I am “catering” to?”

            Now you are being stupid on purpose, this site caters to people
            who want to read about what goes in the Chinese media but do not have the Chinese language ability to read those sites – so ‘laowai’ come on this site as Chinese people are able to go straight to the source.

            [Note from Fauna: You did not answer my questions. When you said “You meant ‘laowai’”, what were you responding to? When I review the exchange, you ask if I think “all ‘laowai’ act and think the same” and I replied I do not and asked why you ask that because I do not see how it relates to anything I have said to you or Chris N.]

          • Billy

            “Note from Fauna: If you know things about me from what we publish here, then I know things about you from what you publish here.”

            I don’t know anything about you Fauna, nor do I claim to. You pontificate on here like some lame philosophy student but I know what gets spouted on the internet doesn’t always collerate with real life.

            [Note from Fauna: You are contradicting yourself. You have been expressing what you think you know about me this entire time.]

            “[Note from Fauna: If you say it is not true, then I know you are a liar. That is another thing I know about you.]”

            Fauna, everyone has lied sometime, some people lie more than others, the only real liars are the people who say they never lie. To say you know I am a liar because I have lied on here is like saying I am a happy person because you have seen a picture of me smiling on my facebook page.

            [Note from Fauna: I show what you have said about yourself. You say you could have lied. I say if you have lied, then you are a liar. All of this is reasonable.]

            “[Note from Fauna: I never said you have the mentality that for your life to be great someone has to fail, but your past comments strongly suggest that you feel enjoyment when saying bad things about Chinese people etc”

            Go back and read what you wrote, you said I come on here because I like to see Chinese people fail! Not particularly! Watching stupid shit on here has nothing to do with Chinese people failing – I am on this post watching a New Zealander doing something very stupid and failing but it doesn’t mean I hold negative views on Kiwis.

            [Note from Fauna: Why do you refuse to show me where I have said that about you?]

            “[Note from Fauna: According to your logic here, how can you make so many comments like you know me,”

            I don’t know you from Adam, I wouldn’t know you if I tripped over you on the street. You made the comments about me and my dark thoughts and you called me a hypocrite and you got some of it back which you don’t seem to like. Do I think you are a bad person or are sick in the head? I don’t know you well enough. Do you pontificate like a spotty, teenage philosophy student on this site? You do, but I understand that this here isn’t any kind of reality. I am sure you worth listening to in real life (or maybe not) I don’t know and nor do I care.

            [Note from Fauna: Don’t be silly.]

            “[Note from Fauna: I did not say people are exactly the same. I said that many people share the same or similar things.]”

            No, thats not true.

            [Note from Fauna: You are not proving it. For example, you challenge me to show you three things I know about you. One thing I said is that I know you are a hypocrite and I showed you what you said that proves you are a hypocrite. You are now saying that what I have said is not true but you do not explain or prove it is not true.]

            “[Note from Fauna: You did not answer my questions. When you said “You meant ‘laowai’”, what were you responding to? When I review the exchange, you ask if I think “all ‘laowai’ act and think the same” and I replied I do not and asked why you ask that because I do not see how it relates to anything I have said to you or Chris N.]”

            I don’t know who Chris N is or what he is saying – you probably think I know him because all laowai know each other – hahahaha! I am joking Fauna – if you can tell me what Chris N – who I am sure is a delightful fellow – has to do with me and this debate then I’ll be able to answer the question.

            [Note from Fauna: If you do not know what Chris N. has said, then how did you respond to my response to his comment? It is impossible for you to do so because you must read his comment to see my comment in order to respond to me. I do not understand why you think I think you know him. That is a strange way of thinking. I did not say anything to suggest that I think you know him. I think you are delaying answering the question.]

          • Billy

            [Note from Fauna: You are contradicting yourself. You have been expressing what you think you know about me this entire time.]

            No I haven’t, I have been expressing on the comments you have making on here which is a lot different on claiming to know you. I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you but I have the right to comment on what you say here.

            [Note from Fauna: I show what you have said about yourself. You say you could have lied. I say if you have lied, then you are a liar. All of this is reasonable.]

            No, I am not a liar, because I tell a lie doesn’t make me a liar anymore than seeing a photo of me laughing makes me a happy person, life is not that simple nor is it that black and white. People lie (for whatever reason) but it would be wrong to label them as liars? I am sure you have lied sometime – I know you have because it is part of Chinese culture and ‘saving face’ Are Chinese people a nation of liars? It would be ridiculous to label them as such and you are being ridiculous to label me as one. On here I may have lied, I may have told the truth or my views may have changed – it really is that simple.

            [Note from Fauna: Why do you refuse to show me where I have said that about you?]

            Now you are not making any sense. Don’t worry – we’ll keep this up.

            [Note from Fauna: You are not proving it. For example, you challenge me to show you three things I know about you. One thing I said is that I know you are a hypocrite and I showed you what you said that proves you are a hypocrite. You are now saying that what I have said is not true but you do not explain or prove it is not true.]

            You are wrong, you haven’t proved a thing – which is if I remember correctly, that I come on here to feed my ‘dark thoughts’ and that I take pleasure in ‘Chinese people failing’ on that you fail again! We are on a thread where a New Zealander has done something very silly and has in fact ‘failed’ I don’t take any pleasure in it and think my nation is superior to his – I don’t invest my thoughts into all that heavily. It is just something I have skimmed through. You however claim to have no choice of what stories get picked to be published here even though you are the figurehead of this site. You claim I and others come on here to satisfy a dark lust but you provide that and you go further by showing stories of animals getting skinned – so for me that makes you a bigger hypocrite as you are doing this for sensationalism and to get more hits for you site. For you to make some messanic claim that you do it because you ‘understand’ and cater for the dark side of human nature when human nature is indeed as varied and as different as anything on this planet is absurd.

            [Note from Fauna: If you do not know what Chris N. has said, then how did you respond to my response to his comment?]

            I don’t know, I just ignored it, it has nothing to do with me. Now I have looked, Chris N made a throwaway point about Chinese people loving seeing a foreigner fail – I am sure some do, some don’t, some don’t care – like everywhere else, then you come out with some twaddle about foreigners coming on this site because they like seeing Chinese people fail – I am sure some do but I would say most don’t, most people find your culture fascinating and want to have access to it through your site which they wouldn’t have usually. My point and it is really simple is that YOU (or you have a major hand in it) pick the stories, you are the figurehead of this site. You don’t have to feed the ‘dark thoughts’ of the internet population and I would argue that people don’t come on here to see golden retrievers skinned and being hung up on lamp posts. The reason you do it is because you will get more hits and more notoriety for your site, that in my view makes you a bigger hypocrite than anyone on here, especially when you case it in juvenile philosophy.

            [Note from Fauna: You are silly. I have already responded to everything here. I will not waste my time anymore. Please continue to enjoy our website.]

          • Frank

            Bloody hell, what is this, the great blogger versus commenter war of ’11?

            Billy, shut your bloody hole. You lost before you even began. What the bloody hell are you carrying on about?

          • Billy

            I knew it would come to this in the end Fauna. Good luck with your philosophy degree!

            Frank, Fauna has no need for the cape in the puddle schtick – she can fight her own battles though I am suprised you didn’t come earlier to rescue your damsel in distress you sad git!

          • Chris

            Bro, I’m sure you have some valid arguements (though the way you phrase them, makes it difficult to decipher), but I can’t take anything you say seriously, because you continuously use double standards. It’s your right, of course, but it also makes you look silly.

            I mean, come on man. You deride someone for assuming to know you from what you post on the net, while using the same forum to infer information about them. Really? If what you put down is not representative of who you are, then at what point will anyone take what you say seriously? And if what you put down doesn’t represent what you are as a person, reflect your values, then you are a troll.

            Which is it?

          • Cerebus

            @Billy you’re a knob. I can’t believe you walked right into her trap. I then cringed watching you flail about trying to (oh hey) “save face”. All that lashing out trying to nurse your bruised ego LOL. Look, judging by your comments that she linked to, you’re obviously an angry little man who has to put down others to feel better about himself, and she knew it. She threw you some vague comment and you ran with it, ultimately incriminating yourself. You played into her hand. Right from the beginning. She trolled you. HARD. And you haven’t even realized it. Sad.

            @Fauna I like that you seem to be responding to your readers more but that was a little mean-spirited to take the piss out of him. You clearly know you’re going to get people like Billy. Just ban them. Its better than revealing the “dark part of your human nature”, right? LOL

            [Note from Fauna: You are right. I should not be so mean. Thank you for your advice.]

          • Frank

            Billy you nitwit. If there is anyone who needs rescuing here it would be you.

          • Billy

            Hello Chris,

            The way I phrased my argument wasn’t all that difficult to follow.

            Fauna claims she knows me, and she knows what makes me tick because of what I post on here. She can’t do, she has no idea if what I post about myself on here or my views are real life. It’s chinasmack! The inernet! I don’t put my hand on the bible to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth before posting! I don’t owe anybody on here ‘the truth’ about me. Chris you are probably nice guy, but I wouldn’t know you even if I read a thousand of your posts on here – all you are is a name on a computer screen, I owe you nothing nor do you owe me anything. My family, my friends and people who know me – it’s different!

            I never claimed to have known anything about Fauna. All I know that as the figurehead of this site, she picks what stories go on here. To say I have a ‘dark part of my human nature’ because I come on here is wrong and not true, she does though pick those stories like the dog getting skinned in public so she is indeed a hypocrite because she is going to the most basic level in taste to try and gain notoriety. I am also sure that you along with me and most people don’t come on here because you like to see ‘Chinese people fail’ Also I am the one who is saying that we are all different. Fauna is saying we all have common bases which I don’t agree with.

            Apart from that, I know nothing about her, I am sure she is a good daughter, wife, mum or whatever.

          • Billy


            Listen Beavis, try and keep the debate at a decent level, make a cup of tea and put your Peter Cetera ‘The Glory of Love’ track and relax.

            Yes I was owned – probably to the king of the village idiots such as yourself but I’ll summarise what has gone on up until now so you can keep up.

