Rich American Throws Nude Model Off Roof, Chinese Reactions

Dan Bilzerian throws a female model off a roof and into a pool
Dan Bilzerian throws a female model off a roof and into a pool
Hundred millionaire throws female model from rooftop into pool, breaking her bones.
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The most viewed article on popular Chinese web portal NetEase of the day yesterday and among the top 10 of the past week….

From NetEase:

Poker Champion Shows Off Extravagant Lifestyle, Throws Female Model Off Roof Into Swimming Pool

NetEase Entertainment December 8 report — American poker champion Dan Bilzerian has over 100 million in assets and as a former American Navy SEAL member and lover of risks, he likes high-stakes gambling and living lavishly. Dan Bilzerian is often able to make money equivalent to a year’s salary or even many years’ salary of an ordinary person on a poker competition or car race. Dan Bilzerian likes to flamboyantly show off his wealth on his personal social media accounts, with a video of him recently standing on the roof of a mansion throwing a female model into a swimming pool being made public, leaving people dumbfounded. However, a dissipated and unrestrained lifestyle is also accompanied by very large risks, as Dan has previously suffered several heart attacks and pulmonary infarctions. This female model that was thrown into a pool says: “Afterwards my foot was broken and was unable to work.”

Completely naked girl carried to edge of roof.
Completely naked girl carried to edge of roof.
In the lifestyle of the rich, female models are his main scenery.
In the lifestyle of the rich, female models are his main scenery.
Piles of USD.
Piles of USD.










Multiple luxury cars.
Multiple luxury cars.
Has his own private plane.
Has his own private plane.











Comments from NetEase (1 & 2):

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:113.120.*.*

Has money, is headstrong.

林主任的姐夫 [网易安徽省滁州市网友]:

No matter how chaste an upright woman is, she must remove every last shred of clothing in in my presence. No matter how much honor a man has, he must put lay down his dignity in my domain. Don’t ask me, I run a bath house, am headstrong.

为祖国骄傲 [网易黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市网友]:

Is throwing a pet a big deal anymore?

蕉人可以很蕉 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

One is willing to hit, the other is willing to be hit; has money, is headstrong.

小莎q2371436020 [网易湖北省咸宁市网友]:

Having money sure is nice! Sister [referring to self] will also find some guys to play with!!!

无人相伴 [榜上有名]:

The times must advance, mosaics must be removed — The Massesky.

0听风者0 [网易内蒙古呼和浩特市网友]:

Nearly threw her onto the pool deck…

大金砖 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Now this is the life.

网易广西南宁市手机网友 ip:124.227.*.*

Aren’t the physiques of the rich supposed to be big bellied [fat]? This physique… could it be that he’s a playboy by day and Batman by night?

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:183.13.*.*

Tuhao are simply headstrong.

网易山东省烟台市手机网友 ip:60.212.*.*

That black goat in the 18th photo is mostly likely also this rich guy’s sex partner!

网易宁夏手机网友 ip:14.135.*.*

Rich cunt, does your yard need a gardener?

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  • Matt

    Seems to be doing it right.

  • Zappa Frank

    is this new one of the effects of the advertisements’ censorship?

    • Kai

      Haha, no, I believe these were already censored as they are from the Chinese source, and probably from the original foreign source. Unfortunately, this is still a big risk for us. If Fauna had her way, this sort of stuff wouldn’t be censored at all, but alas, we can’t be ren xing.

      The story is actually really old. I think this happened months ago, so the interesting thing (to me at least), is why it’s cropping up now. The reason is likely very mundane though. What’s more interesting is that I think this is the first time the you qian, ren xing internet meme has appeared on cS. It’s quite popular these days if you hang out with local Chinese people.

      • MeCampbell30

        Seems like stories from America that aren’t international news take a while to work thier way though the Chinese internet. I remember when TMZ reported on this last spring.

