Rich Chinese Couple Uses 2 Surrogate Mothers To Have 8 Babies

Guangzhou wealthy couple uses in vitro fertilization and surrogate mothers to have 8 babies..

Guangzhou wealthy couple uses in vitro fertilization and surrogate mothers to have 8 babies.

From QQ & Liba:

Guangzhou wealthy couple uses in vitro fertilization and surrogate mothers to give birth to 8 babies

A rich couple surnamed L in Guangzhou has been married but childless for a long time, and never expected that the 8 embryos from in vitro fertilization they used to become pregnant early last year would all be successful. Rejoicing, the rich couple ultimately hired two surrogate mothers and along with the wife’s own womb adopted a “2+3+3” approach. Within the span of a month last September and October, 4 boys and 4 girls were born one after another. At present, this family employs 11 nannies to help take care of the eight babies, all residing together in the same residential complex in Panyu [a county in Guangdong province].

The following news clip on Youku currently has over 1.5 million views:

The news report says that since being publicized by the media, the family has disappeared, having moved away from where they were living. The neighbors interviewed say that of the 11 nannies that were hired, 8 were to take care of the children, 1 to handle cleaning, 1 to cook, and 1 to teach. Then the report shows a school the children once attended but no longer. It is also said that the celebration held when the babies reached 1 month old included a prize-drawing with the top prize being 8 bars of gold. Finally, the babies modeled for a photography company but the pictures have since been taken down.

Comments from Liba:


Too niu.
That all of them were successful is also a miracle, a gift from God.


Four boys and four girls, a monthly expense of over 100,000 [RMB], taking this bunch of children out would be such a spectacle.


If I saw this I’d go out of my mind, especially when they’re crying.
But putting all 8 together would definitely be very fun, hehe.

In the future, they’ll need 8 sets of the same clothes all the time, they can group buy.


Absolutely amazing, an only rich people can do this.


How is this raising children at all, it’s essentially raising piglets. 汗


Don’t know if advanced technology is a blessing or a curse.


What if, say, unfortunately the business goes bankrupt, what will these 8 children do?


When reading the newspaper today, it say the woman of this family tried the test tube before, but wasn’t successful. So that’s why they found two surrogate mothers, for the 3 of them to together do it together. They didn’t imagine that all of them would be successful. I think it is the will of heaven, it is too miraculous. When serendipity happens, the children come.


Ignoring the law and costs, 8 is truly very fun!


Hehe, rich families not only have to have compete with others in having more cars, more houses, and more wives, the most important is still in having more children, especially sons! It can be understood!


How rich do you have to be. 口水 口水 口水

I wonder if the mommy will play favorites with those that came out of her own tummy. -v-


It’s going to be a terrible conflict when they grow up and want to split the family fortune, I’m being evil…


8, I bet you can negotiate with the Family Planning Commission a wholesale price.


[She] herself already had 3, why find another 2 surrogate mothers… I truly can’t stand these rich people. If you have money, you can go adopt a few!


If they have the means of course they’d want all eight of them, after all they are their own flesh and bone, how would it be good to not want them?
I think it is a big blessing, 8 little children, how lively that would be.
The only difficulty is that it would be very hard on the father and mother, but with them being so rich and having hired 11 nannies already, there’s no reason to fear that either.

What do you think?


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