            Fauna: I know what makes your darkened heart tick.

            Me: No you don’t.

            Fauna: I do because of what you post on here.

            Me: What I post on here could be the truth, lies or views I no longer hold.

            Fauna: So you are a liar then?

            Me: Well, you know, it’s the internet, it’s no big deal and everybody lies sometimes.

            Fauna: You come on here to see Chinese people fail, as do many of our visitors.

            Me: Not really, I just like looking at some of the stupid shit on here – like the dwarf getting married or whatever. My life doesn’t have to be great that someone has to fail. I find what goes on in China interesting and thats why I visit.

            Fauna: Erm.. I still know three things about you..

            Me: No you don’t – all you know about me is my ip address, you couldn’t tell me my name, my height, my age, my birthday, my shoe size, the colour of my eyes, my favourite food, my favourite film – nothing that matters – you don’t even know my given name! And on the same token, I know nothing about you
            except you are some geeky looking girl who lives in Shanghai and runs this website and post some some really nasty OTT stories involving animal cruelty amongst some pretty good stuff.

            Fauna: Wah – you so silly.

            Now – anybody else who wants to join in with Cerebus and Frank with their superhero complexes – lets all sing a song – ‘The glory of love by Peter Cetera’

            I am a man who will fight for your honor
            I’ll be the hero you’re dreaming of
            We’ll live forever
            Knowing together that we
            Did it all for the glory of love

            You’ll keep me standing tall
            You’ll help me through it all
            I’m always strong when you’re beside me…

          • Frank

            Christ, you’re dense. At most she said she understands the dark part of your human nature, and she showed you a bunch of terrible things that you’ve said that shows a very negative side about you anyway you put it. If you own up to it, you prove her point. If you don’t own up to it, saying you were lying, that still shows a negative side about you. She got you. That’s why it was over before it began. You already dug your own grave and she just welcomed you to step in it. She never said she knows you. She said she knows everything about you that you show others on this website. Hard to argue with that, you twit, and yet you tried.

            No one said you owe anyone anything. So as I said, what the bloody hell are you carrying on about?

            You say you never claim to know anything about Fauna and as Chris pointed out, you keep prattling on about what you think you know about Fauna about philosophy student this or philosopher that. Chris put the writing on the wall clearly for you and you’re still bloody oblivious.

            Everyone has a fucking dark part of their human nature. How is she a hypocrite for choosing the stories she does? She never claimed she chooses only high-brow stories for the site or plans to get notoriety from posting high-brow stories. She said she’d post what is popular and she does. No big fucking surprise that what is popular is pretty fucking low-brow salacious sensationalist shit. Do you even know what the word hypocrite means?

            Hypocrisy is you championing yourself as the one here who says we are all different yet having repeatedly stereotyped the Chinese as you comfort your quivering little pecker. As Chris said, it is hard to take you seriously with all of your double-standards. Fauna said that many people share dark natures. That doesn’t mean she thinks we or all laowai are all the same. It means she recognizes that people in this world can share things in common with each other. To any normal twit, that’s stating the fucking obvious.

          • Billy

            Frank, you are talking shite, the only dark part she has ‘uncovered’ about me is that I might tell a few porkies! And here was I thinking that the dark part of human nature involved concentration camps, rape, murder, inhuman acts, child abuse and all the other things that make life unpleasant. I didn’t know lying on an internet forum ranked equal to all these things – Jesus Christ!

            She calls me a hypocrite because I come on here to partake in the really nasty, graphic, animal abuse topics that she posts on here when in fact I like reading about dwarves getting married and some daft kiwi running through 15 panes of glass. The reason I come on here has nothing to do with any gory crap involving kittens nor do I come here to watch Chinese people fail.

            And no – not everybody has the same dark nature – do you honestly think Mother Teresa had the same inner thoughts as Heinrich Himmler? Ghandhi had the same world views as Josef Stalin? Get a grip Frank for fuck sakes! She is wrong and you don’t your superhero bit for the damsel in distress is laughable. If ‘Fauna’ was a Chinese bloke you would be in this fit of pique you silly get!

          • Cerebus

            @Billy Dog-piled and still squirming are you? Okay, this is going to be fun.

            1. This isn’t a debate. This is a massacre. It stopped being a “decent” conversation the moment you got your panties in a bunch from misunderstanding Fauna’s comment and lashed out like a insecure little prick.

            2. You’ve just gone and shown everyone how you’ve put words in her mouth and then argued with a straw man. Not only did you completely make up what she said when you could’ve easily just quoted her (and you’ve shown you can do that), you’ve gone and revised how much of a knob you were in responding to her. You probably should’ve dialed down the (oh hey) knob earlier. It’s too late now.

            3. Now you’re all butt-hurt that Fauna isn’t the only one who finds you a douchebag of the highest order. No, we’re not super-heroes. We’re probably just annoyed that you continued being a flippant cock after she decided to let you go and stopped responding to you. You don’t know when to stop, do you?

            Like I said, you got trolled hard. You’re just asking for more now. Think long and hard about that.

          • Billy


            There was no ‘misunderstanding’ Faunas comment at all. She meant what she said and then she expanded on what she said as you can see above.

            Simply put Ceberus. I’ll say it again, she claimed she knew the dark part of my nature – she doesn’t. She thinks she knows why I come here – she doesn’t. She thinks I like to see Chinese people fail – I don’t. She thinks that this is why most people come on here – to see Chinese people fail – I don’t think that’s true. She thinks most people share common traits in regards the darker side of their nature – thats not true either and thats why one small country like Austria can create Amadeus Mozart and Adolf Hitler. That would be one example out of the millions I could use.

            You are capable of giving any lessons you foul mouthed prick. Try and keep the debate to a decent level or are you not capable?

          • ugh

            lmfao look at how angry he is. keep it up guys and gals. i want to see more billy ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

          • anon

            This was like watching a train wreck happen.

            I admit, I enjoyed watching Billy (and that Brent guy in the other post) fail, and I’m not Chinese. But to echo Cerebus, this was bordering on making fun of the mentally handicapped.

      • Jiang (aka Shanghainese)

        Ur smart girl lol

        [Note from Fauna: Please only use one name to comment with, do not use multiple names.]

        • Shanghainese

          Why lol?

          The thing resets everytime so I just type my name in

          [Note from Fauna: Please see our comment policy.]

        • WOW! EPIC (最牛B) article
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          All Hail the Queen!

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      • holy sheet


        Watching get skinned alive is massively entertaining. You were pawnd/owned/schooled the moment she exposed your past “activities” in the forum.

        Your argument holds no water, and reading your posts reveal you are just another bigoted low life. After seeing you change direction in your argument for the bazillionth time, I had a mental image of you getting skinned on side of the street (i.e. golden retriever). You’ve tried this bullshit jedi mind trick with Fauna (i.e. I’m a liar, but I am not a liar, that makes Fauna a hypocrite?… WTF?), all epic failures.

        For future reference, just surrender, wave the white flag. The internet had saved you from a life-time of ridicule. Had you to pull the same shit in real life, you won’t be so lucky.

        Small man you are, billy, small man.

  • Pong Lenis

    It’s funny how Chinese always classify into 2 groups of people – ‘we’ and ‘foreigners’. Seems there are only 2 countries, China and Foreign.

    [Note from Fauna: Why do you understand it that way? Chinese people do not mean that there are only two countries when they say “foreigners” just like any other country’s people do not mean that when they say “foreigners”.]

    • 吴兰

      I understand what you’re saying, Fauna but I must admit that during the 3 years I have spent in China I got the same impression as Pong Lenis: that many Chinese seem to think there are only two countries in the world – China and Foreign (or rather: Western Country). Where I come from the word “foreigner” isn’t put into that much use as in China: people are more prone to specifying whether they are talking about the French, the Germans, the Swedish, the Americans, the Japanese or Chinese for that matter. These are still sweeping generalizations, obviously, but very different from the “China vs Foreign” you encounter so much in here. Stereotyping is a part of human nature but degree to which people stereotype varies from place to place. In China that’s exactly what it looks like: China Country and Foreign Country, or maybe even China vs the Rest of the World.

      • bobiscool

        I think it’s an asian thing. The japanese call non-japanese “gaijin”. They normally don’t differentiate by country that much either.

        I guess it’s partially because Europe has so many countries that they are accustomed to calling each other by their country names rather than just foreign.

        But I don’t see why this matters so much to you people. Who cares? If the speaker and the listener both understand what they’re talking about, does it matter if we say “Foreigner” or “American” or “Table” or “aifjwiefj”? I don’t really think so.

        • Because it’s ignorant when they say things like “Foreigners all love guns” or “Foreigners love to eat pizza”. stereotypes are wrong to begin with but sometimes useful when trying to talk about cultures or entire sub-sections of humanity, but there isn’t one big group called “foreigners” who are all the same.

          It makes Asians look very ignorant about the rest of the world. Not to say they are, just that it makes them look it. So yes, it does actually matter if you don’t want to look foolish or have people think you know nothing about anything outside of your own country.

          • Kim

            When you say it’s an “asian thing” aren’t you also lumping together a bunch of nationalities and assuming it’s all true?
            Everyone has their own concept of the other, in China it happens to be non-Chinese, in Europe I guess it tends to be based on continents.

          • Confucius says

            No the same applies to European.

            Do you know how the word Asia arises? It is used to describe anything but Europe. Even though when clearly the continent Europe and Asia is one big landmass

          • Confucius says

            And don’t even start about American. They think the world is America.

          • Chris

            It’s the same way “foreigners” perceive China.

            I’m not saying Chinese people are not a little bit xenophobic, but to say that only Chinese people feel this way, seems rather narrowed.

            I also think that when Chinese people say foreigner, to me, there is not negative connotations. It’s just a generic term used to describe people that’s not Chinese. It’s like talking about the type of car I drive. I don’t specify that I drive a Toyota, or a Honda all that time, I just say I drive a car. At least, that’s the way it works in my family.

          • Fauna

            Yes, it is ignorant to say those specific things but “foreigner” is not always used in that way just like “Chinese” or “Asian” is not always used that way.