  • Jahar

    I’d like to think I wouldn’t do that kind of shit if i was crazy rich. But…

  • moop

    Actually according to wiki, “In May 2014, Bilzerian participated in a photo shoot for Hustler Magazine which involved tossing an adult film actress/model off the roof of his home and into a swimming pool.”[27]

  • monster

    old news.
    diggers everywhere is the same.

    • monster

      money is so important but.who would not love it?
      money almost can buy everything.
      i love money more than shitty fake love or relationship.

    • Mihel

      Don’t really see her as a digger, is not like she purposedly injured herself to extort money.
      Pretty much anyone in his photos is also not a digger but is just doing their job of being naked in front of a camera and getting honestly paid for it.

  • Balkan

    This man is a proof that taste cannot be bought. His behavior is vulgar.

  • Jay K.

    A real life G.I. Joe! This dude would fuck shit up in wartime

    • mr.wiener

      I would imagine he would be roundly loathed by everyone in his unit as a rich boy playing at soldiers. Generally I’m guessing any showboating antics would not be tolerated and seen as detrimental to the well being of his comrades.
      This is supposition on my part, I have no idea if he was any good as a SEAL or his military record.
      Edit: Apparently he was kicked out of the SEAL training program a few days before he graduated, Question answered.

    • Chaz

      This guy would get a thousand deferments from serving should a serious war go down. Just like Dick Cheney.

  • biggj

    I knew I seen this guy before….real name…Hank Scorpio.

    • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

      LoL I remember that episode.Bond broke free and Hank was like “STOP HIM!!! HE’S SUPPOSED TO DIE!..Homer tackled Bond..then Hanks gaurds came and shot him…Homers dumb azz got Bond killed!

      • biggj

        lol yeah there is one I also like it was this:

        Hank Scorpio: Hey, look at my feet. You like those moccasins? Look in your closet; there’s a pair for you. Don’t like them? Then neither do I!
        [throws them out the door]
        Hank Scorpio: Get the hell outta here! Ever see a guy say good-bye to a shoe?
        Homer: [chuckles] Yes, once.

  • Luke the Duke


    Would’ve been funny if he managed to drop her straight onto the deck.

  • Small twon

    Rich cunt, does your yard need a gardener? hahahahahahahahaha LOL

  • biggj
  • mr.wiener

    Proving that rich douche-bags are found everywhere.

  • JohnnyMangoes

    That’s the look of a horribly unhappy man. At the end of the day despite all the pussy and the cars and guns he realizes that the reason people hang out with him is for the money. I guess love really can’t be bought in this world. Hope all of you remember that.

    • Lei Feng’s Hat

      Thank you, Sigmund.

    • mr.wiener

      I would have thought he is a pin up boy for all the “red pill” takers out there.

      • franko

        Only for ‘red pill’ takers in the Western world. For most of us in traditional cultures, what is talked about as ‘red pill’ is common knowledge and daily life. As part of genuine traditionalist mind-sets, real men want their future wives and girlfriends (and also daughters) to be as kind-hearted, warm and pure as possible. This means that one should not treat them like prostitutes in public, because that is how they adopt such a mentality and social attitude as demonstrated by Western women in all their ‘glory’.

        Western ‘red pill’ takers still do not understand that it is the actions of men in society that women take their cues from, understand their boundaries and what is acceptable behaviour.

        • biggj

          Yeah the eastern world does not dream of sex, fame and wealth….they are pure in every which way.

          • franko

            Sex, fame and wealth, I do not condemn these activities nor does any society in the world wholly do so. Refer again to what I wrote and next time do not make up fantasies of what you think I wrote.

            Having said that, the way you automatically try to debase the morality of others and bring it down to your own lowest common denominator so that you can feel reprieve from your own impurity is quite telling.

          • mr.wiener

            He has a point, I think some of those mens movement types are some of the biggest morons god put breath into.
            Traditional societies such as in the east certainly treat women well within the boundaries of the roles it imposes on them, but the trouble with traditions is people never seek to question them because things have always been done that way.

