Rich Taiwanese Businessman Morris Chang Rides the Train

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Morris Chang riding the train to work? Its true. Photo spreading on internet like wildfire

TSMC chairman Morris Chang also rides the train to work? Today a photo rapidly spread around the internet, showing TSMC Chairman Morris Chang surprisingly riding the train with the general public, the big boss gave up his luxury car to ride on the general public transit system, leading to widespread discussion among netizens, who rapidly spread the news.

Because a ‘big boss riding the train’ is truly too difficult to imagine, when this photo was exposed on Facebook, it was first suspected to have been photoshopped, or simply showed someone who ‘looks a lot like Morris Chang’ riding the train. However, some attentive netizens compared the photos with others, and discovered that this March, ‘Commonwealth magazine’s‘ 492nd edition featured Morris Chang on the cover page,and both the tie worn by Morris Chang on the cover,and the tie worn by Morris Chang in the photo, had an identical style and colour, meaning that the man in the photo is unmistakeably Morris Chang.

It’s understood that when Morris Chang attended this year’s TSMC shareholder meeting, he was worried about being delayed by traffic, so the punctual Morris Chang took the train before getting on the High Speed Rail to Taipei, not only reducing carbon emissions but also ensuring he won’t be delayed. The female student pictured in the photo sitting next to Morris Chang was immersed in her study on the train, with some netizens jokingly saying that if this student would just raise her head and talk to Morris Chang for ten minutes, it would be worth 10 years of study.

Comments on Facebook:


Morris Chang has set an example that lots of big bosses aren’t capable of, I sincerely admire him.


Is there a that says rich people can’t take trains?

De Bin Jian:

How many of Taiwan’s business owners are as respectable as Morris Chang?


If our “political celebrities” [government officials] also rode public transit with the masses…their support from the public would definitely increase.


Saves money and saves time.

Ting-Jin AI:

Ma Ying-jeou: I don’t dare take the train… I’m afraid I’d be killed.


Let me tell everyone a secret, Morris Chang also shits…

萊 茵德:

Why can’t big bosses ride the train?

Tom Lin:

When I ride the train in the future, I better have my resume on me.

Shawn Lee:

Now this is what you call setting an example! Now this is worthy of respect!!!

What do you think? Surprising? Admirable? Or no big deal? What rich and powerful people have you seen taking public transportation?


Written by Stuart Dingle


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