            Remember, there is one big group called “foreigners” to the person who is saying that word and they are all the same because they are all “foreigners” to that person.

            It is more important to criticize incorrect use or offensive use of that word, not the word by itself.

          • donscarletti

            Fauna: There is something special about how Chinese use the term 老外 (lao3wai4). Outside of China, it is just very, very rare to compare one’s own nationality against more than a few other nationalities at a time. It honestly is a uniquely part of Chinese speech.

            I think the word 老外 is used so much more often by mainland Chinese than the more literal 外国人 (wai4guo2ren2) or the nasty Cantonese 鬼佬 (guai-lo) is in fact because Chinese are genuinely trying to be polite and using a term that does have a respectful sound to it. If a Chinese was being openly racist, he would just say 洋鬼子 (yang2gui3zi) and be done with it, yet I have only been called that once.

            I think it is mainly just a point of cultural misunderstanding because at least in English speaking countries, to point out that another individual is foreign, rather than to say their nationality is considered quite insular and unwelcoming. I think this is just another cultural gap that must eventually be crossed from both sides.


          • Chris

            @ Scarlet:

            I’m assuming you are using work as an example? I wonder if it’s really meant to be bad. I understand you don’t like it, but I’m sure you noticed that Chinese people use that with each other too. For example, no one will generally say Mr. Li (李先生), but will usually refer to him as old Li/老李, or small Li/小李. If your name were to be translated phonetically into Chinese, it makes it really hard to use in daily speech, which is why I think 老外 is used.

          • Chef Rocco


            Chinese language has been changing dramatically, as I understand, “laowai’ is generally a neutral word, no negative insinuations.

            Decades ago, Chinese intelligentsia even used inferior names to call their family members and themselves at front of respected guests to show their humbleness and politeness. For instance, “鄙人“, ”贱内“, ”犬子“, ”拙女“, etc., these names don’t indicate that Chinese are lack of self-esteem or have a tendency of self-inflicting, they are just words used under Chinese cultural circumstances. You need to have better grasp of Chinese culture and language to understand their real meanings.

          • Kong

            In my experience, 老外 can be either neutral or offensive depending on how the speaker is using it. China is a big country and Chinese from different areas cannot be lumped together so easily. To many rural Chinese, the default 老外 is a white American or British person (and visa-versa). Even when Chinese are in other countries, they refer to the locals as 老外. It’s truly interesting.

            However, Chinese even do this to each other. On a Global scale, there may be two categories of Chinese and 老外, but on a national scale, Chinese also identify with each other based on region, city, and even district. In fact, there are lots of Chinese-made comical maps of China based on the biases one region has toward other regions.

          • Kim :”When you say it’s an “asian thing” aren’t you also lumping together a bunch of nationalities and assuming it’s all true?”

            Yeah, but mine’s true haha ;) Kidding, you’re right, I shouldn’t put it htat way, It seems to happen a lot in China, Korea and Japan. Better?

          • Confucius says: “Do you know how the word Asia arises? It is used to describe anything but Europe. Even though when clearly the continent Europe and Asia is one big landmass”

            Yeah, hundreds of years ago it was common, my point is it’s still VERY common today here and I hope people out grow it.

            “And don’t even start about American. They think the world is America.”

            No, they don’t. Some don’t know much about other countries but most know enough to differentiate between British, Saudi Arabian and Venezuelan people.

          • Chris : “It’s the same way “foreigners” perceive China.

            I’m not saying Chinese people are not a little bit xenophobic, but to say that only Chinese people feel this way, seems rather narrowed.”

            There is a massive difference between saying “foreigners” including every other country in the entire world with the hundreds upon hundreds of cultures and belief systems, and saying something about “Chinese” who are one people with a small number of minorities with other cultures. Saying “Chinese like Rice” is almost entirely correct. Saying “Foreigners like pizza” is very incorrect as the majority of non-Chinese in the world have never eaten pizza as they live in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

            I agree that generalizations are always wrong, but when talking about one cultural group (56 Ethnic groups of course but the vast majority are Han) it’s not as absurd as when talking about 100’s of cultural groups together.

            “I also think that when Chinese people say foreigner, to me, there is not negative connotations.”

            It depends entirely how they say it. Maybe you’ve lucked out and never met people who don’t particularly care for foreigners here but I’ve met many in my time and their use of foreigner (老外) was not meant to be good.
            But I agree usually it’s meant neutrally by most people, it’s not them saying foreigner I have such a big problem (though I do prefer 外国人 if they want to call me something), I just don’t like that they don’t differentiate between foreigners and lump us all together in terms of characteristics and habits.

          • Fauna: “Remember, there is one big group called “foreigners” to the person who is saying that word and they are all the same because they are all “foreigners” to that person.”

            Of course we’re all foreigners to them. and you are a foreigner to me but it doesn’t mean it makes sense to say “Foreigners all love to eat Apples!” just because I saw one Iranian person eating an apple. I don’t care they use the word foreigner, I care they can’t, or rather wont, differentiate between them.

            I’m not trying to insult Chinese people, Chinese are mostly wonderful people, very friendly and I find everyone wants to try and understand the rest of the world now that things are opening up, I just say this because this really makes China look a little silly when they lump every single foreigner int he world together and say things about them like there is just one big “forienger” culture and way of life.

            “It is more important to criticize incorrect use or offensive use of that word, not the word by itself.”

            Agreed, but most people find it offensive to have some completely ignore that “foreigners” aren’t one group and there are massive differences between them all.

            Again, I’m not trying to be rude, though I know it comes off as a bit prickish. Just really hope China modernizes quickly not only in their infrastructure, but also in their manner of dealing with the rest of the world.

          • Fauna

            Ethan, I think my previous response to you already respond to all of your complaints.

          • Teacher in China

            Have to say that I’m agreed with Ethan on this one. I much too often hear generalizations about “foreigners” from Chinese people. A few that come to mind are “foreigners are so polite, but we Chinese are so rude”, “foreigners like to follow the rules”, etc. These things are actually complimentary to foreigners, but they still sound ridiculous.

            Personally, I think this comes from experience. I can’t speak for everywhere in the world, of course, but where I come from in Canada we’re more used to having lots of different cultures living together, so I think we’re more used to distinguishing between the different types of foreigners. So many people that you come across here in China haven’t had that much experience with foreigners, so they maybe tend to over-generalize. As China matures and becomes more world-savvy, I think the people will too.

          • Chris

            @ Ethan:

            “I agree that generalizations are always wrong, but when talking about one cultural group (56 Ethnic groups of course but the vast majority are Han) it’s not as absurd as when talking about 100′s of cultural groups together.”

            I agree with this, but it’s a sense of scale. Chinese people generalize with what they know. Meaning that when they generalize, they are applying what little facts they know to a group of people that, to their eyes, are a homogenous sort. It’s the same way “foreigners” generalize when they have enough facts. In other words, a general sterotype may be applied to Europeans, for example, despite the massive difference b/w each culture, because they only have limited facts about that group, and therefore lump them together for the ease of the mind.

            I think to ask the regular Chinese people to gap that is unrealistic at this point. China, as much as it has opened to the world, is still in the process of catching up, or rather, adjusting to the world’s order (I don’t agree with it 100%, because I think we are also losing out own identity, but that’s for another day). The average Chinese person, and I do mean average, are NOT your university educated students. And even they (the students) do not have the exposure to foreign cultures. So to ask a rice farmer if they can tell the difference b/w a German and an Australian, is almost moot.

            We’ll see what will happen in another couple of decades, but I can tell you that the last decade has seen some tremendous changes occurring in China. For better or for worse, China is changing, and I’m sure as it changes, its attitude to foreigners will as well.

        • donscarletti

          @Chef Rocco
          Consult second paragraph where I stated that I believe the term 老外 is chosen because it is more positive sounding than the others and the third where I said that it is a misunderstanding between two cultural interpretations. In fact, I don’t see how your reply could be directed towards my first paragraph either.

          I am lucky enough to have a surname that can be pronounced precisely with a single Chinese character. Also, I am the only person not referred to either by family name or a distinctive nickname. 小, 老 or other aliases are not an issue at all, that is convention, but using totum pro parte for someone you are in close contact to is dehumanising.

          • Chris

            @ donscarletti

            My bad. Don’t know why, but I just saw scarlet, and use that for reply.

            Do you feel that’s dehumanising? I don’t think it’s a good habit of mine, but I call my friends bud, or man all the time. I call my girlfriend honey, sweetheart all the time too. I think when it’s used in that particular fashion, it’s meant to be endearing, then to dehumanize anyone. Personally, I think it’s better than the 3 or 4 names, particularly a scholarly type, used to have in China.

    • Tommy

      I also get the feeling many Chinese classify the world in terms of Chinese and not Chinese.

      I mean, in English when you are describing someone from a foreign country, you rarely say “Oh he’s a foreigner,” you specifically name the country he is from. It makes a big difference.

      As my Chinese friend said, “I used to think all white people were the same, but now I see some differences.”

      • Dawei


        Further to that, the term “forigner” as used in Europe in the 19 and early to mid 20C was used quite commonly, partly as a consequence of the nationalistic sentiments that existed in Europe and the real cultural and economic separation that between countries.

        After WW2 and the formation of what we now know as the EU there was a good deal of economic and cultural integration and exchange which increased everyone exposure to other countries. Hence today the term forigner is rarely used if ever and specific reference will be made to a persons nationality only really if it is required.

        China is currently following a somewhat nationalistic and mercantile based phase of development which does promote the zero sum game them and us type of mentality. As China has only recently opened up it will take time for the population to become more accustomed to the real differences that exist between foreigners. Nothing like actually meeting one and getting to know them to dispel most sterio types.

    • staylost

      Sorry Fauna, I’ve spent time in many cultures in a wide variety of areas around the world, North & South America, South East Asia, Africa… but Chinese love that distinction between Chinese and foreigner like nothing I’ve ever seen.