          • franko

            With all respect, these are schoolboy level western rebuttals (although I am hesitant to use the word ‘Western’ because I have many wonderful friends from countries like Italy, France or Netherlands who can be considered very much as ‘traditionalists’) – we are, of course, very educated, intellligent Easterners who understand very well the American social and political system. We have often studied in LA or spent a few years in New York. It is just that we do not like your system; there is no motivation whatsoever as a man to live in your depraved world. And I must qualify – when I say I am an ‘Easterner’, I am an Orthodox Christian from Eastern Europe. I am not an ‘Asian’ with narrow eyes.

          • mr.wiener

            Then I shall stay in my depravity as Taiwan is very western in it’s thinking now,and becoming more so.
            I sometimes think the western mind is very school boy in its outlook. This is both its weakness and its strength. The minds of many traditionalists are often old before their time.

          • utera



            That’s red pill. Traditionalists ignore the fact that technology removes the restrictors on female nature, labor saving devices and the pill create the new reality which there is no return. Divorce rate will increase in all modern countries, there is no west or east, the environment changes, and enables the preexisting human nature.

        • David

          And would you present the extreme happiness of most women in Asia (versus the west) as evidence of this? If you actually believe what you just wrote and are not simply trolling you are delusional about your ‘traditions’. More likely self-delusional.

          • franko

            If you would look to my comment below, you will understand that I am not an Asian. And regarding ‘traditions’, you make the mistake of type-casting those who speak about ‘tradition’ as a kind of autist monk. This is not the case; for example, my girlfriend and I have enjoyed most of the elite clubs in London and Paris with our ‘Western’ friends, but nevertheless, we have defined roles as man and woman, and we find very funny the castrated men and masculine women of Western Europe and the USA.

        • lasolitaria

          You live an illusion. Let your “kind-hearted, warm and pure” women stay a couple years in the West and you’ll see the truth: that they were never so in the first place. The West just shows the true colors of people because here they have the freedom and the resources to lead the kind of life they want and they know no one will punish or kill them for it .

    • biggj

      That what poor people want to believe to make themselves feel better…..just joking…king of…but what you say is true.

    • lasolitaria

      Bullshit. Nobody wants to hang around poor people. And by “poor” I mean really broke. This is something I learned when I used to collect plastic bottles for a living.

  • AbC

    I can understand the girls and the guns… But what’s with the goat?

    • Amused

      I think the goat portrait over the same bed just jacks the disturbance in the Force around that picture thru the stratosphere

    • mr.wiener

      He is Armenian~American?

    • Raymond

      Use your imagination.

    • Mihel

      I can understand the goat… But what’s with Bieber?

    • Sum Ting Wong

      I guess hes trying to act like Mike Tyson but with smaller balls.

  • Guest

    That sounds like what people without money say about people with lots of money.
    I’m pretty sure having too much money, cars, girls, guns etc. can’t hinder someone from being happy.

    • JohnnyMangoes

      Lol, he looks depressed man. He also had two heart attacks and he is barely over 30 I believe.

      • Ken Morgan

        He’s 34. Double edged sword problem of wealth. Whereby once everything is within reach. There is little worth reaching for.

  • KoreanPeninsula882002G20

    I read it.. he was porn actor. She was porn actress.

  • Amused

    So, “Rich guy lives like fratboy” is a story in China? *grins*

  • Alex Dương

    I think it’s “tuhao” (土豪).

  • must touch brain

    What a douche.

  • Kai

    I think he’s second-generation rich. Wikipedia says he’s a trust fund beneficiary.

  • donscarletti


    His parents are loaded, the gambling line is just there for dumb sluts.

  • Shadowblur

    …When you have everything practically, and done everything
    practically, you then start to do dangerous things as there is nothing else
    left to do. It always plays out like this, you need more stimulus. This guy
    will burn out fast I’m sure. Watch out for the headlines on this.

  • x1sfg

    He’s not a SEAL. He’s a poser, he never went through BUDS and STT/SQT

    • biggj

      He’s not a seal…but he could play one on tv lol

  • Eric Hill

    massive, massive tool.

