Rice Cake Company Accidentally Sells Product For Cheap

Rice Cake Company Accidentally Sells Product For Cheap
“Glutinous Rice Cake Prince” had a communication problem with Taobao so they mistakenly marked 40,000 cakes at 0.35 RMB each and lost a large amount of money. If they sold all 40,000 cakes at 0.35 RMB they would lose about one million RMB. They are still a new company, so they can’t afford that loss, and begged netizens to apply for returns. 70% of customers have applied for refunds so far, however some netizens replied that the company should take responsibilities for their mistake, but others also say that the remaining people should apply for refunds.


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  • i do not know why people like this store so much!
    I MERELY buy very sweet snacks!

    • LostLaowai

      I’m pretty sure the store wasn’t setup with just you in mind princess.

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  • vonskippy

    The business world is dog it dog – let the noobie company that can’t figure out it’s pricing fail. If they can’t figure out how to set the right price, maybe they can’t figure out the right amount of ingredients to put in their product. Never reward stupid.

    • Amused

      Dude, running a business with Chinese employees is like being the blind conductor of a 3 ring circus featuring nothing but clowns.

      • Alex Dương

        Shouldn’t everyone’s computing devices go kaput, then?