      China may not be alone in this, but I have never personally seen another country so obsessed with it. I don’t mean this as a racist or cultural attack: Americans might act the same way if they had been ruled by isolationist policies and been stricken with poverty for the last 100 years.

      Oh well. I’ll keep enjoying the exclamations of “Laowai!” and “Waigouren!” as I walk around Hangzhou.

      • kongshantai

        I have to agree that China is different. After living in America for a few years, I discovered that I was like so many Chinese people. I often used the word “foreigner” to make generic comparisons that I didn’t think were offensive. It took me a few years, but I did discover that others were offended. Now, after 8 years here, I think I am starting to see why it is offensive. Just the stereotype other people or groups is rude.
        People here like to be individuals, so they hate stereotypes. I start to agree with them…

      • anon

        Why are you apologizing for a disagreement that doesn’t exist? I don’t think she said anything about Chinese not “loving” the distinction between Chinese and foreigner.

        China is a huge, populous, largely homogeneous country. I don’t think the Chinese are “obsessed” with the distinction. It’s their environment that is conducive to it. What other large, populous, homogeneous countries have you been to? I think you might be taking the multicultural environment you grew up in for granted, though you do acknowledge that isolationism and poverty (less means to travel) plays a role.

        You bring up a common complaint about bands of people exclaiming or hollering “laowai!” every time they walk past one. I don’t think Fauna is defending the use of “laowai” in that context so no one is asking you to “enjoy” it any more than you would ask a Chinese person to enjoy the stares he or she might get when stepping foot in some white town that has rarely ever seen an “Oriental” before. It’s going to take time and a lot more intermingling for these behaviors to change, just as it has elsewhere.

        • staylost

          For the record, the Chinese government itself claims that the country is a multiethnic environment.

          I’ll leave it at this. I am being serious when I say I enjoy walking around being called “foreigner”. It is very cute.

          • anon

            The Chinese government also claims to be Communist but those of us who aren’t ignorant know it isn’t. I think you understand what I mean by China being a largely homogeneous country. Not only is one ethnic group by far the majority, the vast majority of the ethnicities are hardly physically distinguishable from that majority and arguably not very distinguishable in daily behavior. China is far more homogeneous that where most of these complainers are from. Do you disagree?

    • guizi

      I dont know where to reply, so I reply here.

      I am not sure which group of people do this classification of their country versus other countries more. But to tell the truth, when Chinese people do this kind of comparison, I am not so annoyed as when some other people do this.

      Perhaps the reason is that Chinese people compare their country with others for themselves. They are very eager to advance economically and socially, and want to know why advanced countries became rich and successful, and want to improve themselves.

      But there are people who compare their own countries with other countries to search the bad part of other countries, and attack other countries. These people annoys me a lot.

    • Dark Canuck

      I disagree, I believe they classify into 4 countries. China, Foreign, South Korea, and Japan. You will never here a Chinese person call a Japanese person a “foreigner”. And with China love of Korean Pop music they identify them regularly as Koreans aswell.

      • anon

        As long as we’re being facetious, I think you’re wrong. You’re forgetting Indians, Arabs, and of course blacks. In my experience, Chinese use “foreigners” mostly to refer to white people. The count is now up to 6 or 7 countries since Chinese people can’t always distinguish between Arabs and Indians.

        • CHNinUSA

          I agree with you except for the Arabs and Indians, Chinese regard Arabs wear white cloth on head which is different from Indians are. And Arabs are whiter than Indian.

          So the people of the world in most Chinese are divided into Foreigners(the white), Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, Black, Mid-easters, Indian, others

          I think reason why Foreigner refers to the white is cause in the early times, the only foreigners Chinese saw are the white.

          • 3B-real

            That’s the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life. If you meant 1980 hell yeah. But if you are talking 1900 and earlier China was the place to come and do some serious trading kid!!!. From silk to tea, to opium to animal pelt to jade and Gold etc you name they can trade it. They had settlers from all over but it wasn’t until modern time the white man really started throwing his weight around.

    • Chad

      China is like the new USA lulz. This is how superpowers think.

      • Pat

        Don’t think so. China is rather opening up more and I much rather talk to a young person who knows there are different kind of westerners than older ppl who classify all of them under the handy waiguoren group.
        But come on ppl, it’s the same in western countries. Just look at all the books that try to explain Chinese thinking to westerners, they also group all of them into one. Most of the westerners nowadays can separate between Chinese and Japanese (though both having Asian facial features), true. But in China I met some of the most individualistic ppl who are nothing like westerners who have never been here think they are. And I met quite a few of them (south china, Guangdong province). Only the ones who have traveled outside can see the differences. And how many Chinese have toured Europe/the Americas/the Middle East/Africa already?

  • b. prichard

    I, for one, am surprised to see such a well-conceived plan fail.

  • Confucius says

    Lol, what an epic fail!

    Good job these glasses.

    I for one, sees a new light in made in China.

  • Irvin

    Glass: 16
    Man: 1

    Winner = glass! lol

  • Fman

    So Fauna then it’s safe to say that you feel Chinese society (mainland) compares with most western society in morals, values, socially accepted behaviors and what most other countries in the world accept as normal decent behavior and practices? Living here (on the Chinese mainland) I will say NO. Chinese society DOES NOT MEASURE UP to what MOST of the world accepts as normal, civilized behavior. Hell I’ve never lived in a place that the government needed to post signs and advertise constantly to remind people to live harmoniously. Do westerners fail? Absolutely! Do Chinese? Undoubtedly. The other thing that gets me here is all the “China’s #1, China’s the best!”… They hate the Americans for having that attitude (as do I) but lets face it when it comes to patting themselves on their backs the Americans at least have the right!! In the past 300 or so years compare what contributions the two countries people made to the world, technology and making life better. The U.S. wins, China fails! It drives me nuts watching the crazy nationalism here…

    • 3B-real

      but why are we comparing America here guy? Why do people automatically put america on the “have to beat” pedestal? America is only as great as you guys think, although China has done allot of polishing of their shit but it fucking reeks according to my American standards. There are allot of great and better nations outside of the U.S. but they go un noticed and its for the better. The moment some one gets wind of a haven for immigrants with a dream they flock to it and bring their bad habits with them. The western norm is a farce to say the least but again as China progresses it should realize those norms were developed over time for we weren’t all this refined but for an over 10,000 year old civilization its way behind in developing its own decent norm that will jive with the rest of the west.

      • DongDong

        Haha, yeah, let’s rather compare chinese and american contributions to the world over the last..mmm… 10 000 years ?

        • guizi

          But we are talking about this great New Zealander who contributed to the world by breaking 15 panes of glass. We should never forget him forever.

        • bert

          ha ha! Dongdong another Chinese that has to pretend to be better.

      • Stranger

        wheres America?? never heard about this country

      • Fman

        I’m comparing to the U.S. to make a point about people being nationalistic and ultra patriotic (wage waving frenzied crazy people) as the U.S. also has their fair share compared to China. U.S. is the #1 economy China is #2, they’re both big kids on the block as far as world players go, hence for me the comparison… My point was that MOST of the MODERN advances that have changed our way of life and made living standards better even including extending human longevity can be MOSTLY accredited to the U.S. or at least to citizens of the U.S. Creativity and independent thinking shape the people there where as in China the opposite seems to be true. That’s all.

    • guizi

      Oh, you compare china with the most of the world. I was annoyed to those young English teachers who compare Japan and the west, even though most of them at the most traveled some countries by using English. But you compare with the most of the world.

    • Fauna

      No, it is not safe to say. I think you are talking to yourself and not to what I have said. Also, you wrongly believe you can represent most of the world. I believe it is not difficult to find many Chinese people who are very critical and humble about their own country and society. I have translated many of them here on this website. I think what you have said here shows that you choose to remember what is convenient for you. This is also a dark part of human nature that many Chinese and non-Chinese share, and I have translated many Chinese examples of this here on this website too.

      • “I believe it is not difficult to find many Chinese people who are very critical and humble about their own country and society. ”

        It should be pointed out that, while I’m sure you can easily find them, very few Chinese will do so in front of foreigners, so for most foreigners Chinese people don’t seem critical or humble about China at all. After living here a long time I agree that many are, I just wish they weren’t so defensive the second a foreigner they don’t know walks into the room.

        • Fauna

          I disagree. I think many Chinese are very critical and humble and their own country and society even in front of foreigners. But it will depend on the conversation and how the foreigner is participating in the conversation. If the foreigner is aggressive, then it is natural for the Chinese to feel defensive. In my experience, most foreigners who complain that Chinese are not being critical or humble about China is because they are being aggressively critical of China and expect the Chinese person to simply agree with them. That is not the way to earn another person’s trust.

          • Tommy

            Most Chinese I’ve met are very critical of Chinese society and the Chinese government.

          • staylost

            I’m with Fauna here.

            I haven’t met a single person who likes the Chinese government, or isn’t a little shamed about their country’s situation.

            I think I trust the Chinese government way more than my local Chinese national friends do, and I tell them to forget the past and look to making a better future.

            What is funny, is that Chinese remind me most of Americans out of all the different cultural groups I’ve spent time with.

          • well I’ve met a wide variety of people, some critical some very defensive immediately. But I do agree with you that almost all Chinese are critical once you get to know them anyway.

        • Chad

          Really? I’m a foreigner and the Chinese people I spoke to were VERY, VERY critical of China to the point I think they’re brainwashed by Hollywood movies into thinking about great the outside world is lol. I guess you can’t generalize a billion people after all…

      • Fman

        I don’t think I represent most of anything let alone the world… Just sharing my experience living here for 5 years… haven’t seen much of the old “critical and humble” thing Must be in one of the 4 provinces I’ve yet to visit! BTW great website! You should consider posting things that are banned for discussion on the mainland as well the news as of late won’t post about the Jasmine revolution or about the arrests in Shanghai etc… You forgot “free thinking”, critical and humble humble society… They ignorant and uniformed at the best of times… FOX news is crap but at least it’s something, here… It’s a whole lot of nothing, news consists of scaring the pants out of the locals about the terrible going ons in the west “meanwhile today in china, it’s sunny, nobody is sick and nobody died”… You’re privileged to have an army of apologists and ass kissers here… Some don’t like the facts, these are the facts as I see them.