  • pooperscooper

    Is it odd for me to feel bad for this guy, knowing that as soon as he runs out of money, all of those models and so call “friends” will not give a hot shit on a Monday afternoon during the summer about him?

    • Mihel

      The though of a retard getting their social life destroyed should fill you with happiness for a good 2-3 hours.

  • pooperscooper

    Someone provided information about the model. Dude’s lawyer basically stated that it was a Hustler photoshoot and the model (who is an adult film actress) agreed to it. Consent == no money for her.

    • ClausRasmussen

      I don’t think that stands up in court. She consented to be thrown in the pool, not to have her foot broken

      • pooperscooper

        That’s the risk one takes when one gives consent. It’s just like with school field trips. The permission slip states that the school is not responsible if something happens to a child. A parent can’t try to sue the school because little Jimmy got kicked by a horse because Jimmy was the one who provoked it.

        She consented to be thrown into the pool from a freaking roof, aware that she could possibly get injured. She just didn’t expect to get injured.

        • ClausRasmussen

          I am not a lawyer and I don’t know much about how an American judge will view the case, but if it happened in my country it could easily be considered a work related accident where the employer is responsible for creating a safe environment

  • stevelaudig

    When you play with sociopaths, you get hurt.

    • biggj

      You;re hired. You start monday. lol

      I just pictured someone saying what you just said at a job interview. lol

  • Zhegezhege

    Fair enough.
    Story is old. And also not a story.
    But still, all professional poker players are jerkoffs… no matter how many tens, hundreds or thousands of thousands they have successfully harvested from idiots.

  • Typical response from a race that does not belong ANYWHERE on Earth!

    • Rick in China

      Typical response by someone who doesn’t know what obvious trolling is and thinks user name properly identifies real people’s racial traits, then makes an asinine post based on that presumption which makes them look fucking retarded. Congratulations!

  • He’s actually really poor. The only thing he has is money

    • monster

      in this way, then let me be poor.
      because from a village family, as a girl, even educated well had decent job still got treated much worse than my family standard.
      money makes me see the world and relationship much clearly.
      even i can go to good place to eat alone,but guys feel i am from village must be poor,only deserve cheap things.
      no money everything is fake.
      because make money at home,so guys feel i must be a burden or loser.
      now i can make good money also find a nice guy when i was jobless.even so, still can not cure my heart back.
      some snobs, the first question is always where you are from, besides name and age or whatever,they care for if i am from big city mostly,so that they can figure out my family level to choose free sex or relationship.
      that’s real life not dream.
      so money is so important.

      • Zappa Frank

        eattot here you are again..

  • Ismellurpoo

    I haven’t done the research, but this is off a comment on TMZ:

    “Oh. That’s funny. He failed BUDs, twice. That’s only one part of
    training. Do some research and read about the rest, he hadn’t even made
    it to the other sections of training. He FAILED 2x. The spin he puts on
    this, he mouthed off and some other bs story.

    His poker career?
    Google, see his true earnings. Somewhere around 40k (just under) His $$
    is from his dad. His dad committed serious money crimes in the 80’s and
    he’s laundering the money through his TRUST FUND. Dan hasn’t done
    anything credible in his life.

    He needs to be investigated by
    Miami PD. The IRS is already interested in him. The line to break this
    tool is getting longer. Might want to put your money on a different

    Judging by his actions, it seem the source is credible.

    • Sam

      He seems like a douche bag, but even being accepted and then failing BUD/S (or UDT for old school) shows something in itself, about 15-20ish out of a class of 100-150 actually make it to the end and pass. Being invited back a second time shows something as well. I don’t know much about the guy, but if the above is true then he sure had a damn “credible” service to his country. Hooyah sailor!

  • David

    it was a staged photo shoot with a volunteer paid model. Which was not reported in the Chinese story but which most of us commenters here understood.

  • Woo Jungah

    Surely anyone with good sense will look upon him with disgust?

  • Crimsonarmor

    he must workout, WWE star wrestling divas LOL