Rich Girl Shows Off Her Drugs to Handsome Policeman on Train

A policeman is showing his ID.

A girl behind bar.

From NetEase:

Rich Girl Chats Up & Shows Off Drugs to Man on Train, Who Turns Out to be a Plainclothes Police Officer

June 5, at about 2:00 pm, on the G7207 train from Wuxi to Shanghai, a Nanjing girl intentionally chatted up the “handsome guy” next to her, and in order to get his attention, the girl spoke passed herself off as frank and self-assured, eventually even taking out a bag of illegal drugs to flaunt her lifestyle as being “fashionable”, never expecting that the handsome guy next to her was actually a plainclothes police officer of the Nanjing Railway Station Branch.

As it is understood, on June 5th, three Nanjing Railway Station Branch railway police officers took the G7207 train to Shanghai. As it was a business trip, all three of them were in plain clothes. Among them, Xiao Wang is a young policeman who had just joined last year. After boarding the train, Xiao Wang’s seat the aisle seat in a row of two and after taking his seat, Xiao Wang began flipping through the train’s magazine. However, he felt there was a girl next to him who kept looking at him, so Xiao Wang glanced over and sure enough, the female passenger next to him was faintly smiling at him. Xiao Wang was embarrassed and immediately lowered his head and kept reading, but then this girl started talking to him. Xiao Wang took a closer look at the girl before his eyes. She was well dressed, with make-up, and even her handbag was a luxury brand. The female passenger seemed to really want to talk to him, but being shy in nature, Xiao Wang’s replies were all brief, which instead made the girl take the initiative even more.

The girl claimed that her last name was Du, 20 years of age, was from Nanjing, and in order to break the awkward atmosphere, she began talking about eating, drinking, and having fun with Xiao Wang. When she heard that Xiao Wang had never been to a bar, she was very surprised. She thought that Xiao Wang was very handsome and full of youth, and didn’t look like someone who doesn’t enjoy nightlife. When Xiao Wang said he really has never been to such entertainment venues, and in order to show that she was carefree and light-hearted with a fashionable lifestyle, Du talked about the many well-known entertainment venues in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai as if they were her own treasures. Du also mentioned that she had just partied with friends in Wuxi and was now heading to Shanghai to continue partying. Seeing a surprised look on Xiao Wang’s face, Du continued to show off her colorful nightlife, and suddenly said mysteriously that if a person wanted to have even more fun, one thing was very important. Xiao Wang immediately became suspicious and, with his investigative disposition, asked what it was. Du looked to the left and right, then took out a white plastic package from a sleeve of her wallet, and whispered to Xiao Wang that it was some heroin her friends gave her last night. She planned to use the rest of the heroin in Shanghai that night. Seeing Xiao Wang’s surprised expression, Du continued hitting on him and invited Xiao Wang to party with him in Shanghai at night, promising to pay for all the expenses. At this point, railway policeman Xiao Wang excused himself, text messaged his nearby colleagues, and took the girl away from her seat for questioning.

Upon investigation, Du doesn’t have a criminal record, her parents do business in Nanjing, and their family is well-off. Du had gone abroad for studies but didn’t want to go to school anymore after two years, whereby she returned to Nanjing to work at her parent’s company, though she normally doesn’t go to work either, instead going to nightclubs with friends at night, and sleeping in at home during the day. On June 4, at a Wuxi friend’s invitation, she partied all night, and took G7207 train to Shanghai at noon on the 5th. After boarding, she spotted the “handsome guy” siting next to her. She felt this guy was different from the other guys that were often around her and immediately had a certain fondness for him. She approached him, and in order to let “handsome guy” Xiao Wang know more about her “wonderful life”, Du spoke of a lot of things that she thought Xiao Wang didn’t know about, eventually taking out the heroin to show off. But to her surprise, this shy “handsome guy” in front of her eyes was a policeman. Now it was too late for her to regret it. It has been confirmed that Du was carrying 2 grams of heroin.

A policeman is showing his ID.

Comments from NetEase:

钱局长1 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

These days with some women, the moment they see a handsome guy, they try to seduce them, hit on them, become flirty, and what more, this kind of social phenomenon is getting worse and worse. As a man, I have to live horrible society everyday, being tormented, and I can only hate that I can’t change! As for these women, I just wanna say [three] words: Please contact me!

钱局长1 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

The young girl tried to set up a date but failed. The young cop was hoping to beat her at her own game, but she kept saying drugs, instead of sex. Sigh, he had no choice but to arrest you~!

明前毛峰 [网易安徽省淮南市网友]:

I appraise this woman as having a burned wood ear fungus [already been fucked by many men]. And this man may be gay.

骑驴找猪猪 [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

This handsome policeman is obviously gay… Just like the Monkey King who immobilized the seven fairies yet went after the peaches…

网易山东省潍坊市 手机网友:

Once again: Girls should have self-respect.

网易上海市 手机网友:

A rich second generation taking the train??

网易安徽省合肥市 手机网友:

LOL, the policeman benefits from his good-looking face.


I truly can’t imagine how this rich second generation’s parents must feel if they knew about this… Spoiling someone is hurting them.

哎哟啥情况 [网易日本手机网友]:

Sigh, you met the wrong guy!

网易天津市 手机网友:

Isn’t this entrapment? LOL.


How did she board the high-speed rail carrying drugs? Seems like the security inspection isn’t too good.


Having a sense of justice deserves encouragement/praise~


Written by Angie Zhao


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