        • Chris

          I cannot disagree with you more.

          Every news service have their own agenda. Unbiased news simple do not exist. No Western, meaning MSNBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, whatever, have EVER, to the best of my knowledge, put a positive spin on anything coming out of China.

          The Three Gorges Dam was always portraited in the context of lost culture and displaced people, not a feat of human ingenuity. Rising GDP in China inevitably is followed by discussions on human rights and environmental issues. None of these news services also focus on anything beyond the borders of US of A (BBC not included). If China can be said to be self obsessed to the point of insanity, then America is ignorant of the world to the same degree.

          I’m not here to make excuses to China’s problems, but to say that these problems only exist in China, I cannot agree with.

          • cdn icehole

            Funny that you mentioned this. I noticed that trend in Canada especially on the CBC. It’s almost like the same behaviour that was mentioned earlier regarding Chinese vs. Foreigners.

          • Chad

            WOW you just lost all your credibility by defending FOX as just an organization the reports on the ills of Western society. They are just as bad as the likes of Xinhua. Plain and simple. I guess as a Canadian, I have a better perspective on this than you.

          • Chris

            @ Cdn icehole:

            Has it? I haven’t been back in Canada in a couple of years, so I’m a bit out of the loop. Only thing I watch on CBC these days are my Canucks games on Hockey Night in Canada

        • cdn icehole

          It’ been mentioned numerous times what chinaSMACK’s purpose is. I do believe it’s posted on the home page of this site in the About section. You’ll need to look elsewhere for controversial topics.

        • anon

          You’re an ass.

          Let’s see what you wrote that Fauna was referring to:

          “So Fauna then it’s safe to say that you feel Chinese society (mainland) compares with MOST western society in morals, values, socially accepted behaviors and what MOST other countries in the world accept as normal decent behavior and practices? Living here (on the Chinese mainland) I will say NO. Chinese society DOES NOT MEASURE UP to what MOST of the world accepts as normal, civilized behavior.”

          Sure sounds like you think you represent “most of the world”.

          The rest of your comment just goes to show how insular you are in your thinking and experiences. You sound as if you feed yourself a daily diet of everything you can get your hands on to reinforce your prejudices of this place and its people. Your overt desire for getting Chinese people to talk about the political issues you want them to talk about is probably the reason you haven’t made many friends willing to be critical and not defensive about their country. Isn’t this exactly what Fauna suggested? That how you carry yourself amongst Chinese people influences how receptive they are to certain topics of discussion? “Hey, let’s talk about how you should have a revolution!” or “Hey, let’s talk about how you’re not humble and critical of yourselves!”

          You’ve been on this website long enough to Fauna translate and post stuff that has been deleted or censored. You’ve been on this website long enough to see Fauna translate countless Chinese people criticizing their media. You’ve even been on this website long enough to see Fauna translate Chinese news and media articles about bad weather, sick people, and people dying…you know, bad news that is far from the caricature you’re so eager to generalize with. You’ve seen all this and you conveniently, as Fauna correctly identified, discounted them all.

          Fauna doesn’t have an army of apologists and ass kissers here. She has a few people who are annoyed enough to want to publicly distance themselves from the pathetic self-righteous arrogant ass that you are.

    • bobiscool

      So Fman, then it’s safe to say that you feel that the Chinese (mainland) are somehow inferior to most westerners? I wil say NO. The Chinese are no worse than foreigners, and there are good and bad people eveywhere.

      I was gonna do more parody, but I’m bored. But seriously, does a racist idiot like you have the right to judge a whole country?

      Does anyone have the right to judge a whole country? There are good people everywhere, and there are bad people everywhere. Country borders are all manmade. They don’t have any real meaning. We’re all humans. If you think that Chinese people are somehow lacking in morals, you are an idiot.

      And what makes western morals correct? Nothing. Just because you don’t believe that Chinese morals are good doesn’t mean they aren’t.

      • Fman

        not judging anything, just voicing an opinion you need not share or agree with… I live here this is what I’ve seen.

        • anon

          I don’t know how you can lie straight faced like that. You’re most certainly judging and you have the audacity to state your opinion “as you see them” as “facts”. Are you really incapable of reflecting upon the stupidity and contradictions in your own words? Is that what your “free thinking” means? The ability to spout nonsense and then not take responsibility for it?

      • Elijah

        Again another self-righteous fool who decides to play the race card as a pitiful effort to shut the opponent up.

        How many times must it be said? CHINESE ISN’T A RACE, IT’S A CULTURE…………. There’s a huggggggggggggggggge difference.

        Race is genetic and immutable. Culture is a collection of actions, customs, ideas etc. from a certain group of people that’s passed on to their offspring. It is taught AND it’s also changeable.

        My American friend makes the same mistake when I critize America, but again : a culture, not a race.

        The race you’re thinking of is Asian or more specifically, East-Asian. It also includes, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, etc. All different cultures with vastly different people.

        Some days, you just need to pimp-slap a fool to make him learn…

        • bobiscool

          And what do you have in your argument? Ad hominem and red herrings.

          Other than a bunch of meaningless attacks, your comment offers nothing.

          Race is genetic? Give me a break. Every single human being on this planet share over 99.99999% of their genes. To say that you can separate people into races genetically is laughable. And to group China, Japan, Korea and Mogolia together… You do realize that the Japanese and Koreans migrated at a different time from the Mogolians and Chinese, and that they are two separate groups, right?

          And that’s besides the point. I can call it a “chair” or “basketball” if I wanted. The point was that he should not group such a large group of people together and discriminate against them. If you want to call it “Culturalist” or something, that’s up to you. I think what I meant when I wrote the word racist was more than clear enough to be understood. I don’t really care how you want to define words yourself. Words are nothing but symbols and sounds anyway, it’s up to the reader to decipher the meaning. If you want to be stubborn and think that everone will somehow start using every single word the same way as you, go ahead.

          Again, he is discriminating against a huge group of people who are vastly different from each other, saying that they somehow have inferior moral standards than others. That’s just plain wrong, as everyone’s moral standards differ whether they’re Chinese or not, and there is no “correct” set of morals either. I don’t give a rats ass what you want to call it.

          A fool is a fool, but a fool who’s arrogant enough to think he’s smarter than everyone else and makes offtopic ad hominem arguments to make himself feel a little bit better is just plain sad. You remind me of someone I know, and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you were him. Either way, you need to realize that the world doesn’t work for you. YOu don’t get to define what words mean, and how people use them. As long as they get their point across, it doesn’t really matter. Nitpicking isn’t going to help you at all.

          • bobiscool

            Oh, and before you start your red herrings again, let me make this clear: I know there are slight genetic differences between groups. I’m just saying they’re so small they shouldn’t matter that much. Besides, you can’t just tell what a person’s mitochondrial haplogroup is just by looking at them. And I guarantee you, most people who use the word “race” don’t look at it by separating people genetically. They simply look at a person’s skin color, height, etc.

            And that’s not part of my argument either, so there’s no point in trying to argue about what a race is and what it isn’t.

          • staylost

            Race is an ill defined word. Much better to stick with the more clear: culture, ethnicity, or nationality.

            Race is indeed a word used by people from history with zero information about genetics. It is simply a division of people based on common phenotypes (white are often the result of genetics) that have nearly zero actual purpose; these phenotypes are quite useless I mean.

          • Elijah

            Sorry bob, but you just shot yourself in the foot by disproving your own argument.

            Race is most certainly genetic, seeing as how race is determined by physical traits and nothing more. Physical traits are determined by genetics (or injuries/surgery which are environmental). Ergo race is determined by genetics. Point made… again…

            As for that little dilly of a pickle about words being just symbols and having no meaning except for what the reader wants them to mean… No… Just no… Words have set meanings (aside from slang obviously) and the last time I checked, race and culture were NOT inter-changeable.

            As for red herrings and off-topic you seem to making enough of them for the whole page… “World works for you”… “Smarter than everyone”… “Group China Japan, Korea and Mongolia together [as part of the East Asian race]”

            Seriously did you even read my comment completely before flying off the handle? And then back-pedaling (too bad there’s no edit function on Chinasmack)? Notice how I didn’t comment on the original comment? Here’s a 1UP mushroom, wanna try again?

            [Note from Fauna: Maybe this will help this discussion?]

          • bobiscool

            And yet again you avoid my argument, and as I predicted, all you can do is nitpick on the word Race.

            Notice, how I never even used the word race in my orginal post. Fuana did a favor by linking you the wiki page for racism. Perhaps you should read it. “ethnicity, nationality…”. You really think that’s not part of racism? You really think that people only care about genetics? Don’t be so naive. Not many people in this world care about genetics or know anything about it. Many more are racist. Racism isn’t confined to genetic differences.

            And as I was saying, you avoided my argument. Why? Probably because you can’t counter it. What do I need to try again for, when you failed to counter my argument two times? You say I made a few red herrings? Possibly. But what you pointed out was clearly a response to your comment.

            I really don’t know how you can actually think you are winning this argument. You can’t even argue on topic. Which, by the way is, that no one has to right to discriminate against a huge group of people’s morality, since he cannot prove that his is better, and since the group of people don’t have the same ideas about morality anyway.

        • Kong

          There is one race: the human race.
          Ethnic groups are those who share a common heritage, common language, common culture, or common religion. Nationality, skin color, social class, religion, etc. are all ways of measuring ethnicity.

          The power to group statistics into categories, label them, and decide what those labels mean is a deep and terrible one, and it isn’t a power shared equally by among all ethnic groups.

          • staylost

            Ethnicity has nothing to do with culture. It is purely genetic, and as bobiscool rightly pointed out in reference to genetic variance is that it has very little actual importance beyond external phenotypes and risk of genetically related diseases.

            Ethnicity has nothing to do with nationality. Nationality is simply whatever your current citizenship status is.

            Ethnicity = genetics
            Nationality = legal citizenship
            Culture = common practices and beliefs shared by a defined group

            Hopefully this is clear. I absolutely agree with your statement about race.

          • Kong

            Sorry, but according to the English dictionary, “ethnicity” is DEFINED as “the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition”.

            This includes ANY method of grouping people by their common culture, religion, language, nationality, etc.

            Every nation is made up of many different ethnicities. Nationality, however, is also a type of ethnicity. Being born in America is very different from being born in England. There are linguistic and cultural differences. Mainland China is culturally different from Malaysia.

            A person can be defined by many ethnicities. African, White, and Muslim are three different ethnic categories, but can all exist in one person.

        • Elijah

          !) You DID mention race when called the other commenter a ‘racist idiot’ for commenting on chinese people. I replied that ‘chinese’ is not a race but rather a culture. What I didn’t comment on is whether or not genetics affect behaviour or even culture or anything other than physical traits. I also DIDN’T mention is whether or not I actually agreed or disagreed with any other comment.

          2) The wikipedia page linked is seriously disputed in neutrality, verifiability, etc. first thing stated on the top of the page. It’s way too subjective to be reliable unfortunately. Also it doesn’t prove or disprove what I said about race (physical characteristics of) being genetic.

          3) You keep going on about red herrings and ad hominem arguements, but you’ve littered your comments with them at pretty much every point. In response to my point about genetics, you spout of a nonsense number that doesn’t mitigate my point at all. Even a 0.001% difference can lead to dramatic differences in genetics. The only personal comment in the entirety of my two comments was calling you a fool for making a foolish arguement.

          4)I haven’t countered your arguement against the original commenter’s prejudices because I happen to agree with you, what I don’t agree with is the method and point you used against him.

          This is your chance to live up to your name and be cool Bob.

          OH GOD!!!! I just realized I sound like the Great Kai… Back to trolling the fenqing and bigots…

          • bobiscool

            Oh I see. So your only point in calling me a fool was to nitpick at my choice of words so that you can feel a little bit better about your sorry self.

            One thing you have to understand, is that people are not robots. They don’t follow everything literally like a program. People are powerful because they can imply things not explicitly mentioned.

          • Elijah


            Let me break down your ‘intelligent’ reply to my obvious explanation.

            Ad Hominem attack (feel a bit better about your sorry self…)

            Followed by a red herring (people aren’t robots…).

            So you’re now hypocritical on top of being a fool.

            Let me simplify, you’ve been pwned.

    • Chris

      What’s normal?

      American nationalism is just as rampant man. Case in point: watch Fox news (or Faux news, hahahaha, so witty :p).

      I’d make a serious attempt at the pros and cons of comparing these two countries, but the good ol’ US of A haven’t existed for 300 years mate. Won’t reach the three century mark till 2076. By then, I wonder if China will have call in all the debt that America now owns?

      • Tommy

        You don’t “call in debt.” The debt we owe has to be paid back by a certain time.

        • Chris

          You don’t? Then what are debt collecting agencies for? Maybe I’m mixing things up.

          That being said, you think USA can pay? Not meaning to start argument or whatever here, but seems like with Obama agreeing to extent the Bush tax cuts, even the funding cuts to social programs aren’t gonna solve the deficit in budget anytime soon. American economy (and by extension, the world’s) is floating on a pretty precarious bubble…

          On a more cheerful topic,

          • Of Canada

            Don’t worry the US is paying back China the interest on their debt. And they will pay back the principle too eventually. It’s very easy. . just turn on the printing presses and hand over green paper to China. The fancy name for it is “Quantitative easing”. You see not only is China providing cheap labor and cheap everything to USA they are even paying for the american lifestyle by continually buying american debt. But of course all the fun ends soon. . China realizes their trillions of US treasuries debts is worthless, and the US goes into a spiralling currency crises. OR chinese RMB becomes the new world reserve currency and all debts are nullified. Anyways. . interesting times ahead!

          • Chris

            Indeed! I think during the last crisis, China already realized they are in trouble when the American currency depreciated by trillions.

            PS: Go Canucks Go.

          • cdn icehole

            I think the rules for sovereign debt is different compared to commercial debt.

  • Gut

    I’d be looking at the glass manufacturer that provided the glass. This would make great publicity. Foreigner with previous record of going through 15 panes of glass, cant go through two.

    Might have some buyers saying
    “That’s some good glass, I’ll take it!”

    • Fauna

      This is interesting. I notice the glass in the New Zealand challenge have stickers on them. Is that the name of the glass manufacturer? I do not think there are any stickers on the glass in the China challenge. Is it good promotion to show your name on glass that breaks?

      • Gut

        Good eye Fauna, yes that does seem to be the name of the glass company (Metro Glass Tech) in the 1st record braking attempt.
        Is it good promotion to show your name on glass that breaks? No I don’t think so, but were are commenting about it so maybe. I still think one can have great publicity without the manufactures name on glass.

        • 3B-Real

          But this is advertisement for China’s glass manufactuing all together. Take a look arond your cars’ windows. Look at the laser print label. Its all “made in China” friends. If anything no advertisement needed. Glass is made to order these days. In new Zealand they probably just cut it to size once it arrived to their shop.

    • wu lmao

      while amusing, the reason for the glass not breaking is almost certainly because of the apparatus holding it all together. If you look at the replay of him successfully running through glass, the posts are planted directly on pavement (or in the pavement, it’s hard to tell).

      In his record-breaking attempt that failed, the posts are all connected to each other instead of planted in the ground, and you can see the entire thing shaking and sliding. The extra give is enough for it to be significantly harder to break the glass.

      This seems like a practical joke being played by an engineer somewhere who knew that a person who wants to smash through consecutive panes of glass must be an idiot.

      • Gut

        I did notice the rigging of both setups.

        You have a valid point, the structures rigidity from the fist attempt seems to be far stronger compared to the in China fail attempt. The structure moved quite a bit, and would have considerable absorption of impact, there by making it more difficult to break.

        Maybe they should have a standardized glass for all future attempts?

  • Chris N.

    It seems as though a big difference is the frames holding the glass in the 2 attempts. In the first attempt he is in what looks like a parking lot and the frames look like they are individually bolted to the ground and are not connected to each other. When he hits them they look very sturdy and don’t move at all, so all the force of his body is going straight to the glass pane.

    In the Chinese attempt all the frames are connected to each other and the frame is on all sides of the glass pane. Its possible that if the frames aren’t bolted to the ground then when he gives the pane a hit the frames move just a little bit and cushion the force. Its possible that even a little difference in the way the frames are set up could change the difficulty of breaking the glass.

    Anyway, it seems like he breaks the glass in the first attempt way too easy. He doesn’t even need to slow down and the whole pane shatters.

    • BaoBei

      Anyone who’s taken intro level Materials Science classes woulda seen this coming a mile away (also explains why that 1st attempt was so easy for him)… glass itself was probably the same, but the differences in setups is what did him in. Surprised Guinness didn’t keep the setup standards more rigorous.

      I LOL’d when he said “In my country…” could almost hear him finishing with “… the glass panes break easier.”

    • Jess

      In his first attempt, the bottoms of the glass panes are free, and the glass is held by the frame only on the top and the sides. When he tries to do it in China, the frame borders the glass entirely, including the bottom part.
      It’s still hilarious, though. Especially his “In my country…” line.

  • Wonder if the windows in my building at that strong… don’t think I’ll test it though, the last time a Canadian tested a window for strength he feel 20+ floors to his death in Toronto…

    • wgu4

      Whats about the recent “jasmin” demonstration in china?
      More important then this crap here, isn’t it?

      • Of Canada

        not really dude. . it was a non event. . nobody dared protest. Just one guy laid down a flower. . big deal. It was not a “demonstration”. It should not even have made the news as much as it did.

  • UDL..

    ahh hahahaha not everything made in china is the same as the ones labeled Made In China in ur country!

  • UDL..


    • anon

      Why? Was 2/22 some special date or something?

  • 吴兰

    I agree with staylost here. And I must say there’s nothing wrong with using the word “foreigner” instead of “the French”, “the Germans”, “the Canadians”… as such – what’s wrong is that it does feed the nationalism. It strengthens the notion of China vs The Rest of the World while there is no need for such a distinction. When you actually diversify your generalizations into “the Americans”, “the Aussies”, “the Russians”, “the Vietnamese”and “the Chinese” etc. – the regional antagonisms and nationalism get diluted because you don’t go to verbal war (figurative) with ALL the other countries in the world. Language creates our reality in a way. It’s both a product of and a trimming tool for our inner life.

  • 柴纳闷

    Rethinking “made-in-China” , plus some editing…,

  • Shanghainese

    Lol foreigners get butt hurt when the chinese lump all them together

    At least it’s thentruth non Chinese are all foreigners, unlike whiteys who call every single Asian person Asians with bad connotations, when most r gooky vietnam two dorra pol, short Japs, hooker mailorder Thai and flip people, smelly Indians, chingchingchang Cantonese, slit eye korean books etc

    Get the gist?

    • staylost

      It doesn’t bother me at all, it just seems naive and cute. If I walked past a German national in the United States would I ever even say, “German!”, much less, “Foreigner!”? It would be an absolute farce. Probably everyone watching would fall down in laughter at my apparently childish or purposefully weird actions.

      On the other hand, I have no idea where you even come up with all of these racial slurs. I haven’t even ever heard most of them. Maybe you got in a time machine and you are dealing with “whiteys” (whatever that means) from 100 years ago.

      • cdn icehole

        I think he’s making most of the slurs up. However, I have heard of the term “whiteys” before. I usually hear it when dealing with First Nations (i.e. Native Indians) and with the words “Fucking”, “stole our land”, etc…

        Regarding shouting the word “Foreigner” in the States (or Canada) would be pointless as it’s a immigrant nation. It might work if you were a visible minority walking around in Moscow or any homogeneous nation.

        • staylost

          I’ve never heard it in Canada, Mexico, England, Zambia, Malawi, Peru, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines. At least half of those are not immigrant nations. Nor do I see this as a serious problem with my point as China itself advertises itself as multi-cultural/ethnic.

          So in my experience it is very unusual. Once again, I don’t have anything negative to say about it except that it betrays a smaller understanding of the world outside their local area, to see such a simple division of people groups. It will probably largely disappear in the coming decades.

    • Yurp

      That, sir, was a terrible trolling attempt. Go back to troll school chink.

    • 3B-Real

      Notice that you just proved allot of people’s point. Americans sometimes like to get it right even if they are wrong. To be PC we just say asian because most of us aren’t cultured enough to tell the difference.

      Soldier fighting in many wars vetted these terms to make out who charlie was. People in America naturally went with it and eventually was adopted all over the world. But the analygies are not far off if you look at the root of it. I live in a diverse area in Beijing where all forms of asians reside. If it weren’t for their aestetic apperance and my keen eye from traveling all over asia no one can really tell the difference (excluding Koreans under the age of 25, they are too easy to point out). Just like the average city folk in beijing can tell im from America and not Africa.

      “Laowai” is a harmful term to most. I prefer “waiguoren” more than likely they will always get my nationality wrong. Like “guilou” and “guizhi” “laowai has this nasty tinge of being sub human to it.
      Also another thing is the constant attention of the foriegn man in mainland. I can tell you this is exclusively a “mainland” issue. I have gone to the depts of Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Pillipines, hong kong, Brunei, Singapore, etc and have never heard so many camera phone clicks in my life or kids yelling “foriegner” sutble looks or the once in crashes in traffic. With all the televsion, and sports, and english teachers in mainland the “laowai” is a spectacle to watch walk down the street or eat his food. This where I also lose my sense of humanity amongst the Mainland population.

      • Fman

        Nice to see someone else who actually knows what it’s like on the mainland.

      • guizi

        I have to point out that Japanese is not laowai. Japanese is ribenren or guizi if they want to bash us. Perhaps Koreans are also not laowai, they are hanguoren or bangzi.

        I don’t think laowai is a nasty word as you described. From the comments on the Chinese net, laowai sounds neutral or more on the friendly side. This may be because of my envy, as it is difficult for Japanese to get such friendly attitude from Chinese.

        As to waiguoren, gaijin as someone pointed out this Japanese word, and gaikokujin which is equivalent to waiguoren, I want to point out the similarity to foreigner. Please think well about the original meanings of these words.

        Waiguoren means people of other countries.
        Gaikokjin is Japanese word and also means people of other countries.
        Gaijin is a Japanese word and means outsider.
        Foreigner means outsider.
        Laowai is short for lao waiguoren and means people of other countries with respectful title for old people.

        Foreigner also has a meaning of people of other countries, but other words too. As waiguoren is a three character word and a formal word. So perhaps Chinese people use laowai.
        Gaikokujin is four character word in Japanese, and in Japanese language lots of words are shortened to two character words, so there is a word of gaijin.

        I think lots of people are trying to find ill intentions from where there is none.

        • guizi

          I wrote a strange thing.

          Gaikokujin is a six syllable word, and in Japanese four syllable word is preferred.

        • guizi

          I think I found another mistake.

          I wrote gaijin originally means outsider. From the combination of character, it seems so. But, its origin is gaikokujin. gaijin is a shortened version of gaikokujin.

          • bobiscool

            You can also understand “gaijin” as “outside” “people”. IN other words, notpeople :)

            I heard the japanese don’ use gaijin for Chineseand koreans, but use chuugokujin and hankokujin instead, is that correct?

          • guizi

            > You can also understand “gaijin” as “outside” “people”. IN other words, notpeople :)

            Some gaijin seem not to have human genes. :)
            Seriously, that interpretation is not normal.

            I dont think Chinese and Koreans are particularly excluded from gaikokujin category.

          • bobiscool

            Well, both the gaijin meaning and the thing about koreans and chinese, I readd from the first foreign reporter to write in the asahi shimbun.

          • guizi

            gaijin has a meaning of non-human? I have never thought of such meaning. I dont understand how the reported reached to such interpretation.

            If there is an opposite word for gaijin, it could be naijin 内人 though my Japanese dictionaries do not have such entry. And naijin could be interpreted as people of our side. From this, you can understand that gaijin can mean outsider. But not non-human.

            jingai could mean non-human, but usually jingai means a place where there is noone living, or a place for those attained enlightenment.

            Anyway I dont understand the reporter saying gaijin means non-human.

            About Koreans and Chinese being excluded from foreigner. Some Japanese say that foreigners are such such, but they only see America or Europe when saying so. There was a TV program some time ago about foreigners living in Japan. But most of the foreigners introduced in the program were Americans or Europeans, and some Africans or those from very faraway from Japan. Actually I saw a huge criticism about the program in 2channel where Chinese and Koreans are regarded as worst foreigners in Japan. Rather strange.

        • “Laowai is short for lao waiguoren and means people of other countries with respectful title for old people.”

          Laowai is not respectful, it’s neutral, the origins of the word are not known and are often debated among Chinese language professors.

          As well 老is not always a respectful word, it is a neutral word which can be used in conjunction with many other words for positive, neutral or negative meanings. 老朋友- positive 老鼠 – Neutral 老头 – Negative (though funny)

          • guizi

            I heard 老头子 is negative, and 老头儿 is positive.

            老 may not be always positive, but I rather have a feeling that it is giving a positive impression.

          • bobiscool

            Well, if you call a stranger laotou it’s rude. But if you call someone dear to you laotou it’s not. Like people who’s married for 50 years might say “wo jia na lao tou zi” (That old man from my house, meaning “my husband”) is not rude at all.

            And when Chinese men call each other (I mean people who they know well) they always say lao last name. Like Lao Zhang, or Lao Wang.

            so I guess Lao wai can be sort of seen like that. Lao wai itself has absolutely no negative connotations. Like I’ve said before, my parents and a lot of their friends andmyself use it all the time. None of us are racist against “foreigners”.

            Lao wai CAN be used negatively, when the thing that follows is negative. For example, “TMD, Lao wai men zen me dou TMD qi fu wo men zhong guo ren?” (%&@!, why do those foreigners always bully us Chinese people?)

            But that’s only when the things that come after are negative. But if you said “TMD, Wai Gou Ren men wei shen me dou qi fu wo men zhong guo ren”? Well, it’s a little politer, but it’s negative nonetheless.

            Point is, you can’t tell if it’s negative or positive just by looking at that one phrase. YOu have to look at the context. And most of the time, lao wai isn’t used negatively.

            If you say yang guizi men, or yang ren men (white people) though, it might be more likely to be negative. But if you see bai ren (White people) it’s okay.

            Anyway, I guess it’s pretty complicated, so don’t always be insecure and assume that Chinese people look down on others or is constantly attacking them.

            I find the Chinese attac themselves and look at the good points of foreigners much more often. But maybe it’s only becaus I was lucky enough not to meet the bad Chinese people that much.

          • “Well, if you call a stranger laotou it’s rude. But if you call someone dear to you laotou it’s not.”

            I call my friend bitch all the time and it’s funny and not taken rudely, but the word is still rude.

            But I agree, with Laowai it’s all about context, usually it’s a neutral word but sometimes negative. I just think people should stop using it because lots of foreigners in China hate this word. If I call you Sally all the time and you hate it, it doesnt’ matter if I mean it neutrally or not, you hate it so I shoulnd’t call you it.

          • guizi

            > I just think people should stop using it because lots of foreigners in China hate this word.

            I dont know why lots of foreigners hate the word, and really lots of? But I just guess that most words of referring to some group of people will be hated after some time. I have long thought like this, because the words for Black people seem to be changing because of this. I heard long ago negro was used and white parents told their children to use negro. But now negro was very hated. I guess that many white people used the word negro neutrally, but some used negatively. After some time black people started to hate the word. Then there came words colored, black, and African American and same thing happened or are happening. This is just a guess of me who dont know much of this issue, can anyone educate me on this?

      • Kong

        Hm, lets see…. What do S. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philipines, HK, Brunei, and Singapore all have in common? Oh that’s right, with the exception of S. Korea and Japan, they are all former colonies; the vestiges of Western imperialism. Japan, S. Korea, and Taiwan have been dominated by the US for so long, they might as well be lumped together with the other post-colonial nations.

        Anecdotally, I have been to S. Korea and several parts of Japan, and experienced much more ethnocentric and derisive attitudes than I ever experienced in Mainland China.

        That said, I made great friends all over the world, and implying that one country is better or worse has much less to do with THEM, and much more to do with YOUR attitude. Every country has lots of different kinds of people.

        • staylost

          Your final point is most true. It has way more to do with our own attitude than anyone else’s. So when someone shouts, “Waiguoren!”, I return by asking where the foreigner is, and that I want to see too. Or else I just yell “Zhongguoren!” back to them.

          Instead of making me upset it makes me feel playful and happy.

          • Kong

            It’s worth while to note that cultural tendencies cannot always be equated. As a rule of thumb, when a foreigner is in China, that foreigner needs to realize that they are different, they will never be Chinese, and that there are no rules that apply to everyone regardless of appearance.

            That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try to break down barriers, but to assume that you are owed the same deference that you are given in your own country is placing your values on people who couldn’t care less. No one in the world is colorblind, and to go to a foreign country and expect everyone to be colorblind is both foolish and dangerous.

          • staylost

            Kong, I disagree. Mostly because you are stating that to be Chinese is to be fundamentally racist. That is wrong.

            “As a rule of thumb, when a foreigner is in China, that foreigner needs to realize that they are different, they will never be Chinese, and that there are no rules that apply to everyone regardless of appearance.”

            Chinese, in general, believe that rules should apply to everyone, regardless of appearance.

            Also, nearly anyone can become Chinese by taking citizenship. Once again, appearance has nothing to do with it. Also, in my opinion whatever is culturally Chinese is extremely hard to define. The huge variety of people groups and cultures within China make the result very weak.

            Lastly, many people in the world are colorblind. In fact, many people are just plain blind. I’m sure they react very little to anyone’s appearance. But that is just being pedantic. ;)

            Perhaps I am oversensitive to your use of the word appearance, or interpreted it incorrectly.

            I still agree with spirit of what you are saying.

          • Kong


            Unfortunately for your response, I didn’t say anything about Chinese people. I only wrote about foreigners in China.

            What people want to believe (regardless of what country they are in) is different from reality. If you are black and you are in America, you will sometimes be treated differently. That is not a rule, but it is an unfortunate cultural fact. If you are a non-Chinese in China, most people will assume you are a foreigner and that you cannot speak Chinese. That doesn’t mean that ALL Chinese will think that, but it’s a safe assumption.

            I guess you are being facetious when you say many people are colorblind, but just in case you actually missed my point, here it is again: Anyone who can see (including physically colorblind people) can see variations of skin, hair, and eye color in other people. Pretending that people are the same is lying to ourselves and to others. People are not the same, we are all different, and even if we don’t like it, we treat each other differently.

            My point, and let me try to make this as clear as I can, is as follows:

            China is a large, culturally diverse country. A lot of the country–especially the West–has not had as much experience with foreigners and foreign culture as some other parts of China have. Even among class boundaries, the wealthy and middle-class Chinese will have had much more exposure to foreign culture than the lower classes. Being a foreigner does not give one the right to do as they please in another country. Even if you think you have the “legal” right to do something, the opinion of the local people usually trumps the “law”. It doesn’t matter what country you are in: you respect the country, you respect the people, and you don’t expect preferential treatment.

            China is not some magical place where all your dreams come true; it is a normal country just like any other with the the good, the bad, and the ugly. I cannot count in my head the number of foreigners I know who have gone to China with high expectations, and eventually became angry and hateful because the real China was not the China that THEY wanted it to be. They were arrogant and narrow-minded, and they got the experience that they deserved.

            If a non-Chinese-looking foreigner expects to go to China and blend in, they are in for a rude wake-up call. China is China is China. You either accept it and love it the way it deserves, or you don’t and you live your life in a pool of your own hate.

          • dim mak

            Telling people they will always be treated differently no matter what would be considered racism in most [Western] countries. This is the same shit people foreigners whine about with Japan.

            But you know what, Kong is right. Rational or not humans will always group together according to similarities. It is the Western model of forcing everyone to meld together that creates ethnic conflict. A happy policy of mutual distance and personal space is the best form of tolerance.

          • Kong

            Dim Mak:
            It’s not racist to point out that people treat each other differently based on differing cultural histories. Racism is saying that treating people differently based on racial assumptions is right and okay.

            There is nothing about racism that is inherently Western. The locals in the Global South can be just as racist. The only difference is that the Global North (AKA the West) has historically obtained the power to assert its own racist assumptions (like “mature” and “immature” countries) on the rest of the World.

          • dim mak

            I know, that’s the point. Hysterical Western notions of racism prevent any kind of meaningful relationships without succumbing to finger pointing and guilt trips.

      • anon

        “To be PC we just say asian because most of us aren’t cultured enough to tell the difference.”

        You ever consider that many Chinese do this as well when they say “foreigner”?

        “Laowai” really shouldn’t be a harmful term to most. As Fauna already said, I think you guys are getting hung up on the word as opposed to how it is used. Someone else mentioned this also (and this has been mentioned in previous discussions here about this very same topic) that “lao” is prefixed to many things in China. The term itself is neutral and has absolutely no “subhuman” tinge to it UNLESS you perceive it that way. And if you do, don’t mistake your interpretation as the utterer’s intention. That’d be wrong of you.

        I’ve been to places in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan where the presence of a foreigner is worth noting to the locals. I think this is less an issue of China, mainland or otherwise, as it is an issue of how homogeneous the environment is. China is a huge homogeneous country and the fact remains that the vast majority of people very rarely see much less interact with foreigners. As I said before, this will change with more multicultural mingling (if it happens) and with time. Frankly, the experience you’re having is really no different from what many immigrants and minorities experience when they find themselves in other homogeneous environments. Congratulations, you guys have now experienced what so many others have before.

        • kissmyass

          well said Anon : )
          for those who feel really uncomfortable among the mainland chinese people, back to your own country, no one forces you stay here!!!
          as Asian when i was in some parts of Africa, the local hardly see any chinese, they always want to take photos with “Bruce lee”, i feel like the celebrity, why not….. if it is too much i just make some laugh, what big deal!!
          living in a foreign country, which means you will face culture different all the time, i know people who bitch all the time: so dirty, so unhealthy……whatever!!!!
          enjoy the different, thats why we love traveling!!!!!

        • 3B-Real

          To add to stating the obviouse I was just trying say that maybe its time for Mainland to fucking catch up. Its #2 on the dock and its time for social ettiquette education. Not everyone can be as tolerant and want all that unwanted attention. They had a campaign against it during the Olympics. If any can recall the pamphlets the GOV handed or announced on TV of the things not to do when they encounter non-chinese people cause its rude. The average person doesn’t like to be stared no heckeled at , hissed at, or asked to have an english conversation for practice no matter how rare of a specimen you may be. Where I come from there are venues set up for shit like that.

          The 3 years leading up to the Olympics were great but some how the quirks of mainland came out in full affect plus the stink of my marriage to a mainlander put the icing on the cake.

          • anon

            It’s going to take time, just like it took everywhere else time. Why you expected anything less when you came here is beyond me.

            Your angst over your marriage seems to permeate a lot of your comments here. I understand how easy it is to mix negative emotions you have towards your wife with the negative impressions you have towards “her people”, but it is in controlling how those emotions and impressions affect your higher thinking processes that makes one a better man (or to be PC, person).

            It is going to take a long time before China sees enough international multiracial multiculturalism and dilution of its dense Chinese population for the majority of its people to not find a non-Asian person to be a novelty. Being the world’s second highest nominal GDP country has very little correlation with this.

          • kissmyass

            one suggestion to you man…..get divorce!!!
            you will find your inner peace……..

          • shanghainese

            haha don’t like it get a divorce whitey

            chinese don’t change their culture to yours when ur in china u sha bi

          • 3B-real

            @ Anon, Again they need to catch up, especially since its over 10,000 years old with history of every nation’s nationals roaming its land and using its resources. People making too many excuses for something they they probably complain about themselve. Yes my wife made left a nasty tastes that aspect in my life was a tip of the iceberg. Its everything else and everyday life that reminds me what a world this is and stubborn its inhabitants can be.
            China was a haven for fun filled adventures and wild stories. It was essentially free. But Spring 2008 is when a combination of Gov, popualtion, Olympics, and laws really fucked it up for me and my partners’ life in China. It is as though the policies that were put in place for the olympics changed how China deals with people of my kind. Her population got more racist, more backwards, more annoying than usual, more expensive, more greedy, more desperate, more needy, everything that is negative it just all came out. China is not the right environment for multiculturalism, it will never really happen, they have been taking an active subvert mission to keep the status quo if not expanding the Han.

            @ kiss my ass divorce was 2010 she got the house in the divorce that she couldn’t afford and lost it in the same year. 1 thing I noticed about women here. They don’t think small when they are trying to rip people off so when its time for them to take it all by themselves the load becomes too much for the family to even help with. All in all she lost and is begging for help on a monthly basis.

            @Shanghainese im not white and 2 not trying to change a culture at all. Just wondering what the fuck is the hold up with you guys? Not saying all chinese but about 98% average Zhang (joe) mainlander. Some one cuts you in line after you had been waiting for a long time and gets served before you. Thats rude right, you don’t like it right and made a big stink about it? But the next day you turn around and do the same shit. The word of the day is common courtesy. Its like going to New york in 80s times 50. If you guys had more guns in the country then we would here some shit about people getting shot over peanuts. I could care less about your culture. Quite frankly its over rated, boring and poorly thought out to say the least you can keep it for all I care.

          • Shanghainese

            Haha probably a black

          • kissmyass

            to 3B-Real
            such negative person!!! possibly by your loser’s condition you can only find a wife in china!!! finally the chinese wife still couldnt handle it, left him!!! i feel so sorry for the wife, it is a big lesson for her, not all the Laowais are nice people, there are many retards!!!!

    • 0311

      So if foreigners refered to you all as a bunch of Mongoloids that would suffice then?

      • anon

        Some foreigners do, but the popular term these days is “Asians”. If you think about it, the population of people that Chinese people typically refer to as “foreigners” ranges from less than to slightly more than the population of “Asians”.

      • shanghainese

        no. just use chinese as east asians and southeast and indians are totally different asian races

        also china doesnt have non asian ethnics there in the first place so of course they are going to call everyone non chinese foreigners

  • Justin

    I think this was all a conspiracy by the Chinese glass manufacturers to promote their goods worldwide and assuage concerns about the manufacturing quality of Chinese products. Just a theory.

  • Mad

    Change is coming. Cannot stop the will of the people.

  • ray

    I’m loling at all the idiots that think this is actually real. it was obviously set up for entertainment. The guy isn’t even trying that hard.

    • anon

      Why is it obvious? Because the guy failed?

      You’re going to have to come up with some more “obvious” reasons for why this is “obviously” not real.

  • Ralf

    They switched the glass on him to make him fail…

  • guizi

    I think this guy is now using his muscle power to rescue people under the rubble in Christchurch.

  • Pat

    what a douche.
    “I don’t understand, in my country…”
    so desparately trying to blame someone else for his doucheness. If he had a laugh at the end, saying it wasn’t meant to be, he would’ve been sympathetic to me and also to the Chinese. But what a sore loser… losing face big time

  • SteveLaudig

    Let me understand this. A guy puts on a bunch of protection and runs into a piece of glass the size of a door. So it isn’t about “tough” but about “strong” What’s “tough” about it he’s protected… now a guy [or girl for that matter] wearing no protection running hrough pieces of glass the size of doors… Now that would be tough and strong.

  • Bollox78

    typical mianzi cheating

  • Yo-chan

    The Chinese comments mocking him reek of inferiority complex. I don’t think they make football gear in Chinese sizes. TOO SMALL.

  • Airy

    I think a separate record should be held for China’s glass.